The Intruder


The hand clamped over my mouth brought me from dreamy slumber to heart pounding terror. My eyes flew open and I began to thrash against my tormentor. I couldn't see him too well in the darkened room. But in the moonlight, I could see the mask over his face. I had to assume it was a he. As I struggled, he straddled me, pinning my hands down to the bed with his legs. He bent down and I felt his hot breath on my neck. "If you keep struggling, I'll kill you." there is no greater terror for a woman, than to be assaulted in the safety of her own home. The thought of being raped or killed, chills even the hardest soul. His words stopped my struggling in an instant. I knew my eyes showed the pleadings his hand stopped my mouth from saying. The moonlight coming thru the window flashed on the big knife he held in his hand. He didn't smell dirty as he pressed down on me. I didn't even smell his bad breath. Funny the things you think about during a crisis.

His voice was rough and harsh sounding as he spoke into my ear. "I will go to jail for the same amount of time, whether I just rob you or kill you. I don't give a fuck. The choice is yours. Now! Are you going to give me any trouble?" I shook my head no. He slowly lifted his hand off my mouth. I tried to see his face in the moonlight, but he wore a ski mask. I could only see his eyes and mouth; he even wore gloves over his hands. But I could tell he was black. That much I could see. He lifted up his leg and grabbed my right wrist. Pulling it up to the head of the bed, he told me to hold it there and not to move. He still held the knife in his other hand, so I didn't move. He put the knife down and the next thing I knew he had taped my hand to the bed frame. He did the same thing to my other hand. After he had my hands tied, he set the knife on the night table. "What's your name?" he was speaking softly. I was beginning to think again. And my heart stopped again. Sally!"

In another bedroom down the hall, Sally, my 18-year-old daughter slept. Had he been in her room already? Did he even know she was in the house? I was not going to say anything to give him a reason to look. "Please! Don't hurt me. Take whatever you want. I promise I won't yell or scream. I won't even call the cops." I heard him chuckle. "Sally! By the time you get loose, I'll be so far from here, the police won't find me. Now! Is anybody else in the house?" I shook my head no. He pressed the knife to my throat. "If you lie to me, I'll make it real hard on you. And harder for anyone I find. Now! When I search this house, will I find anyone else here?" this time I began to cry. "Just, just my daughter Emily. Please don't hurt her?" he looked down at me. "How old is Emily?" I wanted to lie. I wanted to say she was just a little girl. But the fear that he would go check stopped me.

A slap across the face brought my mind back to reality. "When I ask you a question, you had better answer me right away. I might get mad and do something you won't like." He hadn't slapped me hard. Just hard enough to get my attention. "18! Emily is 18. Please! Do anything to me, just let her alone." He looked at me, then looked around the bed. Lying on the floor, were the panties I had kicked off before I got under the covers. He picked them up and forced them into my mouth. I struggled furiously as he walked out of the room. I just knew he was going to do something to my daughter. Tears of fear and frustration rolled down my face. I screamed into the gag but only muffled sounds escaped. Time seemed to stretch into forever. Then I saw him in the doorway. He was pulling my daughter by the arm. Emily, her eyes wide in terror, had a piece of tape across her mouth.

The man pushed her roughly into a chair. Then he took the tape and taped her ankles to the legs of the chair. Then he taped her wrist together. "Give me any trouble and I'll kill your mom. If you don't do whatever I tell you, I'll kill your mom. Get me!" Emily nodded her head up and down vigorously. Then he turned to me. "If you don't do what I tell you, I'll kill your daughter. If you give me any trouble, I'll kill her. You get me!" I shook my head just as hard as Emily had shook hers. He walked over to the window and pulled the drapes. Then he did the other window. The room was now totally dark. Then the light came on. The blinding glare made me blink. But when my eyes cleared, I looked at him. He didn't seem so big. In fact he was about average height and weight. He wore a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. I looked over at Emily. She was wearing what she always slept in, a long shirt and panties. Her eyes reflected the terror I felt. She kept looking at me for help.

The man picked up the big knife. I cringed and tried to back up on the bed. He grabbed my ankle and pulled me down. This time, he taped my legs to the bottom bed frame. I was now taped spread eagle to my bed, my daughter taped helpless to a chair looking at me. He took the knife up again and walked towards Emily. I started struggling to get loose. He turned back to me. "Easy momma! I'm not going to hurt her." Emily cringed into the chair as he approached her. Then grabbing the top of her shirt, he cut it from her body. My daughter is not a beautiful girl. Too much sweets and candy had given her a face full of acne. She wore glasses normally and her teeth were not the prettiest. But like all kids now days, she had developed early. She had the body of a young woman. I watched in horror as he cut her panties away. Emily was naked taped to a chair. Then he came back to me. He cut my gown off. To my horror, I wasn't wearing panties. They were stuffed in my mouth. He looked down at my body and licked his lips. Then he looked at Emily and moaned softly.

The truth of what was about to happen slammed down on me. He was going to rape us. I wasn't so scared for myself. But the thought of him violating my daughter, I would have given anything to stop him. If I could only talk, I would have screamed, begged, pleaded with him. Do anything you want to me, just leave my daughter alone. He put his finger to my lips. "If you don't fight me, I won't rape her." I watched him take his gloves off. Then his hands started roaming over my body. I shuddered at his touch. His hand caressed my tit. I would have expected him to be rough; instead, he was slow and gentle. He didn't pinch and pull my nipple, just let his fingertips graze it. Then he bent down and sucked it into his mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I was tied down on my bed, my daughter was tied in a chair watching me, and a man was getting me excited. I felt the first stirrings between my legs. Even the rough material of his mask rubbing against my sensitive tits was exciting me.

When he lifted his head from my tit, my nipple was standing erect. I could feel the other nipple beginning to grow. My daughter's eyes were wide as she watched me. Oh the shame! He stood up and looked at Emily. "Are you a virgin?" My eyes snapped at her. Her eyes looked at me. The man picked up the knife. At 18, I knew my daughter was not fuckin around. I didn't give her too much leeway when it came to dating. Emily didn't move. "Remember what I told you Emily. Do you want me to hurt your mommy?" she shook her head no. "Are you a virgin?" Emily looked at her mom, then dropped her head and shook it. My eyes opened in a bigger shock. Emily, not a virgin! When? Where? "I'm gonna take the tape off so you can talk. If you scream, I can kill you before anyone can hear you. Then I'll kill you mom. OK?" Emily nodded her head up and down but she wouldn't look at me.

He pulled the tape from her mouth. Emily licked her lips and her eyes met mine. She mouthed the words, 'I'm sorry'. Now Emily, it seems that mom is shocked. How many boys have you fucked? And before you answer, if I think your lying, if I hear it in your voice, I'll cut your mom." Emily looked up at me and then over to her mom. Then she licked her lips and swallowed hard. "Five!" Her voice was barely above a whisper. "Louder!"

"FIVE!" he walked around to the back of her chair and his hand touched her shoulder. Then he slid it down and cupped her breast. I groaned and struggled. "Easy mom! Don't make me hurt her." then with his hand cupping and squeezing Emily's breast, he leaned down and whispered in her ear. But he whispered loud enough for me to hear him. "Did you do more than just let them fuck you? Did you suck their dicks?" Emily closed her eyes and tears dropped down her face. She didn't look at me as she answered, yes. "And did you let them cum in your mouth?" Emily answered, "yes", again. "Did you like it?"

I stared at my daughter. I could see the tears that dropped from her eyes but I couldn't believe what she was saying. She didn't answer him then. He grabbed her and yanked her head up by her hair. "I'm only going to be patient a little longer. Now answer me."

"Yes! Please, don't make me say anything else?" he stood up then and came back over to the bed. This time when he bent over and began sucking my nipple, he brought me almost to a climax. My body was trembling. I felt his rough tongue as he licked lower down my body. The muscles in my stomach jumped as his tongue tip teased my navel. Then his lips nipped as he went even lower. By the time his tongue reached my hairy mound, I was moaning into my gag. I arched my hips up. I couldn't help it; my body had taken on a life of its own. This stranger was turning me on. More turned on than I have been in a long while. My eyes darted over to my daughter. It appeared that I wasn't the only one being effected by this scene.

Emily's eyes were big as saucers. I could see that her nipples had grown hard and pointy. Her breathing had grown faster and ragged. Suddenly, fire exploded in my pussy. The stranger's tongue had touched my clit. My whole body arched up off the bed, but he didn't stop. His tongue was long as he dipped it into my hole and licked slowly. I have had my cunt licked many times. Emily's dad wasn't into licking pussy but other men sure were. But no one licked my cunt like this stranger did. He knew what he was doing. He worked my cunt like an expert. He brought me to the edge, and then he lifted his head up. I was moaning and twisting my head back and forth. Had my mouth been free, I would have begged him to make me cum. I heard Emily's soft moan. When I looked at her, she was rubbing her thighs together as best she could. I knew she was trying to rub the lips of her pussy together. The stranger looked over at her and laughed. "Don't worry little one, my tongue will taste you to."

Those words brought me back to what was happening. I shook my head no. I muffled my pleas thru the gag. He only laughed and teased my clit again. He did this about 5 times. I was ready to go insane. My whole body was on fire. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to rape me. Anything! He got up off the bed and began to undress. If I were free to talk, I would have begged him to put Emily in another room. I didn't want her to see this happen. From the way his tongue had teased me, I knew I would give in to him. I didn't want her to see that. He took his shirt and pants off. Then his undershirt and drawers came off next. I heard Emily gasp. I had turned my head away so I didn't have to look at him. But her gasp made me look. I took a big breath and held it in my lungs. He had an enormous dick. It was long, fat and the head was black and shiny. He went over to Emily and began to stroke her head. "Show me how you sucked those boys dicks."

I wanted to scream. I struggled on the bed. But to my horror, Emily licked her lips and leaned forward. She looked up at the stranger and then she did the most horrifying thing. She smiled at him. Her tongue licked out and she circled his dickhead with it. Then she slowly sucked the head into her mouth. Her eyes closed as she worked her head back and forth. He stood away from her so that she had to lean in to take his dick. My daughter was pushing her head forward trying to capture more of it. "Did you like watching me and mommy?" I held my breath. Emily looked up at him but never stopped sucking. She nodded her head. "Do you want me to lick your pussy too?" I whimpered. Oh my sweet baby. This monster was going to have sex with her. He pushed in and Emily took more of his dick in her mouth. She moaned and nodded her head up and down.

"Tell mommy what you want me to do." Emily looked over at me and I could see the fear in her eyes. Not fear of the stranger, but fear of my knowing she meant what she was about to say. He pulled back and his dick came from her mouth with a pop. Emily looked at me, then turned her head up to the stranger. "Please? Please lick my pussy like you did hers? None of the boys ever did that to me." The stranger laughed. "Look Sally! Your daughter wants to know how it feels to have her pussy licked. Should I take your gag out and let you tell her how it feels." The stranger walked around behind Emily. He reached down and massaged her tits with both hands. Emily pushed her tits up to his hands. He was playing with my daughter's tits, but his eyes were on me. "Look at her Sally. See how eager she is to have me touch her? Should I give her what I denied you? Should I make her cum?" I shook my head so hard it hurt. I didn't want him touching Emily. But the way she was pushing her tits up into his molding hands, she wanted more than his touch.

The stranger laughed, then went and knelt before Emily. When he cupped her head and brought her lips to his, Emily moaned and kissed him with all the passion she had. Her tongue drove in and out of his mouth as his fingers slid up along her thigh. I struggled, trying to work my hands loose. How dare he take such liberties with my daughter! But Emily wasn't fighting him. No! If anything, she was giving herself into his kiss. And as I watched, the stranger's fingers brushed against he cunt while he kissed her. Emily moaned and tried to push her cunt forward. But the way he had taped her legs to the chair prevented her. He broke the kiss with her and she was breathing heavy. Her eyes were shining pools of lust as she looked into his face. He turned and looked at me. Then he smiled. His eyes locked on mine as he slid his finger into her pussy. Emily moaned and ground her cunt against his intrusion.

I gritted my teeth. I wanted to turn my head away. That was my daughter he was molesting. And yet, I couldn't turn away. I had to see. "Does it hurt you, that your daughter is responding to me, Sally? It shouldn't. You see, Sally, young boys are only interested in getting their load dumped. Many young girls don't know what it feels like to be loved tenderly. And when it happens, they respond to it with intensity. Just like you responded when I made love to you with my tongue. If I had pushed Emily around, just groped her and tried to fuck her, she would fight even harder than you would. But instead, I touched her with slow, tenderness. My kisses were soft but passionate. And her body responded to me. Just like your body responded to me." He pulled his finger from her cunt and I could see just how wet Emily's pussy had become. Both Emily and I watched as he sucked his finger into his mouth. Then he stood up and came over to me. He stood by the side of the bed and just stared down at me. I could see his long black shaft as it bobbed up and down. He was pulsing his muscles to make it do so.

He bent down and once again his lips and tongue attacked my nipples and tits. I wanted to turn away. I wanted to fight him. I would have screamed if I could. But I was gagged and tied and helpless. And his mouth was oh so talented. I was soon pushing my tits up to his sucking lips. Then I felt his fingers as they slid down my stomach. When the tips brushed against my slit, I groaned. My pussy lips were enflamed with passion. My clit was hard and swollen and so sensitive. I wanted him to touch me. I pushed my mound up to his fingers. But he didn't push his finger into my cunt like he had done to Emily. Instead, he let the tip tease my clit. And oh how he teased me. I was humping my ass off the bed with abandon. Had I not been gagged, I would have begged him to take me, to fuck me. I knew just how Emily had felt. So many times, the men I encountered cared only for their own satisfactions not mine. I felt my orgasm begin to build. Somehow, I knew he would let me finish this time. His finger rubbed my clit and I whined and moaned. I humped my ass. Then with a muffled scream, I arched completely off the bed.

I closed my eyes but I knew that Emily had been watching. I have always been a very wet cummer. Sometimes, it feels like I shoot out my crème just like a man does. And this time, the growing sensation of wetness around my ass, told me I had cum buckets. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed. No mother wants her young daughter to see her lose herself in orgasmic bliss. But the stranger didn't give me time to contemplate my predicament. He lay on the bed between my thighs and began to lick me. And oh how he licked. His tongue had me whining even more. I pushed my hot pussy against his mouth as much as my restraints allowed me to. If only my hands were free. I could capture his head and lock his lips on my throbbing cunt. But I think that being helpless made it all more intense. The stranger's tongue did things to my cunt that no man ever did before. He didn't just eat my pussy; nor did he allow me to just fuck his face. He made love to me with an intensity that I had never known before. And I wanted more. If he could eat me like this, what would it feel like when he fucked me. And I hoped with everything inside me that he would fuck me.

I came again and this time, it left me weak and panting. Then he sat up on the bed. His hands stroked my thighs. His fingertips felt like fire as they ran up and down my legs. "I'm going to take the gag from your mouth. But I want your word that you won't scream. If you scream, I'll be forced to hurt Emily." He didn't wait for an answer. He already knew I wouldn't do anything to make him hurt my daughter. He pulled the gag from my mouth. Then he left the room. "Mom, are you ok?" I heard Emily's voice but it sounded far away. I opened my eyes and looked at her. I could see the spreading stain between her thighs. Seeing me cum had gotten her even wetter than his fingers had. "Yes baby! I'm ok. Just don't do anything to make him hurt us. We can get thru this." Emily smiled at me. "I don't think he is going to hurt us mom. I don't think he wants to hurt either of us." Emily stopped talking and looked at her mother. Then she bit her lower lip and took a deep breath. "Mom, I'm sorry I'm not a virgin. I wanted to talk to you, to tell you." Sally looked at her daughter. She had been so involved with making a living; she didn't pay too much attention to her daughter.

"Shsssssh! It's ok! We'll talk all about it later. I promise." Before she could say anything else, the stranger walked into the room. He had a glass of juice. He came over to the bed and sat beside me. Then with tenderness, he lifted my head up and held the glass to my lips. I didn't realize how dry my mouth had become. I sipped the juice and he tilted it down. "Drink it slowly, Sally. The last thing I want is for you to choke on the juice." He turned to Emily. "Emily! Would you like some juice also?" Emily shook her head, no. When he turned back to me, I was shaking my head. "Why are you doing this? You break into my home and tie me up. You tie my daughter up. And you sexually assault both of us. Am I supposed to be grateful because you're gentle?" the stranger looked at me and his eyes grew sad and tired. Then he did something I would have never believed could happen. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

The stranger stood up and began to pace the room. "Just so you will have something to call me, my name is Joe." He turned back to me. "You were not the target tonight, Sally, Emily was." Sally looked at her daughter, then back at me. "Emily! Why would you want to rape my daughter?" At the same time, Emily blurted out. "Me! Why me?" he turned to her and a sad smile crossed his face. "The boys you allow to fuck you have big mouths. They like to brag about the girls they fuck. I wanted to show you how much better it is when a man makes love to you. I thought you deserved more than to just be some guys cum bucket." Joe turned back and looked at me. "I wanted Emily to see how wonderful it could be when a man wanted to please her, instead of just getting his rocks off. Then I saw how beautiful you looked lying there helpless and I couldn't help it. I guess it sounds stupid, huh?" Joe picked up the knife and walked towards Emily. My heart stopped beating and I was about to scream despite my promise.

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