tagErotic CouplingsThe Invisible Woman Ch. 04

The Invisible Woman Ch. 04


On opening the front door, Geoff was greeted with the sounds of Benjamin clementine and clinking dishes. The warm smell of curry filled his nostrils as he wandered into the dining room. The table was full and lively with Katrina, Jocelyne, Kim and Rie, four of Max's colleagues.

The ladies stopped their chatter as they noticed Geoff.

"Hi" they all offered in unison before returning to their conversation and chardonnay.

Geoff nodded a hello and headed into the kitchen to find his wife.

He saw Max scraping dishes and putting them into the dishwasher. A pulsing ache filled his chest as he flashed briefly to his afternoon tryst with Jess. Max turned from her task and startled at the sight of him.

"Jesus Geoff! You scared the shit out of me!" she exclaimed, clutching her chest in an attempt to force her heartbeat to normalize.

Geoff beamed, his nature as a class clown temporarily sated. He sidled up to her and enveloped her in his arms. She felt good, like home. He kissed her on the forehead as her breathing returned to normal.

"Aloo Gobi?" he asked, nodding towards the yellow curry dish on the counter.

Max smiled. "Yeah. I mean, I'm no pro, but it turned out really good. I didn't want to serve Kat and Rie salad again and with this even the meat eaters enjoyed it."

Geoff reached over and snatched a piece of cauliflower from the rich sauce and popped it in his mouth. The heat of the Tadka Masala and the cool creaminess of the coconut milk balanced each other perfectly and Geoff made a mental note to add this dish as a vegan option on his next menu.

"This is excellent," he said genuinely. "I'm impressed."

"Maybe I have a future as a sous chef at Conifer," she giggled as she got back to plate clearing.

The blood drained from Geoff's face. It was bad enough that Katrina had started dating Antonio the bartender.

The girls had come in for dinner last month and Antonio had instantly been smitten with the beautiful blonde vegan. The two had exchanged numbers and been dating ever since. Antonio was a cool guy and Geoff genuinely liked him. What he didn't like was his worlds overlapping like that. Not when he had secrets to keep.

Recovering, Geoff reached down and squeezed Max's ass through her tight pencil skirt.

"I'm gonna hit the shower. It was a hot one in the kitchen tonight."

He gave her a chaste kiss on the lips and turned to leave.

"Ladies," he nodded as he passed through the dining room again. "I will leave you to your evening."

The women returned the gesture.


Geoff stepped into the bathroom and stripped off his clothes, cranking the shower hotter than necessary. His reflection in the mirror stared back at him and aside from the strained look in his eyes, he looked cool and calm. His red hair and scruff standing out against his fair Irish skin.

Geoff scrubbed every inch of his body, making sure no trace of Jess was left behind. He couldn't believe he'd been so stupid as to fuck her without a condom. He realized he had no idea if she was on birth control or not, or how many guys she was fucking. He had always been so careful to protect himself in the past. He'd lost control and he couldn't let that happen again. When he was done scrubbing, he was still the kind of filthy he couldn't scour off.


Max entered the bedroom an hour later, her eyes twinkling from the wine. She moved easily across the room her hips swaying. Geoff, from his vantage point on the bed, was instantly mesmerized. Her black pencil skirt and red blouse were showing off her body in a way that screamed sex.

She got to her dresser and bent to take off her black pumps.

"Stop," Geoff commanded as he slid off the bed, naked as the day he was born. "Leave those on."

Max glanced at him over her shoulder, not quite sure what to do now.

Geoff saw an opportunity to fulfill the fantasy she'd told him about this morning.

He advanced on her, his dominance dripping off of him and permeating the room. One hand went up and circled behind her neck pulling her mouth to his, kissing her deeply. God, she tasted good, like expensive wine and fruits.

He took a deep, satisfied breathe before deepening his kiss and reaching his other hand out to grab and her waist and pull her body close to his. The feel of her soft clothing on his naked flesh was infuriating. He wanted her naked, skin to skin. He moved his hands down and grabbed her backside squeezing it with both palms. His kisses becoming aggressive as he nibbled her lower lip and kissed down her jaw line to her neck. Nipping and kissing, alternating between aggression and tenderness in a way that kept her guessing.

His right hand started to aggressively massage her breast through her blouse. He could feel her lacy push up bra, and he groaned as he felt her heaving tits almost spilling out of the demi cups. He needed to see them. He snapped his free hand up, grabbing the other breast. He pressed his palms into them, feeling their supple skin through the silk of her blouse.

Pushing himself away from his intoxicating wife he grabbed the sides of her shirt and tore it away from her, popping all her buttons. It slid off her shoulders to the ground. His prize was spectacular. Two milky white breasts spilling out of their black lace confines, hard pink nipples starting to make their escape over the cups. Max was startled and aroused. He could tell by the way she was breathing and the way her eyes couldn't stop drifting to his cock, which glistened with precum.

He grabbed her breasts firmly one in each hand and buried his face in them. Max moaned as he unclipped her bra and assaulted her naked, sensitive flesh.

Geoff was practically salivating as he forced himself to abandon her gorgeous tits. His hands slid down her hips and grabbed the hem of her skirt, yanking it up and over her ass, exposing a black lace thong that matched the now discarded bra. He trailed his fingers along the lace all the way down. Feeling the heat and moisture of her was too much to handle and Geoff grabbed the delicate lacy waistband and ripped, allowing it to dangle off one hip, exposing her perfect pussy to him.

Grabbing under her hips he lifted her onto the dresser and stepped between her legs, his cock, as if a heat seeking missile, pointed directly into her pussy and he pushed himself in without any resistance. She was so hot and wet, and he fit inside her so perfectly, like they were meant fit together like this.

Geoff slid in and out in a steady rhythm, bending to kiss his wife as he curled his body to greet hers over and over. His mind flashed to images of Jess in the staff room bent over grabbing her ankles. Opening his eyes he looked down at his wife and started pistoning his hips faster and harder, her body responding, her hips circling to meet his. He flashed back to Jess, the way her legs trembled as she'd started to cum. He started burying his dick as deep inside Max as he could get. barely coming out before smashing back in as deep as he could go.

As if fucking her hard enough would erase fucking Jess.

The walls of Max's pussy were starting to swell and pulse as she screamed out. A huge wave of her cum coated his dick, and he felt his balls tightening as he came, his mind flashing back to Jess' face as he unloaded down her throat.

Geoff pumped every last drop of cum into his wife as deep as he could get it.

Max was almost purring as she rotated her hips on his cock. Realizing she wanted more, Geoff rallied himself and continued his deep slow thrusts. Minimizing the friction on his now too sensitive cock, he focused on deep circles to stimulate her g spot. He rolled his hips in a slow shaky rhythm feeling every nerve on his shaft ignite. Max moaned and deepened their connection as much as she could by hooking her high heeled feet behind his ass.

Geoff couldn't believe it, but as Max got closer he felt himself approaching another release. He had never had multiple orgasms before. He'd always been too sensitive to continue, but here he was, his dick actually aching with raw nerves and the most incredible pleasure as he slid in and out of his wife's opening.

Everything felt heightened for him and when Max's pussy descended into spasms as her orgasm took over he started to spill his second load into her, instantly losing sensation in his body as it twitched its way through this new more intense orgasm.

When the aftershocks wore off, Geoff pulled himself out of his wife, releasing both of his loads from deep inside her and allowing them to stream out onto the dresser. He kissed her tenderly before lifting her off the dresser.

Max's lips curled up as her destroyed panties fell to the ground.

"So. That was new."

Geoff smiled back at her, still a little shell shocked.

"Yeah. I finally got to see what all that multiple orgasm fuss is about. Must be because your pussy is fucking magical."

He looked at his wife standing there, tipsy from wine, and bare breasted with her skirt hiked up to her waist, exposing her perfectly coiffed just fucked pussy. Her toned legs ending in her sexy black heels and her dark hair cascading in loose curls over her milky white skin. He was blown away that this woman loved him. Shame over took him once more as he knew he didn't deserve her.

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by Anonymous

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by Phaetallia09/16/18

Glad you're enjoying the story thanks for reading :) I guess I'm operating under old beliefs that precum contained a sufficient amount of sperm to cause pregnancy. Cleaely that has been disproven. I appreciatemore...

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by RTR1009/11/18

Why is he so worried about Jess being on birth control? Didn’t he cum in her mouth? Anyway, great story, moving on to the next chapter!!

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