tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Invisible Ch. 02

The Invisible Ch. 02


It seems weird when I write it, but this did happen this summer.

The next night I am lying on my back. Again, I am seemingly deep asleep; my hands behind my head acting like a pillow, elbows akimbo. I am content, blissfully unaware of the world and its woes, with my fiancé alongside me.

Again, I am wearing a little nightie – this one is a different colour - red, with frilly, lacy, white edges – but my figure is the same; mature, shapely, 27-year-old and fleshy, 5 foot 5, petite, 32 C, size 10, almost 12, big in the right places, small in the right places. My skin is brown and my black hair is shoulder-length.

James, my boyfriend, says that I lay on my back, my legs bare and beautiful, long and sexy, exposed to the world, my naked arms so dainty, my neck so biteable, my vulnerability so charming. He waited and stared at me, already hard, already naked himself, waiting, waiting, waiting, expecting something amazing to happen.

Eventually, well after midnight, it started.

It started with a murmur, like before; a gentle moaning, tossing, some heavy breathing. I was fast asleep, but moved my hands down to my hips and pulled my nightie up to uncover my sex – a small patch of black hair...oh gosh. James says my thighs parted, my knees parted. 'Mmmmm, oh, oh, ah, ah...yes' as if someone were fingering or licking me, but no one was there. Just me. My hands were both dormant, one on each hip. No one was touching me. 'Oh yes, I like that. Oh! Oh!' I was talking in my sleep.

James started stroking his cock, up and down, slow and thick and big. He was soooo aroused. I looked so fucking hot, he said. 'Oh, ah, ah,' I was beginning to orgasm, like I normally do with James, but this time alone. My legs were parting wider, flat now on the mattrass. I was fast asleep but I was talking. 'Yes, baby, like that, oh, ah.' I lifted my nightie upwards, above my Bollywood-belly-button...

James reached over and put his hand on my thigh. I felt warm. I felt soft. He wanted to finger me. But he didn't dare disturb me further. With his other hand he continued to play with himself. Was I just having a vivid dream; a beautiful wet fantasy while asleep? It seemed more. It was more. Someone was fucking me. 'Oh, push, push deep, oh god..' I was talking, moaning. The muscles in my thighs seemed to be shifting up and down, as if taking an invisible cock. 'Oh god, yes, mera Raja, mera pyar, I want it – oh fuck me!' Then I got really excited. I was cuming. I lifted my nightie up more – over my chest, up over my head and held it pinned beind my neck. James says that the sudden, proud appearance of my breasts almost made him cum on his hands, but he stopped stroking with a jerk.

'Please, yes, fuck me now, deeper Raja, deeper.' I was saying all this out loud, as if awake. James said my boobs were big and full and sexier than ever. The lights were off but he could see pretty clear. My body was moving, literally. It was so weird for him. No one else was in the room, but it was so vivid, real, horny, hot and exciting. He was close again to climaxing himself.

'Raja, mera Raja,' I was saying in my sleep, 'cum inside me.'

I tensed all my muscles. 'Yes, please I want you.' For one fanciful moment James said he thought he saw the outline of a man in the gloom, missionary, moving above between my legs, but it was probably a trick of the light. James could not control himself any longer. As I was moaning, as I was lying ready on my back, albeit asleep, James manoeuvred above me and pushed himself inside. It was so easy.

'Oh god,' I cried, 'yes.'

Apparently I felt very wet. It slipped in like a knife into butter. He didn't take long. I woke just as he was shooting his cum inside me. 'Ahhh,' he gasped.

'Wow, James,' I said, opening my eyes, accepting him, realising for the first time that I was naked, prostrate, submissive beneath his heavy body. 'Oh James, I thought I was dreaming, but it was you all the time.' I held his buttocks and pushed him closer to me. 'James!'

'Yes,' he said, a little out of breath, a little red in the face, already flaccid in me. 'Yes, it was me...'

There was something in his tone – he was lying. And so was I.

Later he asked me if I knew someone called Raja. 'No.' Then I thought for a moment. Yes, years ago, a boy who lived near us when I was a teenager. He moved away. I don't know what happened to him.

'Did you fancy him?' James asked.

'Yes, sure,' I said, 'he was gorgeous. He was one of my first boyfriends.'

'And what does 'mera pyar' mean?' he asked me.

'My love,' I said.

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