tagLesbian SexThe Internship: Week 01

The Internship: Week 01


****My first story... let me know what you think!!****

I struggled to keep up with Jaysen as he gave me the speed-tour of the office. Almost tripping over my heels, I caught myself by grabbing ahold of a cubicle wall.

"Sweetie, you need to keep up." Jaysen chided, turning only for the briefest of moments before pressing forward. I quickly adjusted the strap of my brand-new Jimmy Choo shoes and jogged to keep up.

This was my dream internship in the fashion world. Not even my inexperience in heels was going to stop me from learning the layout of the massive Flair magazine headquarters.

Yeah, that sounds really weird. To be a fashion major without ever really wearing heels.

But that was what I loved about the industry; it was broad and ever-changing. I wasn't quite sure where I would end up, whether a writer, editor, or stylist, focusing on men's or women's fashion, but I was willing to try it all. That was what was so exciting about this newly developed internship through the NYU school of design; I was going to be rotating between two internship programs at two very different magazines: Flair and Gent.

I was starting at Flair for my first week, and I felt prepared for what I was in for. I knew it was a lot, and I mean a lot, of grunt work. Coffee runs, mail distribution, lunch orders... but it was what was required, and they were skills that I would need to master for both locations. That is what made Jaysen's tour so important; I needed to learn where everyone and everything was located, and fast. I couldn't be confused about this place when I learned about Gent next week.

"So down that way is accounting, yawn," Jaysen said, mock-yawning, "but over here is the most important part of this entire place." He paused at the doorway for effect. "The heart of Flair and women's fashion."

This is obviously his favorite part of the tour.

"Vivienne Caldwell's office." He said, not bothering to hide the awe in his voice. I peered around him, hoping to catch a glimpse of the legend herself. Instead, all I could see was a long marble hallway with double glass doors at the end. A receptionist sat, her mouth moving although we could not hear her words, typing away on a computer. The desk blocked any further view of Vivienne's special lair, but the aura was definitely present.

My heart was thundering out of my chest, my palms sweating.

"I know, it's overwhelming being so close to greatness." Jaysen sympathized with a sigh.

"Anyway, we need to go and make the mid-morning coffee run. It's Monday morning staff meeting; you missed the chaos of her arrival this morning since you were doing intake paperwork. But the staff meeting will get you a good glimpse at how she likes her ship run." He said, turning and walking away. I turned one more time, looking longingly at the office I wished to be in, before diligently following him.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I am not a weak person. I work out, I stay in shape. I don't even just do cardio, I lift!

But apparently that doesn't matter, because carrying eight Venti coffees through the lobby, on the elevators up to the 53rd floor and then to the conference room was making my arms burn. I knew the price I would pay if I dropped any of them, and it wouldn't be monetary. I pushed through the pain as Jaysen carried another eight coffees without breaking a sweat.

I am going to need to change up my arm workouts.

"Alright, hon, just set them right here and then we will match them to the seats." He said hurriedly, glancing at the clock. Everything had to be just-so as we arranged the room. The sixteen people that sat at the head table were the most important editors and staff writers, as well as Vivienne. They had each earned their own individual coffee.

"Now, our job is to just stand here and be helpful when asked." Jaysen informed me. And so I stood, patiently waiting as the staff entered. They chatting lively to each other and taking their respective places. 9:59, one minute before the meeting was officially beginning, Vivienne Caldwell entered the room and it fell silent for a brief moment, as if it were in awe of her presence, before a chorus of "Good morning, Vivienne's" erupted.

Vivienne was tall, blonde, and gorgeous. She had spent her former years as a model and was very successful. She had maintained that figure even through managing a highly profitable global magazine. I couldn't stop myself from staring at her. I found my eyes lingering on her tiny waist, large breasts, and taught ass.

Snap out of it, Rachel!

I came back to earth, my face flushed from my thoughts.

Where in the hell did that come from?

Confused about my sudden sexual pull to a woman, something I hadn't experienced before, I listened carefully while keeping my head tilted slightly toward the floor, desperately trying to reign in my suddenly wild and rabid libido.

It wasn't that I was closed-minded, I had never found myself reacting to the presence of a woman in the same way I had reacted to attractive men. I had a TA in my biology class that caused me to develop a stutter just by being in the same room as him.

But Vivienne was a whole new level.

I shifted my feet, trying to relieve some of the pain of the heels, and chanced a glance up. Vivienne was looking at me, assessing me. My heart rate skyrocketed. I glued my eyes to my feet, my face flushing.

How can she have such an impact?

Is it just fear?

She was gorgeous, and powerful. Maybe that was my problem; I was just intimidated.

Yeah... just intimidated.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Oh, goddamn it." I swore angrily, clicking violently at my computer. My internet wasn't working. After the longest first day ever, this was the last thing I needed.


I reset the router, again. I glanced at the clock, nervous. My window was approaching. If I missed it, I was going to miss rent.


My mind raced. I needed to be able to get online. I needed to pay my bills.

I need to strip in front of strangers.

Frantic, I grabbed my bag. Remembering what Jaysen had said earlier about people staying late at the office, I decided that was where I was headed.

I would find some closet somewhere, get online, strip, make my rent money, and be done.

Easy as that.

My leg was tapping nervously as I rode the subway. I glanced at my watch constantly; I was certain I looked like some sort of drug addict with my erratic sketchy behavior.

I made it to the building without incident, and flashing my security badge I was let in. The elevator seemed to move slower than it had during the day, but it made it to the 80th floor and I rushed through the doors. The office was dark, except for a few lights where the cleaning crew was working. I smiled at them and gestured toward an office that had already been cleaned.

"I left my keys at home. Can you help me?" I asked, putting on my best 'damsel in distress' look and showing them my badge. The old woman smiled and let me in. I thanked her and closed the door behind me, locking it softly and setting up my equipment.

Before going live, I took a few moments to breathe and get in the right headspace. The last thing I wanted was to do a shitty job and make no money at all. I was risking everything by being here, but it was my last resort.

I am getting a waitressing job after tonight.

I put on my mask, a trademark of mine, and began the broadcast, positioning myself in front of the desk and facing the camera, my computer next to me so I could monitor my progress.

I slipped out of my dress slowly, one strap at a time, running my fingertips along my arms. I watched my computer screen as my regular viewers popped in, their messages of encouragement lighting up.

"Oh, it's been a long time, Hardlaw69," it had taken me a lot of practice to say their usernames in a sexy voice, but I had finally gotten the hang of it. I watched as my earning hopped up $50.

"Oh baby, you're so generous." I thanked him, letting my head fall back as I cupped my breasts. My dress had settled at my hips. I turned, grinding my body to the sultry music emanating from my computer, and helped the dress fall to the floor. I brought my arms up to fluff my blonde hair, knowing that the small tattoo on the underside of my right bicep was visible. A small outline of the sun, a drunken mistake, but something that my regulars knew me by.

I shook my ass a little, my fingers looping beneath the lacy thong I was wearing. I turned again, grinding my hips and watching as more people joined the chat. I was up to $100.

"Come on now, get me to $200 and we can play with my tits." I encouraged. Dirty talk in any other context horrified me, but here I was an actress. I wasn't Rachel, I was Chelsie.

I rocked my body a little more as the numbers rose to $200.

"Oh, you do want to see them tonight." I teased, slowly dropping the straps of my bra down my arms, reaching around my back and undoing the clasp. I slid the clothing off and let it drop to the ground.

I grabbed my chest and kneaded my large, full breasts. I moaned and gyrated my hips. I gave a subtle glance to the counter; $300.

"You all are too kind." I was so close to my rent money, I decided to just go for it. They were being generous tonight and I was sure I could get more, but I wasn't going to push my luck.

I dropped my panties slowly, working my hips as I stepped out of them. I sat back onto the desk, slowly bringing one leg up at a time. I was at $375, almost there...

"What in the hell are you doing?" Vivienne's cold, judgmental voice snapped me from my trance. Reactively, I snapped my computer closed and moved my arms to cover my naked breasts.

"Oh! Oh my god, I am so, oh, fuck," I sputtered, looking around for my clothes.

It's over, Becca. It's all over.

"Stop! Right there. Don't move." Vivienne ordered, her voice scaring me into obeying. I swallowed, closing my eyes and waiting for the torrential amount of anger she was about to lay on me.

She found an intern, a brand fucking new intern, naked in her building. Wearing a goddamn masquerade mask. Filming herself for strangers.

I am going to get arrested.

I shivered, partly in fear, and partly because of the cold air conditioning that was determined to make me even more uncomfortable.

My life is over.

"Now, you are going to answer my question." She said the words slowly, her voice stern, but warmer, as if she was more curious than disgusted. "What. In the hell. Are you doing?"

I steadied my breath, trying to think of the most concise thing to say.

"Trying to make rent money." I breathed, my eyes still closed.

The room was so silent, I could hear the muffled sound of her shoes on the rug as she inched closer to me.

"Naked." She observed. It wasn't a question, so I said nothing. She continued, "What was your name?"

"Rachel. Rachel Thomas." I couldn't open my eyes. I couldn't face her.

"Rachel." She repeated. Her voice was in my ear. My eyes popped open, but I stayed still.

She was taller than me, by quite a bit even without the heels, but she was leaning over me, her head by my ear and her hands boxing me in between her fit body and the wooden desk. I heard the sliding sound of my computer being moved. "Sit." She commanded. I sat.

"Good girl." She said with a smile. She turned away from me and back to the door. She locked it again before facing me.

"Now, Rachel," the sultry sound of my voice coming from her mouth made my core clench.

"How exactly do you make rent money, naked?"

"Cam girl." I said.

"You pleasure yourself in front of strangers?"

"No, I just strip." I said. "Nudity only."

"No masturbation?" She pressed. I shifted uncomfortably, breaking eye contact with her. I had been lucky to find a niche that appreciated the 'purity' of stripping. I tried not to think too much about the implications of that particular kink.

"No." I responded. "Ma'am." I added, as if being polite might prevent me from going to jail.

She hasn't called the cops yet...

"And why is that?"

If I could have turned redder, I probably did. My ears were burning and my throat got dry. There was no way I could ever look at her again, that was for sure.

"Just... not my thing." That was the easiest answer I could have given.

"How old are you, Rachel?"


"Have you had sex?" She asked, point-blank.

"No." Fuck being polite, I needed to get out of here.

There was a long silence, but I refused to venture a glance at her. Maybe this was all some perverted, fucked-up dream and I would wake up any second now...

"How much do need to pay rent?" She asked.

I couldn't help myself, I looked at her.

"Ma'am?" I must have misheard.

"How much?" She was losing patience with me, I could hear it in her voice.

"Uh, four hundred."

I had cut it close this month, usually I could have my rent within the first two weeks of the month but with the move requiring first, last and security, I had really come up short this time. My savings had boosted me a bit, but I was completely depleted. I was thankful it was only $400, usually I could easily make that in a night.

If my internet had been working.

"And you could make that tonight?" She asked.


I just needed $25 more dollars, before you interrupted me.

Shit, my regulars are going to be pissed about how I ended that one.

Vivienne started walking closer to me. My skin prickled.

"Why don't you let me help you." Her voice was seductive, tempting. "H-how?"

She smiled. God she was beautiful.

"Put your mask back on. Open your computer."

I swallowed nervously and did as I was told.

Maybe if I played along, I wouldn't get fired.

I made sure she wasn't in the shot.

"Good. Are you live?" Her voice was quiet; I doubted my camera's microphone was even picking it up.

I nodded.

"Lay down on the desk."

I did, making sure my legs and the ever-slickening heat between my thighs was not visible.

She walked over and grabbed the camera from behind, moving it so that it was seated in the chair facing the desk. Making sure she wasn't being recorded, she returned to me, settling herself between my shaking thighs.

"What are you...?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

"Let's make you some money." She said, and my clit throbbed. She lowered her mouth to my dripping pussy and licked it, her warm and sensuous tongue traveling the length of my folds. I whimpered, unable to contain my surprise at the torturously pleasurable feeling. She gripped my legs, her manicured nails gently digging into my skin and her mouth devoured me.

Over and over she teased me, her tongue circling my clit, sucking and licking, plunging inside of me only to return again to my sensitive nub.

No one had done this to before.

"No, stop." I breathed, uncertain of the tension that was building. Her grip tightened on me. She was stronger than I expected.

"Please stop." I begged, though the more she worked the more I wished she would never cease.

"Virgin pussies are always the sweetest." She responded. I moaned my body tightening even more.

Her mouth returned and I cried out, unable to stop myself. She was pushing me closer to something that I couldn't yet name, and when I screamed in pleasure her hands tightened around me as my thighs bucked up, my body shaken by an orgasm it has never felt before.

As my mind slowly returned to my body, she lapped gently at the rush of lubrication that had poured from me.

"Easy money." She said with a mischievous smile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Vivienne had left immediately after, and I had spent the night waiting for the email from Human Resources that I was terminated and to never set foot on the property again. It didn't come. Confused, but relieved, I headed to work in the morning determined to pretend that the previous night hadn't happened.

Sure, I had actually made a thousand dollars, my highest grossing night yet, but that wasn't important.

My boss had given me an orgasm.

That seemed a little more groundbreaking.

I tried to keep the thoughts out of my head as a rode the subway. But I spent the trip remembering her beautiful blonde hair, pulled back into a tight ponytail, and her wickedly soft lips and tongue, and by the time I arrived at the building my underwear was plastered to me.

When I arrived to my tiny cubicle, I had a note on my desk.

Come see me when you arrive. -V

Okay, maybe she would just fire me in person.

My heart jumped to my throat but I walked toward her office, head held high.

When I approached her receptionist's desk, the girl stood and ushered me in.

"She's been expecting you." She informed me curtly.

I wanted to say that I wasn't late, but I just kept my mouth shut. She guided me into the massive corner office of Vivienne Caldwell and then left. Vivienne glanced at me, as if bored, while she continued typing at her computer. I stood, trying not to fidget in my skin-tight purple dress.

"Approach." Vivienne finally said, her eyes remaining locked on her screen. As I walked toward her, there was an odd clicking sound. The glass doors behind me frosted. I paused for a moment, glancing back at them, before I continued forward. I reached her desk and stood, my heart pounding and my throat tense.

She finished what she was doing and looked at me, her icy blue eyes sending shocks through my body. I blushed, remembering those eyes trained on me while her tongue circled my clit.

Is she expecting an apology? "Are you coming in tonight?" She asked, her voice low.

"I, um-" I cleared my throat.

Tell her it was a mistake; you are getting a job as a waitress now to help with rent...

"Be here at 9." She commanded, her eyes going back to the screen. "If you want to continue your internship program." She added.

My breath left me.

Is she blackmailing me?

"Let's see if we can get an advance on your next rent payment."

I stood in shock for a moment. So, I had to come in for another sexual encounter, or she was going to terminate my internship?

My mind raced.

Sure, what had happened last night hadn't been terrible, but is she expecting sexual favors now in order to keep my secret?

"That will be all." She said, shooing me away with one hand.

I turned, completely confused and humiliated.

"Oh, Rachel?" She called out. I turned to her.

"Bring me a mask." She commanded.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I arrived at 8:45. I set up my equipment in the same office, my palms sweating from my nerves.

How did it come to this?

I needed the money, sure, but couldn't I have taken a waitressing job? Bartending? And why did I have to opt for an internet package that was so bad? I knew I needed to save some money on moving fees but... damn it!

I was still clothed, not wanting to rule out the possibility that I could just walk out.

As if I was strong enough for that.

The door clicked open and I gulped.

Vivienne didn't make eye contact, she merely shrugged off the light jacket she was wearing and set it on the chair with her purse. She glanced around the room; I had set up the camera in the same way she had the night before. Seeming to approve, she finally looked at me. I was wearing a plaid skirt and a light-blue blouse. I was sure she could see the dark red lace bra I had beneath it.

"Mask?" Was all she said.

"Oh, yes." I said, turning and grabbing the feathered headdress I had brought her. She took it from me and put it on, and I donned mine as well.

"You are going to start the camera, and then I want you to stand right there." She pointed in front of the desk, "and face the audience."

That's right; the audience.

When she was in the room, it was hard to remember I wasn't doing this just for her.

She was standing in the spot when I returned. She reached for me, pulling me close and holding my face in her hands as she kissed me.

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