tagRomanceThe Innocence Game Ch 02: The Trials

The Innocence Game Ch 02: The Trials


Part two of three to my Innocence Game series. Please read Chapter One before reading this. While this chapter is certainly much more entertaining than Chapter One, Chapter One is a prologue that explains everything leading up to present day. If you have read Chapter One, enjoy Chapter Two!


I told Emily's mom everything about my plans. She thought it was a beautiful idea but she gave me a few pointers on how to make sure Emily didn't freak out. Once I wrote those down, she gave Emily the phone.

"Hi, Emily."

"Oh Jason. I haven't seen you for... I-I mean I haven't...well...seen anyone in...sorry don't want to bore you, just tell me how you are please."

I forgot that she developed that stutter, never able to allow her thoughts to flow after her devastating incident. "I'm doing great!" I told her "The reason I called up is I wanted to go out with you this Friday night."

"Oh, um...where do you...where?"

"I don't want to spoil anything but I promise you it's nothing you haven't done before. " No response. So I added "You'll be perfectly safe with me. I told your mom about it and she loved the idea."

"Oh...mmmm...sounds ok. This Friday?

"Yes" I responded

"Well ok, see you then"

And she hung up. I figured she would be reluctant, but I was still unsure about whether or not she would do it, so I was really glad that she did.

Thursday night. Oh my God, Thursday Night. I stayed up hours trying to test the logistics and rehearse my game. I memorized what I would be saying and how to make sure things didn't go wrong. Eventually I decided that I couldn't analyze every single outcome at every single point, so I hit the sack.

Friday's hours passed like minutes until finally I was in my car outside of Emily's house, waiting to pick her up. I called the house and when her mom answered, I told her to tell Emily I was here and to remind her that my plans were perfectly safe. She came into my car and I sat for a moment and said

"I want this to be a surprise, so could you please close your eyes? I promise you'll love it once you see it."

She surprised me by complying instantly. So I drove until I reached the park, the park me and Emily played at when we were kids. Then I said "I'm going to guide you out of the car, so just keep your eyes close until I say so, ok?" She nodded frantically, and I went over to the other side to help her. I took her to the center of the playground, and stopped. She started to shake so, still holding her, I said

"I'm going to let go now. When you count to twenty, open your eyes. I promise you're going to be fine. And if anyone tries to hurt you, I'll kill them. I swear on my life I will. "

Emily's mom had told me that, as good as my plan was, leaving a girl who had just been raped alone in an unknown place was a terrible idea. She advised that I prove somehow that no one would hurt her. So I came up with that last night, but it was no bullshit. I had a knife in my pocket. I really meant what I said. And it worked because Emily stopped shaking. I let go and waited a couple seconds. And then I heard


So I quietly ran away and as close as I could get to my car and hid. Then I turned on my phone and waited until I heard her say twenty. Then opened my phone and texted "Now".

Emily opened her eyes. Before she had time to really see that she was in our childhood park, she heard a guy with a deep voice trying to make his voice sound higher say "Ewwwww, you have cooties!" I saw her turn around and see Jericho, wearing blue shorts, and Elmo T-shirt, and a baseball hat. It took her a second to realize what was going on but then the true magic of my game worked. She began to laugh. I could see Jericho crouch on the ground and shout "Nooooo, don't laugh! You'll get your girl cooties all over me!" She picked up on what was happening quickly and she began chasing him around. I took this as an opportunity to run back to my car and turn on my laptop, which was receiving the footage from Jericho's webcam, attached to his baseball hat. Then, as quick as I could, I drove away. I heard them running around and laughing hysterically until finally, Emily caught Jericho.

"Jericho, my...my god...it's been so long since...since, well"

Jericho cut her off (as I told him too so Emily didn't feel to strained to talk) "Yes! Here I am, in the living flesh! Did you enjoy you're surprise?"

"Yes, I really did" she responded. I couldn't help but start giggling from joy.

"Well anyway, old Jason's at Marco's Pizza and he thought it'd be fun to buy a couple pizzas and have a good time. C'mon, I'll drive you there!"

So the two of them got in Jericho's car and drove to Marco's. I took a sigh of relief. The first trial of my game was complete and now I was on to the second!

Jericho and Emily arrived at Marco's. They had been talking the whole way over and it seemed like Emily was thinking much clearer now. Then Jericho picked up his phone and read an imaginary text message. He shouted "Shit! I told my other friend Jeneva I was meeting her tomorrow but she thought I said tonight! I'll be right back, I gotta fix this. You go in without me, I'll catch up."

Emily was hesitant at first but Jericho convinced her so she walked into the restaurant alone. She turned towards the unmistakable sight and started laughing even harder then she had when Jericho appeared. Christi, Hailey, and Brent were all there and the place was decorated EXACTLY like it was on her eleventh birthday. Her friends were all wearing party hats and, even more extreme, almost the exact same clothes. Brent went up to her and put a party hat on her head and then hugged her. Christi and Hailey did the same and then they picked up the cake which, as even she could guess at this point, said "Happy Elephant B-Day" on it. She started crying and her friends sang "Happy Birthday". I really wished I could be there too, but I knew that it would have to wait.

Then they ordered some pizzas and talked. Hailey talked about how she envied how beautiful Emily and all her other grade school friends had gotten while Christi and Brent talked about these insane stories of their elementary school days. Emily laughed and even pitched in on some of the conversations. I saw her turn to the door and look for me, so I texted Hailey asking her to tell Emily I was on my way. Then finally Christi said "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go ride that elephant!" Emily laughed and told them she didn't want to abuse their kind gestures, but the three insisted that it was her "birthday" and all, so they all got in Brent's car and drove off. But not to the zoo like Emily was thinking. They drove to the front of the junior high and parked.


Stay Tuned for Part Three, which will be titled "The Results"

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