tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Interview Project Pt. 02

The Interview Project Pt. 02


The Interview Project Part Two: Dru's Story

"Sometimes my body just takes over and things happen."- Dru

My second choice for The Interview Project was the former employee that had gotten me started writing for Lit in the first place when the two of us decided to enter an erotic short story contest we saw advertised on a magazine cover. Neither of us finished a story at that time but mine was plotted and halfway written when I discovered this website. The rest is history. I met Drusilla when she had just turned eighteen. She is one of those girls who can literally get away with murder. She comes across as ditsy, but spiritual, child-like, yet sexy and always open to anything. Despite a recent trip to Amsterdam (I still didn't get the whole scoop on that.), she's a typical, small-town, suburban girl working as a waitress. We had discussed the subject of sex occasionally in the past and she said she would've been greatly offended if I hadn't included her in this project. The park where I had previously talked with Dani was near her new apartment so we returned there on a sunny evening to talk about her sex life.

B-Okay, first of all, tell me about yourself. Who are you?

D-I am 20 years old. I have blondish, well, not blonde but brownish-reddish hair. I'm not fat but I'm not incredibly skinny either.

B- (laughing) Yes, you are!

D-( giggles) Okay, okay! I'm tall and skinny! I like to work out as hard as I can and…well, I'm sexually active! That's about it.

B-What's your religious background?

D- Wicca.

B-I mean, were you raised with that?

D- Oh, no.

B-What religion were you raised in then?

D-None actually. They decided to let me view religious experiences on my own and, after awhile, that's what I chose as right for me.

B-How old were you?

D-I guess I was about thirteen. I became interested in it and by the time I was eighteen I had finally realized what I was.

B-Did you learn about sex from your parents?

D- No, not really. More from school and then all of a sudden, I discovered porn and it was like "HEY! What's that…?!!" So….(giggles)

B-You like sex then?

D-Depends on who I'm having it with but, overall, yes, I do!

B-Do you masturbate?

D-Yes I do!

B-How do you do it?

D-Well…first I'm lying in a bed…I don't know. The mood strikes me and I just go for it!

B-I meant, do you use anything or…

D- Oh. No. My hands. That's about it.

B-Hmmm. You hear about vibrators and dildos all the time but nobody seems to use them.

D-Nah! Don't need 'em. (giggles)

B-Do you do it to relax or to have an orgasm?

D- Really for relaxation. I've never been able to have an orgasm through masturbation. There was one time where I did come close, though. It was when my boyfriend was watching me. Granted, it was dark but I knew he was watching and that just made it ten times better. When you're doing it by yourself you can get distracted or bored but if you've got somebody else watching you and they're kind of looking at you in fascination, that just gets you off. When it looks like somebody else is getting off on you getting off, well…that's what really gets me off!

B-What do you think about while you're playing with yourself? What do you fantasize about?

D-Actually, since then I fantasize about other people watching me when I'm doing it or having sex. It just makes me hotter.

B-Have you ever had a big audience?

D-Oh, no, I don't think I could ever actually do it but I love to fantasize about it!

B-How old were you when you first kissed a guy?

D-I was eleven.

B-Was it his idea or yours?

D- Mine. Well, both of ours, really. We both really wanted it.


B-Did you like the first time you actually had sex?

D-Uhhh…let's just say it was very painful. That's about it.

B-Did you have an orgasm then or do you even have orgasms?

D-No. Not then. Ummm…I do have them now, but not with every man I'm with.

B-What kinds of things turn you on?

D-I don't know. Sometimes it can be nothing, just the way someone looks at me and other times, they could just say something. It doesn't have to be a touch at all. It can be anything and "Boom!", there I am.

B-Do you like to have your neck nibbled?

D-Oh, God, yes!! (giggles)

B-Okay, what name do you think of in your own head when you think of your private parts? What do you call your sex?

D-Actually, seriously, I just call it the real word—my vagina….or sometimes my hoo-hah.

B-(laughs) I can hear it now: Come on big boy, pound my hoo-hah!!

D-(laughs)Oh, no. I don't really talk dirty. I love it when people talk dirty to me but I don't talk dirty to them. I want to but I just don't know what to say and when I think too much about what to say, I start laughing! So I haven't gotten past the giggles with the dirty talk yet.

B-Do you shave down there?

D-Yes. Mostly, it started out I was trimming and, like, one part went bald so I decided to make the rest of it match, too.

B-Do you like the way it smells?


B-Overall, do you like your body?

D-Ummm…..sometimes. Sometimes, I do. I'll look in the mirror and I'm like, "Wow!". Other times, though, I'll look in the mirror and be like, "ugh!"

B-Do you like to read erotica?

D-Oh, God, yes! Anne Rice, mainly. I haven't read much of anything else because she basically tops everything!

B-Do you like to watch porn?

D-Yes! The five and a half hour long ones, not the kind you can get in adult stores. The kind you have to order. Those are the only ones worth watching.

B-Okay, here's the big question. How many guys have you been with?

D-Hmmm…Okay, you see there's this one that I don't really want to count 'cause it only happened once and I fell asleep.

B-Geeeez, Dru! You kinda have to count them all!

D-Okay, okay. Five. Six!

B-It's interesting to me how many young girls have adopted President Clinton's definition of sex. If there was no actual intercourse, it wasn't really sex. Doesn't matter if you gave a guy three handjobs while you were showering with him, that wasn't really sex.

D-Oh. Well, if you're gonna get picky like that, that's… gonna change my numbers.

B-(laughs) Do you ever worry about your reputation?

D-No. I'm just being myself.

B-What would be your definition of a slut?

D-My definition of a slut is a girl that will sleep around all day every day and just not care.

B-Ooookay. Have you ever had sex while drinking?

D-Yes. I probably wouldn't have done it if I hadn't been drinking but I wanted it to happen and I just didn't have the guts to do it. It helped loosen me up a little bit.

B-So it was the guy's idea but you wanted to go along and the alcohol gave you that push to do it.

D-Yeah, exactly.

B-Do you prefer it rough or gentle?

D-Depends on the situation. Sometimes, a girl just really, really wants to be grabbed and pushed up against a wall and just…go for it. Other times it really needs to be nice and gentle.

B-Do you prefer to be in control or let the guy take charge of the situation?

D-Again, it just depends. Sometimes I just really want to take over so I do. Other times, like I said, I want him to just go for it and just do whatever it is he has to do and I'm just there for the ride. I like to see what he likes.

B-Do you consider yourself kinky?

D-Actually, not really. I know I like to talk about stuff like that but I don't think I really am.

B-Okay, let's find out. How many handjobs have you given?

D-Oh, God! Oh, God! I have no idea!(giggles)

B-Well, estimate. More than a hundred?

D-No. Not more than a hundred. Let's just put it down as "lots."

B-Alright. Have you been with multiple partners at the same time?


B-Would you like to be?

D-Ooooo, that's a BAD question to ask! That's a REALLY bad question to ask! Owww… I don't really think I could ever do it. I would always want to but I doubt I could actually do it…unless I had a LOT of liquor!

B-Have you ever been with a woman?

D-Well, I have made out with a couple but that's it.

B-Have you ever been tied up…or would you like to be?

D-No, 'cause that involves a lot of trust and it takes quite awhile for me to actually gain that much trust for a guy.

B-Have you had sex during your period?


B-Well, did you like it?

D-Yes! Well, most people know when you're on your period, you're constantly wet down there so its not a problem trying to…y'know? A girl can't get dried up real fast. He knew that I was on it and I was really comfortable with this guy so it was good.

B-Have you ever had anal sex?

D-Yes. It hurts but…sad to say if it was with anyone else, I wouldn't ever do it but with this one person, yes, I did.

B-Do you like to have your ass played with?

D-Oh, no!

B-Do you like to have your breasts touched?

D-God, yes! Two percent of women can actually have an orgasm just by guys sucking on their breasts.

B-You checked those statistics, did you?

D-Yes! Actually, my boyfriend is really good at it. Your nipples really hurt for like the next five days because it feels like he's tearing your nipples off, but it feels good at the time.

B-Do you like to be tickled?

D-During sex, no, because it actually hurts. When I get tickled, my stomach automatically gets tucked in and it just hurts. It doesn't make me laugh.

B-Okay, here's an essay question. If you had a man tied to a bed naked and blindfolded, what would you do to him? Discuss.

D-Oh, God, you name it, I'd do it! Chocolate, butterscotch, whipped cream. My God, that boy would be ice cream! I'd just be puttin' the topping on him! Oh, believe me, he'd be REALLY happy! (giggles)

B-All right. What, if anything, would you consider to be your fetish?

D-Ummm…I love to bite and scratch! I love it! I looove it! When I'm scratching, it feels so good that my hands are clenching and unclenching and when I'm biting, its because I'm trying not to scream. It's not just something I'm doing because I want to. I'm doing it because I have to and it feels good! I know one guy still has scratch marks from one of the first times we had sex months ago. I mean, it's a scar probably.

B-Call it a souvenir. Do you like to wear sexy lingerie?

D-Oh, of course. I can't afford it, though. Anything like that that makes a guy's jaw drop.

B-Do you like to have a guy go down on you?

D-Oh, ha, ha, yesss! For the first three years of my sex life, that's the only way I could get off. There was no other way for me to get off.

B-Do you like going down on a guy?

D-Of course.

B-Do you swallow?

D- Sometimes. All men taste different. You just have to see.

B-Have you done a 69?

D- Yeah. Yes. Very nice. It's been a really long time since I've done one of those. I was on top and the guy knew exactly how to use his tongue and he knew exactly what he was doing. I still wasn't sure. I'd done it before but I wasn't an expert or anything but in the position I was in, I started learning. It was a really good experience.

B-What's your favorite position, then?

D-I will always have to go with facing each other because I like to look into the other person's eyes. The one I feel good most with is actually doggie style, though.

B-What's your least favorite position?

D-Haven't discovered one of those yet. Sorry!

B-What's something you've never tried but would like to?

D-I've never had really, really rough sex before but I'd actually like to try that. Just totally out of surprise, out of the blue, have a guy just grab me and "Let's do it!" don't worry about where we are, what we're doing, nothing. Just do it.

B-Where are some of the stranger places you've done it?

D-Well, let's see…once I did it in the gazebo in the front yard of some guy's house. I've done it in a Jacuzzi, outside on a deck, in the shower-that's wonderful, by the way-on the living room floor…

B-How important is size to you?

D-At first I thought it was. One of the first people I was ever with had a very, very, very tiny penis and he had no idea what he was doing with it and that's when I fell asleep. I had no idea what he was doing and I was just sleepy, y'know? After that, I was convinced size does matter, but now I think that if you do know how to use it, it really doesn't.

B- What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you during sex?

D- Ummm…the first time I ever had an orgasm. It really wasn't that embarrassing but when I had my first orgasm, which wasn't that long ago, I realized I was a gusher.

B-Really?! Go with that! That's fascinating!

D-(giggles) Basically, I created a wading pool as I was having these orgasms.

B-Did you realize what was happening?

D-At first it freaked me out but then I realized what it had to be so… 'cause at first I really thought I was peeing but I wasn't 'cause I realized I couldn't stop it and it wasn't really coming from that area.

B-Did the guy realize what it was?

D-He asked. He was like, well…y'know?

B-Yeah, he was like "WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT, GIRL???!!!"

D-(laughs) Well, hey, some women , if they get a really strong orgasm, need to pee! But, no, it wasn't pee. This guy and I didn't have a relationship so we were comfortable with each other and we could be honest with each other without worrying about hurting each other's feelings. And he actually liked…I mean, he was amazed by it and that was the very first time I had an orgasm. After that we just kept…well, that night I actually had five of them. I guess once I start, I can't stop.

B-Did you gush with all five?


B-Wow. Just, wow. Did you feel pretty drained afterward?

D-Well, I felt like I'd lost a lot of weight after that. (giggles)This guy couldn't believe I'd had five. He said it was the first time anything like that had happened to him…and he's four years older than me.

B-I guess you made his day…or year!

D-He did seem pretty impressed with himself after that.

B-Have you ever had sex on a first date?

D-No. Uh…yeah. No.

B- Well, which is it?

D- See. That's the thing. We need to define what a first date is.

B- Okay. Let's say a first date is the first time you go somewhere with a guy you don't really know.

D- Oh. Well, I guess, "yes" then. It just kinda happens. The first time was with my really good friend's brother. I got drunk for the first time and I'd been eyeing him all night anyway. Everybody at the party knew what was going to happen. I didn't. He didn't. At least, I don't think he did. But then it did. It just wound up happening. But I think I basically brought it on. We were both really drunk. He went to go to the bathroom and while he was gone, I decided I was too hot for my clothes. I took off my shirt and my pants and left nothing on but my bra and underwear. I was just lying on his bed. When he left, I was fully clothed and when he came back, I was nearly naked. That just led to it and right before it happened, he said, "Are you sure?' and I said "Yes."

B-Do you worry about birth control?

D-Yes, I am on it. Since I was seventeen.

B- The pill?

D- Yes.

B- How about diseases?

D- Oh, yes. I'm very worried about those. I'm very careful.

B-In what way?

D- Condoms.

B- Do you keep some with you or do you depend on the guy to have them?

D-Actually, no, but I have some at my house.

B-How do you relate sex to love?

D-At first, that is how I related to it. If I loved him, then, yeah. But then, as time moved on, I just came up with a whole different theory about it and…I'm still working on that theory. Sometimes I just think, hey, everything happens for a reason. I just have to figure out that reason! Normally, I would say "no" to some situations and I surprise myself by saying "yes". Sometimes, I really want to say "yes" and I surprise myself by saying "no". Sometimes my body just kind of takes over and things happen. So…hmmm. (laughs)

B-Okay. Has there been anything you wish you hadn't done?

D-The guy I fell asleep with!

B-(laughs) You wish you hadn't fallen asleep?

D-No I wish I hadn't done HIM. If I could take back any one thing, it would be that.

B-What will you tell your children about sex?

D-That's the thing. They'll probably have to come to me about it and I'll tell them anything they want to know or else how are they gonna find out? I'm sure I probably won't be as coarse but when they want to know, I will let them know.

B-Knowing what you know now, what might you have done differently?

D-Looked at myself differently. I didn't necessarily NOT respect myself…but…I would've admired myself a bit more. I see the way guys look at me and I think, "Damn! Why are they looking at ME like that?" Some guys have had to tell me what they see in me. I have to realize that in some people's eyes, I really do look sexy. It's hard for a girl to admit she looks nice. It is!

B-It's like when I complimented you and you tried to talk me out of it. "You look nice today, Dru." "I don't have any makeup on." "Sooo…you…DON'T look nice then?" "Thank you! Geez!"

D-(laughter) Yeah, it's just hard for me to admit I'm ever sexy because, growing up, I was always an ugly girl.

B-You were not! Never!

D-Yes! I was!

B-Would you admit that being sexy is not just a look, it's an attitude?

D-Oh, yes. In order to be sexy, you HAVE to feel sexy. You have to KNOW it! That's the whole attitude. It is kind of strange, though. With some guys, I want to look really, really sexy and with other guys, I just don't care and sometimes, that doesn't matter. Sometimes, my boyfriend looks at me and I'm still in my work uniform. Just one gaze and I'm, like, "Okay!" Y'know? I mean, I went out in just these shorts and an old tank top and these shorts are not particularly sexy.

B- I don't know, they show a lot of leg.

D-Yeah, but I mean several guys were hitting on me and I couldn't figure out why 'cause all the other girls were dressed better. I didn't even have makeup on.

B- Well, maybe some guys take the time to look past the makeup and see how attractive the girl really is. The makeup is a mask. It isn't the real you in any way. No matter how good it makes you feel or look, it is still a mask. Sometimes guys really do appreciate the real girl, not the image. For instance, you give off this absolutely uncanny combination of innocence and wantonness that nobody I ever met could pull off…except you.

D-Yeah, I know. I may not understand it but I'm proud of it and I do use it sometimes.

B-How many guys hit on you in any given week?

D-I've had a lot or none. Most of the time I take it as a compliment. Sometimes, I just get really annoyed. You can usually tell when they really want to get to know you and when they're just doing it to impress their friends or make 'em laugh. Sometimes, they don't even really want to have a conversation with you.

B-To you, how important is conversation in leading up to hot sex?

D-It isn't but it is when it comes to a real relationship because, later in life, sex isn't going to be everything and you're going to have to be able to talk to the person so they don't piss you off and make you want to run out and have hot sex with somebody else!

Hey,are we nearly done? I gotta pee!

B-We're done. Thank you, Dru.

D-You're welcome.


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