tagFetishThe Intentional "Accident"

The Intentional "Accident"


This is a sequel to "Accidental Turn-On" that appeared on Literotica in October 2012. That story recounted Theresa's accidental first time with scat-erotica. Immediately after that first experience, Theresa vowed to make it happen again later on that same day. This story picks up afterwards on a Sunday afternoon when Theresa prepares for her second scat experience - with an added surprise.


After Theresa had showered thoroughly and was clean again, she soaked her soiled running shorts in a bucket of detergent-foamed warm water and cleaned the mess she had left in her small apartment vestibule. All during her work she thought of how she would execute the "accident" again later today. Even though she was a health-conscious young woman, she knew that before you could expel, you had to ingest. And she decided that she would go well off her careful diet to fill her tummy with the makings of what she hoped would be a titanic bowel movement.



"Let's see what's in the 'fridge." I said to myself as I considered my preparations for my second foray into scat play. I had done some internet research after my shower and learned that term was used to describe my newest kink.

The refrigerator's meager offerings made me realize that I would need to stock some provisions on which to gorge. I dressed in decidedly non-sexy sweats, loose t-shirt, and my running shoes and made my way to the neighborhood grocery. I pushed an empty cart to the produce section where I filled bag after bag with assorted vegetables: heads of lettuce, some tomatoes, bunches of carrots, celery stalks, cauliflower, red potatoes, and ears of corn. "Roughage." I thought happily to myself as I threw each bag in the cart. I found a large package of ground meat. I picked up a can of tomato paste, a jar of pickled beets, a quart of milk, a quart of prune juice, and a loaf of whole grain bread. I went back to the deli section and chose a large tub of prepared rice pudding that made me smile as I handled its heaviness and what that might do to my stomach after a huge meal.

After my grocery shopping, as I passed a storefront womenswear shop, I saw a pair of full-cut white lace panties on display. I nudged the shop door open with my shoulders, my hands full of my grocery bags. An older woman came to the counter as the small bells chimed above the door. "May I help you?" she asked kindly.

"Yes. The panties in the window. I want a pair, no three pairs, of those." I said excitedly.

After I had the small pink bag with the panties in my possession, I practically skipped all the way back to my apartment building.

Even though it was still early and I had imagined this as being an evening exercise in kinky self-eroticism, I wanted to get started filling my tummy as soon as I returned home. I started boiling a large pot of water for the vegetables. I went to my bedroom and disrobed completely. I studied my body in the full-length mirror. I turned around to look at my ass in the silvered glass. I laughed out loud at my own excitement and quick-stepped to the bag of panties on the corner of my bed. I spilled the contents and pulled one pair up to examine them closely. The lacy-ness was not quite see-through but they were very delicate and I gingerly stepped into them and pulled them up tight against my pussy and ass. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was quaking with excitement. "Theresa." I said out loud to myself, "You're going to make a mess in these!" And I giggled like a schoolgirl. I went to my closet and found my white summer high-heeled pumps and squeezed my feet into them. One last look in the mirror made me tremble when I saw my ass in the panties, my ankles tottering in the heels and my calf muscles straining to keep my balance in the uncomfortable shoes.

When I went back to the kitchen, the water had approached a boil so I began washing and chopping the vegetables. I made a huge pile of cut veggies and, as the water began bubbling, dumped them all into the cauldron. I started to wash and shred the lettuce, sliced the tomatoes, and made a huge salad in a wooden bowl. I put the rice pudding in the 'fridge to keep it icy cold.

I ate the salad with a bottle of oily Italian dressing. I was already feeling full by the time I finished. But I knew I needed more fuel for my fire. The veggies would take much more time. I went to my laptop and found the website that had scat videos. I watched some Brazilian and German girls in scat-sex videos. I had to resist playing with myself so I wouldn't lose my edge for my own adventure in solo scat-sex, the inevitable result of the feast I was making for myself.

I returned to the kitchen and got a skillet going on the range. When it was nice and hot, I dumped the pound of ground beef in and stirred it around with a wooden spoon. Then I emptied the can of tomato paste in with the meat and sauteed the loose mixture. The smell of the beef was filling the kitchen and I tested the veggies with a fork. "Ready to eat." I said to myself as I poured the veggies into a collander and made a huge plate of the mixed vegetables. I poured the beef mixture on a separate plate and placed both on my small dining table. I poured a pint of the prune juice into a glass and prepared to eat the strange meal.

It was hard work for me to eat that much food but I was determined to fill up. I swirled a slice of whole grain bread through the last of the beef mixture and sat back satiated. I took the last sip of prune juice and burped loudly. Then I remembered: "The rice pudding!" I cried to myself as I rose heavily to retrieve it from the 'fridge. It was a very tough slog to eat the heavy pudding but I managed to get through half of the large container.

"Jeezus." I sighed and rubbed my bare tummy. It was distended slightly from the engorgement. It felt nice. I moved my hands up to my naked breasts and kneaded them gently. I began to feel my pussy respond to my self-caresses. When I looked down at the new panties, I saw a damp spot in their center.

While I awaited the inevitable evacuation, I cleared and washed the dishes and soaked the skillet in warm sudsy water. I had another glass of prune juice. "How long?" I wondered.

After a few hours of puttering around and hoping my system would respond to the sensory onslaught I had inflicted upon it, I fell asleep watching television. Suddenly, I came awake and sat bolt upright on my sofa. "Motherfucker!" I screamed in my own head. My stomach was in full torment and I quickly jumped off the couch so I didn't mess the most expensive piece of furniture in my spartan apartment. The clock showed 8:37, which was PM.

As soon as I stood, I was frozen by bowel contractions that left my skin goose-pimply and my quaking knees a-knocking as I tried to gain balance in my high heels. As soon as I was able to move, I quick-stepped to my tiled vestibule where I had had my first scat experience. It was nice in the vestibule. The tile was impervious to liquid and I was thankful for that again as I had another very bad contraction and felt myself beginning to shit a huge load into my brand new white lace panties. The size of the log I was expelling was like experiencing anal sex in reverse. I bent at the hips and held my kneecaps.

"Oh, sweet mother!" I breathed aloud as the tubular shit expelled itself from my tiny opening.

The massive bowel movement was accompanied by a torrent of urine that gushed out of me, running down my bare legs. I had a huge warm mess in both the front and back of the new panties now. In fact, I could feel the panties giving way beneath me as I filled them with a huge load of feces. Then as my evacuation continued, I could feel the shit double back against my asscheeks as it had nowhere else to go.

I held myself still, feeling the weird warmth of my own bodily functions in my panties and against my flesh. I began to laugh and play with my soaked clitoris as I exulted in my waste. Then, as I had hoped, a second round of shit began to gush out of me. The panties were now completely filled and a few dribbles of urine exited me as I released the last (?) of my excrement. Small chunks of scat plopped on the floor below me as some of the soft mass squeezed out of my panties.

Exhausted, I got on all fours as I had done earlier this day. The puddle of urine had formed a pond on my vestibule tiles. I lowered my face to it and smelled the strong odor. I instinctively lapped up a mouthful and squeezed my asscheeks together. The shit in my panties squeezed out around my cheeks, held by the tight panties. I gingerly put my right arm back to the outside of my panties where the huge load was wedged. I pushed my hand into the center of the gooey mess and nearly melted from the sensation of feeling it under my palm. It was warm - almost hot - to the touch. I smeared the mess inside the panties all over my ass while I played with my clit with my free hand.

I laid down in the luke-warm piss puddle and smeared my darkened hand over my bare breasts, gently pinching my nipples with soiled fingers. I reached back down and went inside the rear of my panties and extracted a generous handful of hot scat. I pushed it into my open mouth and rolled it around with my tongue and fingers, swallowing small pieces and chewing some of the larger pieces. I was in heaven and so sexually excited that I was afraid I might pass out as my heart pounded a tom-tom beat in my chest.

"Oh, Theresa." I said aloud to myself, my mouth still partly full of my own feces. I rubbed my shit-stained hand over my face and covered my cheeks with traces of my disgrace. "More. More." I breathed as I dipped my hand back to my filled panty and retrieved another generous handful of poop. I licked the small pile with my tongue and then pushed my filled palm against my open mouth, pushing it into my pie-hole.

"Fuck, eat shit, girl." I mumbled to myself as I broke it apart with my tongue and swallowed as much as I could. I rolled over to lap up more piss from the floor and suck it down my throat. The saltiness of the urine countered the weirdly flat, metallic taste of the shit. I took a moment's breather and rested, moving my thighs around to keep feeling the moving mass in my panties against my ass.

I began rolling the panties down my thighs, raising my knees to get them down my calves, then maneuvered them past my high heels. I had the messed panties in my hand, heavy from the large shit pile they still contained. I looked down and saw my formerly gleaming white summer high heel pumps were smeared with my excrement. I laid the filled panty on my chest between my breasts, looking at the evidence of the load I had pumped into them. The smell was strong and intoxicating. I began to turn the panty inside out so the shit pile was mounded into a small pyramid that I could examine from my supine position. Then I brought the panty up to my face and pushed the remainders of my awesome bowel movement to my mouth. I pushed the shit filled panty material into my mouth and ate from it as I got my thumb and forefinger on my clitoris and rubbed myself towards sexual release.

"Unh-unh-unh." I repeated as I began to bring myself to climax while I ate more of my own ordure. "Oh, fuck!" I cried, perhaps too loudly, as I crashed into orgasm and swallowed a large lump of my own shit.

A soft knock came at my door, just inches from where my shit-stained high heels were planted as I came.

"Jeezus! What the fuck?" I thought in panic to myself.

Another soft knock at the door. Then a faint, tentative voice. "Theresa? It's Jazz from across the hall." The voice said softly but urgently.

"Sorry, Jazz, I can't come to the door right now." I answered in a gush of emotion.

"Theresa." Jazz said and halted. "I know."

I remained silent. What did she mean? "I know."

Jazz' voice came softer but sultrier. "Theresa, I can smell it." She whispered through the thin apartment door.

"What?!" I asked in return not realizing the strain in my voice.

"Theresa, let me in. Please." She scratched the wooden door with her fingernails.

"Jazz, I really can't right now. Maybe tomorrow." I answered dumbfounded.

"No. Now." Jazz answered softly but insistently. "I know what you're doing in there."

"I don't know what you're talking about." I said defiantly, feeling the remnants of my excrement in my mouth as I tried to speak through the door to my hall neighbor.

"Theresa, I'm Brazilian. I know what you're doing." Jazz answered in a very matter-of-fact voice. "Scat." She finished.

Jazz' given name was Jasmina. She had introduced herself a few months ago after I moved in but I had only had brief, casual encounters with her in the hallway or the elevator. She was some kind of young professional woman - like me - who happened to live across the hall.

Jazz' slightly accented voice had said the secret word - "scat" -that I had only recently learned. I began to get up and stood gingerly as messy as I was and looked out of my front door's peephole. I saw Jazz standing there in that fisheye look of the peephole wearing only a white bra and panty combo against her olive skin. Even in the distorted view of the peephole, she was magnificent. In our few meetings I noticed that Jazz was a true stunner in all physical attributes. I sort of hated her for her beauty. But now...?

"Jazz, it's...it's not a good time." I said weakly.

"I think it's a perfect time, Theresa." She answered softly against my door. "Let me in. I will show you."

I looked through the peephole again and Jazz had unclasped her brassiere and was bare breasted in the small alcove of my apartment doorway. For me. She smiled lasciviously at the peephole, knowing I was looking at her. As you would expect of a young Brazilian woman, Jazz was an attractive young lady with thick dark hair that she often wore in a ponytail, as she was tonight. She had an athletic body and the peek of her in the bra and panties, then topless showed her to be lean and taut with medium-sized breasts, flared hips, and toned legs from thigh to ankle.

"I want some too." She cooed softly in our shared hallway.

I tentatively opened the door, keeping my messed self hidden by the wide rectangular shield of the door. I smiled weakly at the Brazilian beauty.

Jazz pushed the door back confidently and entered. When she saw my shit-smeared body and face, she quickly closed the door. She took a deep breath of the vestibule's fouled air and said excitedly, "Very sexy, Theresa."

"Jazz...how did you...why?" I gushed my questions in embarrassment.

She took the quick quarter step to me and kissed my cheek, letting her tongue lick some of the mess that I had smeared there. "Don't speak." She said as she ran one arm behind me to my ass. "Oh, very nice." She cooed as she kissed me on the lips and let her hand scoop some remaining shit from my my derriere. She pulled back a few inches and licked her shit-covered fingers. "Hmmm, you're delicious." She said, smiling and winking at me.

I had a sudden resurgence of sexual excitement at Jazz' touch and the sight of her tasting my shit. "How did you know?" I asked the question that was burning in my head at this amazing development.

"You're making more noise than you know." She said in her slight accent with a small laugh. "And these doors are thin. I smelled and heard you this morning, too." She said. "When I heard the same noises tonight, I came across the hall and listened. It got me hot, baby."

Jazz embraced me and licked my face, retrieving the bits and pieces of my excrement that were stuck there. She swirled her bare feet in my piss puddle and put one wet foot atop mine as she kissed me. "Let me clean you off." She said urgently.

I simply nodded my answer. With that, Jazz got on her knees and turned me around and began eating my ass as I braced myself with shit stained hands on my vestibule walls. My neighbor made soft moaning noises as she licked my despoiled asshole and asscheeks.

"Fuck, yes." She whispered as she swallowed some of my leavings.

As I had done, she lowered her face to the floor to chase the shit down with a drink from the urine puddle. Then she crawled forward to lick my high heels.

"Ooh, you have any more for me?" Jazz asked as she returned her face to my ass and I felt her tongue enter my small opening.

I had begun to feel a building uneasiness in my tummy when Jazz first began licking me. Now her tongue was loosening me up and I could sense something coming.

"Yeah." I grunted. Then I farted very loudly in the Brazilian's face.

"Whoowee!" Jazz cried. "That was wet." And she began to tongue me with more urgency.

"Oh, gawd." I grunted as I felt another large bowel movement begin its journey through my anus.

Jazz made a squealing noise as I felt my shit smoosh against her face. Then I could feel her mouth working to capture as much as possible. She was breathing heavily and making unintelligible sounds as she dealt with the huge pile I had unloaded on her.

I turned back to watch her. Jazz leaned back on her hands and was trying to keep my brown load in her mouth and chewing through it. She swallowed with a deep catch in her throat as she gagged. But she didn't lose a bit of her bizarre meal. She mumbled something in her native Portuguese as she worked the pile into smaller and smaller chunks. I could see her eyes rolling back in her sockets as her throat muscles gulped down pieces from the back of her mouth. She was magnificent. I got on my knees and leaned in to kiss her. She opened her mouth and we shared some of my shit, passing it back and forth between us. I was shivering with sexual excitement and the psychic high of sharing my newfound kink with another person.

"Could you?" I asked urgently as we tongue fought over the horrible remainders in Jazz' mouth.

"Scat?" She asked, licking my messed lips.

"Yeah." I whispered.

"Girl, that's what I'm here for." She laughed. "I gotta go too." We fell into each others' arms and embraced.

"Give me." I said urgently as I crawled behind her to get my face in my beautiful neighbor's magnificent ass. I tongued her small opening and had a rush as the aroma filled my head.

"Yeah, baby, yeah, baby." Jazz said in a husky accented voice as I probed her asshole with my tongue. "Ooh, ooh, ooh..." She sighed.

Suddenly, her ass opened up as I licked her and a thick, pungent tube of shit slid onto my tongue. I opened wide to catch it but her ass was producing more than I could possibly intake. I felt the excess ooze around my face as I kept my head buried between her gorgeous asscheeks.

I had only begun eating shit today with my own. But here was Jazz' scat in my mouth and on my face and I was surprised at the difference in taste. Jazz' shit tasted sweeter - if that was the correct description of her feces. It was softer, with less solid chunks. I ate of her ass greedily, not wanting to miss any of her brown gift. I swallowed a large mouthful and went in for more. I liked the sensation of licking it off her skin and especially from the distended small anal opening she presented to me. She groaned softly and squeezed out another smaller shit log for me.

"Fuck, girl. Eat it all." Jazz said with a note of respect in her accented voice.

I wiped a free hand along her pussy where she had urinated while shitting. I sucked my fingers as I combined her urine with the unswallowed shit in my mouth. "I could live on this." I thought to myself as I swallowed the strange combination.

"Theresa, you're a sexy motherfucker." Jazz said in her accent as she removed herself from my mouth. She fell sideways into the piss puddle that now flooded my vestibule tiles.

I collapsed into the puddle also. We lay curled side by side and looked into each others' eyes.

"Hi, neighbor." Jazz said to me with a small giggle.

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