The Incentive List Ch. 06


She pulled the fingers out of her, closed her eyes, and using the natural lubricant gave her hungry clit a blissfully cushioned rub. She surprised herself by emitting a pleasured moan - she hadn't planned on offering aural accompaniment until later in her show, but her performance was quickly giving way to the real thing. She was naked and masturbating in front of two strangers! Such a turn of events would have sounded appalling if suggested to her just an hour ago, but she felt safe in exposing herself this way - and more surprisingly, incredibly horny.

She reached up with her free hand to squeeze at her tits, handling each one in turn with a powerful grope, before pinching at her hardened nipples. The vigorous rubbing of her clit was now filling the room with the sound of sticky celebration, and her breathing was getting faster and faster. She opened her eyes and saw James and Sarah transfixed; a broad smile on her face, bewildered wonderment on his. He was now making little effort to disguise his under-the-desk activities; he was definitely wanking himself through his trousers.

The mutual appreciation triggered something within Liz. She recognised the tell-tale signs of accumulating warmth around her face and chest, and an unmistakable tingling that was building like a critical mass of pleasure between her thighs. She gave one of her nipples an aggressive pinch and rode the wave of her orgasm as she furiously rubbed herself up until the point of no return. With a triumphant cry she came in front of her interviewers, a discharge of clear fluid marking her climax (and the chair on which she was sat).

There was reverential silence as she slowed the rhythm of her fingering, and allowed her breathing to return to normal. She looked down and examined her ejaculation.

"I'm sorry, I've made a bit of a mess on your chair" she said, innocently.

"We've got plenty more," Sarah smirked.

"Was that OK?" Liz asked.

"Pretty spectacular," James confirmed.

Liz took her fingers away from her sensitive pussy and subtly ran her fingers across her thigh, trying to rub off any excess fluid. She felt exhilarated, and suddenly her nudity wasn't something to be self-conscious about, but a liberating badge of honour - she knew James would be bursting to release his erection from his pants and jerk it off furiously, but as the interviewing client he was prevented from doing so. She, conversely, was being actively encouraged to get off in this bizarre situation she found herself, and was taking the opportunity to lose her inhibitions, if only for a spell.

"Pop your skirt and top back on again and we'll try a few more roles," rasped James through a dry throat.

Over the course of the next 15 minutes, Liz proceeded to bare her breasts and pussy in a nonchalant way, then in a slutty way, then in a drunk way, all the while alternating her focus between the camera lens and James' hungry eyes. She got the impression that he was particularly appreciative of her tits, so took every opportunity to touch them and tweak them, trying to make her audition as memorable as possible. Surely this £1000 job was hers?

The interview finally ended, and Liz was like an exposed nerve of sensual energy. She felt sexually liberated and happy to share the new 'her' with the wider world outside. She slid her vest top back on without her bra and liked the way it felt, her still-hard nipples revelling in the friction of the scratchy material. She did at least put some knickers on before her short skirt - no need to give male members of the local community a complete heart attack.

James stood to shake her hand and say goodbye. Liz was pleased to note he was tent-poling his trousers and that a dark stain of dampness was decorating his crotch. She had nailed this audition!

Sarah let her pick up her bag and led her outside into the reception area, closing the office door behind her.

"Thank you Liz, that was great," she said warmly.

"Thank you. Do you think I'm in?"

"I think you stand a really good chance..."

The obvious reticence in her voice gave Liz cause for concern.

"I thought it went really well," she said tentatively.

"Oh it did! You were great Liz..."


Sarah sighed and she lowered her voice, trying to sound as comforting as possible.

"I just don't want you to get your hopes up. You're first in today, and that's a really tough slot. He's going to see a lot more girls between now and the end of auditions."

Liz suddenly felt quite dejected.

"Oh. I thought my performance was quite memorable. Wasn't it?"

"Honey, you're asking the wrong person," smirked Sarah as she held the front door open for her. "I've been in this business for a few years now and I've seen girls do some VERY memorable things to get a job like this. Poor James doesn't know what he's let himself in for."

The door was held open, ready for Liz to leave, but Sarah's words were percolating in her mind. She knew exactly what Sarah was alluding to; and she could imagine girls with a lot less shame than her going the extra mile to impress upon the young decision-maker.

"Are you OK?" enquired Sarah.

Liz was suddenly aware that she was frozen in the doorway. She had to make a snap decision whether to do something crazy. On the positive side, James wasn't a middle-aged bald guy looking for perks. On the negative side, what she was considering would look blatant and she'd be lowering herself to sexual blackmail. The thought of the potential pay check combined with her continued horniness swayed her.

"Do you think I could get another five or ten minutes with James? On my own?"

Sarah looked embarrassed and began to backtrack.

"Liz, I wasn't suggesting for a second that you..."

"I know you weren't. I just... I just want to pitch myself to him one more time."

Sarah narrowed her eyes knowingly.

"Please?" Liz pleaded.

Sarah looked at her watch.

"You've got half an hour before the next girl arrives. Go get 'im."

Liz felt a well of excitement at getting a second chance, but then the reality of what she was intending to do hit her, and her thrill segued into anxiety. She looked at the office door and then at Sarah.

"I'll wait outside for a while," Sarah said. "If you want a tip I think he really likes your tits."

Liz smiled her thanks and nervously approached the office door, giving it a tentative knock.

"Hello?" came the cheery reply inside.

Liz opened the door to find James swapping the chair in the centre of the room. He seemed surprised to see her.

"Oh hi Liz. I thought you were off?"

"I... er... I mean..."

Her stammering was not establishing the tone she wanted to hit. For Christ's sake, Liz, pull yourself together. He's a good-looking boy, and you know he fancies you! Win him over! Make sure he can't forget you no matter how many girls he auditions!!

"Did you forget something?" James said.

Liz steeled herself. The best way of doing this would be to assume another character: that of a temptress.

"Kind of," she purred, approaching him seductively.

"And what's that?"

"I just wanted to let you know that I really want this job. And if there's anything I can do to increase my chances of being chosen, you just need to tell me."

James straightened up from replacing the chair and Liz stood right next to him, their toes almost touching.

"What do you mean?" asked James, appearing genuinely none-the-wiser.

"Well," Liz sighed, reaching over to take James' hand, "If there's something I could do to keep me at the top of your list, I'm pretty open to negotiations."

Liz moved James' hand up towards her chest and pressed it firmly against her left breast. James looked flabbergasted and was frozen in shock.

"They could really do with a squeeze," Liz whispered.

James signalled his potential collaboration with a delicate grope before moving his other hand up towards her other breast and squeezing her assets with firmness but reverential respect. The sensation was great. Her still-sensitive nipples were rubbing against the fabric of her vest, and James' grip was triggering tingles between her thighs.

Watching James' marvelled expression, Liz realised that it wasn't so much the molestation of her tits that was turning her on so much as the feeling of manipulating this shy young man. The power her body had over him was a joy to influence. Time to seal the deal.

She placed her hands on James' shoulders and gently forced him down onto the new seat he had just placed. He looked up at her longingly as she gathered the bottom of her vest top and pulled it up over her head, revealing her breasts once again, but this time in close proximity

to James' grateful face. Liz cupped her swollen tits and presented them to her interviewer.

"Would sucking my tits help get me near the top of your list?"

James suddenly shifted his demeanour from surprised innocent to willing participant.

"It wouldn't hurt your chances."

James reached forward and put his hands up Liz's skirt, grabbing her ass and pulling her towards him so that she stood between his splayed legs. She exhaled as she felt his tongue meet a hardened nipple, before groaning with pleasure as he took the whole of her tit inside his mouth. Her breast tingled as his tongue danced around her flesh, lapping around her areola and flicking at her bullet-like nipple.

Liz felt his hands smooth her buttocks and part them with his fingers before clawing at the cotton of her underwear and ripping it from her crotch. She was wet again, and could feel threads of stickiness spanning the widening chasm between the gusset of her knickers and her oozing pussy.

As the cotton hit her ankles she stepped out of the damp pile and spread her thighs slightly as James re-engaged with her ass cheeks, squeezing them tenderly. He moved his mouth to her other tit and gave it the same saliva-drenched attention as its molested neighbour. It gave Liz some time to consider her next move. Was she willing to go further? She looked down at the handsome guy sucking on her boobs, and considered her own building horniness. It was a no-brainer.

With her tit still in his mouth, Liz stooped down slightly to try to unbuckle James' belt. Losing his oral grip of her boob he let go of her ass and attended to his trousers himself, encouraging Liz to return to her original position. His face buried in her chest was obscuring her view somewhat, but she could see him desperately adjusting his trousers until they were finally over his knees and around his ankles. Liz broke off their sticky embrace to get a good look at the organ she was intending to accommodate.

She was relieved to see that he wasn't enormous, but was certainly big enough to fill her up nicely. His veiny phallus pointed invitingly upwards, and twitched with anticipation as if begging to be enveloped by her. She was happy to oblige.

Using his shoulders to support her, Liz straddled the astonished young man and lowered herself onto his lap, letting his pulsating cock push up and inside her moist cunt. They both gave a simultaneous muted cry as he entered her. For Liz, the sensation was majestic, and she surprised herself as her pliant pussy took all of James' erection inside her. She let him take all of her weight as she sunk down on top of him, burying his entire cock inside of her right down to the hilt.

"Oh, fuck that's nice," she moaned, temporarily forgetting that this was supposed to be a favour for James, not the other way around.

James took his hands from her back and placed them on Liz's tits again, groping and shaking her boobs like a child playing with new toys.

"Am I at the top of your list yet?" Liz purred seductively.

"Nearly," James breathlessly replied. "What else you got?"

Liz smiled at his audacity, but didn't care. She wanted this to end as well as James did. She began bouncing on his lap, slowly at first, enjoying his cock sliding in and out of her, and the feeling of her tight pussy dragging along the sides of his shaft. Then she started pumping herself more vigorously. James let go of her tits and watched them with delight as they began to jiggle just inches from his face. They were a little sore, flailing around her chest, but the pleasure James was obviously getting watching them fly around in front of his face was worth it. Besides, the growing sensation building between her thighs was diverting her attention elsewhere.

"Cum in me," she whispered, before raising her voice to more of a shout. "Cum in me! Cum inside my pussy!"

James reached around and squeezed her ass as he helplessly followed her instructions. He made a guttural noise as Liz felt his cock spasm inside of her, and the irrefutable warmth of his cum fire up inside of her. His deposit triggered her own orgasm, and she instinctively pushed down hard onto his lap as the climax took hold, filling her cunt as much as possible with his erupting manhood. She took her own tits in her hands and ground against his hips as she squeezed her wet, sticky boobs. James' ejaculate began to seep out of her, moistening his pubic hair as Liz's grinds spread the lubrication around their interlocking crotches.

Liz's orgasm was silent; she had held her breath throughout, and its passing was met with a long and loud exhale of breath. She looked down at James with a big smile on her face.

"OK," said James, "Top of the list."

Liz smiled; she had manipulated him perfectly.

• • • • • • • • • •

James smiled; they had manipulated her perfectly. He'd feel a bit bad about it if he hadn't gone to such pains to give her multiple opportunities to leave the audition with her dignity intact. But the fact was this couldn't have gone any better. Sarah's little ruse had attracted only three candidates who were willing enough and not suspicious enough to agree to these auditions, but if this turned out to be the only one it would have been worth it.

James watched as Liz slid herself off of his still-hard cock, a mixture of his cum and her natural lubricant seeping out with it. Sarah had received a lot of emailed applications at the preliminary stages, and the attachments of naked photos had given James enough wanking material for a year. Liz's pictures had particularly caught his eye, and he was overjoyed that the owner of such a fantastic rack had agreed to audition, and was even more overjoyed that the new video he had just made featured them in an even more engorged state than the photos had suggested. Sarah and he would be making out to the footage of her stripping for many months to come.

Liz pulled on her damp knickers and hurriedly dressed herself. Sarah would call her in about a week's time apologising sincerely and explaining that the main funder had backed out of the project, leaving it dead in the water. But for now, Liz must have thought a thousand pound payday was in the bag. Again, James felt a little ashamed. But only a little.

"Bye," Liz chirped as she exited the office.

James temporarily interrupted pulling up his own trousers to wave his farewell. What a sweet girl. And what an amazing fuck!

A few minutes passed before Sarah burst in, the filthy smirk on her face present in its full glory.

"What did you say to her out there?" James said.

"I just gave her a nudge in the right direction," she simpered back. "What did she do?"

"She basically rode me like a bull."

"Ha! Wonderful!"

"I don't see how we top that one with the next two," James pondered out loud.

"I was just thinking about that outside. I got a message from one saying she's running late. I think we should audition them both together."

"You think they'll go for that?"

"Oh yeah. Especially if you follow my lead."

Sarah playfully planted herself on James' lap and shared her latest machinations. His cock began to harden again at the implications.

"You know," Sarah whispered as she smoothed the bulge in his trousers with her hand, "One day you're not going to be able to get this hard again this quickly. And I worry I'll go off you a bit when that happens."

James smirked at the playful comment.

"Brave words from the woman who's ten years my senior."

"Ha! Touché..."

She leaned in and kissed him passionately, allowing him to cop a feel as she did so.

"I think you've got plenty more years of enjoyment before they go too far south, honey," she said.

"Oh, " said James, "And if you're going to rub my cock underneath the desk while the girls are stripping, please try to do it more subtly..."

• • • • • • • • • •

James waited patiently behind his desk as he heard Sarah greet the final applicant outside. He had learned his lesson from the previous 'audition' and had left his belt off this time, allowing him and Sarah easier access to the contents of his pants should the mood take them.

Sarah opened the door and two oddly matched yet attractive girls walked in ahead of her. James rose to greet them, his cock already swelling with anticipation.

The first to shake his hand had jet black short hair and a tonne of make-up. Bright red lips and dark eyes together with a set of piercings along her brow and in her nose gave her a striking visage. But it wasn't enough to distract James from the Ultra-bra enhanced cleavage that was proudly on display between the gape of her navy linen shirt. She had made no effort to downplay her assets, and her tiny denim shorts only added to the brazen presentation.

"Hi, I'm Hope," she said, leaning over the desk and giving James an eyeful as he shook her hand.

"Hi Hope, take a seat."

The next girl to shake his hand was far more conservative. Dressed in a simple white blouse and a knee-length skirt, her brown hair was tied back into a long pony tail and she even wore small circular glasses. Her face sported only the most subtle of make-up and even her nails were unpainted. But her buttoned-up appearance couldn't hide the awesome buxomness tucked away under all that cotton.

"I'm Caroline," she said.

"Nice to meet you. Please, take a seat."

The girls each planted themselves on one of the two seats James had placed in the centre of the room, and Sarah sat down close to him behind the desk.

"Right," began James. "We've asked you two girls to audition together because part of the filming, if either of you are successful, will involve interacting with some of the other models, so it's good for us to see how you both improvise with someone else. And also, obviously Hope you were running a bit late today, and rather than have you miss out or delay your audition Caroline, it makes sense to see you both together. Is that OK with both of you? No objections if we do it this way?"

Both the girls happily shook their heads. Hope leaned over and put a hand on Caroline's knee.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault we're doing this together," she said.

"No it's fine," Caroline replied with a giggle. "It's nice not to do this alone, actually."

"Right then," said James. "Thanks for coming today ladies. Sarah's probably told you everything you need to know, but I'd just like to confirm everything..."

James went through his rehearsed spiel about the camera, the fake project, the acting requirements. As he did the reassuring bit about the girls being able to leave at any time if they felt uncomfortable, he got an incredulous look from Hope, as if that would be the last thing she would ever do. It gave James reason to ask his next question.

"Have either of you ladies done anything similar to this before?"

"I've done a lot of amateur stuff," said Hope. "Nude calendars, some porn mag pics... I did an amateur porn film for my mate, but nothing, you know, proper. Or released, I mean."

"Oh wow," said James, slightly shocked. "Caroline?"

"I went topless at the beach once," she replied. "But no, nothing like that."

She was reserved, but funny. James liked that. The two girls in front of him were like chalk and cheese. He couldn't wait to get them naked and interacting with each other. He reached up to start the camera and gave them their scenario.

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