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The Interview Project: Introduction


The Interview Project – Introduction

Last year I started writing stories for Literotica. I enjoyed it as a writing exercise and was surprised at how well received my pieces were but there were problems. As I wrote more stories, I found myself falling back on porn cliches. Eventually, this led to writer’s block. I realized that I had become completely out of touch with the reality of sex today. The solution? I decided that I needed to talk to some young, open, sexually active women. Their opinions and experiences would hopefully bring a new realism to my writing. These had to be real girls, however, not jaded “professional” women or amateur “escorts”.

I can only hope I’m not the one to break this to you but it’s a fact! Porn films have no basis in reality. For the most part, threesomes, money shots and rampant orgies exist only in that video world. Likewise, erotic literature is fantasy where everyone is perfect and hard and horny and not worried about school, work or what’s wrong with their car this week. Ironically, what both of these venerable artistic forms do best is to make us long for the real thing—the real girl away from the camera and the fantasy. Reality can be a sobering thing, however. There exists no such creature as the brainless, smooth-skinned blonde sex toy you saw on DVD last night. In her place is a complex, complicated and sometimes conflicted young woman. No two are exactly alike but when you take the time to get to know them, all of them are a million times better than your fantasies. They’re real!

I chose three of these real young women for the project. I don’t claim that there’s anything important about these interviews but they are utterly fascinating glimpses of young sexuality today. There was talk of doing more and I thought it would be interesting perhaps to do different ages or different races but for now, these three girls comprised the project.

Each girl was given final approval of her own interview. Anything they wanted taken out was taken out. They knew the talks would be explicit but, for the most part, they weren’t nervous and were remarkably matter-of-fact about the most personal subjects. I started with a set list of questions but tried to remain conversational. Sometimes we veered way off course. Although this was often the best material, unless it impacted the subject of sex in some way, those parts were truncated or edited out all together.

The end result is a totally unscientific view of the sex lives of three barely legal young ladies, all of whom, despite the fact that they’ve already had ten times more carnal experience than I ever had, remain child-like and naïve in so many ways. I’m not an expert so I won’t even attempt to psychoanalyze them but what remains unsaid speaks volumes. There’s heartbreak, confusion, sadness, hope and excitement in each one of them. Their future may be unknown but they accept that as they struggle to recognize their worth as women and as sexual beings in our male-dominated society. In spite of some of the things that come out, I know them all to be good girls. They are not porn stars, prostitutes or Internet sluts. They are, in fact, works in progress. Undoubtedly, I now know more about each of them than most of their lovers ever will. In a bizarre way, I feel like I’ve been made love to by all of them …and they were all fantastic in bed! Thanks girls! I hope it was good for you, too.

This, of course, was an unusual departure for me and turned out to be quite a satisfying experiment on a personal level. Unfortunately, behind the scenes content problems with Lit kept the separate interviews from going up together. I re-edited yet again, not changing the facts but leaving out parts that were questionable. I think they still work, separately or together. Please use Feedback to let me know what you think. If the interview concept goes over, two of the girls have already suggested that they’d love to talk more sex in the future (and they’ve already increased their number of partners to do it!). Dani, with my urging, has begun posting her own stories on LITEROTICA under the name Dani Meadows. Her first , STATIC IN MY HEAD is under the First Timer category. I’ve read her second, too. They’re hot because she’s hot…and she’s real. Enjoy.

TIP Pt 1: Dani’s Story

TIP Pt 2: Dru’s Story

TIP Pt. 3: Meg’s Story

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