The Intrusion


Um this is an INTERRACIAL and NON-CONSENT/RELUCTANCE story. It's just pure FICTION.


"Oh come on Sid, it can't have been too bad." She giggled.

"Yes, Amy. It was that bad." I said nodding my head at the phone as if she could actually see me.

Another Saturday had come and another failed attempt by my dear friends who had tried time and time again to set me up with someone. And this time around was the worst set-up I had EVER had.

"This guy had NO personality what so ever. I mean he was wearing white snake skin shoes. You know I don't do skins, how could you do this to me?"

More laughter "Ah I'm so sorry friend. How are you going to survive the rest of the dinner?"

It was my turn to giggle. "Yea, about that..."

"YOU SKANK!! You skipped out on him didn't you?" She screeched in my ear "Geez now I KNOW it was bad. Sid the sweetie ditched some guy?"

"HEY HEY HEY! I did not ditch him, I just politely told him that I had to rush back home. Told him my kids messaged me about their father trying to break down the front door again."

Dead silence. I could tell she was about to climb into me. That was the only time that Amy could be rendered speechless. It was the calm before the storm. "Amy?"

"Yea I'm still here. I'm just wondering what Dale thinks of me for hooking him up with a scandalous floozy with kids and baby-daddy drama. What the hell am I supposed to say to him at work, you cow?!"

I hadn't really thought of that, "Oh shit I didn't actually think about that...I'm sorry. You've got to admit, though, it serves you right for wasting an hour of my life on that guy- yes thanks and a large latte..."

"Wait a minute where are you right now? I thought you were home already." She asked curiously.

"I'm still on my way there, babe. I just stopped by that new coffee shop on Lincoln Ave. Can you believe they're open 24/7? And it's quite a vibe. You should see this place."

It was easy-going. There were red chairs scattered towards a karaoke stage. Apparently tonight was make an-idiot-of-yourself night. There was a girl singing on stage, she looked like she might have been 17, 19 at most. She was singing some random poppy tune. I rolled my eyes at her lack of creativity and talent. But then again I flashed back to when I was that young and still fun enough for a karaoke session. A mere 3 or 4 years ago. In fact I'd have probably chosen this exact song to sing along to.

"I've been there remember? That's where Craig and I first met."

"You're joking! Well it must be under new management because I don't see any Goths here." I said as I smiled at the girl on stage before turning back to the counter to grab my Latte and lemon/poppy-seed muffin and making my way over to a high chair in the back.

"No it just chops and changes themes the whole week, that's all. You should see it on a Wednesday night. Very Emo. But of course that's all in the past." She said giggling.

I finally got into bed and wrapped myself in myself in my Egyptian cotton bed spread. I sat there for a total of 10 minutes staring up at the ceiling before I realised that there was NO way I was going to fall asleep anytime soon. So I put my favourite porn video in and watched the sexy Coby Bell-looking god stroke this young crazy black chick's clit into submission while pounding into her pussy from behind. There was just something so hot about that scene. I always came when she did; always replacing her screams and, in my mind, replacing the pussy being pumped full of his cum with my own.

I don't know how long it took me to fall asleep after I cleaned myself up for bed, but I do remember waking up. I wasn't quite sure what had woken me up but I got up anyway. I dragged myself out of bed, ready to make a trip to the bathroom when I heard a creak from the wooden floorboards in my house's passage. Suddenly I was wide awake. The only time that that particular floorboard made that sound was when someone walked over it. That means that who ever the unexpected visitor was, was already upstairs.

I looked towards my bedside table for my cell phone - FUCK, I left it in the car. I snuck to my cupboard to grab my old hockey stick and then rushed quietly back to the door. I leaned in to listen for any sounds that could alert me as to where the intruder was before opening the door slowly.

I poked my head slowly into the passage and noticed that he wasn't anywhere near my room. So stick in hand I made to move towards the stairs. I had two doors to pass before I could reach the stairs, one on either side of me. The guests' bathroom door was closed which made me feel a little safer but the actual guest bedroom on the right's door was WIDE open. Somehow the moonlight shining through its window just made me a little more nervous. I inwardly scolded myself; I'd never leave that door open again. I don't care how dark the passage got in the afternoon due to closed doors. Luckily it was safe. I didn't see anyone or anything that could jump out at me so I kept moving to the stairs. I figured, if I could just get outside and to the car I could call the security company to come and check the premises.

Once I reached the top of the stairs I leaned forward to check if I could see anyone close by. No one. "Ok. This is it Sid. Just run straight for the front door. DON'T look back." I thought to myself.

I had just put my foot on the fourth step down when I heard something rushing up from behind me, forcing me to move faster and lose my step. I saw the stairway wall ahead coming towards my face. Fast. CONTACT. I heard the bang but it didn't register until I got up quickly again to keep moving towards the front door. I was seeing double while stepping dizzily down the stairs. I looked back over my shoulder at the stairs to see a figure staring down at me. He- definitely a man- was moving steadily towards me. He was so calm there watching me struggle along towards the door.

I finally reached the door. I could see that it wasn't locked so all I had to do was reach for the handle and twist. But it twisted on its own before I could even touch it. Another man. He was wearing a mask and a well made suit that fitted his body perfectly. He pushed his way in shoving me back into my apartment and away from the door before locking it.

"You start without me, huh?" He said looking up towards the other guy on the stairs.

"Believe it or not, I haven't touched her. She got that way all on her own." He said snickering. He also had a mask on, I now realised.

"And how did she manage that? She looks fucking finished. Is she drunk?" The guy nearest to the door asked him. I couldn't stand anymore. I just felt so tired. "But I have to get out of here." I thought.

"Nope she just had a little stumble and tackled this wall." He said pointing to the top of the stairs.

I slowly reached my left arm out trying to reach for the door while they had their little chat as a distraction.

I was halted when the second guy turned his head towards me catching me in the act. He gave me a death stare for a second before he swung the back of his right hand into my right cheek, forcing me to connect my left cheek with the floor. For some reason that brought me right out of my previous daze and I found myself scrambling to get away from him this time. This time he smiled. This smile wasn't a warm one. It just managed to scare me more and right into a corner.

He took two steps towards me before hiking up his suit pants a little to get down on his haunches and stroke the side of my face gently, as if he was trying to soothe the pain he'd just caused. His blue eyes were staring right into my soul. Had this been any other time I would have actually thought his orbs to beautiful but right now all that they were infusing in me was intense fear.

I was crying now "Pl-please...just-just take anything you want-."

"Oh, we intend to." Stairs guy "I-I wont get in your way. I won't tell anyone you were here. You can just grab the TV and-and- and the sound, my laptop is upstairs." I sobbed "Just PLEASE, I-I'm begging you, DON'T- don't hurt me."

"Whoa Derek, I think I'm going to like this one." The guy on the stairs said moving towards me and this Derek who was crouched over me on the floor.

"You know what Lyle? I think you may just be right about that. She's just so..." He said pretending to think before he gripped me tightly around the throat. "Cute!"

I was smacking away at his arms, trying to get him to let go of my throat so that I could breathe. He was lifting me at the neck as if I was nothing but a puppy grabbed at the scruff. I was up on my tippy toes with him now pulling me closer to his face so that he could look at me up close.

I was already seeing black spots when he grinned and said "You have no idea how cute you are. It's insane. You're so sexy yet so timid."

I was watching Derek watch my lips while he licked his own. And slowly the penny dropped. I was so worried about them killing me that I hadn't thought of worse things that COULD happen. Derek had asked if Lyle had started on me without him. They thought they would like me? Oh God! The look on my face must have given the details of my thoughts away because suddenly Lyle was laughing hysterically while pointing at me.

"Oh my God... Fuck I think I love this girl. Yes SID." Emphasis on my name "we're not here for anything else...BUT you."

With or without oxygen I was going to fight these guys. I needed to get the hell out of here. I started clawing at Derek's arms again when he pulled in to kiss me. When he didn't let up but kept trying to push his tongue into my mouth I pulled hard at his hair.

"Ah! You fucking BITCH!" he screamed before throwing my body into the wall. I hit it with a loud thud before gasping my first breath since he'd put his hand around my neck and raced to the kitchen for a knife.

It was useless. Lyle had caught me around the waist with an arm before I'd even managed to pass the first couch in my lounge "Now, sweetheart, if you don't play nice we won't play nice either." He also then threw me into the wall before moving intently towards me. He punched me square in the stomach. I doubled over in pain before he punched my face into the wall behind me. I was lying on the floor curling into a ball but still clutching at my face from the pain.

"Now," Lyle started "we're all going to go upstairs back to that comfy bed of yours..."

"NO!!" I said crying "Please...Please you don't have to do this." I pleaded

"Aw. You're too fucking adorable. Now get moving or do you want us to carry you up there?" Derek asked.

"Oh pl-PLEASE" -

"Carry you it is!" Derek said throwing me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "Hey, Lyle?" SMACK "How SEXY are these fucking boy shorts this slut wears to bed?"

"I'll say. Just about as sexy as this low cut top that's just advertising her big tits for us! Only sluts wear shit like this to bed." Lyle answered groping at my tits through my JT while I hung over Derek's shoulder. I tried to push his hands away but he just grabbed my jaw tightly and made me look up at him. "What the hell did I say about playing nice, huh?"

It took only a few steps more before I felt the warmth of my bedroom on my skin again. Derek immediately threw me onto my bed and before I could shimmy further away from the two men standing at the foot of my bed, Derek wrapped his hands around both of my ankles, spread them and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed and them. Lyle's pants were already coming off. He stood to the side of me. He also now blocked my path to the door if any opportunity of escape presented itself. I looked away from Lyle as he started to pull his boxers down. I'd seen my fair share of dick. I really had. But none had actually entered anywhere but my mouth. Oh, God! Id only now come to the realisation that this 22year old virgins first time was about to be with one of these two strangers. FUCK. This couldn't be how it would be for me!

I had been told that I give great blowjobs. Maybe that's all I would have to do and they would just leave me alone. They would just leave, right? They would be satisfied. I looked up at the ceiling deep in thought when I felt...something.

It was Derek. He had forced my legs wider with his thighs but now he was just standing there. Un-moving. His arms were folded over his chest and staring down at me with those cold blue eyes. He looked like he was going to hit me again. He looked so ...angry.

I raised my body up onto my elbows and started to move away from him when Lyle pulled my elbow out from under me. I felt the bed tilt on my side and I flashed my eyes in Lyle's direction to see his cock only centimetres away from my face. I looked to those icy blue eyes again pleading with my own then before trying to reason again "Please. We can still stop here. YOU can stop this."

I felt a hard slap across my face. "Fuck that! Give me less talking and more sucking. And no teeth or so help me you'll wish you were never born." It wasn't Derek who answered but Lyle before he shoved his full-on hard 6 inches into my mouth. "Ah yea, baby. Open up those lips for me!"

I was glad I was lying down on my back .That meant that from the angle that Lyle was coming in from he couldn't get his FULL length into my mouth. I was grateful as I'd be choking. I did however twirl my tongue round and round up and down his shaft; sucking my lips in tighter and tighter as I tried to push his head a little further down my throat. Figuring that the quicker he came the quicker this could be over. I bobbed my head as best I could over and around his smooth velvety shaft. Lyle placed his right palm over my head and wrapped his fingers into my hair before shoving his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat. I couldn't breathe and he wasn't letting up. "Ah fuck!" he moaned. "Shit Derek this cunt eats like a champion."

"And it seems she likes being treated like a slut too, if this wet patch between her legs is anything to go by." Derek said placing two fingers over my snatch and lightly rubbing the stain. I tried closing my legs and moving away from both of them but as soon as I made to move Derek grabbed my right nipple and twisted. I grimaced with pain and the more I shied away from his hand the harder Derek twisted and pulled so eventually, once I couldn't take the pain coursing through my chest anymore, I relaxed my body into the mattress.

"You like my hand where it is, don't you?" Derek asked, kneeling between my legs. "Because nobody else has ever made this pussy juice itself so hard." I couldn't even deny it. I could feel the material of my shorts clinging to my pussy lips. It didn't move or shimmy nor did he have to get around the material for his fingers to have an effect on me.

His hands weren't bringing me pain anymore but rather a torturous pleasure. His feather light strokes over my clit were intriguing my core. I almost wanted to push my hips harder into his fingers. Almost admitted to my abusers that not me but my body wanted what they were giving.

I felt a droplet land on my face and looked up at Lyle who was still using my mouth as a personal hoover. He was sweating. He looked like he had just run a marathon. That is how much power and effort he had put into fucking my mouth against my will. And he didn't care. I must have looked like the inside of a punching bag from all that had happened earlier and they still didn't care. But here my body was; betraying me when I needed it most.

Derek must have noticed that I was no longer paying attention to his ministrations because suddenly he pulled my shorts to the side to place his thumb hard up against my nub. I tried to close my legs but he just pinched hard at my inner thigh. It hurt like hell and he must have broken the skin because I could feel a wet run where his fingers had been but I couldn't see with Lyle still hammering away at my face.

My muffled moans of pain must have gotten Lyle excited because suddenly his hips tensed and I just knew he was about to come in my mouth. With one solid push I freed myself from his intruding dick. He came then; all over my top. Leaving my chest streaked with a thick wetness.

"Oh lil' girl, you are so lucky I'm too satisfied to teach you a lesson." Lyle said bringing his face closer to mine. He landed his right hand on my neck and squeezed just enough to make me jump in fear. I placed my hand over his as a gentle buffer before a tear slid down the side of my face and a barely audible "I'm so- I'm sorry." left my lips.

"Not yet. But you will be. You know I must say. I have never seen Derek like this. D?"

"Lyle?" Derek replied.

"What's got you so tense, man?" Lyle asked dipping his index finger into the cum that covered my chest and smearing it roughly against my lips. The whole time that they had been speaking over me, I hadn't looked at either of them for fear of what I would see there in their death stares. It was just too much and after all of this was over I didn't want to have their features etched in my mind. I just wanted to forget it all.

"I just want to break this bitch." Derek's voice was so quiet when he said it but every ounce of loathing just oozed from his voice. It was enough to make me look up at him. He too had been looking right at me when he'd said it and his cold stare left no doubt in my mind that he would in fact break me. The tears that I had been keeping at bay this whole time were threatening to make their entrance again.

I had to try one last time "Pl-."

"Shut the fuck up if you know what's good for you!" Still calm.

I watched Lyle get up then and reach into his back pocket to pull out a box of smokes and zippo. I couldn't have been less bothered that he was about to light up in my house. I just didn't want to be looking at Derek who was still kneeling over me and between my legs.

"Take off your clothes and DO NOT make me ask you twice." Derek said taking a step away from me.

And with that the tears came. I sat up and began to move towards the edge of the "Who the fuck told you to get off that bed? Huh?"

"I'm sorry." I replied hooking my fingers into the hem of my top. Ready to pull it up and over my head. Derek never once looked away from me. I pulled my arms into the top and covered my breasts with my left arm while the other pulled my top completely off. I sat that way for a moment hoping...

"If you think I'm going to change my mind you have another thing coming. Take it ALL off."

I stood there kneeling on my bed for a moment looking up at Derek. This time it was with serious contempt. Gone was the scared little girl that I had been for the past 20 minutes.

"Fuck you." I whispered unsteadily.

"What did you just say to me? Even I had barely heard the statement come out of my own mouth.

I looked down at my bed covers before summoning up the courage to clearly express how I felt about him, once again.

"I said FUCK -- YOU, asshole. If you think that I am going to stand here and take this shit for one more second then it's YOU who has another thing coming. Rape- no- KILL me for all I care. Just know that it is NOT going to happen without a fight."

"So it's a fight she wants, D?" Lyle said blowing smoke out the side of his mouth.

"It seems so. I've never been one to deprive people of their deepest desires so I suppose I'm just going to have to give it to her."

With that Derek gripped his hand into my hair and pulled me off of the bed and onto the floor. I completely forgot about covering myself up and put my arms out to break my landing with the floor. As I made to get up and away from him he kicked me square in the stomach with his leather shoe. "This is what you wanted isn't it?" Kick "You wanted to fight." Kick. I landed on my back with the third kick to my abdomen. I tried putting the wall at my back and shielding my body. If he couldn't swing his foot underneath me then he couldn't hurt me any more.

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