tagErotic HorrorThe Incubator's Tale

The Incubator's Tale


For lack of a better term, I will call him my Lover. I call him Grae, which sounds like "gray" if you are doing a rather poor impersonation of a Scotsman. Not that I have anything against the Scots; that's just as close as I have been able to come to pronouncing his real name. You would think that since I spend so much time working my throat around his cock that I could work it around his language, too. Unfortunately, I can't; and my expertise at the former, and lack of at the latter both tend to cause Grae a certain amount of ridicule among his kind.

Grae is not human, although he looks like he is. I label him "male" but he doesn't look it. I used to label myself "gay" but that doesn't matter much anymore. I'm not really Grae's lover either; what I am is his concubine. And I am the first one any of his people have ever had.

When I am at my most cynical, I think his ideals are what attract me to Grae. It's not that he has the most beautiful cock that I have known, as well as a lovely pair of tits. It's not that he provides for me, keeps me in a state above that to which I have become accustomed; it's not even the caring and respect I receive from him, which is rare enough in our own kind, let alone theirs. It's because he is trying to change the course of his entire people. I love him because he is a hero. Or a fucking Prophet.

When I am at my most sentimental, I love him because I am having his baby.

* * *

Grae's people aren't as much a secret as they could be, but, like all things that are different, that are outside our limited understanding of the universe, they have been demonized. The legends that have been spawned by his people aren't as common as the evening bloodsuckers, or the moon beasts, or the spirits of those who won't pass from this world. But you have probably still heard the stories. I can tell you that they aren't as slanderous as they ought to be.

All of his kind are comely ladies in appearance, or so he tells me. The two others I have met seem to confirm this claim. They have the strength of ten men. They can't be killed by many conventional means. When aroused they grow gorgeous rock hard cocks right out of their clits. Their proclivity is to rape, and they have been known to fuck people to death.

However, they are not immortal. They aren't spawned from the loins of Satan himself. Although large, their cocks are not two feet long and as wide as your fist. They don't have an aversion to churches, holy water, crosses, silver, running water or any of that spiritual mumbo jumbo. They don't prefer virgins or impure women or, in fact, women of any kind. They fuck men. And they fuck them well if I may say so. We call them Incubus. It amuses them to have taken that name for their own. You see, they call us incubators.

* * *

When I met Grae I thought he was just an ordinary fag hag. You don't see many women in the places I used to hang out at, and those you do see almost always fall into that category. Of course, fag hags usually come in with their special friends, have their fun, and go home to their superstraight men. Grae came in alone.

It's very lucky for me that I was having rather bad luck that evening. I was sitting alone at the bar when he sat down next to me. I was trying to decide whether to tell her to fuck off or to just move on myself when she leaned into me to wave at the barman.

They say pheromones are a very powerful attractant, and I'll have to agree. I got one whiff of a pissy sweaty smell, and my mouth was watering, my asshole spasmed, and my cock got rock hard so fast I swear it almost broke. She watched me reach down and adjust myself into a slightly more comfortable position, and a quiet smirk spread across her face.

She got a beer from the barman, and paid for it, and stayed right on top of me the whole time. I kept breathing that scent, and it grew and changed. I could smell oiled leather, and ballsweat, and precome, and I just knew that this girl was the sexiest man alive. If she'd looked anything like a man I would have already been on my knees begging to be used in the best way I know how. As it was, I could hardly respond when she spoke to me.

"I know you." She dropped her hand to my lap, slid it down the length of my cock and grabbed my balls. Even through my jeans I could feel the strength of her hand. The jolt of that touch alone was nearly enough to make me come. As it was, it did make me groan loud enough to earn a disapproving glance from the bartender, but I didn't fucking care.

"You need to be overpowered. You need to be thrown down on the bed, have your ass fucked until you eyes strain from their sockets and your throat is dry from panting and raw from screaming. You want to be shaped, twisted, bent. Used."

I cleared my throat enough to force out a response. "Tied down."

She arched an eyebrow.

"You left that out. I like to be tied down while I get fucked."

She growled a deep purring laugh, fully satisfied. She squeezed my balls again, and the fabric of my jeans tore where she pulled at the crotch. She smiled that quiet smirk again and stood up. "Come with me."

And I did.

* * *

I remember little of the cab ride to his apartment. His scent was overpowering and I felt drugged. My body was jittery and excited, but my mind was a bit sluggish. I remember him whispering dirty sexy things in my ear, but not the words themselves. They didn't register that night anyway, but the sound of his voice was both soothing and arousing.

He paid the cabby when we arrived, and I followed him up to his apartment. It is a spacious two bedroom with both a formal dining room and a breakfast nook. The furnishings all looked expensive and authentic, lots of hardwood and leather upholstery. Walls and shelves filled with art and artifact. Real china to eat on, and real silver to eat with. Of course I didn't see any of it that night.

As soon as he closed the door behind us, he wrapped one powerful arm around me from behind. Holding me by the jaw with one hand he forced my face around to the right, making me lock eyes with him. Keeping that same quiet smirk on his face, he used his free hand to tear off my shirt, jeans and shorts. As my cock sprang free, he grabbed it, squeezing and pulling, compelling me to arch my back and rise up on my toes. A loud groan escaped my lips, and his smirk got a little less quiet.

He leaned down to gather up the ragged scraps of my clothes and dragged me into his living room. He led me to a padded leather ottoman and pushed me down onto it. Quickly ripping my shirt into strips, he tied me to the legs of the ottoman at the wrists and knees. My cock was trapped between my belly and the padded top, but my balls hung free. He pulled on them for a moment while he stroked my ass with his other hand. Then one wet finger pushed inside my asshole and snaked around. I could almost hear his smirk getting louder.

He walked around in front of me and pulled my face up again to look at him. He began to disrobe and his scent got stronger as he removed his clothes. Then he sank into a chair and spread his legs for me. He had what I think of as a normal looking cunt, but he was totally hairless and fluid was fairly bubbling out of it. Then it slowly began to change. The lips began to spread themselves, opening as his cunt turned inside out. His scrotum dropped down. It was pinkish and dripping with his juice, and seemed more solid than any other nutsac I have seen. A soft triangle of flesh crowned his slit; his clit, I supposed. I'd guessed that's where you'd normally find one. Then his clit flowered open, the bottom, ruffled edge curling up and out, and the bud of his cockhead appeared. His beautiful cock grew. It too was pinkish and the skin was puckered and lined, like that of a hardened nipple. And it was coated and dripping fluid throughout its length. With a supreme effort, I tore my eyes away from it and looked up to his face.

"What are you?"

His smirk had finally softened to a smile, or maybe a grin.

"That's not important, yet. Do you want it?"

"My God, yes."

"Then tell me what you want. I'll only do what you ask me to."

"I want that inside me." I was crying out the words, as I tried to grind my cock on the seat of the ottoman. He didn't move, waiting for something. After a moment, I got it. "Will you please put your lovely cock in my ass and fuck me?"

He smiled again, nodded, got up from the chair, and moved out of my line of sight. I dropped my head, and tried to relax my asshole. I felt him kneel behind me, and I was finally thinking of him as him now. He pushed the head of his cock to my asshole, and I opened right up. He slid it all the way in, in one slow thrust, and I could feel his cock twitch and pulse. For a moment he stayed there, and as it jumped around inside me, I could feel my insides ease open and relax in a way I have never felt before. It's as if his cock belonged inside me, and my bowels were doing everything to make it welcome.

Finally he started to fuck me, long, fast strokes that made every muscle in my body jump, pulling at my bonds, making my still booted feet slam on the floor. His balls slammed into my own making me wince and cry out in delicious agony with each thrust. He kept this up longer than I could have ever taken with anyone else, never changing tempo, never slowing, until he finally slammed all the way into me and stayed. I could feel his burning heat shoot deep inside me as he came. His cock swelled and throbbed in time to my own heartbeat, and my own release followed immediately. My come spread across my stomach and my guts twitched and grabbed his cock, milking him for every last drop.

He dropped down onto my back, and casually untied my bonds with one hand while he stroked my hair with the other. His cock slowly withered and drew itself out of my ass. He then pushed himself off of me, picked me up and carried me to his bed. I was literally asleep before my head hit the pillow, and I was dead to the world until morning.

* * *

The next three days were a blur. A lot of information was given to me, a few important decisions were made, I got fucked dozens of times, and I fell in love. Recounting all of our conversations would be impossible for me now. We talked constantly, at the kitchen table while we ate, in the bath, lounging in front of the fire, entwined in bed before, during, and after we fucked. I spent much of that time frightened of what he is, and comforted by who he is.

As far as their collective history goes, back to Greece, the Incubus have been slave owners. It has always been easiest for them to keep their incubators as property, in order to insure that the fetus has the right environment to thrive. Most of the Incubus live nearly two centuries and don't bother to breed until their first century mark. They don't know how their species came to be, and most of them don't care. They just consider themselves superior to humans. I think in many ways they are probably right.

They are all vegetarians, can't eat meat, poultry, fish, or eggs; but, dairy products are fine. Their digestive system is far superior to our own, completely breaking down their foods. To be indelicate, they don't shit, don't even have lower intestines. They breed asexually, leaving their eggs in the bowels of their incubators. Who is then kept captive for the six months of gestation.

Kept in captivity for six months, fed a strict vegetarian diet, continually fucked to help the bowels loosen and expand, unable to shit, nourishing the fetus with his own partially digested food. When the child is ready, the incubator labors and delivers, and dies. It is a horrible, painful death. It can take a couple of hours of blood, loose watery stools, and pieces of the intestine leaking out the stretched and torn anus.

None of the incubus ever cared about that part. The incubator had served its purpose, a piece of property to be discarded. This is what Grae wants to change. He is going to keep me healthy throughout my pregnancy, spending the entire time preparing me for the birth. He is going to ensure I live. He wants me to stay with him as his wife, he wants a mother for his child.

He wants me to live. And some of his people want to kill him.

* * *

It was important to Grae that I understand exactly what I was getting into. I would have to quit my job, leave my apartment, and move in with him. He would control what I eat. He would fuck me regularly, and when he wasn't fucking me I would have to wear plugs in my ass, always loosening my sphincter, preparing me for birth. An associate of his would come to examine me weekly, at least. I would have horrible painful cramps, and they wouldn't stop Grae from fucking me. I wouldn't shit at all once I was impregnated, but I would have gas, and that would also be painful. I had to be prepared to spend six months doing nothing but eating, sleeping and getting fucked in the ass.

I didn't even have to think about it.

Grae could have locked me up the night I arrived. No one knew where I was. He easily overpowers me. He is completely knowledgeable in the art and science of slave-keeping. His whole life has been leading to just such a situation. Yet he demanded my consent; he would only take from me what I was willing to give. And for that alone I was willing to give everything. It seemed we'd been waiting our lifetimes to find one another.

I met Kaahr (that's car with bad Scottish brogue) the next day. He was also Incubus, he sympathized with Grae, and he would be my Obstetrician, so to speak. Of course his specialty was proctology. He didn't talk to me much during the exam, taking my temp, asking Grae about my diet so far. Opening up my ass with a speculum, he took a good look inside. He gloved his hand, and shoved it in up to the forearm to feel around. I was very surprised at how easy that was. Before Grae started fucking me, an entire fist up my ass was something I'd only fantasized about. It wasn't much like my fantasy; I wasn't even tied down. But it wasn't too bad.

Kaahr told me he was through and he and Grae went out to the living room. I took a little time cleaning up and getting dressed. When I came out to the living room, Grae was alone and he was grinning from ear to ear.

"Kaahr says we're good to go. If you're ready, I can impregnate you tonight."

I dropped to my knees in front of him, grabbing him tight around the waist, letting tears of relief stream down my face. Then I gave him the first blowjob he has ever had.

* * *

On my knees in front of him, I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. I lavished kisses on his smooth crotch as I pushed his pants down and helped them off. Slowly I pushed him down onto the ottoman and nudged his legs apart. His wonderful scent was almost overpowering this close up. My cock was throbbing and jumping in my jeans, and their constriction was nearly too much. I looked up at him, with adoration.

"Please, let it out. I want to suck you."

"We don't do that."

I nodded, running my tongue up the length of his slit, for the first time tasting his juices, sweet, and salty, and almost tangy. Like sweat, and spit, and come, and piss and blood, and maybe fruit juice laced with vodka. My whole body trembled. As did his. I looked back up at him.

"Will it hurt me?"


"You. Will it hurt you?" I licked him again. We shivered.

"No. It won't hurt anything."

I could see his cuntlips spread open, waiting to drop.

"Then give it to me. Let me do this for you. Let me show you how much I love you. I want to feel you grow in my mouth." I fastened my lips down on his clit, tickling with the tip of my tongue and sucking his juices down my throat. His scrotum dropped and bounced against my chin. I reached up and caressed it with one hand.

The tip of his cock popped out and started its drive toward the back of my throat. It was leaking its fluid and I kept swallowing. His cock grew to reach the back of my throat and kept growing. Like my bowels, my throat accepted him readily. I just sucked and swallowed, and only when he was fully grown did I begin to bob up and down.

Just like the first time he fucked my ass, I had an easier time accepting his cock than any other. I've learned that part of that is biological. His juices aren't just a lubricant; they act as some sort of natural muscle relaxant, and provide extra elasticity to the tissues they saturate. But my sentimental side says that is only part of it. Grae's cock belongs inside me. I feel now that I was born solely for the purpose of housing his beautiful cock.

Finally Grae passed his initial shock and did what came naturally to one born to master. He pushed himself up off the ottoman, grabbed the sides of my head, and began fucking my face with the same violent intensity that he fucked my ass. I sucked and swallowed, letting him bruise my lips, holding onto his ass for balance, and dropped one hand to my fly to release my cock. Then I pulled him into me faster, harder, willing him to use my mouth. To let me taste his come.

At that moment he stiffened, and his first spurt shot straight down my throat. Quickly I pulled back, and caught his next eruption on my tongue. Of course, I swallowed that too. His come tasted much like his cock secretions, but stronger, saltier, and spicier, as though laced with tequila instead of vodka. It reminded me of margaritas and it made me just as drunk. I collapsed at his feet moaning and vaguely jerking my hips, my cock pulsing wildly.

He silently dropped down beside me, and returned the favor. It didn't take long at all. And he swallowed, too.

It made him violently ill.

* * *

My high school health class did not discuss which of the four food groups semen falls into. If I had been able to speak or even think first, I probably would have warned him off. Grae tells me he hasn't been that sick in twenty years. That time it was from a bean soup made with chicken stock. He'd chuckled weakly and told me the soup hadn't been nearly as good. I felt appalled and flattered, and beside myself with worry.

It took me half an hour to come to my senses. I dragged myself into the bathroom and found him retching into the toilet. I dropped down next to him and pulled his hair back out of the way. Finally he leaned back against the tub, panting.

"You should go. I'm going to be a while, and it's not going to be pretty."

"What happened?"

"Your come. I guess I'm allergic to it, like meat."

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know."

"Neither did I. Now go on, I don't really want you to see me like this."

So I left him alone. Read for a while. Fixed myself something to eat. Read some more. Watched some TV. Tried to check on him a couple of times, but the bathroom door was locked. Finally went to bed by myself. It took me forever to go to sleep.

It took him two days to get better, but at least I was able to nurse him the following day. Made lots of tea, kept him tucked under the covers, put cool washcloths on his forehead. And gave him two more blowjobs. The next day he was strong enough to fuck me again, and that night he left his egg inside me, impregnating me.

It was different that time. He took me on my back, my knees pushed up against my chest. He stroked my cock with one hand and held my ankles up with the other. He felt deeper inside me, and didn't pump into me at all. He just kind of shoved his cock all the way in, and ground his hips against my ass.

His cock moved quite a bit by itself, twitching and jumping. After a while I felt a swelling move up the length of his shaft, until it finally exploded deep inside of me. Then he dropped off of me, exhausted in a way he never was before.

There was an immediate cramping deep in my bowels for a few minutes, then a quick sharp pain. Then I got that juicy feeling again, and I felt open and loose, totally at ease. Shortly after that I dropped off to sleep.

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