tagGay MaleThe Intern Ch. 01

The Intern Ch. 01


It's been almost three years since Jay was a senior in high school. Going to a simple community college, he still held his dream close to my heart: being an English Teacher. Whenever he thought of the idea, a certain "special" someone came to mind.

He was Jay's English teacher, probably the best teacher he ever had. Although he wasn't the best worker out there, Mr. Moretti knew he had a great heart. Every word he spoke seemed as if it was injected into Jay, his opinions held above all else. Jay strived to be like him, and he still does.

"April 21st, Wednesday

When high school ended, I didn't hear much of him, besides the rare Facebook comment or such. Afterwards, I suppressed my feelings for him, with my constant schoolwork and friends. However, two years being over soon, I need to start pursuing my career. And what better way to do that is to get first-hand experience?


Still having his email in his contacts, Jay clicks open a new one and starts writing.

"Hey, Mr. Moretti. I hope you're doing well. I'm looking into my major a bit more, and it'd be great to have first hand experience. Watching over the class, grading papers, you name it. Your wish is my command!

-Your former student, Jay Lombardi"

His heart pounds as he hits the Send button, due to the bit of quirkiness he included near the end of the message.

To his surprise, he gets an email the next morning.

"Thanks for your email, Jay. I'd be glad to have you come in and observe the class, and help me with schoolwork. Why don't you come to my class tomorrow morning? We can determine the length of the internship as well.

-Mr. Moretti"

Jay couldn't contain himself, he was utterly overjoyed. That night, it took him hours to sleep. Hanging out with Mr. M again, it was pure bliss. However, all of these excited feelings brought back an overabundance of past feelings—of love.

The next morning, he made no hesitation to get up early and get showered. As he got dressed, and did his hair up, Jay felt the adrenaline rush through him, just like his 16-year-old self in his junior year. That was when his feelings of love truly flourished for Mr. M. As he inspected himself in the mirror, he thought of how he looked in the past. Just about a full beard, instead of a light peach fuzz on the chin and lip area. More defined muscles and weight, instead of his forced, hard-working metabolism. He felt confident. He also thought of other details, like how he was always taller than the "shorty" that his teacher was. Jay quickly got into the car and rode to the school grounds.

Trying to stay hidden in the familiar halls from teachers that might notice him, he quickly speed-walks to his destination. Stopping at the door, he takes a moment to catch his breath, and fix his collar a bit. Peeking through the door a bit, he noticed no one is inside. With a light knock, he hears a voice respond. "Come in."

Opening the door, he walks in slowly and lifts his head. All he sees is a shocked figure, eyes a bit widened. With a slight chuckle, Jay walks in a bit more.

"Hello, Mr. Moretti." He says, outstretching his hand.

"Welcome back, Mr. Lombardi." He mutters, shaking my hand. We both smile for a second, and an awkward air fills the room.

"How have you been, Jay?" he says, stepping back a bit towards his desk.

"I've been pretty good. Life sure has changed a lot lately, Mr. Moretti!" Jay says cheerfully.

"Call me John. After all, you're not my student anymore." John says with a smile.

"Okay...John." Jay says laughing a bit. John quickly turns his head, putting it down.

"So, we have time before class starts. Want to sit and talk?" John asks, face still away from the other.

"It sounds good to me." Jay says, as he sits on a desk, as he usually did back in his senior year. John sits back down and folds his arms with a mischievous smile on his face.

"So...tell me. How's college?" John asks excitedly.

"Pretty great, I must say. I actually did better in my schoolwork, and finished community college. I'm transferring as well, and I finally get to go to better places! There wasn't much time for romantic interests though. Too much work, and had to make time for friends too. Not that it matters much, since no one's interested anyway..." he trails off.

"Oh...well that's alright." John says, in his all too familiar low, deep voice, "It'll come to you eventually. You're only 20 anyway. You have plenty of time."

"Yeah, you're right...and you're what, 32 now?" Jay smirks, while chuckling. John nods and laughs along.

"So, how has life for you been, John?"

"It's been..." John starts saying, as a few students walk in, "Oh. We can finish this later."

John then picks up a small pile of homework and pulls out a grading slide. He puts them down on the desk and gets up.

"Good luck." John says, smiling at Jay as he walks by him and sits down at a seat in the middle of the room. Jay then sits down at the teacher's desk, and takes a red pen. Watching the childish freshman walk in and sit down, Mr. Moretti starts going over homework. Jay then watches a bit, and grades more papers. He made this a habit throughout the entire day. As classes go and classes come, a few familiar faces are seen as well. Some are shocked to see me and some are happy. All in an average day of "work", he supposes.

"April 23rd, Friday. In "School"

It's been a long time since I've seen John teach like this. Hell, it's even hard for me to call him John. But that's expected, I guess. Everything has been great so far. Grading papers keeps me busy, but just hearing his voice makes me fall back into my freshman tendencies. I find myself spacing out a bit, just hearing his explanations of the lessons. It feels like a dream to be here again...I can't wait to do this every day for a few weeks. I love it when I find him coming over to me and asking me how I'm doing. It motivates me so!


The final bell rings, and Jay sees kids running through the halls to get home as he's coming back from one of the offices to bring papers. As he walks back, he sees John standing at his door, as if he's waiting. Jay nods as he walks up.

"So, what would you like to do now?" John asks.

"Well would you mind staying so we can work on more papers? Plus, we never got to how your life is going."

"Oh yes, I almost forgot." John replies, walking into the room. He pulls up a chair next to his desk, as Jay closes the door and sheepishly walks over. A few minutes later, they're both settled.

"...I'm going to be honest..." Jay admits, "...I can't focus."

"Typical first day, Jay." John says, laughing. He puts his pen down, and gestures Jay to do the same.

"So, how's that life of yours?" Jay says sarcastically, grinning and putting a hand to his chin. He sits back in his chair.

"Well," John sighs, "It's certainly been a handful." A sorrowful expression drowns his face as he looks away.

"This isn't like you...what happened?" Jay asks, sitting up and moving his chair a bit. John clears his throat and sits up straight.

"Well, my wife and I sort of...split up."

"What?! When?! Why?!" Jay exclaims.

"I started feeling nothing for her anymore...it all just seemed to fade." John says, looking at Jay, "It happened a few months after you and your class graduated..."

"I'm so sorry." Jay utters, "I've never seen this side of you." He sees John's face turning red.

"Don't cry. You're better than that." Jay says, getting up and opening his arms. John then sees, and gets up to embrace him. A few seconds later, it's released.

"Thank you, Jay..." John says, blushing lightly and looking into his eyes. Jay nods and smiles.

"So, are you busy? It's still pretty early. We could go get a coffee or something if you like." John asks. Jay's heart does a backflip.

"S-sure." Jay replies, caught off guard.

"Meet me at Dunkin's?"

"Sure will."

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