tagBDSMThe Interview

The Interview


Nick sat in his office at the top of the building. He owned the company; it had done rather well over the last few months and was beginning to look at expansion into three other sites. In the past he had managed most of the business work himself however at the minute he was finding it a little difficult to keep on top of all his current business dealings and the paperwork. He had finally decided that he was going to have to hire another secretary. The company had several already who dealt with everything but with the expansion into other areas he was going to need one to deal with all the information that would be going specifically through his office.

He sent downstairs and arranged for the job advert to go out, both internally and externally to see what potential there was that could fill the post. Within a few days his office had received nearly fifty applications. Five of those were from internal, already existing staff so they went to the top of the pile then he picked five others that seemed the most promising. Just before the day of the interviews he was in the pub with a friend who asked him a favour. One of his poker buddies had a wife who had been in HR for a while and unfortunately her job had gone so she was looking for work. He had suggested that he would put in a good work as he knew Nick's business was expanding.

Nick normally wouldn't have bothered and simply apologised but by the sounds of it this woman had quite a bit of experience and he had been screwed out of a job before so he agreed, checked his calendar and decided he could fit one more appointment in at the end of the day.

The day came and Nick sat in his office. Dressed in his usual conservative but smart black suit and tie he knew he could cut an imposing figure. He was more relaxed today and smiling as he interviewed the different individuals putting them at their ease as they discussed their qualities. There were a couple straight off he didn't like the attitude of and whilst polite he knew they wouldn't be coming back, a couple weren't suitable despite the weeding out process for what he had in mind and there were a couple of outstanding candidates. He was quite tired when he walked to the door to let in the final candidate.

He opened the door and looked round, sat on one of the chairs nearby was the final lady.

"Natalie?" He asked with a smile, painting on his professional face again as she stood smiling and walked over to shake his hand. At six foot tall he was reasonably built compared with most people but this petite woman must have been around five foot two and as a result when he smiled down at her he was instantly distracted by the soft swell of her amazing breasts he could see through the unbuttoned top of her blouse, topped off with the hints of a black lace bra cupping them to make them so deliciously tempting looking.

He coughed and got his eyes back under control and led her through to his office closing the door behind him softly. As they got to his desk and she sat down he made his way round to his side of the desk and offered her a drink explaining it had been a long day with a laugh. She politely declined and he picked up the file that had been emailed to him with her last minute application.

One thing he did note with regret was the wedding ring on her finger whilst surreptitiously looking her over. He had known of course as his friend had mentioned it was the poker buddies wife but there was always the possibility that she might be unhappy. Looking at her he could wish she was. Petite the way he liked them, curvy but not too much so with an amazing looking rack, her face was gorgeous and when she smiled she was stunning. He admired her curves, emphasised by the blouse and the professional and yet almost naught skirt with stockings she was wearing. He hadn't remembered to look but he was sure her shoes would be utterly suitable and yet still heeled and very sexy.

Checking the notes again he wrenched his mind away from the myriad of dirty thoughts running through his head that he would love to do to this woman given half a chance and started to run through the questions about his plans for the business, what her job (if she got it) would entail and what other skills she might be able to bring to the table.

He realised with a shock they had been discussing for almost an hour and that most of the other staff would have gone home. He had intended to keep it short but found himself reluctant to finish the interview. Finally there was nothing left to discuss and he thanked her for coming. Standing and shaking her hand. She was at least as qualified as two others and it would be a difficult decision. He tried to think dispassionately about it but kept coming back to the very sexy lips she kept smiling at him with. Could he cope with seeing those on a daily basis and not having them wrapped around his currently uncomfortably hard cock.

He walked her to the door and just as he reached for the handle she put her hand on his arm.

"Thank you for this chance, I realise it was very last minute and you were very generous to give me the interview. If there is anything else I can do to persuade you I am the right candidate for the job you just have to say..." She smiled up at him, hair stunning, lips so sexy and yet looking so innocent!

He couldn't resist anymore and pushed her up against the door. To hell with the consequences. He leaned down and kissed her hard, gratified to find her pushing back against him kissing him back. As his tongue explored her mouth he felt her melting into him. His hands roamed her body, sliding over her stocking covered thighs, up over her hips to grip her back, further up to cup those magnificent breasts and then up into her hair, grabbing her hair to tilt her head back further.

His breath was hot on her neck as he kept her head craned backwards, his lips sliding down below her ear, kissing his way down as his fingers deftly undid the buttons on her blouse. She was making soft little mewling sounds as he kissed her exposed skin, finally her blouse was undone and he quickly slid it off her shoulders dropping it to the ground. Her gorgeous full breasts stood now, framed in the black bra, her soft skin begging to be taken into his mouth which he did, dropping to his knees to bury his face in her tits kissing, nibbling and biting... Only the vaguest hint of a voice in the back of his mind saying husband stopped him from sinking his teeth in and marking her as his.

His finger quickly undid the bra releasing her gorgeous full breasts into his willing hands. After a few minutes of playing with them though he wanted more and his searching fingers quickly found the zip to her dress and undoing it swiftly slid it down to join the rest of her clothes in a puddle around her. The black lacy panties matched the bra and soon it matched them by lying on the floor.

Nick took a step back. She stood demurely by the door as though waiting his next command. Naked apart from the stockings and heels she still wore, he had been right about them - professional and yet incredibly sexy, she stood staring at him with her glasses on which he also found a turn on and he moved to sit on the large leather sofa that lay along one wall of the room. He beckoned her over with one commanding finger and she quickly came to him.

"Kneel..." he said indicating the space between his legs.

She did quickly and obediently.

He slowly unzipped his suit pants and reaching inside pulled the throbbing length of his member out. Reaching out with his other he gripped her hair again and guided her mouth down to his hard cock. Releasing her hair he let her get to work on his shaft. Watching her bob up and down fairly gently at first slowly working him deeper into her mouth until he became impatient. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head down driving his cock to the back of her throat feeling her struggle and gag, seeing the tears appear in her eyes before letting her up to gasp some breath and then forcing her head down again. He kept doing this until she learnt to accommodate his length in her mouth and throat then guiding her head with his hands he fucked her mouth till he eventually blew his load watching her swallow and gulp his thick creamy cum down.

Nick slid off the sofa and lifting her gently spun her round and lay her so her ass was on the very edge. Looking her in the eye he warned her that she was not to cum without his express permission. Then kneeling down he began kissing up the insides of her thighs softly over the stocking covered skin until he reached the tops where the skin was exposed. His hot breath and soft kisses put her skin shivering as he slowly kissed towards her mound and all around it teasing her.

Finally he ran his tongue the full length of her slit; hearing her moan and feeling her hips rise off the sofa towards him. Harshly he pushed her back down then buried his tongue inside her, eagerly finding her clit, tasting her and circling it with his tongue. After a while he switched to licking her with long strokes over the sensitive surface of her button whilst his hands roamed her body, inevitably finding their way to those gorgeous full breasts.

Even as his tongue plunged in and out of her depths raising her higher his fingers found her nipples and began teasing them, stroking and pulling on them before suddenly twisting hard. She came in his mouth, gasping as she flooded his mouth, her whole body shaking as she exploded convulsively.

Nick slowly raised himself up and grabbed her hair; pulling her he positioned her so she was kneeling on the sofa now sideways on. Uncaring about the husband now and angry at being disobeyed he slid his belt out of his trousers. He looped in round gripping it tightly. He could see the apprehension in her eyes as he slowly raised his arm then brought it slashing down in a hard crack across her ass. She winced but kept silent bringing a smile to Nick's lips. Three times more he brought the belt down on her ass so there were two bright red welts on both cheeks. Then he pushed her onto her back ignoring how her sore ass was pressed to the leather and straddled her pressing his hard cock between her gorgeous tits. Grabbing a bottle of water from his desk he dribbled some down then started fucking her tits. He grabbed her hands and made her hold his tits whilst with one had he twisted her nipples harshly and the other gripped her hair pulling her head forwards so her lips pressed around the head of his shaft with every thrust.

Finally he could take no more and standing he moved her into position pushing her onto all fours on the sofa whilst he knelt behind her and slowly rubbed his hard shaft against her ass to begin with then down and into her slit. Gripping her hips tightly he began sliding in, it felt so damn tight like he wasn't going to fit yet eventually he was fully embedded inside her. Smiling to himself as he heard her breathing quicken he began to slowly slide his cock back and forth, enjoying the sensations of her cunt gripping him so incredibly tightly.

As he heard her breathing deepen he start fucking harder, letting go on the binds he had placed on himself as he hammered in and out of her. He felt her cum twice more during his hard, deep fucking of her, in the glass opposite he could see the reflection of her tits as the bounced back and forth with each slam of his hips against hers. One hand digging tightly into her hips dragging her ass back towards him with every thrust, one hand twisted in her hair pulling her head back and up as he leaned down driving his body against her, his words guttural and groaned in her ear...

"You are mine!"

He exploded far inside her, his rod jerking as he thrust a few more times pumping his cum as far inside her as he could manage before slowly relaxing letting them both flop down onto the sofa side by side, his shaft still inside her as his fingers traced slow teasing patterns over his new possessions soft skin.

He knew who had the job but what would tomorrow bring...

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