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The Interview


Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story are real people; the business depicted is not a real business and none of the events in the story actually happened.

Acknowledgements: Thank you, once again, to IrishBiGuy for his help in correcting my mistakes and improving certain elements of the story. A loving thank you as well to my beautiful wife and "co-conspirator" of 35 years who was an editor and story consultant. She was a partial inspiration for Lauren's character as well.

Any errors that remain are mine and mine alone. Here is The Interview...

Lauren busied herself in the kitchen waiting for her husband, Mark, to arrive. He had phoned her earlier in the day and left a message on her cell phone saying that he had big news and would tell her all about it when he saw her that evening. Since his call, Lauren had found it difficult to focus during her remaining few hours at work, particularly because her role as human resources manager for a mid-sized firm in Charlotte was not particularly exciting or challenging. The job did, however, help pay the bills, which was particularly important since Mark had resigned from his job seven months ago to focus on finding a position with a company that would enable them to move past the financial rut they had found themselves in previously.

It was a risky move and they, of course, knew it, but they had reasoned that there would never be a better time to take the plunge, as Mark had just turned thirty-five and Lauren was about to turn thirty. Still childless, by design, they concluded they were well-situated to deal with what might be a long process of finding a career that would enable him to fully realize his potential. Now, moving into the eighth month of the search, Lauren was beginning to have real concerns that they might have made a mistake, despite their careful planning.

She heard Mark's car pull into the garage and hurried to the door to greet him, "I have been going nuts waiting to talk to you," she said as she handed him a drink. "Get in here and tell me what is going on before I explode!"

"Sorry, babe," Mark replied. "I didn't want to tell you in a voicemail message and, once it got to be late in the day, I I decided I would wait until is saw you to deliver the news."

"OK, OK - I understand. So please, just tell me," Lauren urged.

"Short version or long," Mark teased.

"Short - I don't think you will live through the long version if you make me wait," Lauren retorted as she playfully punched him in his ribs.

With a smile, Mark touched her hand and said, "I've been invited to fly to New York for a final interview with Dolce Textiles."

"Oh my god," Lauren exclaimed. "Are you serious?"

"Yes," Mark confirmed. "I should have said WE have been invited to come. They would like you to be there as well."

Lauren was momentarily speechless and then began peppering Mark with questions, "What had he heard from the recruiter that was representing him? When did they want them to be in New York? What was expected of her?"

Mark responded that the recruiter said the job was his, if this last round goes well. They are expected in New York this Friday. Mark will be in meetings with the company owner and his two sons on Saturday and then the couple are invited to dinner to connect on a personal basis. The recruiter had explained that Dolce places a great deal of importance on spouse and family when considering a new executive hire.

"You just need to be you," Mark assured. "They will love you."

Having met with the Dolce executives on two prior occasions, he was also confident that Lauren's appearance would be a huge plus as well. At 5'4", 118 pounds, with a very tight body as a result of a dedicated fitness regimen that included swimming, running, and yoga, she consistently drew admiring looks from men (and some women) when they were in public. Combined with her pert 34D breasts, narrow hips, chestnut shoulder-length hair and soft brown eyes, she was a package he rather enjoyed showing off when they were out together. To top it off, she was very smart and could easily hold her own in any conversation.

"Can you get away from work so that we can leave on Friday?" He asked.

"Absolutely," Lauren replied. "That won't be a problem."

On Wednesday an overnight package arrived that contained two first-class round trip tickets to New York, information about their 5-star hotel reservations, and instructions regarding the private limousine that would take them from the airport to their hotel.

"Wow, these people do everything in a big way, don't they?" Lauren exclaimed upon inspecting the contents of the overnight package.

"Well, they are one of the top two clothing designers and manufacturers in Italy with worldwide distribution through top retailers. It's all about image for them - plus they can easily afford it," Mark noted with a grin.

They arrived at their hotel late Friday afternoon and were immediately escorted to their 4-room suite. Inside they discovered fresh flowers, an enormous fruit and cheese basket, along with a chilled bottle of French champagne.

"Hmm. I would have expected it to be an Italian Prosecco," Lauren quipped.

"Very funny," Mark replied. "I can ask that it be removed if you like."

"No," Lauren laughed with a wink. "I think I can make do with a $200 bottle of champagne."

After nibbling on the fruit and cheese, and imbibing on the wine, the couple decided they would check out the roof-top pool that the front desk clerk had recommended. Lauren wore a scandalously small red bikini that Mark had bought for the trip. The top tied in back and at her neck. The bottom tied on either side - cut in on her ass cheeks a bit and dipped very low in front. The design had required a extra degree of "lady-scaping" in order for her always neatly trimmed pubic hair not to show. A semi-transparent sarong and pool clogs completed the very hot look.

Mark wore a...well, who cares what Mark wore?

Back to Lauren. She had not always been so brave as to wear an outfit like the one she had on, however, Mark had let her know a few years back that it was a serious turn on for him to see her dressed very sexy and witness the effect it had on others who saw her. She loved the sexual benefit that she received from Mark after she did a public "tease". He was always a skilled and attentive lover, but times like those brought out a bit of animal passion that was otherwise absent.

Stepping off the elevator at the 25th floor, Lauren and Mark followed the signs to the exit that lead to the pool deck. Moving into the warm New York summer sun, they were greeted by a beautiful tropical environment in the middle of Manhattan. The pool was surrounded by chase lounges and cabanas with privacy curtains. Lauren selected a lounge that was catching the most sun and settled in - reclining on her back. Mark settled in next to her and began to read the newspaper he had brought with him. After an hour and a half, Mark noticed that there were three college-aged boys checking out his scantily clad wife who appeared to be dozing behind her sunglasses.

"You have admirers," he informed Lauren.

"Do I now?" she mused.

"Directly across the pool from us," Mark said, "Why don't you give them a thrill and move your legs apart just a bit?"

"Give them a thrill, or give you a thrill?" Lauren teased.

"Both, I suppose," he replied.

"Why do you think this kind of thing turns you on so much?" Lauren asked as she slowly spread her legs about ten inches apart. "I mean, I like the effect it has on you and I don't mind the attention I receive when we are playing our little exhibitionist game, but I am curious."

"I'm not really certain why I like it. Normally, I am somewhat jealous and possessive about you, but, when my libido fully takes hold, I find it very stimulating to see other men longing for you and enjoying sneak peeks of your body," he explained.

"Do you think you would ever want this to go further?" Lauren queried.

"Maybe. Probably," Mark honestly replied. "For now, I find this to be sufficient to really get me going."

"Well enjoy, lover," Lauren grinned as she moved her legs even farther apart and pulled her feet up towards her.

Leaning forward and looking back enabled Mark to get a look at what the boys across the pool were experiencing. Lauren's bikini bottoms had slipped between the lips of her vagina a bit. Providing a tantalizing outline of her labia and slit. She tugged a bit on the center of her bottoms which caused the material to move even deeper between her lips. It also created a most pleasant friction as the material passed over her rather prominent clitoris. She could feel her womanly juices beginning to flow - dampening the material of her suit and highlighting the silhouette her audience were enjoying by causing the material to cling even tighter to the inside of her womanhood.

Lauren adjusted her bottoms again, which resulted in another electric sexual jolt from her very stimulated clitoris. Her breathing was much quicker and her lips were parted slightly as she imagined that she was not wearing anything at all, giving the appreciative boys an unobstructed view at her most private of areas.

Mark's gaze moved back and forth between the delicious display between his wife's legs and the sight of the three observers obviously delighting in the view she was providing them. "When those three are masturbating later tonight, it will be you they will be fantasizing about, my little tease," he noted.

"I certainly hope so," Lauren quipped. "I wouldn't want to think I've lost my ability to fire up the 18-20 year old crowd."

"You haven't," Mark assured her. "Shall we return to our room so that we can deal with the effect you have had on me?"

"Of course, my darling," Lauren agreed as she rose from the lounge - making a show of adjusting her bikini bottoms while affording the boys an ever so brief glimpse of her pubic hair as she pulled the material away from her abdomen a bit more than necessary.

Once back in the room, Lauren dropped to her knees and retrieved Mark's rigid penis from his bathing trunks. She quickly took it into her mouth and began sucking and licking his 7" manhood with enthusiasm. She moved from his penis to his testicles with her lips and tongue, sucking his overly large balls, one at a time, into her warm mouth. With her free hand, she reached into her bikini bottoms and rubbed her throbbing clitoris, which was swollen and hyper-sensitive.

Losing patience and some of his control, Mark lifted Lauren and pushed her onto the bed face up. He quickly untied one of the side strings on her bikini bottoms and slipped it out from under her. His penis felt as if it was about to burst as he grabbed it and guided it toward his beautiful wife's exposed vagina. Sliding smoothly into her love canal, Mark was trembling with passion as he began to stroke his cock in and out of Lauren's very soft and very hot hole.

Lauren, meanwhile, was pleased that she was being rewarded for her earlier teasing behavior by the animal passion she loved from Mark as he pounded his manhood into her while she talked to him about the just-completed exhibitionist display.

"Did you enjoy seeing your wife spread her legs for those boys? Do you think they could imagine what I looked like under my bikini? Would you have liked them to have come closer? Would you have been OK with me taking off my bikini and letting them see me naked and spread open? Would you have liked it if they touched me?" 
 With each question, Lauren heightened Mark's excitement level as she escalated the encounter beyond the actual into the possible. Sensing where her husband wanted the questioning to go, she looked him in the eye and asked, "Would you have liked to watch all of them fuck me?"

Her final question pushed Mark over the edge and he exploded inside her with a roar. "Damn, honey, that was so hot. You've never taken our 'would you like it if' game that far before," Mark noted as he recovered from his orgasm.

"Well, I think I've been inspired by everything that has been going on this week," Lauren explained. "I am hyper-excited and very sexually revved up. The thought of those three boys taking turns on me is a major turn on right now."

"Whatever is affecting you must also be working on me," Mark agreed. "The thought of watching that trio put their cocks inside you was and is driving me slightly mad with passion."

"Perhaps we will have to experiment with these new boundaries a little while we are out of town," Lauren proposed.

"I would like that," Mark concurred. "Now, we need to get ready for dinner."

Promptly at 7:00PM Franco, their limo driver, picked them up and took them to one of the 72 Michelin Star restaurants that are concentrated in mid and downtown Manhattan. Upon arrival, they were escorted to a prime table where they found Mark's executive recruiter, Cecil, waiting for them.

"Wow," Lauren exclaimed. "It's been a while since we have dined in a place like this."

"Yeah, like never," Mark retorted with a grin.

"This restaurant is owned by Dolce. They diversify their investments into a variety of industries and they love to invest in New York businesses," Cecil explained. "But Lauren, where are my manners? Please forgive me for not introducing myself. My name is Cecil Brooks. I am very pleased to meet you and I am delighted that our months-long efforts are very close to coming to fruition for you two."

"It is nice to finally meet you, Mr. Brooks," Lauren replied. "Mark speaks very highly of you and we are very excited to have this opportunity."

"Please, call me Cecil," he insisted. "We are all going to get to know each other much better by the end of the weekend, so we can dispense with formalities".

"Great, thanks Cecil," Lauren smiled.

Dinner proceeded at a measured pace. The top notch staff ensuring that the various courses arrived when they should without rushing the dining experience. During the meal, Cecil explained more about Dolce and the executives they would be meeting on Saturday.

"Mark, their decision has come down to you and one other candidate, however, you are their first choice for the position. As Head of Sales for all of North America you will be responsible for a 30-person sales force that currently produces over $120,000,000 in revenues for the company.

I have received their employment offer sheet and they asked that I cover some of the details with you tonight," Cecil explained. "In addition to full benefits for both of you as well as all relocation expenses, they will provide you with a townhouse on the Upper East Side, fully furnished, and rent-free for the duration of your employment, which they trust will be for a long time to come. Finally, your annual salary will be $1,000,000, plus performance bonuses based upon sales increases you and your team accomplish each year."

Cecil paused to allow Mark and Lauren time to process what he had just covered. As the couple looked at each other with smiles forming on their mouths, he slid the offer sheet across the table to Mark and added, "Oh, and one more thing. There is a $100,000 signing bonus that will be wired into your bank account at the successful conclusion of your time with them this weekend."

Lauren looked at Mark and asked, "Do I have to be cool and reserved about the offer in front of Cecil?"

"Uh, no you don't, Sweetheart," he assured her.

"Well then, holy crap! I had no idea we were talking about this kind of opportunity. Mark, were you keeping this from me for all these weeks?" She exclaimed.

"No, honey, I was not. Cecil had told me that the package would be in keeping with Manhattan-based executive compensation with similar levels of responsibility, but I did not expect anything close to this," Mark explained.

Cecil went on to explain that Dolce does everything in a first class manner, including their treatment of key executives, so the compensation was in keeping with their company philosophy.

"You should also realize," he continued "that they expect extreme dedication and loyalty from their key executives. Indications of which they will be looking for during your time with them this weekend. That includes you as well, Lauren."

"Well, as long as it's not immoral or illegal, $1 million buys you a lot of dedication and loyalty from me," Lauren responded.

"Maybe just a little immoral," Mark joked.

Lauren rolled her eyes at him.

Cecil continued to lay out the weekend plans for them, noting that Mark would be in meetings with the Dolce executives all day Saturday, while appointments with the Spa at their hotel had been set for Lauren beginning at 11:00AM followed by a session with the head dressmaker at Dolce fashions NY.

"You recall, Lauren, that Dolce asked for your clothing sizes when we were setting this weekend up a few days ago. They are going to provide you with an outfit from their couture collection to wear to dinner Saturday night and their head tailor will make the final fitting adjustments for you," Cecil said. "So, tomorrow is a big day for all of us and we should each get a good night's sleep."

Back at the hotel the couple could not wipe the grins off of their faces. As Lauren was changing out of her clothes, Mark came up behind her and queried, "So, have you ever had sex with a millionaire?"

"I'm not sure, maybe. But to be clear, you are not a millionaire yet." she replied with a playful smirk.

"True, so how about a pity fuck for a poor guy?" he implored.

"You got it, hot stuff," Lauren agreed as she dropped to her knees and reached for his cock — taking it into her mouth and sucking it to the back of her throat.

Groaning, Mark began to pump his engorged member in and out of her mouth, pressing to try and push it down her throat more with each thrust. Lauren tried to accommodate his desires, however, she was only able to handle 5 of his 7 inches. Mark did not seem to mind as he pumped in and out of her little mouth with increasing speed.

Lauren was impressed by his enthusiasm as his cock slid in and out from between her sweet lips. She wondered how long he could keep up his pace without ejaculating. Her question was answered a few seconds later when she felt his penis begin to pulse and swell in her mouth. Without thinking, she pulled her head back and aimed his cock at her tits as he came. The hot liquid coated both breasts and splashed against her neck.

"Damn Lauren. I wanted to cum in your mouth for once," Mark complained lightly when his ejaculations had subsided.

"I know, Honey. I just can't seem to get myself to let you do that. I want to give you what you want, but I panic at the last moment. I'm sorry," she lamented.

Mark concluded that spraying cum all over his wife's gorgeous tits was not all that bad and decided to let it go. After changing for bed, they both succumbed to the effects of the copious amounts of alcohol they had consumed and quickly drifted off to sleep.

When Lauren woke the next morning, Mark had already left the room for his meeting, leaving her a note telling her he hoped she enjoyed her day. After showering and slipping into the plush terry cloth robe supplied by the hotel she made her way to the hotel spa for her treatments. The staff indulged her with the full spa experience, including a facial, manicure, pedicure, and even a bikini wax. The technician who was performing the bikini wax was talkative and she chatted Lauren up a bit during the procedure — in part to distract from the discomfort the process involved.

"You must be so excited," the Cuban-born tech, Maria, exclaimed. "Signore De Luca is a most generous man who truly appreciates his employees. I understand your husband is in line for a senior executive position with Dolce. Most people would give anything for a job like that with the company. Signore De Luca likes to hire top people, treat them like royalty, and retain them for the long term. It is not unusual for him to tip me and others $1,000 when he comes in here for treatments. He does have a couple of minor quirks to deal with, but they are easy to overlook when compared to the benefits working for him bring."

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