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The Interview


The following story was written with help from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. If there is enough interest shown, part 2 will given every consideration. All comments and feedback will be much appreciated. We hope you enjoy!


This glossy, monthly magazine’s ratings must be falling, I thought to myself. The editor had asked me to be interviewed for an article they were considering, entitled, ‘Doms and subs, the Whys and Wherefores!” I had nothing planned for that day and it could turn out to be an amusing interlude, to say nothing of the exorbitant fee they were offering to pay for my services, so I agreed to the meeting.

Anonymity being required on both sides, I was to meet a lady whom I was to address as Spicey. In return, tongue in cheek, I told them that she would address me as Master! I could not help laughing at how seriously these people took themselves. They are primarily a magazine for the bored and pampered housewives of Canada. What’s in, what’s out, what to be seen in and what not, a sort of rulebook for the female wannabe.

I carefully dressed in my favourite colour, which is Black. Black slacks, open necked shirt, everything, even down to my socks. Freshly showered and shaved, I headed out for our meeting and intentionally, I arrived a few minute late so I could get a good look at ‘Spicey.’ I recognised her, almost immediately. She was sitting in a secluded area of the restaurant, nervously playing with a drink. She was dressed in a smart business type suit, which try as it might, could not contain her ample charms. Her legs encased in dark hosiery, were crossed at the knee and swinging, again showing signs of her tension. I approached the table and introduced myself,

“Hello, you must be Spicey” I said in my deep baritone voice. She almost jumped out of her chair,

“Ummmmm Yes. You must be, Master?” She asked, blushing, at having to use this term, alien, as it is, to her lifestyle, “I am ‘Spicey’ and have been sent to interview you” This only heightened the embarrassment, at having to call herself Spicey.

“Then Spicey, you can order me a beer and we can begin” I said, with a grin on my face. I wanted to judge her reaction to me telling her what to do and not to be disappointed, she said,

“Look Master, or whatever you call yourself, if you want a drink? Then get your own bloody drink! I am here, purely to obtain an interview, not to dance to your every command!” This was almost spat out, probably to disguise her embarrassment and to show that she was in charge of this interview and not me. I laughed at her over reaction and said,

“Ah! A feisty lady! I like that in a woman. It can be more of a challenge, so to speak.” I ordered a drink from a passing waiter, looked into her angry blue eyes and quietly said,

“Can we begin now Spicey, my lady?”

“Yes” I responded nervously. He seemed to have made me a little uncomfortable and I tried not to let that show. I had a list of questions which I pulled out from my briefcase and glancing at it quickly, I made a quick decision to just start asking him them, there and then and see where it led us,

“So how long have you felt that you have had to be the more dominant in a relationship? Does it give you a sense of power to call all the shots? Are you a full time Dom, like out in public, or is it more a closed door Dom? Are you Master of more than one slave and if you are, do they know about one another? What kind of things do you command of your slave? And what form of punishment do you give them, if you are not obeyed?”

I threw out all these questions at him, my eyes watching his face for any signs that he didn’t like my line of questioning. He had a funny kind of smirk on his face and I was left trying to figure out what those smouldering eyes were telling me. It was leaving a tingling feeling in my belly, a sense of excitement that I couldn’t quite explain., so I sat back in my chair, took a small sip of my water and waited for him to respond.

I sensed her unease at having to ask me these questions and I could see the nervousness at being in my presence was causing her some concern. She was trying so hard to remain professional, but I knew, that even just asking me these questions, was getting her interested in my lifestyle.

“Well Spicey, So many questions? And there are so many different answers.” I replied, not making it any easier for her. “Where do I begin? In answer to your first question, I have always felt that I would like to be dominant in a relationship. To have the lady of my choice accept me for what I am. To enjoy me taking charge when we make Love, to let me do anything I want with her, but, be happy doing it. Knowing, that what she does, is giving me pleasure and ultimately, giving her pleasure also. Does that make any sense to you, a career woman, who is used to equality in her work?” I watched as her eyes narrowed and she was about to answer me.

“Wait Spicey! I will continue with my answers to your questions. A sense of power, you ask? In a way, yes it is. In the house, behind closed doors, then, yes again, but not in public. If I require my sub to be naked at all times, then, she will be. If I require that she pleasures me, when I demand it, then, she will do. In saying that however, we also will have a room, the kitchen perhaps? Where, we are equals and can discuss things. She will have every right to complain about my treatment of her and we will discuss everyday things, like any normal couple would. In my personal role as her Dom, it is on an equal footing, except when we adopt the lifestyle. I do not want a slave, a doormat or a tramp and I am also there to protect her natural desire to be submissive. She has to trust that I will do that, know that I will look after her. She will, of course, show her gratitude to me, by obeying me in the sexual side of things.

That is bringing us onto your next question, that of punishment. Sometimes a sub will deliberately do something to upset her Dom, just to experience his displeasure, because she craves pain, or to show Him that she trusts Him not to hurt her, too much. I do not like punishing my sub; I will do this by withholding her pleasure, I will tease her mercilessly and not allow her to climax and that is as much a punishment to her, as a flogging might be to another. Occasionally, I will administer pegs to her breasts, but, she knows that I will not leave them on for long. When I finally remove them and suck on her tender flesh, she almost cumms immediately”

I laughed evilly at the reaction to my answers. I could tell that, to her own discomfort, she was becoming aroused by my answers, wondering if she could be a sub. Wondering, what could make her trust someone, so much, that she would willingly do his bidding? I looked deeply into her eyes and awaited her next move in this game we were playing.

I found myself getting, both excited and uneasy in this interview. Not sure whether to just jump in or to continue probing for answers to questions that I didn’t know how to ask. He looked like a normal average guy, but he was turning me on and I sensed an inner excitement. I could feel my nipples getting hard against my bra and could feel a moistness forming between my legs. Wondering if this was how all women felt in his presence, wondering if I were someone that he would want to dominate. I wasn’t sure what to ask next or how to continue, so I asked for a fresh glass of water to try to calm myself down, to collect my thoughts and to stop my rampant mind. He left the room to get it and I stood up and rearranged my clothes. On hearing him coming back, I sat down quickly which caused my skirt to ride up and expose the upper portion of my thighs. Damn I thought, what will he think, that I am trying to come on to him? He handed me the glass and had a twinkle in his roving eyes.

Returning to our table with her glass of water, I spotted that she had hastily adjusted her clothes and sat down again. I smiled inwardly and wondered if she was deliberately showing me more of her thighs, or if it was a pure accident. I also took in quickly that she was wearing stockings, as I could now see the tops, but mostly, however, the tablecloth hid her from the view of the other customers. I could see her blush as my eyes absorbed all of this while passing her the glass and I swear she almost dropped it in her confusion.

“Well Spicey, does that explain a little about me and the Dom/sub relationship? Or should I proceed further?” I asked, still with a gleam in my eye.

“Master, if you would care to continue, I am finding this most fascinating” She replied, obviously still uneasy at having to call me Master and trying to hide her embarrassment at, dare I believe it, becoming a little aroused? She kept her eyes averted and fiddled with her notebook.

“Spicey!” I almost barked and she instantly looked up into my eyes,

“When we chat, please pay attention and look at me at all times.” I said more quietly, but I could see a look of fright pass briefly over her face, as she realised that she had almost answered me with a, ‘Yes Sir!’

“That is better Spicey; I like to know that I have your attention” I continued chatting and telling her about my theory that certain women, in positions of responsibility, liked to give up their every day dominance and become submissive to the right man and I could see her blush deepen further. Had I found an Achilles Heel in this Spicey lady? Was she beginning to pay more than a passing interest in this interview? I thought that I would test her out and leaning forward, I placed a hand on her very hot knee and whispered,

“Spicey, I want you to do something for me. Go to the ladies restroom and remove your panties, come back here and give them to me. Feel what is like to be a submissive; it will maybe help with your article? Will you do that for me?”

Would I do this? Could I do this? I slowly got up, almost in a daze and headed for the ladies room. When I got there, I looked into the mirror, my face was flushed and my eyes had a glaze over them. Walking into an empty cubicle, I proceeded to take off my black satin panties. I noticed they were damp and I wondered how I could dry them before I gave them to him. There was moistness between my legs and my clit was tingling. I touched myself and my mind drifted back to him sitting at the table, wondering what was going through his mind and I finally decided that I should head back and see where we went from here.

There was a musky odour from my arousal that I could smell and silently I prayed that he wouldn’t notice. I placed my panties in my purse and headed back to the table and as I approached, I watched his eyes staring at me, wondering if I had done what he bade me to do. I sat in my chair, my eyes cast down, opened my purse, handed him my panties and said,

“Master, these are what you asked for.” I sat back and as his hand reached across and took them, he lifted them to his nose and sniffed deeply. A smile crossed his face and he welcomed me back.

“Welcome back Spicey, from the smell of your panties and from the flushed expression you are wearing, I am guessing that this interview has got your attention at last?” My eyes never left hers as I said this; I even smelt a faint odour emanating from her, which had to be arousal, I put the panties into my pocket and continued,

“I have some literature and videos on the subject of Dom/sub relationships in my apartment Spicey, if you would care to pursue this further?” I said, still looking into her eyes intensely. This stunned her for a moment, I could tell! Would she be doing anything other than following up on an article, she asked herself? Or, would she be accompanying a man, who she barely knew, to explore more than a mere article? Her face was telling me a lot, the hesitance and therefore not a refusal, the glazed eyes, maybe of arousal; but the damp crotch of her panties, told me even more.

I agreed to go with him to his apartment, feeling that I wanted to know more but also aware of how turned on he had made me. Watching him as I agreed to his offer, I saw his eyes smile at me and I wondered, to myself, what he had in store for me next. Was he inviting me just to show me his things or did he have an ulterior motive. Somehow, it didn’t seem to matter anymore, I wanted to go with him and to learn more.

By giving him my panties, I felt that I had given over a small bit of control already and it seemed okay and as I stared at his crotch, I realized that he wasn’t totally unaffected either. We stood up to leave and I felt his hand on my bottom. Could he feel me, feel my muscles tensing? We walked out and got into his car and his hand on my buttocks was strangely comforting.

The leather seats were cool on my warm skin and as I sat staring out the window, not sure where to look, I felt his hand on my knee. It was slowly sliding up under my dress and I felt my legs begin to spread open, allowing this intrusion of my privacy. My body started to shake, he spoke no words when he touched me, he felt my clit, then down to my pussy lips, feeling the moistness there and then he withdrew his hand and a small moan of protest came from deep in my throat. Vaguely I heard him speaking.

“Spicey, I see you still like to adorn your pussy with pubic hair. You do know that most subs shave for their Doms or, their Doms shave them?” I asked her, whilst sniffing my finger and causing her to shiver as she watched me.

“Ummmmm smells delicious, I wonder if you taste as good as you smell Spicey? Touch yourself, wet your fingers and let me taste your sweet juices” Her blush deepened, even redder than before and I could see that she was fighting between keeping this interview on a professional level and giving in to her primal urge to be submissive. Looking out of the corner of my eye, I saw her hand slowly slide under her skirt and her knees part again. She caught her breath as her finger delved between the soft folds of her heated sex and she barely stifled a moan of pleasure.

“I am waiting Spicey, let me taste you.” Still blushing furiously, that she would do such a thing with a stranger that she had not long met, she put the glistening tip of her finger to my lips and I sucked it into my mouth, savouring her nectar I didn’t give her time to consider the situation she was getting into and said,

“Raise your skirt, feel the cool leather against your skin, keep your legs parted and feel the air conditioning blowing across your pussy and Spicey, on no accounts will you cum, unless I give my permission!” I laughed when I said this and saw the look of confusion cross her face. She had no intention of cumming for me, she was here to conduct an interview, or was she? All these questions and thoughts, I could see etched across her pretty face, even as she was slowly hitching up her skirt, to feel the whispering coolness of the blower against her hot flesh.

I felt the coolness of the seat against the heat of my bottom, my heart was beating faster, my breath coming in short gasps and my mind reeled with the feelings that he had invoked. I was scared, mainly because I was enjoying this; I wanted to please him and didn’t understand why. My hand remained between my thighs, slowly stroking and I could feel my juices. I inserted one finger while my eyes watched to see what kind of reaction I would get; after all, he had just told me I was not allowed to cumm. Not that I was going to let that stop me, I wanted to see how far he would go and what he would do.

Slowly I took my hand away and gently sucked my honey from my own finger and then I put my hand back, I had to, I wanted that feeling to continue. Stroking myself with my left hand, I let my right hand wander down to my breasts and start rubbing them through my blouse, I felt my nipples harden, God I was horny and I wanted him. He kept his eyes on the road and he did not seem affected at all. I began to wonder what he was thinking, how he was feeling and I could feel the pressure building inside me. I turned to him and asked,

"Master, how long is it before we stop?”

“Before we stop Spicey? We haven’t started yet!” I smiled as I saw the frustration on her face,

“As you have decided to play with your nipples, without my telling you, or, you even asking for my permission, you will unbutton your blouse and undo your bra, release your breasts and tease your nipples. Roll them between thumbs and fingers and get them hard leave your legs spread and keep your skirt raised Spicey!”

Again she looked horrified at the thought of obeying the orders of a relative stranger. But, I could also see that she was enjoying this submission, even though she still tried to convince herself that it was research for a magazine article. Slowly her hands lifted, she began to loosen the buttons on her blouse and her soft frilly bra came into view. The vivid red flush was gradually spreading from her face, over her ivory smooth neck and across the soft swelling of her breasts. When her blouse was fully undone, she managed to undo the clasp and lower her bra, enough to expose them to my view. What lovely soft mounds they were too, large and firm, tipped by bullet hard nipples. Obviously, our earlier play had got them to this state of arousal.

“I am waiting Spicey!” I said in a menacing voice. I watched as she slowly did as I had asked. Her eyes closed with the sensuous feelings she was getting and I let my hand slide up her left thigh, my fingers gently stroking the soft inner flesh. I could feel the heat from her pussy and let my middle finger run along her spread lips. As I touched her already erect clit, I could hear her gasp and knew that she was about to climax.

“Ok Spicey,” I said, withdrawing my hand and putting it back on the wheel, “Cover yourself up; we are almost at my apartment.”

If looks could kill, I would have been a dead man at that very moment! She glared at me, her frustration at being on the very edge of a climax very obvious, as she adjusted her clothing and made herself, once again, into the professional reporter. I am not sure if she had realised it yet, but gradually, she was coming under my control. I wondered, how far would she allow herself to be dominated by a man? Maybe I will find out when we are in the confines of my apartment.

As we pulled into the parking lot I tried to get myself back under control. This was a very hard thing to do, as I was extremely excited and suddenly I realized that I wanted to finish this interview very quickly. I was scared at how he had made me feel, but I was never one to let a challenge get the better of me, or so I thought.

We got out of the car and walked sedately up to his flat, he opened the door and we went inside. He took me through to the kitchen and asked if I would like a glass of wine. I said yes, he poured us each a glass and then we went to the living room and sat down. I took my pad and pen and tried to look serious, my heart was still pounding and my body still excited. I looked at him and tried to form the next question in my mind, but when I spoke, it was to ask,

“How else can I please you” I was appalled at what I had said and when he looked at me, he had a faint smile on his face and said,

“How can you please me, you said? Well, let me ask you something. Did you enjoy the car ride over here Spicey?” I replied that, yes I had and then he asked me if I would come and stand in front of him, which I did. He told me to lift my skirt, he wanted to see how much I had enjoyed myself and I felt my hands start to sweat. I did as I was told and exposed myself to him. I held my breath and waited anxiously for his next move.

With her standing in front of me with her skirt raised to the waist, still with no panties on and so obviously willing to please me, I felt myself becoming erect. I was amazed at how quickly she had slipped into this submissive role and at how much she appeared to be enjoying it.

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