tagBDSMThe Inspection Ch. 02

The Inspection Ch. 02


When we arrived back at my apartment, he asked for my keys. I reluctantly handed them to him. He unlocked the door as he looked over at me.

"Pet, would you like to tell me what I am going to find behind this door?"

I looked up at him, not wanting to confess.

He took a deep breath before he spoke. "You are nervous. Quite frankly, I am a little bit afraid of what I am going to find." he said to me in a blunt tone.

"Sir.." I started to say but he cut me off, "I gave you your chance", he said in a slightly annoyed tone.

He opened the door and walked through it. "Strip, go to your room and lay on your bed," he instructed as he walked by me into the apartment.

I took a deep breath as I closed and locked the door. Slipping out of my clothes I began to wonder if he was really going to make me masturbate for him. I made my way to my bedroom in a bit of a daze and stretched out on my bed. The longer I was alone in the room, the more apprehensive I became. Sure, I had masturbated on webcam for him before but somehow having him in the same room while I was doing so worried me.

I heard him moving around and rummaging around in my apartment. It had been a couple of weeks since I had spent time cleaning up my living space. I guess I knew better then to let my place become such a train wreck but with working two jobs it was hard to keep clean all the time. He appeared in the doorway, his expression unreadable.

"Slut, I want you to start masturbating for me now."

I looked up at him, a deep blush spread across my face and my nervousness and resistance of the situation grew rapidly.

"I can't." The words came from my mouth quickly, before I had a chance to sensor them.

His expression changed quickly to one of dissatisfaction. "What was that?" he practically demanded. "Did I ask you a question?"

"I barely did anything. This isn't fair, you took me off guard." I groaned in protest as I sat up in the bed.

His eyes narrowed as he looked over at me, "Do as you are told," came the simple words from his mouth. I froze as I laid back down flat on the bed, keeping my legs spread. For as long as I had known him, I still resented how easily he could take control, even when I was struggling against him for it. Needless to say, it was a losing battle. I could never deny how much it turned me on though.

"Hand back on your pussy." He instructed.

I hesitantly repositioned my hand on top my pussy, noting again that just his presence was making me wet.

I think he nearly relented seeing my eyes squeezed shut, tensed body and my rapidly reddening face from the embarrassment.

I felt him come to my side and stroke the hair away from my face.

"Pet, relax please. This is just a small punishment; you need to learn that this is my body. You have nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to be mine, you are going to have to give up these asinine reservations about your body. Again, no orgasms without my permission it is a basic rule. You know better. It has nothing to do with fair."

I nodded my head as I opened my eyes and looked up at him, regardless of my fears he was starting to allay some of tension I was feeling. I just wasn't sure how I was going to look to him masturbating right in front of him.

He pulled away from me, "I know you can do this. I also know you are embarrassed. That's why I am doing this. I want you to masturbate for me. Just like you do on those nights I give you permission to do it alone. Now." He moved over to the doorframe and leaned against it, his eyes glued on me.

I took a deep breath like he had always told me to do to help calm myself and squeezed my eyes shut as I started to gently rub my fingers up and down my slit.

"Eyes open, I want you to look at me during this."

I hesitated but I opened my eyes and looked up at him, taking another deep breath as I continued to rub myself.

"Don't forget to ask permission if you need to orgasm." He gently reminded me with a slight smile that somehow helped comforted me.

"Yes Sir." I said in a soft voice knowing at this point he was probably questioning my ability to submit to him, something I wanted so badly. I feared that if I kept balking at his every order he was going to walk right out the door. So I started to rub hard, playing with myself just how I knew to get myself the most riled up. I rolled my fingers over my spread labia, moaning softly as I did so. I inserted two fingers in myself in and started pumping them in and out. My breathing became more rapid and my face became flushed from the arousal instead of the embarrassment of the situation. I could have sworn I saw him breathe a sigh of relief when I really started to play with myself with such diligence.

After a few more minutes I looked him straight in the eye, "Sir, may I please come?" I asked in a rushed voice.

There was a pause before he responded. "No."

It took a few seconds to register and my fingers stopped their motions.

"Please Sir." I started to whine but I was quickly cut off again.

"I said no but I don't believe I told you to stop playing with yourself."

I hesitated, I could feel the defiance in my body, not liking or used to being denied like this. Even in our online play sessions he rarely denied any orgasms. I took a deep breath and again started to play with my pussy and labia, I slipped two fingers in and out of myself, breathing deeply as I kept myself on the edge. I wanted to do this for him. After another minute or so, what seemed like forever to me, he gave me permission to pull my hands away. As I did so, I looked over at him questioningly. He must have recognized the expression on my face as he quickly gave me his explanation.

"This is a punishment, not a chance for you to orgasm." He paused as he gently cupped my pussy in his hand. "This is mine now pet. That also means it is my orgasm. You don't take it without my permission and if I say no, I mean it and you'll just have to wait."

He watched me for my reaction. I knew they were his, at the bar I had just made a mistake. He scooped me up in his strong arms around me and gave me a quick hug.

"I know that was difficult for you pet but you did very well and are forgiven for your transgression at the bar. It is late and you need to get some rest. We will discuss the state of your apartment in the morning. Lie back down in bed. I will be there shortly." He said bluntly as he left the room.

He came back a few minutes later holding a book and a reading light in his hands. He slid into the bed next to me and pulled me close to him. "I have waited a long time to feel you close to me like this, pet." He said to me in a satisfied voice.

I smiled as I snuggled close to him. "Good-night Sir." I said softly as I closed my eyes, ready to go to sleep. Moments later I felt one of his hands on my breasts, gently massaging it. Every so often his finger would move up to my nipple and roll it between his fingers, making it hard.

I moaned in protest as my eyes opened sleepily. "Please Sir." I said in a sluggish voice.

"Go to sleep," was all he said to me as he continued to play with my nipples, which of course made it impossible for me to fall asleep since he was keeping me in a constant state of arousal. After a couple of sleepless hours he finally put his book away and turned off the light, he continued to toy with my nipples until he fell asleep. I drifted off shortly thereafter.

When he woke me up early the next morning, it was still dark outside. I never was up that early but I rolled out of bed and got into the shower like I was instructed to do. After I got out of the shower he was sitting on my bed. He rose and walked over to me, pulling something out from behind his back. I felt tears come to my eyes as he held the incriminating evidence in front of me. Honestly, I was surprised to see that he had found it. I knew his rules and figured he was upset. I cursed myself for leaving the toy for him to find.

When we had first began chatting he had made it clear to me that I was to tell him exactly which sex toys I owned. He didn't want me to acquire any others without his consent. This toy in particular I had purchased before receiving his permission. To be quite honest, I didn't think he would prohibit my purchase of it, yet he did. I neglected telling him because I was afraid he would question where I got it from and thus his authority. Not that he didn't have every right to do so. At the time I had never really ever disobeyed him. So I just threw the toy in the back of my closet, wanting to forget about it.

"I am waiting," came his stern voice from in front of me. I hadn't noticed until then that he was tapping his foot impatiently, his arms folded in an intimidating manner across his chest. He looked down at me, obviously not pleased.

I remained still, my head lowered in a submissive manner, knowing that I screwed up and I probably shouldn't argue with him. Hell, I shouldn't have committed the offense in the first place. I thought carefully, trying to choose my words. I hadn't even been in his presence for 24 hours; I didn't want to disappoint him anymore.

"You have nothing to say for yourself?" he questioned, "This is a violation of my rules." He said bluntly. He was absolutely right; I knew it and wasn't going to deny it. I cursed myself for not getting rid of the toy before he found out about it or not just fessing up to him in the first place.

I didn't say anything to him, not really sure how to respond at this point.

"You know that I want to know about all your sex toys. And if I remember correctly, I denied your purchase of this particular one?" he asked as he waved the purple butterfly in my face.

I nodded my head. "Yes Sir." I said as respectfully as I could muster.

"Then why on earth do you have it?" he demanded in an irritated voice. "And why, my little rebel; is it charged?"

Horror immediately washed over me. I remembered when he had been away on a business trip. I hadn't talked to him for a few days; I was a little bit bored. So I charged it up and played with the settings while I held it in my hands.

"I am sorry Sir." Discomfort rushed through me as I looked up and saw the anger and disappointment in his eyes. His expression didn't change as he pointed to a corner of the room, "You will be. Go kneel there and take some time to think about your behavior, now." was all he said to me.

I looked at him with confusion for a minute, until I saw the expression on his face turn to the stern frown that I was so intimidated by. Hurriedly, I moved over to the corner and knelt. After what seemed like forever in the corner, as well as a little bit of pouting on my part, I took a deep breathe and finally started to calm myself down. I started to think about the way I had acted over the past few weeks. For me, giving up complete control was scary. He knew that about me as well, he often pointed it out to me. At times, it was aggravating just how observant of my actions he had become.

I despised disappointing him. Sometimes I would lie just to avoid it, even though in the back of my head I knew he would find out eventually. I cursed myself for being so juvenile about those sorts of things. Yet, I think I was afraid was what would happen if I gave him total control of my life. So I resisted as much as I could, without making him aware of it. Now that he was actually in my apartment, a lot of the things I was trying to hide were out in the open. I began to think that is why he showed up unannounced, to see if I was actually following his orders. I did try. It was just I followed some of his rules more meticulously then the others. I inhaled sharply as I stared at the corner; I wasn't being fair to him or me. I was his. Yet I insisted on being stubborn and hiding things from him. I lowered my head even more towards the floor, quite ashamed of myself.

"Come over here please." Sir's voice broke the silence his voice patient. I turned around and saw him sitting at the table and made my way towards him.

"You can sit." He said as he motioned towards the chair.

"Three strikes pet." He said, his voice had a hint of warning to it. "We already handled that unauthorized orgasm so let's move to strike number two." He paused for a second before he spoke again, "What do you have to say about this?" he asked as he set the toy on the table. "I want the truth about it too. Not just some bullshit story you are going to make up to try to please me. Be honest."

I took a deep breath. "Sir, I purchased it right after you made that rule about you having approve all my toy purchases. I didn't think you would say no, so I bought it before I asked permission Sir. I was afraid to tell you about it so I didn't, I just left it in the back of the closet."

My eyes looked to him for any signs of his reaction, I didn't notice any.

"If it was in the back of the closet, why is it charged?" he questioned me.

I started to realize how badly the situation looked to him at that moment. "Sir, I got curious one night while you were away, so I charged it. I just played with it in my hands a little bit though to see what kind of power it had. I didn't put it near my pussy though." I said solemnly.

"Why should I believe you?" he hissed at me. "I know you are new at this pet, but why didn't you just fess up?" he asked me in a somewhat hurt voice. I knew that one of the things he hated most was being lied to. So I understood the harshness in his voice, although it did get to me. "Did you really think that I wouldn't eventually find out about this infraction? Or did you want to get caught, is that why you left the evidence for me to find?"

"Sir that wasn't it." I said in desperation. "I didn't want to disappoint you, Sir, but I didn't think the toy was a big deal. I never actually used it."

"Anytime you don't obey me it is a big deal. If you have a problem with an order you need to ask me to reconsider it. I may not change the order but I will know how you feel about it." He said matter-of-factly. "Slut, it is not the toy itself that is in question here. It is your unwillingness to bend completely to my will. Now, this apartment pet." He said with a scowl. "That looks like about two weeks worth of dishes and this floor looks like it hasn't been mopped in a month."

I nodded my head in agreement. Who was I kidding; he was being generous with his estimation of when the floor was last mopped.

"Am I correct to assume you apartment is this messy because you were trying to maintain some semblance of control of your life?"

I thought for a minute before I bit my lip and nodded my head. "Yes Sir." I hesitated before I fell to my knees in front of him, starting to cry as I wrapped my arms around his legs. "Please don't leave Sir, I am sorry I screwed up, just please don't leave. I will try harder Sir, I want..." I blubbered.

"Are there any other rules you haven't been following?" he asked me sharply.

I shook my head as I glanced up at him as the tears continued to stream down my face, "No Sir."

He got to his feet and scooped me up in his arms, shushing me as he did so

"Shush." He comforted me as his hand gently ran through my hair. "Do you remember what I told you when you and I first met, and I started to train you?" I shook my head into his chest, not having any clue what he was referring too.

"I said that we would both make mistakes." He said gently, but then reminded otherwise silent waited until my sobs had reduced to sniffles.

I spoke again, "So you are not mad Sir?" I asked softly.

He chuckled and I swear I saw a smile flicker on his face for a moment. "I am disappointed pet. However, I do realize that you are new to this. And you are new to me." He paused. "I am not angry with you slut but don't think that means you aren't going to be punished for your infractions. Because if we are going to continue, you will be. You knew what you were doing was wrong."

I nodded my head into his chest without looking up at his face.

"Do you still want to be mine?" he asked bluntly.

I looked up at him and smiled nervously, not sure what my punishment would be. "Yes Sir, of course I still I want to be yours." I said softly.

"You do know; slut, that you will have to be punished then, yes?"

"Yes Sir."

"And you do understand that I make all the final decisions, correct?"

"Yes Sir." I whispered as I nuzzled against his chest, feeling quite comforted and content in his hands.

"Good," he said as he took a step away from me.

He took the toy from the table and instructed me to step through the leg straps before positioning it on my pussy.

"I am certainly glad you splurged for the wireless version of this toy." He said to me with a rather sadistic smile as he tightened the straps. "Now be good and don't touch the butterfly during this punishment. Or that will earn you another." He said as he gave me a quick smack on my ass, causing me to jump. "Now get to work. That means on your hands and knees scrubbing all these wooden floors. Now!" He demanded.

I moaned in protest but ran to the kitchen to fill up a bucket with soap and water, looking regretfully at the steam mop he had purchased me as a reward after knowing how much I hated scrubbing the wooden floors that covered most of my apartment.

"Don't even think about it. You can't use it when I am not watching, you sure as hell are not going to use it now," his voice came from the doorway of the kitchen. I took the bucket of water and started to move it to the floor, just about spilling it all over him when I felt the vibrator buzz to life on my already sensitive clit. I didn't know how I was going clean all the floors with the damn thing teasing me the entire time; it was already getting me aroused.

Sir just chuckled as he held the controller in his hand. "This is going to be a long day for you. Remember no cumming without my permission."

I set the bucket on the floor and began scrubbing the wooden planks that covered it .I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the floor the further along I got. Every few minutes he had been changing the setting on the butterfly, putting me into a different state of oblivion. He hadn't turned the butterfly up enough for me to be able to cum, though the constant teasing of even the lower settings was getting me quite worked up and dangling on the edge of an orgasm. When I was about half ways done, he came over and squatted down beside me.

"Slut, what is submission to you?" he asked me in a blunt voice.

I looked over at him, somewhat in a daze and not sure why he was asking me that now.

"Sir?" I questioned.

"Answer the question, what does your submission to me mean to you?"

I tried to ignore the pulsation of the butterfly on my clit as I contemplated his question.

"Giving up control to you Sir." It was a horrible response but in the state I was in, I was having trouble coming up with much else.

I felt the butterfly being turned up in speed, I moaned in protest as I searched my mind for something more intelligent to say.

"I..." I started as another helpless moan escaped my lips. Trying to wash the floors, listen to him, think of an answer and not orgasming was becoming overwhelming. I was never a good multi-tasker.

"To.. to.." I stuttered as I looked over at him, his eyes intent on me. Although they were stern, I could still see the love in them. I took a deep breath. "To give you power over my actions Sir and trust that you will take care of me. To bring you pleasure." I panted out, some of my words jumbling together.

"And do you think you have done a good job of this slut?" he asked me in a flat voice.

I looked up at him. "Sort of." I said softly

"Sort of?" he frowned at me. "Is submission about sort of doing things? Sort of giving up control?" he asked as I felt the speed of the vibrator increase again. I moaned in desperation as I clenched my teeth together. "Please." I gasped as I tried to find something for my fingers to grip onto, of course there was nothing.

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