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The Interview


This story was written for my dear friend, Larissa. She gave me the inspiration by sharing a naughty fantasy that she had and by showing me some special photos she took for the occasion.


So, I understand you're interested in getting into the "service industry' by becoming my personal assistant? I have to warn you, I'm very demanding of my assistants. My personal assistant must be available to me at all times. She'll need to not only be able to assist me with business-related matters, but also personal matters. Anytime we travel, we would need to save money by sharing a motel room. From time to time, you'd also be expected to entertain certain "clients" under my direct supervision. It would involve many late nights, but the benefits are very rewarding.

First, I would need to see your resume. You've already gained an advantage by including your "handcuff" pictures in your email. You're resume should include any "qualifications" that you feel would come in handy for this position.

Next, I would schedule an interview. Because my schedule is so busy, we'd probably conduct the interview in a hotel room when I'm close to your area. You'd be expected to dress in a manner that you think would give you an advantage over the other candidates. You'd also be expected to bring any "equipment" with you that you'd use as my personal assistant.

When you arrive at the hotel, I'd have you ask for my room at the front desk. The front desk clerk would give you a sly smile as she tells you what room to go to. You wonder if she knows something that you don't know. Arriving at my floor, you make your way down the hallway to my suite. You hear voices. You knock lightly. I open the door a few inches and tell you I'll be a few more minutes because the previous interview is running a little longer than expected. Waiting in the hallway, you contemplate leaving. Is this really what you want? Before you can decide, the door opens. A petite, Asian women leaves. She's dressed in a short black skirt and white blouse. Her hair is a bit disheveled and her lipstick is slightly smeared. You're not sure, but you think you see the clip from a garter belt hanging out of her purse. I ask you to come in. I'm barefoot, wearing a long, flowered, silk robe. I apologize for my appearance, explaining that I'm in the process of getting ready for a meeting that evening.

I offer you a seat on the couch in my suite. On the table are a digital camera and a number of papers and resumes from other candidates. One has a rather provocative picture paper clipped to it. I take a seat across from you in a wing chair. My robe opens a bit to show my bare legs and thighs. We chat for a few minutes about the basic requirements of the job and I ask for a copy of your resume. Opening your bag, you produce a copy of your resume, along with some 8x10 pictures of yourself. The first few pictures are of you in professional attire. However, the next pictures are of you in a more "casual" setting. You are dressed in a long black leather coat. With each picture, you are more and more undressed, until the final picture shows you reclining naked on a bed. Silver handcuffs encircle your wrists, which are suspended from the headboard. I glance from the pictures to see you smiling nervously. I nod and slip one of my legs over the arm of the chair. My robe falls open to reveal that I'm naked underneath.

"Are you willing to assist me with anything I ask, anytime I ask?" I inquire.

Silently, you nod you head.

"Anything?" I ask again.

"Anything," you reply.

"Right now, I'm going to ask you to undress for me. Remember, you can refuse my requests, and you can leave anytime you want," I say.

"I understand, but I won't refuse, and I won't be leaving until this job is mine," you answer.

Standing up, you slowly unbutton your blouse. My hand slips between my legs, absent-mindedly stroking my vagina. My eyes are glued to you as you let the blouse slide from your shoulders. Underneath, you are wearing a sheer black lace bra. Reaching behind, you unhook your skirt and lower the zipper. With a slight wiggle of your hips, it falls to the floor, revealing matching black lace panties. Black, knee-high boots encase your feet and calves. Kicking away the skirt, you adjust the waistband of your panties. I see you're slightly blushing. Your hands cover your breasts in a self-conscious manner.

"Turn around for me. Let me see what I'll be getting for my money." I command.

Stepping away from the couch, you turn your back to me, glancing over your shoulder. I smile my approval.

"Bend over," I whisper, continuing to stroke myself.

You comply with my wishes. The leather boots squeak a little as your grab your ankles.

Standing, I let the robe fall away as I walk over to you. Lightly brushing my fingertips over the lacy material of your panties, I hear you gasp. Dragging a single fingernail up your back, I stop at your hair. Taking a handful of your beautiful blonde hair, I pull you up.

Whispering in your ear, I ask, "Are you ready to show me how much you want this job?"

Trembling, you nod your head. I reply by kissing you deeply. Our tongues dance together in our mouths. You take me in your arms and explore my body with your hands. I pull away.

"You're getting a little ahead of yourself, my dear. First, we need to make sure you know who's the boss," I whisper. "Stay here."

Walking into the bedroom, you watch me disappear around the corner. A moment later, I reappear, carrying something. I hand you a black collar.

"Put it on," I command.

With shaky fingers, you buckle the collar around your neck. Turning to me, you lift your chin to show your compliance. I clip a shiny steel leash with a leather handle to your collar.

"Is the collar still warm?" I ask. The women who was here before you had it on for a long time. She probably won't get the job. She was much too timid, but she was certainly a nice little warm-up for what I have planned for you."

Pulling your leash, I bring you in for another kiss. Wrapping my arm around your waist, I pull your body to me, your breasts pressing against mine. Your breathing is shallow and quick. I feel the quick throbbing of your heartbeat.

"I think you're still a bit overdressed. Let's loose that bra," I say.

Giving you some slack on your leash, I step back. You reach behind you and unclasp your pretty bra. Sliding the straps from your shoulders, I watch as you unveil your breasts. Hard pink nipples stand out against your tanned skin.

"Now, the panties," I whisper.

Hooking your thumbs in the waistband, you tug the lace from your hips. They slide down your legs, over your boots. Stepping out of your panties, you hand slips instinctively between your legs. I bend down and pick them up. They're warm to the touch and slightly moist in the crotch. Lifting them to my nose, I inhale your scent, deeply. Holding them to your nose, I command you to sniff them.

"Your panties are wet, my dear. Are you enjoying this?" I ask.

Nodding you head, you close your eyes.

"Open your mouth," I command.

I carefully place the lacy material, crotch-first, into your waiting mouth.

"Turn around," I whisper.

When you comply, I swat you hard on the ass.

"Will you obey me?" I ask.

Again, you nod your head. Again, I slap your ass. Your breathing becomes faster. A third spank brings a slight whimper from your muffled mouth. My red handprint begins to reveal itself on your skin. Leading you to the doorway, I hook the leash on the coat rack. Propping the door to the room open, I walk to the table and pick up my digital camera.

"I need a few pictures to remember this moment." I say. "Put your hands behind your head, and show off those beautiful boobies."

Standing in front of the open door, I snap a few pictures. Faint voices can be heard down the hallway. You look at me, alarmed.

"What's the matter? Are you afraid of being seen? You'll need to get over that, my dear. If you're my personal assistant, you'll be performing in front of audiences from time to time." I laugh.

The voices grow louder. A couple passes by the door. Glancing over, they see your naked body, tethered to the coat rack by your leash. Pausing for just a moment, they quickly walk away, giggling.

"You've passed your first test," I say, pulling the panties from your mouth. "I'm pretty sure you won't be needing these anymore." Tossing them into the hallway, I close the door and kiss you.

Leading you by your leash, I walk to the wing chair, and sit down. Propping my feet on the table before me, I tug your leash to bring you to your knees beside me.

"Would you like to taste me?" I ask.

You nod your head.

"Not yet. Soon, but not yet." I tease. "Start at my toes and work your way up. I'll let you know when you can pleasure me."

Taking my foot in your hands, your tongue darts out and tenderly licks my painted toes. Gentle nibbles cover my foot, making me moan and squirm. The exquisite torture of your kisses on my feet shoot electric jolts through me. My hand slips between my legs again. My slick wetness allows my finger to glide easily over my folds. Kissing and nibbling up my legs, you work your way upward. Removing my finger, I hold it to your lips. Your hot tongue tastes my wet finger. Sucking it gently, you moan your approval. Lifting my leg, I allow you to take your place between my legs. Planting tender kisses on my thighs, you look up at me. I smile as I take a handful of your blonde hair and guide your mouth to my sweetest spot. You lick and such hungrily at me, causing me to moan loudly. My moans encourage you to lick harder. Soon, I'm panting and squealing with delight. Grabbing the arms of the chair, my body shakes with the oncoming orgasm. Finally, I push your head away and lean forward to kiss you. Your face is wet with my excitement.

"You're very good," I gasp. "You're definitely at the top of my list. You've shown you can give it. Let's see how you take it."

Leading you to the window, I open the curtains wide.

"Bend over," I command.

Threading the silver chain between your legs, I slowly drag the cold steel links over your vagina. Your moans let me know you're enjoying it. Gradually, I pull the chain over you faster and faster. You're knees buckle a little, as you try to work the chain over your tender spot. Stopping to let you catch your breath, I spread your lips with my fingers. You gasp as you feel the cold steel pressing against you. One by one, I slip the silver links inside you, until the entire length of the chain fills you.

"Hold it inside you," I urge.

Getting the digital camera again, I snap away.

"I can't let this go by without a few pictures for my scrapbook," I laugh.

Taking the leather handle in my hand, I slowly pull the chain out. You tremble as the links drop away, all the time teasing your clitoris with my thumb.

You rock your hips against my hand, moaning loudly. Leaning in, my tongue snakes between your ass cheeks and darts into your wet hole. You squeal in delight as my tongue works its magic on you. You reach between your legs and spread your lips to give me better access. From time to time, my tongue drifts toward your tight asshole. You shudder as my hot tongue traces over your sensitive opening.

Standing up, I walk to your briefcase.

"What did you bring with you today?" I ask.

Looking in your bag, I pull out a pair of silver handcuffs.

"Interesting," I say, continuing to look through your bag of goodies. I remove a silk scarf, a gold vibrator, and a particularly naughty looking black dildo.

"Come to my bed," I command.

I have you lay on your back with your arms stretched over your head. The handcuffs are applied to your wrists, around a rail in the iron headboard. I wrap the silk scarf around your head as a blindfold. Twisting the base of the gold vibrator, it springs to life. I slip the tip between your lips. You lick and suck the vibrator as I slide it in and out of your mouth. When it's sufficiently wet, I place it between your legs. You arch your hips to accept the toy. Inching it in, I slowly twist the vibrator with each stroke. You bite your lower lip as the enjoyment increases. Before long, the vibrator is pumping in and out of your wet vagina. Your shouts of ecstasy fill the room. I remove the vibrator and toss it aside. Your breathing slows for a moment, wondering what is next. Something is being rubbed against your clitoris in a circular motion. A moment later, it's easily slipped inside you. Without being able to see, you know in an instant that it's the black dildo from your briefcase. Relentlessly, it's driven in and out with increasing force and speed. Suddenly, you feel a familiar buzzing sensation. I'm using the vibrator on your most sensitive spot. Unable to control yourself, you slip over the edge and orgasm. Pulling on your restraints, you thrash on the bed. The vibrator stays in place as you try to pull away. The sensation builds again and you can't help but come again. Exhausted, you lay limp on the bed; a light sheen of perspiration covers your naked body. I unlock the handcuffs and pull away your blindfold. You are rewarded with a kiss.

Pulling the covers over us, we drift into blissful sleep. My search is over. I've found my new personal assistant.

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