The Initiation


As I have indicated before in these stories, I worked for many years as a professor of English at a small but respected New England college. After I retired a few years ago, I didn't have a lot to do, so I decided to write my memoirs regarding some of my relationships with the students. In all cases, I have changed the names of course to protect the guilty. This is another one of those memoirs.

As with all colleges and universities, our little college was home to a few sororities and fraternities. There were three fraternities and three sororities. Also, as with other colleges and universities, the sororities and fraternities engaged in a hazing and initiation of incoming members. The initiations usually involved some form of humiliation and in the case of the fraternities, some heavy drinking. The college finally put a stop to the heavy drinking when one 18-year-old male student died from alcohol poisoning after being required to drink a fifth of vodka in one night.

The sorority initiations invariably involved some form of public nudity as a part of their humiliation, and this is what I would like to write about.

I have to admit out the outset that I was not an actual witness to this event, but I was able to see it via videotape, so that is what I will try to describe to you.

One of the original initiations apparently required by a sorority we'll call Gamma Gamma Hutcha was that the prospective member—in this case a pretty blonde girl from Waller, Kansas—had to go with her boyfriend to the McMahon Furniture Store on Main Street in our small town of 8.500 and ask to see a bed, since she and her boyfriend had been "just recently married." Fortunately, the beds and mattresses were kept on the second floor.

The couple would be accompanied by another girl from the sorority to verify the initiation and a boy from Upsilon fraternity to document the activity via video camera.

After viewing the bed and mattress, the girl would ask the salesperson if she and her "husband" and their friends could have a little time and privacy so that they could discuss the purchase. The salesperson was expected to go downstairs so they could be alone.

Then the girl and her male friend would have to undress and have sex on the bed. The sex would be recorded on the video camera, and it would have to be "complete." How all three of them got out of the store without being arrested was up to them.

The understanding was that the videotape was only to prove the initiation and that it would be shown once only to the other sorority sisters and then destroyed. It was destroyed all right, but not until it had been copied by the man who took it and shown to the rest of his fraternity on "movie night."

This young man was one of my best and brightest students, and I often joined him for a coffee and conversation at the Student Union after class. And since I was his favorite professor, he told me about the tape and asked if I would like to see it. I told him I would love to see it—as long as he didn't tell anyone else he had lent it to me. He agreed. I thought if I liked the tape well enough, I would make a copy for myself. I had a library of videotapes I had collected over the years with some interesting student activities on them.

I recognized the young lady as soon as I started the videotape. It was Courtney Carter, a beautiful blonde 18-year-old freshman, about five seven and maybe 110 pounds. She was in my English 101.The setting was the second floor of McMahon's Furniture Store, and Courtney was dressed in the usual college garb of jeans and a sweatshirt. She was accompanied by her boyfriend "husband", Gary, a girlfriend from the sorority, and that girl's boyfriend—who carried a video camera. All of them were standing at the side of a four-poster mahogany bed with a blue quilted bedspread.

"Can we have some time alone to talk about it first?" Courtney asked the salesman.

"Oh course," he said, "I'll be downstairs. Just let me know when you're ready."

"All right." The salesman left and went down the stairs. Courtney looked around. It appeared that no other customers were on the second floor.

"Time to do it," said her friend with a smile.

Courtney sighed, then pulled her gray sweatshirt over her head and tossed it on the bed. Her boyfriend, who seemed to be not the least bit shy, began rapidly undressing. But the camera focused mostly on Courtney. She pushed off her white sneakers, unfastened her jeans, pushed them down and stepped out of them. Then, with another sigh, she unfastened her sheer white bra and tossed that on the bed. Her breasts were small but had lovely pink nipples about the size of quarters. Finally, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her white panties, pushed them down, and stepped out of them. She was absolutely beautiful, perfectly formed, and with a little blonde bush, which she covered with her right hand.

By this time, her boyfriend was completely naked with a smile on his face and was covering nothing. But his penis was only semi-erect. "I need help," he said, looking down at it.

Apparently, Courtney had helped before, since she dropped to her knees, took the base of his penis in her right hand and put the rest of it into her mouth.

The cameraman was smart enough to get a good close-up of this, and I'll admit that I was impressed. This definitely would be one for my collection.

Courtney sucked as fast as she could, and within a few minutes, her boyfriend was fully erect. She stood up.

"Now you have to get her ready," the other girl said to Courtney's boyfriend.

He seemed happy to oblige. He dropped to his knees, put his hands around her bottom, pulled her toward him, and began licking the tender lips beneath her little bush. Courtney put her hands on his head. After a little while, Courtney said "I'm ready," to the cameraman.

"Then do it," her girlfriend said.

Courtney climbed up on the bed.

"Do it doggy-style," the cameraman said, "It will make a better picture."

If Courtney had any objection to this, she didn't utter it, since it appeared she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. She assumed the position on her hands and knees. Her boyfriend climbed up behind her, and apparently being quite used to this position, took his engorged penis and eased it into her. Then he began pumping her, and it was soon obvious that Courtney was getting turned on as well. She began to moan softly. "Ohhhh....Ohhhh."

"Don't come inside her!" the cameraman said. "We have to see it. Do it either in her mouth or on her face."

The young man, still stiff, pulled out of her, and Courtney obligingly turned over on her back with her legs spread. The young man quickly shuffled forward on his knees between her thighs, apparently with the intention of shoving his penis down her throat. But it was too late. He came in a three-foot long white cord of semen that hit Courtney squarely in her face and in her hair.

"Yuck!" she exclaimed, sitting up. She grabbed the edge of the bedspread and tried to wipe it off, but she still looked pretty much of a mess.

"Good God!" the salesman exclaimed. Apparently, no one had seen him come back up the steps and approach them. "What the devil is going on here!" he cried.

Courtney and her "husband" quickly climbed off the bed and began to dress, while her girlfriend tried to offer some explanation to the salesman. "They were just trying to---" she began. The cameraman continued shooting, focusing primarily on Courtney's hasty attempts t get dressed.

"I know what they were trying to do! I want you all out of here—NOW! Was this another one of your stupid college pranks?! Get out! And shut that camera off!"

At that point the video ended. Well, it had definitely been worth it. And I definitely would make a copy for myself before returning it.

And I knew I would never look at Courtney in class the same way. I would always be imaging her naked—and testing out a bed.

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