tagRomanceThe Intern's Anticipation

The Intern's Anticipation


"You're so young." Will said to me, and I rolled my eyes. It was a common refrain when I came into his office for career advice. When I met Will at the beginning of the semester I had no idea he was over 40. At 28 years old, I didn't go straight to law school, and I often assumed that the supervisors at my internships were not much older than myself. Will's appearance had added to my perception. He was tall and slim. It was hard to make out his body under his tailored suits, but he was clearly a bit muscular. His skin was smooth. Overall, he was incredibly handsome.

I couldn't quite figure out why he drew attention to our 13 year age gap so often. Was he convincing himself not to take things further? Was it an attempt to let me down easy? Certainly, he understood why I was always chose the route through the office that would take me by his door, why I was perpetually twirling my long brown hair when we spoke and adjusting my shirt so just a touch more cleavage showed when he was near.

Still, this time he left his leg pressed against mine after he said it. I stood near his desk wondering, maybe he was asking for permission? Maybe he would actually do it this time.

My crush on him developed as soon as I first looked into his eyes. They were blue, contrasting with his brown skin. They conveyed a softness when he looked in my direction, stirring butterflies in my stomach. My crush became all consuming when I was assigned to work on a project with him. His actions throughout that first month showed a genuine kindness that is incredibly rare. He stayed late working for our clients -- individuals facing the threat of eviction. He took an interest in getting to know them and their lives. He was kind to everyone. Other attorneys in the office came to him to be cheered up. He was kind to me. He seemed to genuinely care about whether or not I was gaining the experience I needed from the internship.

His kindness was also why I never knew exactly what was going on in his head. When he placed his hand on my thigh, was it because he felt the tension between us as well? Or was he comforting me the way he comforted everyone else. When we walked down the hallway a little too close together, did he also feel the electricity when our shoulders bumped together?

"When someone is as emotionally stunted as you are, age is just a number." I teased him. My black skirt was riding up my legs a bit, exposing the side of my thigh. Generally speaking, his age was just a number, but I think it added to the taboo of the disparity of our power roles. At first, he was a supervisor, teaching me how to do my job and also holding the key to potential fulltime employment when I graduated at the end of the year. However, knowing that he might be feeling a power trip from the 20 something intern fawning over him also added to the allure.

The pure sexual tension made me look past everything that I would normally categorize as a red flag. 41 years old, and he spent his free time playing drums in a rock band. I had long since lost interest in the egotistical musicians I had once chased after, but with Will it turned me on. He was single. Never married. A life-long bachelor. And, he was hitting on his intern!

This all also meant I needed him to make the first move. If I was misreading his signals, my future would be in jeopardy. But the same went for him -- imagine if it got around that he had creepily made unwanted advances towards the intern.

Will leaned back, and his leg left mine. I gently sighed in disappointment, hoping that somehow Will didn't hear. "Let's grab a drink." He suggested. I smiled. Happy hour was not an unusual offer after I finished working on a project with someone in the office, but Will had not yet taken me out.

He stood up, towering over me at almost six feet tall. I was just 5' 2" but my heals gave me another two or three inches. I wasn't skinny, but I had an hourglass figure. My large breasts were still perky, and were balanced out by my wide hips. My face had a strong jawline and prominent cheekbones. My eyes were large, and I liked to draw attention to my thick lips with light pink lip gloss. I wasn't the most beautiful girl in the office, but I certainly knew how to play up my best features.

He pressed his hand into the small of my back and guided me out of the office. We started to walk to a bar down the street, a usual evening hangout for all of the attorneys. Instead of stopping, he kept moving down the street.

His head nodded forwards casually, "Let's go to the bigger bar down the street. I can get you a cocktail instead of just a beer."

Sure I said, trying to hide how excited this made me. We were walking close enough that his hand was brushing mine with each step. I was getting nervous as well, and I couldn't help myself from fantasizing about where this might go. My panties were getting damp.

We sat down at a table in the bar, across from each other. He got me a gin and tonic and a rum and coke for himself. We sipped and laughed about our coworkers and general office drama. We teased each other light heartedly like we always did. I took off my suitcoat and was left in a flimsy pink blouse. My nipples were hard, making small points visible through the fabric. I could see Will's eyes glance down towards my breasts, lingering a bit too long. Soon he got up to get another round of drinks.

When he returned he sat next to me in the booth rather than returning to his seat across the table. He pushed his leg against mine again, and he left it there. Finally, he looked into my eyes and abruptly changed the conversation.

"You want this right?"

He still didn't come out and say it, but I knew what he meant. I slowly nodded my head up and down, one time, not breaking eye contact. His large hand moved behind my head and stroked my hair. His mouth came towards me and his lips pressed into mine. Just a hint of his tongue pressed against my mouth before it disappeared back into his mouth. I wanted so badly to keep going, but I pushed him away.

"No one can know." I stated firmly.

"Of course." Will replied. "Meet me around the corner in 10 minutes. I'm getting my car."

I was a bit tipsy after two drinks, but Will had barely touched his second. He was taking control, and I wanted him to.

I was so turned on, I could feel my pussy squeezing in anticipation. I only made it 7 minutes before I walked outside. A few moments later his car stopped in front of me and I hopped in the front seat. He placed his hand on my knee and we drove the twenty minutes to his house in silence. His finger stroked my skin the whole way. He was gently pushing the bottom of my skirt higher and higher. By the time he had parked my underwear was almost showing. It remained bunched up as I exited his car and walked up the steps to his apartment. He walked behind me, and he must have been able to see the skin of my round ass peeking out from the bottom of my skirt.

His hand reached to grab me when we reached the top of the steps. He pressed me forwards into his door. His body was pushing into mine as he fumbled with his keys and I could feel his hard cock against my bottom. When the door opened he was immediately untucking my shirt from my skirt. He lifted it over my head, revealing a black lacy bra. My pink nipples were visible through the lace.

I had been wearing my sexiest underwear to work, hoping this day would come. I untucked his shirt as well and slowly unbuttoned each button. I finally got a good look at his body -- his abs were defined like I expected. His brown skin contrasted with mine as I traced his six pack with my fingers.

Next he was pulling my skirt down my thighs.

"Holy shit." He said, staring at my body. I stood in front of him with my matching see-through panties, my heels still on. I had also been keeping my pussy neatly shaved in anticipation, with just a small triangle of hair above the opening to my wet cunt.

I dropped to my knees and unzipped his suit pants. I then pulled down his underwear revealing his huge cock, which matched his tall and muscular frame.

I wanted to impress him, the same way I wanted to impress him in the office. I was used to being the best, and I wanted him to know that I was the best in bed as well.

I looked up into his eyes before taking his cock into my hands. I let out a slow breath near the head and felt his shaft pulsing with anticipation. I started at the base and gave one slow lick from the bottom to the top. He moaned.

Next, I wrapped my pink glossy lips around the head and swirled my tongue around his tip. My eyes remained locked with his. I lowered my head down his shaft and then began bobbing back and forth. Soon he placed his hand at the back of my head and pushed his cock deeper down my throat until his whole cock was buried. It slid in and out of my mouth easily.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and picked me up off the floor. He carried me and placed me on his bed. First his finger ran over the outside of my panties. He pushed them into the crack of my labia, my panties absorbing my wetness. He then bent down and pressed his hot tongue against my panties. His teasing was killing me. I pulled my panties to the side and he began licking my clit, alternating between slow circles and gentle nibbles.

"Ungh!" I tried to muffle my cries, but I was so turned on. I was cumming already. Embarrassed, I pushed his head away from my body. He reached out and flipped me over before unlatching my bra. I pushed my arms up and positioned myself into doggy style position. My large breasts hung beneath me.

Will pressed his cock against my ass again, and reached around to play with my breasts. He first twisted my nipples before taking my tit fully into his hand. It was too large to fit, but he kneaded my breast as his cock continued to rub against me.

Next he was slowly pulling my panties down my round ass. He left them around me knees and began to spread my legs apart a bit. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my pussy lips.

"Do you want it?" He whispered in my ear.

"Yes, please I can't take it." I begged him.

The tip of his cock entered before he quickly pulled it back out. "Are you sure?" He questioned again. "Please. Please. Please. I've wanted your cock in me for so long."

He thrust forward deep inside of me, and my tits bounced forwards with him. He began drawing his cock in and out of me. He wrapped an arm around my stomach and began playing with my clit as he fucked me. We were both moaning with each thrust.

"Don't stop!" I shouted. I was close to cumming again and so was he.

"I want to cum with you," he told me. Moments later, I could feel his cock pulsing. My cunt clamped down around him, milking out every last drop of semen.

He collapsed on top of me, and I enjoyed feeling his warm hard body on mine. Now that I had him, it was starting to hit me. How was I going to keep my hands off of him when we were back in the office?

To be continued...

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by rightbank10/07/17

The last sentence asks the wrong question

How will they keep their hands off each other?

Contact outside the office should help.

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by Northpacific201710/07/17

Okay is there more?


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