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The Informer


She had the information they needed and they all knew it, but for some reason she being reluctant to talk. Brendan and Shirley had gone so far as to pick her up and lean on her in one of the interrogation rooms, playing the good cop/bad cop routine for all they were worth. Their reluctant informant was feeding them trivial things, obviously wanting to keep the main information for a time when she might need a favour.

In her guise as bad cop, Shirley had strongly hinted that a certain person might find themselves held in the remand centre for a few days if they didn't open up a bit, but this had been met with stony silence.

Shirley indicated to Brendan that she wanted a quiet chat with him, and the pair withdrew to the side of the room, with Shirley flicking off the recording equipment as she passed it.

"Brendan, we both know that she can give us the information we want. If we can get her to talk we can tick of half a dozen cases. Kudos for both of us. I think the time has come for a change of tactics. I want you to drop the nice cop routine and get really nasty. Physically nasty if you have to, but we have to get her to talk."

"Do you know how much trouble we'll be in if we rough her up? It's just not on."

"Do you realise how much trouble we'll be in if we don't do something about clearing the backlog of cases we've got. I've already had some nasty innuendos passed my way about our lack of progress. Anyway, as long as we don't leave bruises it'll be one against two with no other evidence available. By an odd coincidence this room has no camera right now. It was taken for repairs this morning. Strictly speaking we're not supposed to use this room, but I sort of forgot when we brought her in. And these rooms are soundproof in case you've forgotten. No-one will hear."

"Bullshit you sort of forgot. You had something in mind even before we picked her up. Just what do you intend?"

"I want you to show her what it's like to be raped," said Shirley blandly. "You'll have fun, she'll learn a valuable lesson and we'll get the information we need."

"You are crazy," snarled Brendan. "Are you trying to get us thrown off the force and charged besides?"

"Scare her enough and she won't dare complain. And like I said, one against two they've got to believe the two."

Brendan looked and Shirley for a few moments, and then turned to look at their pretty young informer. He looked back at Shirley while he contemplated. "She's really quite sexy, and I'll admit I've wondered what it would be like to fuck her. Unprofessional to try it on with her, so I've left her alone, but now.... I may never get another chance like this and she is very sexy. I'm getting an erection just thinking of this. After all, all I need to do is suddenly grab her, yank down her panties and I'm in like flint. Don't have to worry about her feelings, just bang away until I come, pull out and start of the questions while Dianne's shocked by what's happened. We can do this. I can do this."

Brendan started pacing around the room, persuading himself while Shirley leant back against the door with a smirk. She knew men. He wouldn't be able to help himself. Any moment now he'd snap and the action would begin.

"The hell with it," Brendan said. "It's her idea so she can't really turn on me afterwards. We'd both have too much to lose."

In a sudden burst of activity Brendan seized his victim and pushed her firmly over the end of the table. There was a startled cry. "What the hell do you think you're doing," came the protest, but by now Brendan had quickly and smoothly flicked up her skirt, seized her panties and in one quick motion pulled both panties and panty hose off.

Ignoring the struggles of the heaving woman, without even hearing her frantic protests, Brendan wadded the panties into a ball and stuffed them into her mouth, thus silencing any more protests or potential screams.

With one hand Brendan held two small wrists up in the air, forcing his victim to stay leaning over, her pretty little bottom pointing up. A quick flick of wrist and his zipper was down, letting his erection spring forward, forcing it's way though the fly of his jocks. Dimly he could hear some nasty laughter off to the side, but it wasn't something that concerned him now that he was committed.

His knee pressed forward and two slender legs parted before the pressure, reluctantly giving way and providing him with access. His hand flashed between her legs, spreading her lips, and his cock swiftly followed, sliding between those lips and deep into the waiting vagina. Brendan was startled to find her pussy was hot and wet. Had she been getting excited by the interrogation or was it just a fast arousal, caused by knowing what was coming.

Brendan found he didn't really care what had caused the arousal, he just wanted to take advantage. Pressing in he tested the damp depths, and then started moving within, stirring up more emotions for that pussy to enjoy but most of all, stirring up his own gonads so that he could enjoy this mastery, show this woman who was king. Pumping back and forth, smiling as he felt the thrusts rising to meet his own, still careless of the final outcome for her but willing to hammer as long and as hard as necessary to achieve his own satisfaction. Even through the wadded panties he could hear muffled shrieks, of lust or rage he wasn't sure, but still loud enough now that he was please the gag was there. The soundproofing was unlikely to have stifled those screams he though with a grin.

Pounding, pounding, pounding. Gasping now as he felt the heat building within him, and then a flood of relief has his release spurted deep within his victim, idly noting that she was convulsing with her own climax. "Lucky her," he thought. "Shows her I can do something right."

Relaxing, drawing away, taking time to settle, finally moving around so that he was standing in front of his informer. Reaching down and tilting her head, making her look at him.

"Are you starting to realise that we're serious, Dianne?" he gently queried. "You should stop and consider. If this sort of thing can happen at the police station, imagine what can happen if we send you to remand."

"Alright," came the whisper. Turn on your equipment and I'll tell you what I know. And you had better remember, you owe me one after this. By the way, next time you want sex, why not ask me?"

Brendan flicked the switch and listened as Dianne started to relate what she knew. It appeared to be a great deal, even more than they'd hoped for.

Brendan grinned, turning to Shirley and giving her a thumbs up. Shirley, however, was leaning back against the wall, slowly pulling up her panties and looking daggers at him.

Brendan's grin faltered, puzzled. "What was her problem? After all, it was her idea to show the witness a little rape and who else could he demonstrate on but Shirl, and she did have a climax?"

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