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The Interview


The perfect autumn day at work got even better. I mean I just got a raise and a promotion when the telephone rang. I was asked to meet with a headhunter to discuss a position with another company.

The agent's office was within walking distance to my place of work. I stopped at my car in the garage to pick up my sport jacket. I walked the three blocks in the muggy September afternoon. The agent was on the third floor, and not wanting to sweat, I took the elevator. The sign next to the name on the door said "welcome to the best times of your life!" The agent's name was J. Stone. I knocked on the door and a sultry female voice asked me in.

I took three steps into the place, and closed the door, and froze; Joie Stone was drop-dead gorgeous. She was sitting behind a large mahogany desk sporting an ample cleavage in a man-tailored beige blouse. Joie asked me to take a chair, and she asked me to talk about myself. After some talking we agreed that the position and my background were a perfect fit representing a hefty raise on top of my current salary.

She walked around to where I sat and showed off the shortest brown leather mini skirt I've seen in some time. The brown boots she wore completed the sensual outfit. Joie decided to sit on her desk and I was shocked to see that she was not wearing anything under her clothes.

Joie caught me looking and spread her legs slightly wider allowing me a peak, but still leaving something to the imagination. She asked whether I was involved with anyone. I told her I was, to which she muttered something under her breath. She gave me the contact information and told me of my upcoming interview the following week. I was about to get up to leave when she gently pushed me back in the chair. "You maybe involved, but I still want to be the agent you'll never forget!"

She opened her blouse and revealed a perfect pair of 38C breasts. Her nipples were like erasers with a perfect frame. Her nipples were as erect as I ever seen. She winked at me and sank to her knees and started to unzip my pants. I muttered some objections, but when she found my friend, who suddenly became my "happy friend", and grew in Joie's hand. She loosened my belt and with some assistance pulled my pants down so that I was sitting on the chair bare ass naked. Joie than kissed and teased the crown, and while cupping my balls she licked my shaft from top to bottom, concentrating on the bottom, where the nerves are. I let out a shriek and got harder than in some time. Joie teased me some and took turns in putting each ball in her mouth. She than took the whole organ in her mouth and commenced to bob up and down while gently, but firmly squeezing my balls. I started telling her that I was about to come, but thought better of it. When I felt the gush of release, she took it in stride and drained me to the point of no return. She cleaned me up and gave me a peck on the cheek and told me: "now you go get that job, and remember that Joie sent you!"

I left and kept pinching myself for these things just don't happen to me; but they did and were to continue. My formal interview was set for the following Monday. At 9 AM I walked into the company's offices about twenty minutes from my home. Both interviews were on the sixth floor. They were obviously waiting for me, and my meetings went well. I was offered a position subject to passing the company physical. Anticipating the routine physical I was expecting it in the next few days. They had other ideas, and requested me to return for a 2 o'clock physical on the ninth floor.

I walked into the nurse's office and was asked a bunch of questions, and was told to undress and to put on a patient's gown. A gorgeous nurse took my blood pressure and some vials of blood. The nurse, Olivia, was brunette and about 29. She didn't seem to have anything under her nurse jacket, which seemed a few sizes too large, hiding much of her charms except the long athletic legs and sexy lips. She explained that after taking my blood pressure they need to take it again after the 'release'. I inquired about the 'release', but she just told me to be patient. Within ten minutes she took me into an examination room and locked the door.

She removed her jacket revealing a pair of tanned 36D boobs and a shaved snatch, with the pair of gorgeous legs. This site caused my pecker to stir, but I told her that I do not care to stray as I'm happily married. Olivia than explained that they were looking for a certain individuals, whose blood pressure did not rise over 15% after the 'release'. She helped me out of my patient's gown, and took some measurements of my pecker and nuts. She told me to relax and to try to enjoy the 'release'. She grabbed my pecker and began stroking it, while cupping and squeezing my nuts. Olivia seemed to enjoy this part of the examination, for I noticed her licking her lips and saw some juices coming from her shaved love hole. I was harder than in some time. She stopped to cuff the blood pressure monitor onto my right arm. Now she winked at me and increase the stroke speed causing me to buckle and I came all over her beautiful boobs. She measured my blood pressure and told me that it was close but I registered 13% over my last reading and she wished me luck.

I got the job and within 2 1/2 years Joie got married and now and then we still laugh about the interviews, but all in good fun. Her husband is a great guy, but probably would not understand.

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