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The Invite


I'm not really sure how this happened! Having been to a lot of parties in my life I seem to find myself on all sorts of e-mail invite lists and I am constantly deleting invites from my inbox. This invite though seemed like something completely different, something exciting and something I just couldn't miss out on. The idea of an all female sex party had always intrigued me. Imagining this was just going to be one of those naughty product selling parties I hadn't gotten my hopes up for anything that exciting to happen but I was more than a little intrigued. I got ready that evening in a state of nervous excitement. Changing my outfit a number of times until I was happy that my look was just right (A silky little black skirt, a crisp black military cut shirt and a pair of fishnet hold ups).

When I arrived at the party and was shown into the front room by the gracious host I was more than a little surprised. No tacky dildo and edible underwear selling party this, this was the real thing. I tried my best to look relaxed and nonchalant but I had stumbled upon something special and exciting here. My eyes scanned the room (carefully trying not to catch anyone's eyes for too long) just watching the other women here having all kinds of fun. The women were paired off and in groups chatting but also caressing each other. There was a charge of electricity in the air and a feeling of amazing sexual tension. I sat myself down on an empty chair and began to soak up the scene. I hardly knew where to look next and my eyes scanned the room for a friendly looking face. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted another woman sitting on her own and catch this woman (who I later found out was called Cheryl) watching me intently. As our eyes met I smiled nervously, desperate for someone to interact with. Taking charge of the situation and probably recognizing my overall discomfort she beckons me to follow her.

I am happy to get out of this room and on autopilot I follow her down the hallway, at first I imagine we are going to get a drink but as she disappears into the bathroom, dragging me in behind her I realize she has other plans on her mind. She closes the door behind me, pushing me back against it, her knee pressing against my sex as she pins me against the door. Her hands are suddenly all over me as she starts kissing me passionately on the lips.

Her kisses are so wonderful and eager; her hands cupping my face as she kisses me over and over. I'm reveling in the thrill of all the emotions and adrenalin coursing through my body. She bites my lower lip gently and I succumb to the wonderful rush of exhilaration as our tongues intertwine. She purses my lips and then shoves her tongue deep into my mouth. My knees almost buckle under me in the excitement of the moment, as her wet electric tongue explores my mouth. Her hands are all over my body, exploring inside my shirt and up my skirt stroking my exposed skin. I murmur quietly, her caresses sending little shivers through my body as she gently strokes my breasts, thighs and they intensify as she begins to stroke my pussy through the now damp gusset of my panties.

My assailant hooks her fingers into my thong and slowly peels them down my thighs allowing them to drop to the floor before retrieving them and stuffing them into my open mouth letting me taste myself. Next she pushes me back against the sink and helps raise me up until I am sitting on the counter. She smiles wickedly at me as she hitches up my skirt and drops slowly to her knees. As she spreads my legs I can't conceal a moan, and I have to bite my lip to stifle my gasps as I feel her hot breath on my shaven and pierced pussy. Feeling a little bolder, she starts to place delicate kisses upon my naked thighs. The sensation of her wet lips on my warm skin sends shockwaves of excitement through me. She runs a fingertip down my slit and I groan with pleasure as her fingers hone in on my now swollen clit.

She inhales the sweet odor of my pussy, savoring the musky smell and her tongue darts out for an exploratory lick. Obviously enjoying what she encounters she is soon lapping excitedly at my pussy, licking from my little dark puckered ass to my clit. She takes the piercing in her mouth, swirling the little silver ring round with her expert tongue before sucking it into her mouth. Next she is pulling my pussy lips open - exposing every fold of my petal pink pussy, allowing her tongue to dart in and out of my now dripping cunt, using her tongue like a little cock. Using her thumb she continues to rub my clit. She dips her fingers into my soaking pussy, getting one nice and wet - before sliding it into my tight asshole. She starts to switch between sucking my clit into her hot mouth and sliding her fingers into my pussy and one into my ass. I groan as she does this, my love of anal sex shining through. Soon the intensity in my ass, pussy and clit build up to boiling point and I cum noisily my juices spilling from me and into her awaiting mouth.

She turns on shower and we hurriedly stumble out of our remaining clothes. We get into the shower I position myself under the jets of powerful water, soaping first her then myself as we begin washing each other tenderly. Next I turn her so that she is spread-eagled her hands against the wall of the shower positioning her in the kind of position you see regularly on Cops. I watch her for a while as the rivulets of water from the shower course down her beautiful body and run between her legs.

Behind her now I start to place gentle kisses over her body. I begin by placing my lips on her shoulders kissing downwards across her back to her ass. Her skin is creamy and soft to my touch. I begin to lick and kiss her hips planting kisses all over her sensitive skin and I can't help myself from sinking my teeth into the generous flesh of her ass, which makes her yelp with surprise. I kiss the inside of her thighs and I hear her moan loudly as my mouth moves steadily up her thighs towards her pussy. Now I move on to gently kiss around Cheryl's exquisite pussy, it is already moist (not just from the shower) and her sweet aromas fill my nostrils.

I love the smell of pussy and I am desperate to taste her. I flick out my tongue and take a languorous lick and am pleased to find that she tastes as sweet as she smells. I start to probe her pussy gently with my tongue, diving into the luscious pussy. I move myself so I am sitting between her legs and I begin to lick her clit, which swells nicely to my touch. Next I envelop her clit with my mouth and begin to swirl my tongue around it her squeals of delight letting me know that I am driving her crazy. I start to lick her pussy again tasting her sweetness, eating her, licking her, probing her tight sweet hole with my tongue. Soon I have slipped a finger into her dripping pussy and am finger-fucking her while I suck and nibble her swollen clit.

I feel her clit swell and stiffen a little more and I continue to lavish delicate kisses over her pussy before lustily licking her clit again. My tongue dancing over my clit for a while before probing her snatch, my tongue delving into every fold of my now soaking pussy. Now she grabs my hair, forcing my tongue deeper inside, grinding her clit against me. I can feel her body quaking as her orgasm rises within her. As she continues to push back against my face, grinding herself against me I hear her breathing and moaning become uncontrollable and instantaneously she is cumming all over my face, my tongue hungrily searching out each pearl of her juices.

We collapse in the shower, exhausted but fulfilled. I tell her that this is my first time at one of these parties. She tells me that I should make the most of the experience and use it to fulfill whatever desires may have. I tell her that I have always hoped to make love with more than one woman at once, to which she just smiles and say 'no problem' and then I divulge to her my most secret desire - to be pee'd on. I expect her to look shocked but she merely matter-of-factly replies -'we'll have to see what we can do about that'.

We tumble out of the shower awash with pleasure. She tells me that she thinks that what her little fuck toy needs now is a nice big cock in her ass. I can only smile and murmur in reply. Encouraged she bends me over the sink licks one of her fingers, now wet with her saliva she rubs it gently against the opening of my ass, lubricating me with her spit before sliding one finger into me, pressing it past my sphincter. She lets it slide in up to her knuckle and continues by starting to stroke it in and out of me making me groan loudly. She slides a finger from her other hand into my ass and gently starts to ease my deep, dark, dirty hole open. She spits, allowing her saliva to dribble into my gaping hot hole before dipping her tongue into my ass. I almost cum there and then as I revel in the attentions of this wonderfully experienced woman. She continues to eat my ass for a while, dipping her tongue into me, getting me nice and lubricated before taking a large strap-on and a tube of lube from the cupboard from under the sink.

I feel the cool soothing liquid enter my ass, flowing slowly into me. She begins to rub the tip of the dildo against my ass, teasing me, allowing me to push back against her in frustration before pushing it deep into me. She strokes that thick cock slowly and deeply into me and soon we are both groaning in pleasure as she thrusts deeper and harder into my ass, the strap-on base rubbing against her already swollen red clit with each stroke into my ass. I am moaning loudly now and to cover the noise she replaces my musky damp panties in my mouth. Her fingers begin to strum my clit as she begins to get crazy, fucking me really deep and hard. She starts to call me all sorts of filthy names. Telling me that I am her dirty little slut, that I have been wanting this for ages and that she is going to make me her own personal little fuck toy.

She thrusts the strap-on into me harder and harder, stretching my tight little ass. The strap-on is rubbing her clit, making it swollen, angry and red. She reaches around me and as she fucks me deep and hard she teases my pussy, stroking my clit, pinching it, her fingers slipping into my wet cunt. With a few more thrusts of the strap-on she tips over the edge and she cums hard, her juices running down the shaft of the dildo and into my cunt as well as down her silky thighs. Almost instantaneously, I am cumming too, my pussy quaking and I gush over her hand and all down my thighs, our sweet pussy juices intermingling as she lovingly fingers my pussy.

After we catch our breath we start to straighten up. Taking my panties she mops up all of our heavenly juices and prepares to head back to the lounge. Turning back into the room she picks my now filthy panties off the sink, gently opens my mouth and stuffs them back into my mouth before leading me completely naked now back to main room. What a state we must look me completely naked, apart from a pair of fishnet hold-ups, and her wearing little more than a huge strap-on. I should hardly have worried what we looked like, as by now all of the girls are paired off or in groups around the room and the party has finally descended into one big orgy. I barely know where to look as girls are fucking each other all over the room now. I am soon drawn to two cute fetishy looking girls, one of whom (I later find out is called Karen) has the other (Sam) on a dog chain as she forces her to suck her strap-on cock. It is so hot watching Sam swallow up that big rubber cock and hearing her moan deeply with pleasure as she chokes it to the back of her throat.

Cheryl takes a seat on the couch and pulls me down on her knee. Still watching this girl and her slave I feel my pussy quiver, and I start to stroke my clit. I continue to drink in the scene as Karen gets her slave girl down on all fours and begins to roughly pounds her pussy with her rubber cock. Suddenly I am aware of Cheryl again as she starts to kiss down my neck and collarbone, biting me gently as her mouth trails hot kisses down towards my breasts. Her mouth moves swiftly to my nipples, kissing them gently at first, she grins contentedly as they stiffen to her touch. Next she takes one nipple in her mouth, swirling her tongue round it, all the while rolling my other nipple between her gentle fingers. She sucks on it hard, amazed at how stiff it is getting to her touch and then bites gently. I moan noisily as she continues licking, sucking, nibbling and pinching my swollen nipples. She starts to rub her own clit as she does so and removes the panties that were still in my mouth. Next she sticks two fingers into her slippery pussy and after tracing them along my lips plunges them into my mouth, making me taste her sticky sweetness while I continue to watch entranced by this slave girl and her leather clad mistress.

I return my attentions to Cheryl now and move my legs astride her lap, straddling her now, and staring deeply into her eyes as I lower myself back onto her rubber cock. Waves of pleasure are washing through me as I slowly return myself onto Cheryl's thick rubber strap-on. Grinding down onto her cock, enjoying every little rib and notch on it, letting it stretch my pussy satisfyingly. I am moaning deeply, reveling in the sensations in my cunt as Cheryl and I kiss again hungrily.

Suddenly the focus of my attention switches, as I become aware of another girl behind me. She turns my head to the side and starts kissing my mouth wantonly. She licks and nibbles my lips before forcing her tongue deep into my mouth. Her tongue is thick and long, invading my mouth frantically, almost fucking me with it. Our tongues interlock as she swirled her tongue round my mouth. Soon she is pressing her body against me, and I feel her large leather clad breasts pressed into my back I realist that this is the mistress (Karen) I had been watching earlier, obviously on some signal from Cheryl she had decided to join us. Karen reaches around me and starts to fondle my breasts, rolling my swollen nipples gently between her delicate fingers. As Karen fondles my breasts I return my attention to Cheryl, kissing her hungrily as I thrust down on her thick strap-on, our tongues exploring each other's mouths again.

I gasp in excitement as I suddenly felt the cool latex of another strap-on pressed against my back - the one I saw Karen's girlfriend sucking earlier. As I fuck Cheryl's strap-on I wiggle my ass sluttily, inviting Karen to give her cock to me too, my fantasies were really about to come true and I wanted to make the most of this occasion. As she is pulling on my nipples Karen tells me that she is going to fuck my dirty little ass.

I hear her spit noisily and feel a blob of her sticky saliva fall between my ass cheeks. My ass is still tender from Cheryl's earlier ministrations and the saliva is soothing as it slides into my still slightly gaping asshole. Soon I feel the head of Karen's rubber cock pressed against the opening of my tight ass. The head of her cock is nice and slick with lube and it slides easily into my stretched opening and with another push it is past my sphincter and rushing deep into my ass. With the strap-on in my ass and Cheryl's rubber cock still in my pussy I begin to revel in the pleasure of my first experience of being double fucked by two rubber cocks. I can feel the two cocks stretching me inside, almost rubbing against each other, separated only by a thin membrane of skin.

Karen obviously loves the sensation of screwing my ass, I wiggle it provocatively as she thrusts into me and soon she is slapping my ass. Her smacks are firm and thrilling and I feel my ass cheeks begin to redden as her hand strikes me again and again. I am moaning deeply now with each swish of her hand, my cries filling the room. Karen starts calling me dirty names, fucking me roughly.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot her beautiful slave girl (Sam) as she also straps on a cock. She moves round to the back of the sofa and sits on the back of it, her crotch just above Cheryl's head. She starts to stroke the cock lovingly, as if it was really hers. Our eyes meet and with a small gesture she suggests that I should take her cock into my mouth. I take it in my hand, lean forward and start to lick along the shaft. Her cock begins to glisten with my saliva as I start drooling over it as I repeatedly swallow it into my mouth. I now have luscious rubber cock in my ass, pussy and mouth and I am reveling in feeling like a complete whore.

I soon realize that all the other eyes in the room are firmly fixed upon our group and this thrills me. As I choke down Sam's rubber cock I begin to stroke her beautifully trimmed, slick pussy, tasting her pussy juice as it runs down the rubber shaft of her cock. She thrusts the cock into my mouth, as I revel in the role of the cock-hungry slut. She grabs my hair forcing me to swallow the cock deep, hearing me groan and choke on it. This excites her and she sticks her fingers into her pussy, making herself cum before smearing her juices along the length of the dildo - making me taste her as she rams the cock deep into my throat. With my every orifice filled the waves of pleasure soon become uncontrollable and as Karen continues to beat my ass I cum again and again as I'm fucked like a rag doll - reveling in the cheers of our multiple onlookers as much as in the rubber cocks filling my every hole.

We all switch positions. Cheryl allows Karen to sit on the sofa before turning her back on her and lowering herself onto her cock. She straddles Karen and pushes down impaling herself on her rubber cock. Cheryl's split open pussy is so inviting and soon I am down on all fours and sucking on her pussy. As Karen's cock dips in and out of Cheryl I concentrate on licking her clit - sucking it into my mouth again and again and nibbling gently. Soon Karen is alternating thrusting her cock into Cheryl's pussy with thrusting it into my mouth. The sensation of slurping Cheryl's juices from Karen's cock is turning me on so much that it is a relief as I feel Karen's girlfriend get behind me and start to dip her strap-on back into my pussy and ass. Between my mouth and Karen's strap-on Cheryl's pussy is soon frothing with delight and it is not long before she is screaming loudly and once again cumming noisily in my mouth.

We all collapse for a while and I begin to just watch the other girls again as they turn their attention from us and start to make love to each other again. Still drained I notice that Cheryl, Karen and Sam are whispering in the corner. Karen comes over and takes my hand, leading me outside to the pool area and pushes me back onto a lounger.

She straddles my face, making me eat her pussy. I start by sucking on her raw, swollen clit, before snaking my tongue up inside her glistening pussy. Her pussy tastes so delicious and I am momentarily disappointed as she suddenly moans that she needs to pee. I expect her to move off of me but as I hear Cheryl who has appeared behind us say - 'me too' I almost choke on Karen's pussy with excitement. I snake my tongue deeper into Karen as I feel Cheryl start to pee on me. She starts to pee on my clit, her warm piss splashing down on me and I lower my fingers to my pussy, pulling my lips open and allowing her to pee into my pussy. Her pee bubbles out of my pussy as her stream moves up my belly and I start to cum as her pee splashes over my breasts and over my sore and swollen nipples. As I look up I realize that at least 5 of the girls from the party are out here now.

As Cheryl pees over my breasts I feel another stream of beautiful golden piss start to rain down upon me. Soon more of the girls are joining in and I can feel there pee splashing over Karen and soon I am arching my head back to catch as much each girls elixir as I can. I start to slurp and suck the pee off of Karen's glistening body before she finally purses my mouth open places her pussy against my lips and lets her stream go. A mixture of sweet cum and spicy pee floods into my mouth and I start to cum again as her pee bubbles out of my mouth and over my body. As I continue to gulp down what I can, I can hear cheers ringing in my ears from all the women at the party who had come outside to watch us from the balcony and I knew at that point I was definitely going to be invited back.

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