tagBDSMThe Interview

The Interview


Arthur stood at his office window and watched the young woman walk up the path towards the main entrance. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that was tight on her slim figure; on her feet were a pair of dirty white trainers. She walked with an air of indifference, not bothering to rush despite already being fifteen minutes late.

The DHSS hand been opening on Saturday mornings for the last two months, it was a new initiative designed to try and catch benefit cheats who worked at weekends.

Arthur volunteered for the new Saturday shifts. The four hours he worked on Saturday mornings meant he got a full day off in the week. It also meant he got the chance to interview the likes of Victoria Burns in a deserted office.

Vicky followed the path towards the front entrance, Arthur kept his eye on her until she got to where the path turned away from his office and the young woman went out of sight.

Five minutes passed before the buzzer rang to signal that someone was waiting at the counter. Arthur took his time walking from his office at the rear of the building to the public waiting area at the front.

When he got there the young woman was leaning on the counter, "Vicky Burns, I am supposed to be seeing someone this morning."

Arthur nodded towards the clock on the waiting room wall and said. "It's ten-twenty. Your appointment was at ten o'clock."

Vicky looked around the empty waiting room and shrugged her shoulders.

"This way then please, Miss Burns." Arthur led the way down a long corridor to the interview room. He opened the door and stood back to let the young woman in first. As she passed close to him he could smell a slight body odour.

The interview room was small and cold. The floor was covered with pale blue linoleum; the only furniture was a single desk with a chair on each side. Arthur took a seat and signalled that Vicky should do the same by holding his hand towards the empty chair.

Vicky sat down and started talking immediately. "I don't know why I am here again. I was only here last month with some woman. Told her I couldn't find no work."

Arthur waited for her to stop talking, took a thin blue file from the drawer, and placed it on the desk in front of them. "When was the last time you were engaged in paid employment Miss Burns?"

"I've not worked in two years." Vicky addressed her answer to the wall behind Arthur's head.

"What was your last paid employment?"

"I can't remember." She shrugged her shoulders and answered in an even tone as if she was already bored by the questions. Arthur noticed her glance at the blue folder.

"Do you know it is an offence to claim unemployment benefit whilst engaged in paid employment?"

"Yes" She looked directly at him this time, but he could tell she was nervous.

Arthur took the folder and set it in front of him, "Have you ever worked 'on the side' Miss Burns?"

She shook her head.

Arthur let Vicky see he was surprised by her answer and made a point of stopping in the middle of opening the folder, "Never, Miss Burns?"


Arthur tapped the front of the folder with a podgy finger. "You've been working at Aldo's Garden Centre for the last six months Victoria."

"Don't know what you're..."

"You can stop pretending Victoria." Arthur flipped open the folder and took out four sheets of paper. All with neat typing on them and all signed at the bottom. "I have statements from employees, customers and even neighbours who have seen you leaving your house every morning."

"Nosey bastards." She took a stray hair and threaded it behind her ear, "S'pose I have to stop working then. Live off the little dole you lot give me."

"There is a bit more to it than that Victoria." Arthur got up and walked around the desk until he was standing over the seated girl. The T-shirt she was wearing had a round neck that exposed her slender neck and a good amount of her chest. He stared openly for a moment, enjoying the sight of the smooth pale flesh. "You have been fraudulently claiming Jobseekers Allowance for the last six months."


"So, we can make you pay it back. If you won't or can't pay it back you could end up in prison."

"I can't pay it back and I don't want to go to prison." She was still defiant but there was a nervousness in her hazel eyes.

Arthur had heard what he wanted to hear. He walked back around the desk and sat down. "How old are you Victoria?"


Arthur leaned back in his chair and considered the young woman in front of him. Coming, as she did, from the Boldsworth Estate she probably had little chance of finding gainful employment. A conviction for benefit fraud would put paid to any chance she ever had of getting a job.

She was young, with a lean body, and an attractive face; even though she tended to spoil her looks by wearing a constant scowl.

"Prison is a last resort and an unlikely outcome. However, you will have to stop work immediately. Unless, of course, you go legit. But I doubt Aldo's Garden Centre pay you enough to make paying tax and national insurance worth your while."

Vicky smiled sarcastically.

Arthur continued, "Your most pressing problem is paying back the benefits you have been claiming. But I may be able to help you there" Arthur took the folder, replaced the papers and put it back in his drawer.

"How?" Vicky asked with a suspicious tone to her voice.

"Well it's all up to me really. I read the case, assess the evidence and decide what course of action is appropriate. There is some evidence in your case but I can probably be lenient. I can write my report, say that I am suspicious that you may have been working but, after interviewing you today I can say that I have my doubts, and that I managed to scare you sufficiently to stop you working and claiming in future."

"And that would be the end of it?" Vicky was biting her bottom lip.

"The end of it as far as the DHSS is concerned." Arthur leaned forward and rested his elbows on the desk.

Vicky shuffled uncomfortably in her chair; she looked straight at Arthur and said in a firm voice, "You can forget about any funny business with me. I don't do that kind of thing."

"I think you are misjudging me Victoria. I am not after a night of passion or a quick blow job under the desk. I will have to work a lot harder to get you out of this mess than I would if I just handed the case to the courts. I will need to know you have learnt your lesson."

"I have. I won't do it again."

"I don't intend to let you get away scot free and I will not let you leave until I am convinced you have learnt your lesson." Arthur looked her in the eye and said, "You can pay for your wrongdoings by receiving a spanking."

There was a slight start but she did not look away. "A spanking? From you?"

"Of course from me. Or you can just walk out that door and await your day in court."

The young girl bit her lip and looked nervously at the door behind her. She had no choice really, what hope did she have of paying back the benefits she had been claiming, and if she didn't pay them back she could end up in prison.

"And after today I won't get called here again?"

"As long as you stop working and claiming benefits, today will be your only punishment." Arthur stood up and walked around the desk. "What is it to be then Victoria? Will you accept your spanking?"

She nodded her head and whispered "Yes."

Arthur told her to stand up. He positioned the chair in the middle of the room and sat down. Then told Vicky to stand at his side. Her jeans were loose around her hips and she did not wear a belt. There was a strip of creamy skin above the top of her jeans and below the hem of het T-shirt. Vicky was by no means fat but there was a soft fullness to the flesh there. Her arms hung loose by her sides. Arthur again noticed the heavy odour of unwashed skin; a natural rather than a dirty smell.

"Well Vicky I am going to spank your bottom for as long as I see fit. When I am convinced that you have learned your lesson then, and only then, the punishment will stop. Understand?"

She nodded and pulled the hem of her T-shirt down.

"Over you go then." Arthur took Vicky's arm and guided her over his knees; he felt the warmth of the eighteen year olds body as it settled on his thighs. She braced her legs behind her and rested the palms of her hands on the linoleum floor.

In front of Arthur was a small, chubby, denim clad bottom, two firm hillocks divided by the seam of her jeans. He laid his left arm across the bare skin at the small of her back and placed the palm of his right hand on her right buttock. Vicky stiffened a little as she felt his hand on her jeans. Arthur could feel her body warmth through her clothes. He pushed firmly against her bottom and was pleased to feel the firmness of the flesh.

He slapped her left buttock first, raising his hand about eight inches above the target and bringing it down with a firm slap. The denim dulled the noise but nonetheless it gave a satisfying thud. Vicky stayed silent. Arthur waited a couple of seconds then spanked the other cheek. This time he did not wait in between spanks and started to hit each cheek alternately. Slap, slap, slap, slap, his hand beat out a steady rhythm on the chubby cheeks in the denim jeans. Vicky shifted position ever so slightly, placing her feet a couple of inches further apart. In this position Arthur could see where the denim had faded in the crotch of her jeans.

The slaps became firmer; Vicky's breathing became louder and more erratic. Arthur continued to stare at the bottom in front of him, his hand a blur of pink as it spanked the young woman's bottom. He continued his firm rhythm for over two minutes before he stopped abruptly.

"Owch!" Vicky cried as the beating came to an end. Arthur could feel Vicky's stomach tightening against his thigh as the young woman tried to suck in air.

"How was that?"


"Well it's not over yet. Stand up." Arthur leaned back to let the girl rise. She got unsteadily to her feet and stood in front of him; both of her hands rubbing her bottom.

"Those jeans are giving you far too much protection. Drop them please." The young woman looked at the man sitting in front of her and realised he did not expect anything but total obedience from her. She undid the button, slid down the zip and with a hand at each side of the waistband pulled down her jeans. Underneath she wore a pair of plain orange knickers.

"Back over." Arthur ordered.

Vicky, restricted by the jeans around her ankles, shuffled towards him and lowered herself back into position. Again she steadied herself with her hands and feet on the linoleum floor and waited for the onslaught to resume.

Arthur again took a moment to look at the view in front of him. The knickers had a full seat that moulded the young woman's bottom. A fair amount of material had caught in the crease between the fleshy cheeks. The rear view of her pussy lips, outlined below the orange cotton of her knickers, peeped from between her thighs.

Placing his hand on her bottom Arthur enjoyed the feel of Vicky's warm flesh through the cotton of her knickers. He was bolder now, letting his hand linger on her bottom, he gave one cheek a firm squeeze.

Without warning the spanking started. "Owch!" Vicky, cried as the first slap made contact with her bottom. With each further spank she let out a gasp. Arthur ignored the young woman and continued to hit the fleshy buttocks with a fair amount of force.

"Ow! That's too hard." Vicky reached back with her right hand in an effort to protect her bottom. Arthur interrupted his steady rhythm to grab her wrist and force it into the small of the young woman's back and out of the way.

The spanking had forced more of the orange knickers deeper into Vicky's bum crack, exposing a fair amount of firm flesh that was turning a bright shade of pink. The smacks made a sharp slapping sound as Arthur's hand came into contact with the exposed part of Vicky's cheeks.

Spank, "Owch!" Slap, "Aaaowwch!" Vicky was screaming after every spank. Arthur hooked a finger under the left leg hole of Vicky's knickers and pulled them aside to expose a little more flesh. A satisfied smile spread across his face on seeing the contrast between the pink flesh that had been exposed to the spanking and the white skin that, until that moment, had been protected by her knickers.

He gave the cheeks another rub, watching the way the buttocks moved under his rubbing, before jiggling back into shape when he removed his hand.

Taking a firm grip on Vicky's hand he pressed it against the small of her back, securing her more firmly in his lap in case of any resistance to what he planned next. Gripping the waistband of her knickers with his right hand Arthur started to draw them down, exposing the top of her cheeks and bottom crack.

"No! No!" Vicky kicked her legs and tried to struggle free. Arthur let go of her knickers and gave her one hard slap on her half exposed bum.

"Stay still!" He shouted.

At the sound of his raised voice Vicky stopped kicking. When she was still Arthur continued to pull down her knickers. Two pale, fleshy globes were revealed to Arthur, wobbling slightly as the knickers were drawn over them. The deep central divide also came into view. The orange knickers were inverted as they came down, the materiel trapped in between her buttocks. Arthur took a firm grip and yanked the knickers down. As they emerged from her bottom crack Arthur saw a brown stain in the crotch, it looked moist, was about half an inch long and darker and wider on the middle. Arthur dragged the knickers down her thighs and left them just above her knees. Inside out, the tell tale stain of Vicky's tardy attitude to hygiene on display. Inhaling deeply Arthur detected the faint odour of shit emerging from the young woman across his lap.

Vicky's slender thighs did not cover any of her modesty. The rear pouch of her fleshy pussy was on show, shaved and pursed together, there was a slight hint of inner labia between the outer lips.

Arthur smiled at a young woman that was careful to keep her pussy free of pubic hair but seemingly oblivious to a dirty bottom. He placed the palm of one hand on one of her buttock cheeks and pulled her bottom open exposing the sweaty crack and the small brown pucker of her anus.

"Hey!" Vicky cried out in protest but Arthur ignored her and continued to stare at her intimate details. There was a small amount of hair in her bum crack, moist with sweat and stuck to the sides of her inner cheeks. There was a thicker circle of hair around the anus and a small trace of shit could be seen around the hole. The anus itself was a faint shade of yellow. With her cheeks open the smell of her pooh was quite apparent now.

"Dirty old perv." Vicky said through clenched teeth.

"Judging by what I can see here you are the dirty one Miss Burns. Have you ever heard of toilet paper?" Arthur waited for Vicky to answer. When she gave no response he tapped her bum cheek lightly and asked. "Lost your tongue?"

"Just hurry up and get it over with. I never want to see this place again."

"Very well." Arthur started the spanking again. He took more time in between slaps now, enjoying the view of the naked eighteen year old bottom in front of him. All of Vicky's resistance had gone; she tugged her wrist from his grip and placed her hand back on the floor.

This bare bottom spanking, although slower, had more force than the ones over her jeans and knickers. She cried out after each stroke, sometimes an involuntary squeak and sometimes she swore at the top of her voice. The beating continued regardless, there was more to see now that she was bare and Arthur enjoyed the way her skin wobbled and turned pink with each slap. After one hard slap, aimed at the crease of skin where her buttocks met her thighs, Vicky pulled her knees in and lifted her feet off the floor. This movement tightened her buttocks and pushed her pussy out behind, giving Arthur a nice view of her chunky lips.

He had both hands free now and after a particularly savage rain of blows he stopped to admire his handy work. Vicky started to rise, thinking that the punishment was over but Arthur laid a palm on each of her cheeks and pulled them apart. A strong musky smell rose from her crack as it opened, followed by a short wet fart.

"Let me go, I've had enough."

Arthur smoothed his hands over the warm chunky cheeks. "You won't be making any false claims for Jobseekers Allowance in future will you Vicky?"

"No. Now let me go." There was a loud sniff and Arthur thought he may have spanked the young woman to tears.

"Stand up." To get up Vicky had to push off her hands and feet, a movement that gave Arthur a final close up view of her pussy and bum-hole. She stood in front of him and bent to pull up her knickers and jeans.

"Not until I say the punishment is over." She stood straight again, directly in front of Arthur, head bowed and hands clasped in front of her lap. "Put them by your sides." Vicky moved her hands to her sides. Arthur took one last look at the young woman. Her eyes were red with tears, her jeans and knickers bunched around her ankles, the brown stain clearly visible. Her long bare legs looked lean and athletic. Every detail of her pussy was on display, the thin lips with their deep divide, a hint of inner labia poked out of the smoothness of the shaven mound.

"OK you have had your punishment. You can leave but don't let me catch you trying to beat the system again." Before Arthur had finished his sentence she was pulling up her knickers and jeans. She stopped momentarily when the skid mark in her knickers caught her eye, but pulled them back on anyway.

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