tagMatureThe Inspection

The Inspection


Megan sat behind the steering wheel of her car thinking about what she wanted to do. Harry had stopped paying attention to her. After gaining so much weight, he seemed to be avoiding her. No longer touching or kissing her, embarrassed to be seen in public with her. Harry had not shown interest in months and she was feeling lonely and unloved.

She could not believe that any man would find her sexy, even though she was a pretty woman, with flawless skin, short black hair, and wide deep blue eyes, at 5'3 she weighed over 200 pounds. Something Harry seemed to be repulsed by it, but Stan seemed to like.

In her job, as Facilities Coordinator for the company, she was in charge of Building Maintenance and Upkeep, and had meet Stan through her job. He was attractive, friendly, and the new fire inspector for the county. It was his job to inspect all the buildings in the company for code violations. A job that would take several days with Meg assigned to escort him to and thru each building.

When he met Meg for the first time, he had smiled deeply and his eyes seemed to light up when he saw her. The way he looked at her had given her a warm feeling all over. As they had gone through the inspection of the 8-story building, they had talked, making polite conversation until the end of the inspection when he told her that she reminded him of an old lover. Meg had looked at her reflection in the glass of the window and wondered how she could remind him of any woman he had had for a lover, then he leaned over and whispered that he loved big women and thought that she was beautiful.

He grinned, winked and walked towards the front door, turning to tell her that he would be back to do the second building at 10 am the next morning.

When he returned the next day, Meg was waiting for him. She had taken great pains in her appearance, making sure that she looked her best. He smiled when he saw her and commented that she was looking very pretty. As they walked thru the building, Meg had not been able to contain her curiosity and had asked if he really loved large women, explaining that her boyfriend was turned off by her appearance. He had explained that large ladies turned him on, that he found them sexy and that he was quite turned on by her. They had come to a door and had opened it for her putting his hand on her back to guide her through it; a small gesture, but she felt as if someone had touched her with an electric wire. When they had finished their inspection he had agreed to meet her the next day at the third and last building since it was located several miles from the main office.

Meg was still sitting behind the wheel when Stan drove up. She got out of her car and strolled towards the front door of the building, unlocking it and stepping into a hallway to flip on the light switches. She felt Stan come up behind her as the lights came on; the only sound they could hear in the building was the sound of the air conditioner and their breathing.

She walked down the short hallway, turned, and leaned against the wall saying, "this is our delivery facility, but nothing is scheduled to come today"

Stan grinned as he walked up to her. He placed one hand on either side of her head, leaning down to whisper, "nothings coming, that's to bad. I can think of nothing more I would like to do than make you cum." Then he kissed her, running his tongue over her lips until she opened her mouth and he plunged it in to play with hers.

His hands cupped her ass as he pulled her towards him to press her against the rock hard cock he now had. As the kiss continued, she felt her skirt being pulled upwards, and his hands slipping into her panties to cup her bare ass while he gently ground his cock into the apex of her legs. He broke the kiss off saying " I want to see you naked."

Meg looked at him, saw the bulge in his pants and felt her pussy throb at the thought of that cock pounding into her. She looked deeply into his eyes as she unbuttoned the front of her dress, letting it slip off her shoulders onto the floor. She watched him rub his cock through his pants. She opened the front closure to her bra, letting her large tits spill out. Then she hesitated, standing there only in her panties, so afraid to remove them in case he was turned off. Stan, seeing her fear unbuttoned his shirt, and removed it, tossing it on the floor, before he unzipped his pants. His cock popped free as he stepped out of them. He grabbed his hard cock and gently squeezed, then pumped it saying, "see this, Its for you baby. I want to fuck you."

Meg could not tear her eyes off his cock. It had been so long since she had been fucked. She felt liquid heat seep out of her pussy and trickle down her leg. She started to kneel in front of him to touch it, feel it, taste it, but he stopped her urging her towards a couch in the room.

He had her sit down on the couch, then spread her legs open as he plunged his tongue into her pussy, tongue fucking her, before finding her clit, licking and sucking on it. Stan heard Meg's quick intake of breath, heard her moan in pleasure, so he slipped two fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking her. She responded by grabbing his head, mashing it into her pussy. Waves of pleasure washed over her as her orgasm approached.

Stan glanced upwards at her face. He watched as she grabbed her tits, first squeezing the nipples till they turned bright red, then lifting one to her mouth and sucking on it, laving the nipple with her tongue.

His cock was aching, ready to explode from watching her. He wanted his cock in her now. He stood up and had her lay with her head in the middle of the couch then kneeled over her face, rubbing his cock over her lips. She arched her head back, opened her mouth and he slid his cock in her mouth. Her tongue snaked around the shaft, licking it before turning her attention to the mushroom head, running her tongue up and around the head, sucking it and licking the shaft as he gently fucked her mouth. She was sucking and licking him like a newborn calf seeking its first meal. He heard her moan in pleasure as she increased her sucking, quickly licking the head of his cock each time he pulled outward, her tongue making a crazy pattern down his shaft as he thrust in. He was going to come fast and hard with her mouth working on him like that. He quickly leaned over her body, found her clit and started sucking and licking it, drawing the alphabet on it to see which letter would drive her wild.

He reached the letter O when he felt her body start shaking, her legs quivering, signaling her impending orgasm. He shoved a finger in her pussy and started fucking her with it, as she went wild. She brought her arms up and grabbed his ass, pulling him deep into her mouth and down her throat, urging him to fuck her in the mouth. She was like a vacuum; sucking hard on his cock as he pulled out, licking the entire length of his shaft as he shoved it back in, seeking the depth of her throat. He felt his balls tighten up, cum rushing up his cock. Feeling this, Stan sucked hard on her clit and shoved a finger up her ass. She bucked her pussy up into his face and exploded in orgasm, screaming and moaning around the cock in her mouth. The vibrations in her throat sent him over the edge. His cock shot jets of cum down her throat, as she swallowed every drop.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, stood up and pulled her to her feet. She took a step forward towards her clothing, and felt herself being pulled backwards into his arms. "Where ya gonna baby" Stan said, "I'm not thru yet" as Meg blinked in amazement feeling something hard poke her in the ass. His cock was still hard. Stan whispered, "I'm a fireman first you know. We have better hoses"

She glanced down at his cock, and then looked up at his grinning face as he lowered her back onto the couch, saying, "Baby, we have only just begun to fuck"

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