tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Institute Ch. 01

The Institute Ch. 01


Author's Note: To show a translation of people speaking in a language other than English, I use double angle quotes: « »

Chapter 1

Two American girls stepped off the bus in front of the spa in Baden-baden, Germany, and for a moment looked in awe at the marble and granite building. Clio snapped out of it and elbowed her companion. "C'mon Jamie, let's not act like silly tourists." Jamie followed her up the steps, saying, "But we are silly tourists!"

They entered the lobby and saw Greek columns in marble rising up to ornately tiled arches. Above double doors on the far wall Clio saw a sign that said "FKK -- Nacktheit erforderlich". She said, "Uh-oh."

Jamie said, "Uh-oh what?"

Clio pointed to the sign and say, "It says 'Nudity required'."


"I was hoping I could wear my swimsuit."

Jamie said, "Oh, don't be so timid. We're in Europe. Let's live it up a bit!"

Clio looked at the schedule posted at a small kiosk. "It says Mondays are women-only and Wednesdays are men-only. All other days are mixed gender. What's today?"



Jamie said, "You mean behind those doors are gorgeous naked European men? What are we waiting for?" and pulled Clio by the elbow into the next room.

Clio and Jamie had met at their hostel the night before, each glad to find another young American to talk to. Jamie confessed she didn't know German, but Clio said she studied it in school and knew enough to get around.

Clio was a petite 19 year old from Newton, MA. She had dark brunette hair that reached past her shoulders a few inches. Her deep blue eyes contrasted with her pale skin and a smattering of freckles over her cheeks and nose.

Her new companion was a tall, slender, athletic 21 year old from San Antonio, Texas. She looked like a surfer girl -- long blonde hair and a golden tan on flawless skin. She had a sparkle in her hazel eyes and a smile with perfectly white teeth that she flashed often.

Jamie was grateful to find someone in a new country who knew the language, and Clio was secretly happy to find someone so outgoing. She was naturally a little reserved and needed a little convincing to come out of her shell.

They were met by a German woman who told Clio, « Leave your clothes in one of the lockers. There is a key on a rubber wrist strap that you can take with you. » Jamie asked, "What did she say?" and the woman repeated her instructions in English. They started stripping. When Clio was in her one-piece swimsuit, she asked the attendant, "Are there towels available?"

' She motioned to the doors at the far end of the room and said, "You can get one right before you enter the spa. But you must first leave all your clothing in your locker."

Clio glanced around the room. There was a group of men and women in the far corner talking and laughing as they undressed. She could see that they weren't paying any attention to her. There were a few men in the other corner near the doors, but they had their backs turned to her. She quickly stripped off her swimsuit and closed her locker. She put the short lanyard of the key around her wrist as she walked briskly to the stack of towels, her right arm covering her tits and her left hand over her bush. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it tightly around her body. Jamie strolled up behind her, naked; she took a towel and draped it in the crook of her elbow. She motioned to the doors, tucked her left hand in Clio's right elbow and said, "Shall we?"

They entered and were met by a young man wearing a white lab coat. Jamie strolled up and said, "Hi! Where should we go first?" He said, "First, shower." He pointed to the center of the room which had a large circular pillars with many shower heads mounted on them, most of which had naked people showering under them. "Next," as he pointed to a room directly to the right of the entrance, "spend 10 minutes in the warm room." He pointed to the room to its left and said, "Then spend 20 minutes in the steam room. Then you can have another shower."

After a quick shower and their allotted time in the warm-up room, they went to the steam room. Jamie spread her towel on a bench and sat down, as Clio started to sit with her towel still tucked tightly around her. Jamie said, "Clio, take your towel off. You'll be more comfortable, and with the steam no one will be able to see you clearly." She hesitated but did as Jamie suggested.

A short while later, the door opened and two naked German women walked in. A brief gust of cool air following them blew away the steam and Clio could see their pussies were completely waxed smooth. She said to Jamie, "Every woman I've seen here keeps her parts completely bare. You'd think that I'm the only woman in Europe with any pubic hair!"

Jamie turned to show her wisp of pubes and said, "No, I've got my little soul patch!".

Later a German man walked in and Clio saw that he was uncircumcised. He noticed her wide-eyed gaze at his bobbing cock and said with a smile as he strode by, "Guten tag." She blushed and turned to Jamie. "That's another thing that's really different. Most of the guys here are uncircumcised."

After getting a loofah scrub and massage, they wandered out to the central pool. Clio was about to wrap the towel around herself again, but Jamie said, "Everybody else is nude and not worrying about it. You draw more attention to yourself being the only one with a towel on, you know."

Clio took a deep breath and resisted the urge to cover up. She caught her breath at the feeling of the sun on her bare tits and the gentle breeze that was blowing around her naked hips. She glanced around and was finally able to convince herself that no one was paying any attention to her.

They spread out their towels at the pool's edge and dangled their feet in.

Jamie looked over at Clio and said, "Wow, you have awesome tits!"

Clio blushed and almost covered them with her arm. Jamie continued, "They're so big."

She said, "They're really not that big."

"What size bra do you wear?"

"Usually 32-C. But it varies from store to store. Sometimes a C cup fits and sometimes it's too small. I hate bra shopping."

Jamie said, "I wouldn't know. I don't bother." She stuck her chest out to show off her small conical breasts with just a hint of roundness on the underside, and her puffy nipples. "My girls don't need them."

She looked closer at Clio and said, "I know why your boobs seem so big."

"Because I'm petite."

"Well, yes that, but you also have small nipples."

"Areolas, you mean. The nipple is the part that sticks out; the areola is the flat part on the breast that shrinks and puckers."

"Seriously? I'm complimenting you on your amazing tits and you're being a stickler for anatomy?"

Clio started blushing. When the blush reached her chest, her areolas shrank and got goosebumps.

Jamie asked smiling, "Are you blushing? Just because I'm saying you have bodacious tatas?"

Clio said, "My family's really conservative. I don't wear revealing clothes; I don't even own a bikini. I always get embarrassed when someone talks about my body."

"Yeah? What do you think your family would say if they saw you hanging out naked at the pool with all the hot nude uncircumcised German guys checking you out?"

"Geez, Dad would have a seizure..."

Later, they decided to go back to the hostel. As Clio stood up and turned to go, Jamie said, "Wow, you have an awesome ass too!"

Clio blushed and wrapped the towel around her, saying, "Jamie, stop it."

That evening in the hostel, they were relaxing in their room before turning in for the night. Jamie lit a joint, took a hit, and passed it over to Clio. She didn't really smoke often, but she took it and had a quick puff to be social.

As Jamie took it back, she said, "You know, we should take a little side-trip. There is this country on the border of Romania, named Warovia. It used to be part of the Soviet Union. I heard their eastern mountains have the strongest hash and opium in the world."

Clio said, "I don't know. I'm not that into either of those."

"Yeah, but I also was told it's beautiful. It's just opening up to Western investment, so the cities there still look like something out of Lord of the Rings. And everything is really inexpensive."

Clio said, "That would be a nice change. What language do they speak there?"

"Warovian and Russian."

"I don't speak either."

"That's cool. I can get by in Russian. My mother and grandmother spoke it in our house when I was a kid. It'll let me pay you back for being my interpreter and tour guide in Germany."

Clio thought it over, reflecting that she usually had chosen the safer path, and wondered if her life would have been different if she had been more adventurous. Finally she said, "Why not? This is probably the last time in my life I can just drop everything and go globe-trotting on a whim."

"Cool. We can take a train tomorrow morning and be there by mid-afternoon."

Clio stood and said, "Well, I'm going to bed." She undressed to her underwear and pulled a long T-shirt from her duffel. Turning her back to Jamie, Clio reached behind her back and undid her bra. After pulling on the T-shirt, she reached under and slipped off her panties. She turned and saw Jamie slipping naked under her covers.

Jamie looked appreciatively at her breasts swaying under the T-shirt and smiled. "I hope you don't mind my asking. Are...are you bi, by any chance?"

Clio smiled sheepishly and said, "No."

"Not even curious?"

"Not really." She cocked her head and asked, "That's not going to be an issue, is it?"

Jamie smiled and then rolled over as she said, "No. I'll just have to console myself with some hot Russian stud who'll let me ride him like a bucking bronco."

Clio chuckled, "A bucking bronco, eh?"

Jamie said, "Yeah, and he better last more than 8 seconds, too."

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