The Intruder


Louise Peterson climbed the steps to her front door already thinking about the nice, long hot soak she would have before bed. At the end of a long day with clients going over their financial positions and strategies there was nothing she liked better than a glass of wine, a dim bathroom, and soaking in a hot tub while she indulged her passion for early church music.

She unlocked the door and reached in to switch on the light. Without warning she felt herself pulled into the house and pushed onto the floor. Before she could even react or think to scream a covering was put over her eyes that kept her from seeing anything. A scream began to form deep in her gut but before she could take in the breath to let it out a strong hand pushed her against the floor and a deep, masculine voice right next to her ear said, "Struggle if you will, but don't scream." It was not menacing, but something about its authority stopped her, and she obeyed.

She felt herself turned onto her stomach and then felt a weight straddle her ass and pinion her to the floor. She twisted and turned trying to free herself from his weight and at the same time reaching for the covering over her eyes, desperate to escape the inky blackness that enveloped her and to see her attacker. Strong hands pulled her arms down and placed them between his knees and her sides immobilizing her. As if by unspoken agreement both of them stopped moving for the moment. Louise desperately working her mind for a plan, a tactic to free herself and take control back. In her work she was always in control of every situation, smart, diligent, and quick on her feet she was never at a loss for a good course of action, the savvy move, the way to turn an advantage. Lying under her attacker, motionless and powerless to change her circumstances was unfamiliar to her. She was always the one in charge, but not now.

Her attacker took one arm, fastened a cord to it and then took the other and tied them together behind her back. Satisfied that Louise could not free herself he allowed himself to inspect her closely for the first time. He rolled off her and knelt at her side. She immediately tried to roll and squirm away, but he reached out with one powerful, big hand and held her down. She struggled against his grip for a moment then rested. As the panting from the exertion subsided she was suddenly and uncomfortably aware that during the struggle her skirt had ridden up to above mid-thigh. For the first time she felt exposed and immediately vulnerable. "What are you going to do to me?" she asked already knowing the answer. He bent over, placed his hand on the inside of her thigh uncomfortably close to her pussy and put his mouth close enough to her ear so that she could feel his breath when his deep voice answered, "I'm going to fill you with my seed." Her mind registered the words of a lover from the mouth of her rapist.

"Fuck you!" she spat as she renewed her efforts to turn over and free herself. His large, strong hand held her down. She was powerless. Spent, she stopped struggling, turning her head to the side and resting her cheek on the carpet. She was through and as she lay there her mind seemed to disengage from her body, becoming a spectator to the scene. He knew he could proceed.

Her shoes had come off during her struggles. He began with her skirt, unbuttoning it and then lowering the zipper. He pulled it down past Louise's hips, down her thighs, and finally completely off her legs. She was wearing panty hose and panties underneath. She felt his fingers hook under the waistband of her panty hose and start to peel it over her ass, down her legs and finally off. She was wearing white bikini style silk panties that contrasted with the lustrous darkness of her smooth, soft, fragrant skin. He felt the beginnings of his arousal.

He simply cut the blouse off her body. He unsnapped her bra and snipped the two straps over her shoulders. She laid before him, now, only in her panties, her arms behind her back bound at the wrists. She was motionless, beautiful, arousing, and he gazed at her letting his lust grow as his cock swelled in anticipation of the sweet release her body would provide him. He had stalked her for months, planning this moment. He knew her habits, her work schedule, when friends were likely to visit, even when she typically bought groceries. He chose her because of her bright smile, confident walk, and some primal desire she ignited in him to let his seed flood into her.

Louise could feel his gaze upon her. Except for the touch on her thigh when he had whispered in her ear, the man had not touched her sexually again. She was not frightened. She felt detached, as if this were happening to someone else. Her mind and her body had separated. She was compliant without having submitted. Her initial fury had turned into detachment. She found herself wondering vaguely what would happen next. She felt him move, and once again the deep, quite, authoritative voice said into her ear, "Lay quietly." She felt a quick tug at her wrists and her arms were free. She knew, as he knew, that she was beyond struggling. She knew that his quickness and strength would overpower any attempt she made to escape. For an odd moment she could not decide what to do with her arms. She thought of bringing them up and crossing them under her head, as she might when getting a back rub. Leaving them behind her back was now uncomfortable without the cord to hold them together. In the end she just let her arms fall by her sides, joining the stillness of the rest of her body.

She felt him stir again and heard the rustling of his clothes as he undressed. She heard one shoe and then the other fall to the floor and then the zipper on his trousers. She wondered what he looked like. Was he Black, White, Oriental, Hispanic? She did not know. After he was naked he straddled her once again, one knee on each side of her hips, and let his body sink down until she could feel his balls and cock press against her buttocks. She felt his arousal as he leaned forward and began kissing the back of her neck and shoulders. She did not respond. She understood that he was not trying to arouse her, but rather arousing himself. He had no real interest in giving her pleasure. His only real interest was to heighten his own arousal and to let her body prepare itself to be penetrated. She felt his cock stiffen to full hardness, and felt him slide slightly so that the underside of his cock and his balls rubbed against the soft silk panties covering the swell of her ass. His breathing deepened. His tongue was warm and soft on her earlobes and neck. He shifted again and began to slide down her legs and he kissed and nibbled his way down her back until he got to the waistband of her panties. Then he started back up, this time along the sides of her chest, his head pushing her arms out of the way. She felt his nose, lips, and cheek on the side of her breast all the time knowing that his lust was rising and his need growing more urgent. For the first time she felt the heat of his erection graze the backs of her legs as he shifted position. She felt the contract between the softness of his testicles and the smooth stiffness of his cock. She could smell his maleness responding to her femaleness as both their bodies fell into ancient patterns driven by the millions of mindless years of the need to reproduce.

He was intoxicated by her smell, and the soft responsiveness of her rich, dark skin. He felt his balls tighten in anticipation and felt his fluid oozing slightly from the tip of his rigid penis leaving slight wet stains on her panties. He wanted to see her now. He took the waistband of her panties in his fingers and pulled them down, first uncovering her cheeks and then stripping them completely off. His eye traveled up the line of her leg to her dark crotch and to the swell of her buttocks. He grasped her legs and moved them apart, looking intently for the cleft of her pussy lips. She felt her sex exposed to the air, to his gaze but did not resist as he spread her legs wider still. Then he took one of her buttocks in each hand and spread her cheeks so he could look at the small, dark, puckered ring of her anus. She felt his inspection and for the first time began to feel a sense of panic. She did not want him to fuck her there. She felt him shifting as he held her wide apart. Then she felt his breath as his face came closer and closer to her anus. He looked at her intently, entranced, his face coming ever closer to her small, dark chocolate eye. She felt him blowing softly, felt the tickle around the sensitive nerve endings. She could feel him moving closer and closer until she felt his light kiss. He kissed her anus and then began to lick her.

Louise had never had anyone do this to her before. Her mind registered the thought that this was the most intimate thing that anyone had ever done to her. She felt the intense, exquisite sensations radiate outward from her anus as he continued to lick and kiss her. He traced the ring with his tongue and let it probe its very center. She felt no arousal in her mind, but was unable to stop the response of her body as it engaged in the age-old dance of preparing itself for his entrance.

Suddenly she was aware that he had stopped and had moved away from her. His hands on her sides turned her over so that she laid face up, her legs slightly parted. He looked at her blackberry colored nipples and the blue-black areola surrounding them. His eyes wandered over her body and focused on the dark, triangular thatch between her legs covering her pussy. He again straddled her body, letting his balls and cock rest on her bush. He started kissing her again, her ears, her neck, her shoulders, and her chest. Up and down across her stomach and up the sides of her chest again nuzzling the sides of her breasts. Then he turned his full attention to her breasts. He started to kiss her mounds and to caress them with the side of his cheek. He began to lick her areola, sensing the their involuntary puckering and the erection of her large, dark, life giving nipples. Then she felt him as he began to lick her nipples, using his tongue to push them from side to side and down into her breast. She felt her sex inflamed by his actions and for the first time was aware of the level to which her body had become aroused. She felt her sex warming and opening for him. Each lick on her nipples released another sensual wash of lubrication in her now throbbing pussy. Her clitoris was engorged with blood and her lips were swollen in preparation for the sweet friction they would soon provide to his equally throbbing hard on.

He positioned himself to enter her. He used the head of his penis to separate and open her lips, letting her lubrication cover him in order to make his entrance easier. Louise knew that he was about to penetrate her. She said aloud, more to herself than to him, "I don't want this. Don't fuck me." But she did not struggle. She felt her body flatten and sink against the floor, resigned.

He pushed forward until just his head with lodged within Louise's cunt. He paused for a moment, pulled back slightly and then pushed forward slowly once again. This time he felt his head pass completely inside and felt the certainty of the soft, warm grip on his cock. He continued slowly, withdrawing and inserting a little further each time, letting Louise lubricate him a little more each time, until finally she enveloped him completely and he could feel his balls nestled in the wet folds of her outer lips.

Louise's body was vibrant with rapture as he slowly squeezed his thick, hard, insistent cock into her. She felt it open her more deeply with each reinsertion. Then he was into her up to his balls and he held himself motionless. She imagined she could feel the ridge around his broad head as he quietly nestled deep inside her. Then he began to stroke. He did not pound her in mindless frenzy, but rather he stroked into her, slowly and deliberately and deeply and insistently, unexpectedly fucking her the way she longed to be fucked. She found herself waiting for the feel of his balls against her ass each time he bottomed out inside of her.

Then she felt his cock swell even larger inside her and heard his breathing get ragged. She laid there in acceptance as he shortened his strokes, keeping deep inside her as he began his unstoppable rush to climax. He felt the tip of his cock knick Louise's cervix as the first spurt of his semen pulsed out of him and into her. "Unnnngh, unnngh" he voiced in time with each strong spurt of his ejaculate. She felt him come as he held himself deep inside her. Jet after jet of his thick, hot semen shot into her. She imagined she could feel each pulse flowing from the base of his cock, through his shaft, and out the tip, coating and laving the walls of her vagina and cervix with his seed.

When he was spent she felt his cock, softening but still stiff, still twitching now and then. She felt the warm, weight of his copious ejaculate pooled in her core. Then as unexpected as it was unwanted her body began to convulse in orgasm. The walls of her pussy involuntarily contracting around him, squeezing him, her cervix dipping into the pool of his semen searching for mindless fulfillment. Then she too was spent. She felt him slowly withdraw. She lay there as she heard him dress and zip his pants. He did not touch her again, he did not kiss her; he said nothing. She heard the door open and then close. She was alone and filled and for the moment, at peace.

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