The Interview


"I'll do it." Abi said shakily. She couldn't quite believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. "I will be better than Laura." She surprised herself by saying that aloud.

"I hope you will be, for your sake" said Mr Strachan simply. He turned his chair away from the desk and towards Abi. He looked expectant. "When you're ready, Abi."

Abi swallowed and her conviction for what she was about to do grew. One time only. No one will know. One time... She was standing barely 2 feet away. She took a small step forward and sunk to her knees. Her shaking hands went to his zip. She looked up at him and saw him smile encouragingly. She pulled his zip down and undid his trouser button. He was wearing white boxer shorts which had the front button undone on them already. Laura's work, no doubt, she thought hatefully. Her small, delicate hand delved inside the large hole in the boxer shorts. She wrapped her hand around his firming cock and brought it out in front of her. It was neither large nor small but it had a pleasant amount of girth. She started running her hands up and down it slowly, feeling it rapidly harden in her hand. She adjusted her body position and leaned forward slightly. A familiar smell struck her -- roses. Laura's perfume... Slut...

Abi had no intention of giving Mr Strachan hours of entertainment. I will do just enough, just better than Laura. I'm not a whore like her. The question is, what did Laura do? Mr Strachan was watching her intently. Abi kept up her caressing. She gripped his cock tightly, near the top and jerked him down and up, down and up, down and up. White pre-cum began to ooze at the tip of his cock. She thought to herself, hopefully all she did was give him a handjob. That way, maybe if I put it in my mouth a few times he will think that is better. She steeled herself mentally. Abi didn't mind giving blowjobs but she had never been blackmailed into giving one before.

Abi pulled down on Mr Strachan's cock and tilted it towards her face. She looked up into Mr Strachan's eyes. She noticed how grey and cold they were. He had no qualms about crushing her career, blackmailing her or even Laura for that matter. He had nothing to lose. Pushing thoughts of anger from her mind, she maintained eye contact and brought her face closer. Mr Strachan seemed to look at her more intensely. She could feel his cock pulsing gently in her hand. She licked his cock from the base slowly -- all the way to the top. She stopped just before the pre-cum. No need to go overboard. Laura would never have don- wait... She could almost taste something on her tongue that was neither cum or cock. She closed her eyes and repeated the action, licking his cock at both sides all the way up. Her tongue fanned wide to capture the taste as much as possible. She recognised not the taste but the texture on her tongue. Like a silky oil that was the reward from deep kissing. She knew that someone else had been licking or sucking his cock and it didn't take a genius to guess who. That dirty whore!

Abi had no choice now but to give Mr Strachan the best blowjob she could muster. Mr Strachan was smiling. Abi wondered if she could read her mind from her facial expressions. Abi restored eye contact with him, smiled as sexy a smile as she could give and then opened her mouth wide. She then dropped her head into his lap until should feel his cock at the back of her throat. She closed her lips and then moved her head backwards. She then had just the head of his cock in her mouth. She then rotated her tongue, flat against against his head and moved it in circles. This caused Mr Strachan to grunt slightly which gave Abi a minor feeling of satisfaction.

Abi let some of her saliva slide down his cock. She had sucked enough cocks in her tender years to know what men liked. She pulled away and was pleased to see she had licked away the pre-cum. Which guy doesn't like that...?, she thought wryly. She raised her hand slightly to drag the saliva down the shaft and it began to lubricate her hand movements. She felt a pressure on the back of her head -- Mr Strachan's hand... She yielded to the pressure, opened her mouth once more and took him deep. She then slid slowly back up to the tip of his shaft and then slid quickly down again, all the while caressing him with her tongue. Any time that Abi caused a grunt she made a mental note. This had to be her best work. Abi settled into a rhythm that gained a little speed. Mr Strachans hands were resting on her neck.

Abi could gradually feel Mr Strachan's fidgeting getting more urgent. He was starting to involuntarily press on the back of her neck in rhythm with her head. Abi was driving his cock to her limit, which was about a couple of inches from the base. Abi had deepthroated a cock before -- she remembered it well. Her first boyfriend when she was 15 had practically begged her. That's what you get when you get with older guys... Abi didn't overly enjoy deepthroating though and felt that she was doing enough. Suddenly, her mouth completely full of cock, Mr Strachan pulled her head right into his lap. The final few inches slide down the back of Abi's throat. Abi coughed, somewhat unprepared and swallowed involuntarily. This made Mr Strachan give his loudest groan of pleasure yet. Somewhat affronted, she yanked her head out of his lap and looked up at him quizzically and as regally as she could master. It's hard to look regal when you have just spent the last 5 minutes whoring yourself..., she thought bitterly.

Mr Strachan looked at her and said cooly, "If you want the job, you must do better than Laura. She couldn't deepthroat. I think that you can though. Up to you of course but I didn't have you down as stupid."

Abi knew she was trapped now. Ha! Something that I have that Laura hasn't! She knew that he had a point... I had best get on with it... I have got this far I guess. Somewhat forlornly, she breathed deeply, opened her mouth wide and did just has her friend had told her when she first did it. Breathe Abi. That's it. Breathe. Then open as wide as you can but make sure your lips are wet. Then pick a point at the base of his cock. Aim his cock exactly down your throat. Slide it in to your limit. That's it- perfect. Now swallow and half way through, slide forward that last few inches. Mr Strachan tilted his head back and moaned. Don't try and breathe too much. Try and draw your surname out on his cock with your tongue before you go back for air too. Abi resisted the urge to gag. If this doesn't get me the job I don't know what will. Abi pulled back for air and repeated the same procedure. This time, she flicked her tongue out across the base of his shaft. To try and gain a bit more breathing time, she then put just his head in her mouth and sucked it in hard but wet. She teased all around his head with her tongue, starting to feel the taste of cum again. He must be getting close now, she hoped.

Abi got back into a rhythm of sucking, teasing and ramming it down her throat. There were no complaints or interruptions from Mr Strachan and Abi could tell he was getting closer. Suddenly, his desk phone rang. Abi was not entirely sure whether to stop or not, so she paused with her mouth half full. Mr Strachan picked up the phone and leaned back again in the chair. He then put some pressure on Abi's head. Keep going I guess...Abi tried to repeat the sucking motions smoothly and without noise. Harder than it looks!, she realised.

"Yes?" Mr Strachan answered gruffly.

Abi could just hear the answer over her own activities.

"I have some messages from Mr Lovegood and Mr Kirtman. Would you like them brought through?"

Abi recognised the voice. It was Mr Strachan's PA. Just keeping up pretenses... He will get rid of her... Abi was not really prepared for what Mr Strachan said next.

"Yes, please bring them through immediately."

Abi didn't have time to even get her head out of his lap before the door opened and the PA walked in. Her wet lips, guilty expression and close proximity to Mr Strachan's bare cock spoke volumes. The PA took a look, smiled hawkishly and walked over to the desk as Mr Strachan returned the phone to the hook.

"Your messages, Mr Strachan" she said smoothly.

Abi felt more pressure on her neck. He wants me to continue??? She was so embarrassed she thought her cheeks were on fire. She could tell everyone!! I wonder if Laura had the same treatment... She realised that if she resisted, she could ruin all her hard work so far. I can't believe I'm gonna do this. She saw out the corner of her eye that the PA was watching her smiling. Abi closed her eyes, gathered her conviction once more and tried to imagine that she was in a locked room that was 300 miles away from another soul. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and slid half of Mr Strachan's cock in her mouth. Last time someone watched me give some a blowjob was when Kari was teaching me to deepthroat... That was when she was 15. Different circumstances now... She thought bitterly.

Clearly satisfied with Abi's response to the interruption, Mr Strachan said, "Thank you, Kelly."

"Will there be anything else? Perhaps some condoms are required?" she said innocently.

I am actually going to hit her when I'm finished here... He will not be screwing me! If Laura didn't let him then I won't either! She carried on sucking Mr Strachan in half motions -- as delicate as she could manage. She realised after a few seconds that Mr Strachan hadn't answered her. She saw that both Mr Strachan and Kelly were looking at her expectantly. The question was directed at me!

She pulled away from Mr Strachan. "err... No they won't be required.." She mumbled feeling silly. She looked Mr Strachan in the eyes and said firmly, a little louder. "At all."

Kelly clearly had seen this all before. How does Mr Strachan get away with it?, wondered Abi.

Kelly closed with, "Thank you Mr Strachan" and promptly turned on her heel and left just as abruptly. Somewhat relieved to see her go, Abi continued a bit more earnestly. She was a little deflated to see that the interruption had caused her to lose a bit of her momentum. He was still as hard as a rock but he was not as tense. I can't quite believe I am willing him to cum! She thought. This job better be worth it...

Abi returned to her rhythm of deepthroat followed by massaging the head of his penis with her tongue followed by deep, smooth and wet sucking. She could tell she was doing it all a bit more vehemently now. She wanted him to cum and it to all be over. She didn't think her cheeks would ever stop being red. Abi had Mr Strachan's cock in her throat when he surprised her by speaking.

"You know, Abi you are impressing here. Laura was most rude to Kelly."

I bet she was... For once I couldn't blame her!, thought Abi bitterly. She didn't really know what to say to that she just bleated in consent. It sounded a bit strangled with her mouth full but it seemed to satisfy.

"Plus your mouth is so... accommodating." He sounded almost mocking.

She pulled off, smiled her sexiest smile and slide him back in again. He didn't call me here for conversation... Just get on with it, girl...

"It's just such a shame that as it stands, you and Laura are equal in my book" he said. He didn't bother to hide the malicious grin from his face.

Abi caught unawares, coughed his cock out of her throat. Equal?? I am on my hands on knees, blowing him, deepthroating him, with a boyfriend at home despite the fact that I am better than Laura and he thinks we are EQUAL???

She grabbed his cock in her hand and massaged it, determined not to lose her momentum again. "Equal?" She couldn't hide the hurt, surprise and anger in her voice.

"Yes. Unfortunately for you, Laura had the good sense to take her clothes off before satisfying me. I know that you have come dressed..." He looked down at her bare thighs and the skirt which had ridden up well past modesty. "appropriately. However, whores generally look their best in their skin, don't you agree?"

Abi didn't know what to say. Her heart sank. Even if I finish him off we are equal? It's too late to take my clothes off now. She realised that she would have done it too. I guess him seeing me naked doesn't compare to giving a blowjob... Maybe if I started now, he wouldn't mind... But I am not a whore! Her hands moved to the buttons on her blouse. She just undid past the halfway mark before Mr Strachan interrupted.

"I think it's a bit late for that now Abi... Your interview is nearly over. If you want to be sure of my support, you will have to think of something else. Either that, or you can gamble and hope that how quickly you agreed to this situation will go in your favour. Obviously I cannot guarantee that."

Interview is nearly over? Clearly that means he thinks he is going to cum soon... Abi began to wish that she could start again. How am I in this situation?? Did I agree quickly? She tried to cast her mind back to the start but couldn't remember what she said. How long did Laura take to agree? Abi suddenly felt all of the whore that Mr Strachan clearly felt she was. Her self-respect seemed to vanish and all she wanted was to beat Laura. She didn't care anymore. This is all that stuck-up bitch's fault. I HATE her.

Abi stood up and looked at Mr Strachan. He was smiling smugly and was holding his erection. Abi closed her eyes and tried to think it was Jason sitting in the chair. Her hands returned to her unbuttoning as she felt ridiculous with her blouse half undone and would have felt more ridiculous to do it back up and then do what she was about to do. She moved the folds of her blouse away to expose her breasts in her thin, translucent bra. Her nipples were clearly visible through the material. Abi opened her eyes and saw that Mr Strachan started to slowly masturbate.

She lifted her skirt up higher. She realised that it had ridden up when she had been kneeling and the PA would have seen more than Abi bargained for. Not much I can do about that now... She rolled her skirt up onto her hips. Mr Strachan drank in the soft teenage skin on her lean thighs. Abi's black thong was no less translucent than her bra. Mr Strachan could see her bare mound and her perfect rear. Abi pinched the lace frame of her thong and pulled it down to her ankles. She stepped out it and lightly kicked it out of the way. Mr Strachan looked at Abi's pussy hungrily. Abi knew it was wet from habit. Normally giving guys head means I will get a good time too... I don't think that is going to happen today. She stuck two fingers in her mouth and ran it through her pussy, making sure it was lubricated. She turned towards the table and put her hands on it. She pushed her ass back and formed a perfect curving line with her back.

"I'm on the pill so don't bother with condoms. Just get on with it." she said angrily. She refused to give him the satisfaction of addressing him with his title.

Mr Strachan stood up and walked the few paces to where she was stretched out, leaning on the table. He stood behind her and Abi heard the sound of his belt hitting the floor followed by his boxers. She felt his hand grab her side roughly and then shortly felt a pressure at her wet opening. Mr Strachan did not tease her or stand on ceremony. He drove his cock deep into her pussy in one fluid motion. Abi was pushed further onto the table. Abi felt his cock inside her and was felt grateful for her own exuberance when blowing him. He was so rough with her that her saliva acted as a somewhat necessary lubricant. Mr Strachan was hammering her from behind. Each time he drove him, Abi was pushed further up his desk. Soon, she was pinned against the side, held in place by Mr Strachan and the desk. The hard wood pressed against her hips painfully but she refused to cry out. Abi was eye level with Mr Strachan's family photo. She slammed it face down onto the desk. Now is not that time to be thinking about that... Mr Strachan's balls were slapping against her pussy. Abi felt every inch the whore. One time only... Never again... Mr Strachan was grunting and breathing hard. Abi could feel him tighten inside her and knew he was getting closer to cumming. Abi took a hard slap on her ass by surprise. It stung like hell. I will not cry out! I will not give him the satisfaction! I won-

Abi surprised herself when she let out a moan of ecstasy. She hated feeling a whore. Hated being bent over a desk for a job. Hated having the taste of cum in her mouth. Hated what she was having to do to beat Laura in this stupid contest. But that doesn't stop being fucked feeling so good... She vowed to not let another moan slip out but she had already given Mr Strachan what he wanted. Her head was yanked back as her grabbed her hair.

"You filthy slut!" he whispered loudly in her ear. "Ahhh... Yeah...."

She could fill her tight pussy begin to feel warmer and fuller. Mr Strachan did not let up as he pumped as much cum into Abi as he could. Abi was surprised how much there was as Laura had already taken a load barely half an hour before. I bet Laura had it easier... She just had a little bit on her top. She wondered where the rest had gone and remembered that Mr Strachan had to change his shirt. She might be a whore but she refuses to swallow! She felt somewhat victorious about this. Abi, under normal circumstances, had no qualms about swallowing cum.

Abi could feel Mr Strachan's cum sliding towards her opening. She counted 6 spurts of cum being pumped into her before he was spent. He slid out of her with a wet sound. It's over... That job is mine! I deserve it after this! Abi was breathing heavily, still leaning against the desk. She heard a click behind her.

She turned around and Mr Strachan was holding a camera and smiling smugly once again. He had kicked off his trousers and underwear. He was sweating from his efforts but his face said that he enjoyed nailing such a young teenage beauty. Abi surged with anger. I did not say he could take a photo! What if someone sees!

"What the hell are you doing?" she said half indignantly. She realised that it was hard to be taken seriously when your blouse was open, skirt was around your waist, your bare pussy was on display and you were full of cum.

"I have one final... challenge for you in your interview." he said smugly. "You can choose to either, allow me to post this photo on the internet..." He paused slightly and Abi's world swam.

Post on the internet? But... Oh my God!! Anyone could see! My family!! Jason! He can't find out about what I've done...

"Alternatively, you can bend back over that desk and allow me a bit of... free reign."

"What does that mean?" she asked, somewhat worried. Nothing goes on the internet. That bastard, I have completed the interview! I did better than Laura!

"Exactly as I said" Mr Strachan said simply. "What is it to be?" He clicked the camera once more and just smiled.

Abi was filled with rage and fear. This wasn't about a job. This was about Mr Strachan and getting what he wanted. However, her hands were tied. I have no choice... Getting the job is pointless if no one respects me because they think I'm some kind of porno girl. Abi was shaking with fear and rage. There is nothing I can do. I cannot let anything go on the internet!! Not a single thing!

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