tagErotic CouplingsThe Invitation

The Invitation


I had been looking at it for days. The invitation had been sent out in Keith's typical style, a warm handwritten message on heavy weight stationery. Never mind that an email would have been quicker and less expensive, Keith liked for anything from him to stand out and be a true representation of his style. I ran my fingertip over Keith's clear, concise penmanship. I felt the indention of the paper from the weight of his pen.

"Join me in saying farewell to our friend. Cocktails will be pouring promptly at 8:00."

Keith and I had been at a stand-off for a week. The person who called first would be the loser. This time it wasn't going to be me. I stood by my decision to keep my own place and not move in with Keith. The thought of seeing him at the party with the same hurt in his eyes as the night I told him my decision made my stomach turn in knots. Despite that, I couldn't let our friend, Joshua, leave this country without saying goodbye in person. Why should I let a fight between Keith and me keep me from seeing our friend? A glance at the clock on the wall made up my mind. 7:15. The next dilemma was what to wear.

Rummaging through my closet I came across the dress Keith and I had picked out together. It was still in the plastic. I pulled it out and tossed it on the bed. I laughed to myself remembering how Keith managed to sneak into the dressing room to watch me try it on. He complimented me on how well the fabric hugged my every curve. That was enough to encourage me to buy it.

I thought about how Keith's long masculine fingers opened the zipper then pulled the straps off my shoulders. I remembered the cold surprise of the mirror against my back while Keith kissed over my tummy. Sighing, I looked at the clock. 7:30. I'd never make it in time if I sank any further into thoughts of our shopping excursion. In thirty minutes I took a quick shower, managed to slip into the dress without distraction and was out the door.

The guest of honor greeted me when I arrived.

"Joshua. I can't believe you're leaving me." I put on my best pout then hugged him tightly.

Josh grinned. "You know, Natalie this wasn't the easiest decision I've ever made."

I followed Josh into the living room where the rest of the guests were already drinking and having a good time. My eyes scanned the room to find Keith. I didn't see him.

I turned my attention back to Josh and said, "Oh, I know. If I had met the man of my dreams and he wanted to sweep me off to Spain, I'd have a hard time deciding to go, too."

Josh's face lit up at the mention of his new found love. "Paulo is amazing. I'm blessed to have him in my life."

Josh looked happy. He was not only embarking on an adventure abroad but he was gaining a beautiful, fulfilling relationship. I was happy for him.

"It's meant to be," I said and squeezed his arm.

I heard Keith's laughter from the other side of the room. I turned toward it only to see Keith conversing with another woman. Our eyes met over her head. I held Keith's gaze long enough to convey my sadness.

"There are some other couples that are meant to be," Josh said as he stepped in front of me.

"You don't --"

"I know, Natalie. Keith and I have talked."

"Of course you have."

Keith and Josh had been friends since high school. They had been through everything from Josh's coming out to the dark times after the death of Keith's parents. It was natural that Keith would share the details of what was going on between us. I felt embarrassed. Even though Josh was my friend too, I was uncomfortable knowing that Josh had learned how much I had hurt Keith.

"Listen, Natalie. It's not about you moving in or not moving in."

"I know it's not. It's about me maintaining a level of freedom, maintaining some of myself. I worked hard, Josh, very hard to get ahead at work and to acquire a house I can call home. Hell, it was two years without weekends and a life to get there, but I did it, on my own."

Josh chuckled.

"What?" I said.

"He loves you for that. Don't think for a moment that it's all wasted on him. He gets it."

"So why is he so hell bent on changing it all?"

Josh took me by the shoulders. "You are a sharp cookie, Nat, but you've got a lot to learn about men."

A shriek came from the backyard. While we were talking the party had moved outside underneath the yellow glow of the party lights Keith had strung.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Look. I'm not going to miss my party to school you on your man."

"Sometimes I think a little insider information would help." I hung my head.

"You'll figure it out. I'm going to get into whatever is causing all the commotion outside." He winked then made his way out through the French doors leading onto the patio.

I walked to the bay window that opened up to the backyard. The music playing inside the house was loud enough to be heard out in the yard. Some couples were dancing. Others collected in small groups chatting and enjoying the bottles of wine Keith had purchased to keep the partying flowing.

I thought about what Josh had said. I wondered if I really didn't know enough about men in general and my man specifically to make amends now.

In the glass of the window, I caught sight of a figure coming up behind me. Before I could turn, two hands came to rest on my shoulders. Keith's voice warmed my ear.

"I'm glad you came."

I turned to look into Keith's eyes. Their steady brilliance softened me. When they caressed my face I was ready to pour out my apologies.

"I --"

Keith lifted a finger to my lips to silence me. I watched him lift a black scarf from his pocket. He made a move to put it on me. I moved away.

"It's all right. Let me put this on you," he said.

I shot him a suspicious look. The last thing I saw before Keith secured the scarf over my eyes was a pleased smile creeping across his lips.

"Let's go some place more quiet."

From behind, Keith led me through the house. The sounds of the chatting and the music faded into the distance. I could tell we were walking into another room. There was a slight temperature change, warmer. The scent of vanilla filled my nose.

"Why --"

"Shhhh...Natalie be a good girl and close those sweet lips of yours. Trust me."

I giggled. "I do trust you silly, but --"

I felt the pressure of Keith's finger on my lips again. A moment later I heard a door clicking shut, locking.

I listened closely. I heard Keith walk to the other side of the room. Drawers and cabinets opened and closed. There in my own darkness, I felt vulnerable and anxious, yet safe. My heart was pounding. I could hear it in my ears. I wanted to hear Keith's voice, feel his touch, something.

"Okay. This is just too weird." I laughed and reached for the scarf. Keith caught my wrists then guided them to my sides. He walked away.

"You've picked the perfect thing to wear. I remember when we bought it." I turned my body to face Keith's voice. "Yes, I remember...and by that smile I see you remember also."

Feeling a blush I just nodded.

"Show me how I touched you that day in the dressing room."


With a serious tone, Keith spoke. "Touch yourself the way I touched you that day starting by taking that dress off."

"Can't we talk first, Keith? There's something I really need to say to you."

"There will be time to talk. Now show me."

My hands found the side zipper. I shifted my weight in the high heeled sandals.

"No need to be shy, Nat. Show me. Let me see that sexy body of yours. Show it off for me."

I tugged the zipper down. "I feel ---"


I swallowed hard before lifting one arm out of a strap. My mind filled with thoughts of what Keith could be doing. Was he sitting there naked? Would he be stroking himself as I undressed? Those thoughts were enough to warm my skin and coax me to strip down further, out of the dress and then out of my shoes.

"That's it. Now how did I touch you, Natalie?"

Recalling that memory, my fingers followed the same path Keith's did that day. I stroked over my shoulders, my sides, to my bottom. I splayed my fingers wide across my tummy before pushing them down into my panties. Caught in the moment I allowed my fingertips to brush my clit. It was throbbing, aching to be rubbed. I ran my middle finger over it. My body flinched at the sensation. The backs of my fingers slid against the moisture that had collected in the crotch of my panties.

I moaned thinking of Keith there watching me. I pushed my bra from my shoulder with my other hand, freeing my breast. Using my index finger and thumb I brought my nipple to a tight peak by circling and tugging it gently. I removed my hand from my panties to touch my breasts with both hands but to my surprise Keith's mouth caught my finger on the way out of my panties. Keith's touch sent an electric tingle up my arms. His mouth was hot around my finger. Before I could lift my hand to remove the blindfold Keith stopped me once again.

"It isn't time."

"But I want to see you." I was breathless. "I want to see if you want me as badly as I want you right now."

"Oh I do. I've been waiting for this."

My laugh was a mix of playfulness and frustration.

"Now I want you to lie down, Nat."

I allowed Keith to guide me until I felt the bed at the back of my legs. I sat. Keith pushed my shoulders down into the bed. I felt his soft, freshly shaven face against my chest then tiny kisses up to my neck. I giggled and wove my fingers into the thickness of his hair to gingerly direct him where to kiss and nibble. My body relaxed and I stopped feeling the need to see my surroundings. Instinct and memory took over. His touch painted the picture and filled my blindness.

"You smell so good."

His voice was muffled by the curve of my hip. My sense of touch was heightened by my lack of sight. I savored the feeling of Keith's hands. He released me from my bra then took hold of my panties. I lifted my hips then my legs to help him remove them. The hair on my arms stood on end when the exposed length of him slid against my inner thigh. I invited Keith inside by opening my legs. I waited, trembling for him to accept. I heard a snap and froze.

"What's that?" I asked.

Cold liquid fell on my stomach. I moved out of the way.

"Be still."

I concentrated on the slick, gel-like rope landing on my tummy, up across my nipples then covering my left breast in a thick circle.

"Is it lotion?"

Keith remained silent. He used a finger to smooth the substance into my breast. One finger after another flicked against my nipple.

"Keith, you could at least tell me what it is."

"You really want to know?"


I heard the snap again. The application resumed at my throat and continued over my chin then ended at my lips.

"Go on. Taste it."

I flicked out my tongue and tasted chocolate syrup. Keith's kiss covered my mouth. The flavor of his lips and tongue mixed with the sweet thickness of the chocolate and thrilled me. I pulled him close to my body, binding us with the chocolate confection. His tongue swirled passionately in my mouth. His kisses were what I loved best. They were a dance led by his full lips and set at a pace that waltzed me from the edge of desire to the peaks of satisfaction. I reluctantly released his lips allowing them on my throat to gather the syrupy trail. Keith positioned himself between my legs. His hands moved over me with more force. Keith pushed the backs of my thighs up and open, to expose my pussy.

"Please. No more teasing," I whispered.

His tongue moved over my clit so slowly it was mind blowing. It was as if he wanted to feel the quick pulse beating through it from every inch and angle. The syrup of my excitement poured out of me and Keith licked it away with a hunger that was audible and insatiable. I tried to move away from his mouth when the pleasure was almost too much to bear only to have Keith's hands bring me back to his mouth. Fast, hungry and driven by desire he pleased me with his mouth then parted my lips with two fingers. My moans echoed through the room. Every muscle tensed and in moments quick powerful spasms rocked my body. Keith pressed into my pussy forcing out every last pleasurable quake. His attention slowed to light kisses and soon moved to my inner thigh. I felt alive. I couldn't help the smile on my face. Keith pressed his lips against mine. He moved on top of me. His body was hard, lean and molded to my every curve. Our skin made a kissing sound when his tall frame lifted away from me.

"You're sticky," I said against his neck before I captured his earlobe with my teeth.

"And you're wet."

Keith made his growing hardness rest between my soaked lips. I pulled him down to me. My hands explored Keith's back and butt. I moved against him to coat his cock with the juices he had helped create. I couldn't seem to get him close enough to me. I wanted to lose myself inside him, let my desire take control and be one with him. I arched. Our bodies separated but I felt tiny strands of cocoa and sugar connecting us. Keith licked my throat then followed the smeared line of sweetness down to my chest.

"It's time." Keith pushed the scarf from my face without another word.

My eyes adjusted to the soft light. A few blinks brought Keith's handsome face into focus. Our eyes met. Everything that needed to be said was said. I knew we both felt a satisfying wholeness at the same time when we smiled. Keith kissed me once more then entered me, slowly. He watched my eyes drift shut while a warm rush spread on my skin. I felt like I was wading, shoulder deep, into rich melted chocolate. I let go, allowed myself to drown in the luxurious sensation of our bodies joining.

Our lovemaking matched the languid explorations of our hands and lips and fingers on shoulders, on necks and backs. Our bodies clung together, heating quickly, while Keith stroked in and out of me. I didn't have the breath to say how good he was making me feel. I mouthed the words. I sought his kisses like each one would fill my lungs and save my life.

I moved my hips to deepen the penetration. I loved that he wanted to hold back and prolong what we were experiencing. He gathered me into his arms then pulled me onto his lap. His strong hands gripped my hips to control how much of him I could have. He lifted me up and down quickly for several strokes then slowed the pace to ease into me inch by inch.

We began to move together. As I released my head back, Keith's mouth found my erect nipple. That was enough to make my pending orgasm speed towards me. I moaned and worked my hips down harder.

"Oh, I'm so close," I repeated over and over as if just saying the words could extend the sensation of riding the edge of my orgasm.

I pushed Keith back onto the bed. I filled myself with his cock the way I needed. I looked down at Keith. In the low light I could see a slight flush on his skin. I touched his face, his neck, and his chest. His skin was hot. His eyes were half open but focused on his cock as it disappeared inside me.

"Come with me, Keith. Will you come with me?" I said between pants.

Keith lifted his hips into me. I couldn't hold back my release. Small twinges inside my pussy surged into rapid pulses around Keith's cock. My body became weightless when every tense muscle in my body relaxed. The most sensational feeling flooded my senses. My orgasm was a powerful drug shot directly into my veins. It was what I had wanted.

I collapsed against Keith, unable to hold myself up while every limb quivered. Keith held my bottom tightly with both hands and pulled me down harder and harder until his body was convulsing against mine. The only sounds he made were soft but quick breaths. I spoke his name softly into his neck while I milked every bit of ecstasy from his body with tiny gyrations of my hips and deliberate contractions of my inner walls. Keith writhed underneath me until the pressure of his erection eased and his hold on my bottom slackened.

Blissful sighs and quiet moans were all we could muster as our bodies recovered. It was several minutes before I could think of anything besides the pleasantly steamy body underneath me.

Keith made the first movement by rolling us onto our sides. Random smudges of chocolate that remained on our bodies made it feel like we were pulling apart the hook and eye of Velcro when we parted. I lifted my head enough to see his face. A grin pulled at the corners of his mouth and his eyes were closed.

"So we've made up?" Keith said and then playfully pulled me into him. His smile broadened.

I laughed. "Well, how could I resist..." I looked down at the smudges of chocolate here and there on Keith's pale sheets. "Your chocolate covered apology?"

Keith looked at me. "I figured if I couldn't win you over with something sweet, I'd get you with something hard." He pressed himself against my leg.

"You always did throw the best parties," I said then cupped him in my hands.

"Speaking of."

Keith rolled out of the bed, retrieved a hand towel off the night stand and wiped his chest quickly before he began to dress.

"You can't be going back out there." I grabbed towel and rubbed away the chocolate smudges.

"You just said I threw the best parties. I can't disappoint my guests." He winked.

I wanted to protest, but he was right. We'd been rude sneaking off to his bedroom to have make-up sex.

Keith held my dress out to me with the straps perched on his thumbs and forefingers. "Come now. Get dressed. We'll shuffle everyone out and well... see where the rest of the evening takes us."

I stepped into the dress. Keith pulled the zipper up. I ran my fingers through my hair a few times. He gave me a once over.

"Oops. What do we have here?"

Keith bent his head to my shoulder. Using his tongue he licked a smudge of chocolate away. The lick turned into a kiss. The kiss traveled up to my neck.

He whispered into my ear, "Home will always be right where you are, Natalie."


2009 © Nicole Best

All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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