tagHumor & SatireThe Incredible Shrinking Dude

The Incredible Shrinking Dude


(c) - GratefulFred

I think it was 2 weeks ago when that funky Alien ray hit me and my life would never be the same. This is my story.

I was an average sized 6' by 6" by 180 lb man, married with 2 kids and a dog. My wife had complemented me about the diet I was on, which seemed kind of strange at first, but here I was loosing weight on my fast food type diet. Though I tightened the belt an extra notch, what really disturbed me was the fact that my shirts seemed longer on me and more relaxed around the collar. It was then, as I gazed upon the mirror, did a thought cross my mind that sent a shiver down my spine. Taking out my measuring stick, the surreal had become the real as I saw my cock length had shrunken beyond the 6-inch threshold.

Somehow, someway I saw myself shrinking 1 inch per week in height, but more importantly 1/12th of an inch in cock length and girth. I was done for.

That night while forcefully making love with my wife I asked her if I did it deep enough for her to enjoy. She only answered me "yes" 30 times for the 300 times I asked her before leaving to read a big in the other room!!! Panic began to sink in.

At week 4 of my ordeal, at 5 1/3 inches I decided to commit suicide by taking some sleeping pills. I woke up in week 5 at 5 5/12 inches.

My wife started to see my diminishing stature and felt more aggressive about me going shoe shopping with her. Soon I found myself at pottery classes, Tupperware parties, and totally away from normal things like strip joints and stuff. I looked at the high chair with dread.

At week 12, I was a midget of 5' and my wife took me to the doctors. Physically I seemed OK, but they had no explanation to this shrinking thing. I begged for a cock enlargement operation but my HMO said no way. I begged them, pleaded with them, and told them I'm already a freak at 5 inches. They told me to take Viagraa and leave them alone.

My wife told me that she could still find enjoyment with a 5-inch man even though my self-confidence was shattered. I went for whores for the next 4 weeks and paid good hard money for the girls to act like they enjoyed me. My wife made me confess and kicked my ass. I wasn't that strong anymore.

At week 24 I was a not let into the strip joints even though my ID said I was of age. Even when I called up the whores they felt guilty of taking my money. I was a 3 ft. tall 3" man. My kids looked down at me and laughed. My wife felt so embarrassed and sad. She nearly crushed me in bed one night so she put me in a crib. My voice seemed hi pitch to her. Was I becoming gay?

I was at my halfway point in my life now when it was decided that I should live in the basement where I usually jerked off as much as I could. My wife out of a good heart dropped off some leftovers and some porno mags. I felt so sorry for the weak fucks I had given her.

At week 56 I was a 4-inch man with a virtually invisible cock. I had a new terrible adversary floating around down bellow in that of a spider trying to eat my ass. I avoided his spider webs as best as I could but I knew he was out their waiting for me, stalking me. I got a toothpick and stuck his ass, which just pissed him off. I climbed the porno mag as he pursued me. I knocked over some pages as I desperately tried to flee. Turning back I saw the spider caught under the pages, so I decided to pounce on him and squashing him felt real good.

It took me over 3 weeks to make it out on the roof as I decided to spend my last few days under the stars as a real man. I closed my itty-bitty eyes for what I imagined to be my last night alive.

I awoke and everything looked strange. I was now in the sub atomic level and I felt relieved in this strange new world. I smiled and thought that if I were lucky, I'd meet some equally small life form and get some sex, of which I was due - big time.

The End

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