tagErotic HorrorThe Invite

The Invite


He walked along the dark street wondering what he was doing there. He had been invited to the party by a friend he hardly knew. Accepting had been an automatic response. Jim was used to being invited out on certain holidays ever since his wife had passed away five years ago.

He hadn't dated anyone since that time, not feeling that the time was right yet. Days had become months had become years and he was still alone. Not that he needed the company. His three kids were usually around from time to time, although those times were getting farther in between. They were moving on in their young lives and making their own families now.

Every once in a while, Jim would have a night when he truly missed his wife. She had been all for him. Lover, mother, companion, best friend, Linda had been all for him for so long he just deep down felt that he would never replace her in his heart.

This party invite had been from a co-worker that he just didn't get. The guy was pretty intelligent, funny, and a great person all in all. He had some different beliefs though. Jim never really was able to get to know Bob real well, as Bob kept everyone at arms length for the most part. This party invite was the first time that anyone from work had heard of him doing such a thing.

Jim had accepted at first out of the auto-response, then later deciding to go out of curiosity. Jim wondered what kind of party he was going to be at. It was Halloween, and the kids were out in force trick-or-treating. Bob had just told him to come causal and not in costume. Jim was a bit grateful for that. He had never been one to dress up in costumes in the first place.

Arriving at Bob's house Jim was surprised to see that it was a very nice and large home. The yard was huge. Bob had decorated up the whole yard like a graveyard and kids were all over the place running around hiding and playing. Jim could see a large group of adults on the deck laughing and talking.

As he walked up the stairs, Bob came out and shook his hand. Turning he began to introduce Jim to all there.

"Hey everyone, this is Jim. He works with me and is the best co-worker a person could have. Also, for some of the ladies here tonight...he is single."

Everyone was saying hi and shaking his hand as Jim was wondering about that introduction. He had never mentioned that he was 'looking' in any way. Jim wondered why Bob had felt it necessary to add that single part as he had.

Finding himself to be having a great time in a very short while, Jim just went with the flow of the party. One particular lady kept close to him, talking to him every once in a while, but mostly just standing near enough that he could smell her perfume. She was very pretty and sensually dressed with an aura of openness about her that Jim hadn't seen in a woman in a long time.

As the party went on he soon found himself talking only to her. He found out that she was a friend of Bobs and that she was single. Her voice was warm and rich, sending a chill down his spine each time she laughed. She kept Jim laughing and soon they were all alone, in the crowd. A few other ladies came up and tried to work into the conversation, but it was obvious that Jim and this stranger were enjoying each other immensely. The other ladies would give up after a bit and leave them alone.

Bob came up to them and made sure that they were ok and having fun, just as a good host should. He eyed Jim carefully as he turned to walk away. Jim could see that there was a question in that glance.

Eventually he learned her name. As she told him, his mind went off into a dream world. He had a hard time concentrating for a bit as the crowd seemed to spin around him. When he got his equilibrium back he was first aware that she was asking him if he was okay.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just got a bit...well...dizzy there for a second. Maybe too much to drink. I usually don't drink this much."

"Oh, so are you drunk enough that I can take advantage of you now?"

"Take advantage of me? Shouldn't that be me taking advantage of you instead?"

"Well, it is 2004 Jim. I guess a lady can take advantage of a man as well as he can try to take advantage of a woman."

"Try to take advantage?"

"Yes. Try. A man can try to take advantage, but a woman has to let it happen. Men on the other hand..."

"Are easy?"

"Some are more than others."

"Hope I'm not an easy one."

"You have no idea Jim. None whatsoever."

Whatever she had, all the men at the party seemed to want to get next to her. For whatever other reason, she had chosen Jim to be with. Jim didn't mind either. He felt quite lucky. She seemed to dominate the thoughts in his head unlike any other woman had ever done.

The longer they talked, the closer she stood to him. Soon, their bodies were brushing against each other, their faces almost close enough to be kissing. Jim was mesmerized by her beauty and voice. He also could tell from her conversation that her intelligence was very high too.

She lead him to talk of his past life, his late wife, his kids. She was easy to talk to and Jim found himself wondering about her. She had told him her name yet for some reason he couldn't remember it. He was about to ask her again when she looked right at him and as if reading his mind, told it to him again.

"Venus. Like the planet. Like the Goddess of love."

Once again Jim's head spun and he had a hard time concentrating. As her name left her lips he could have sworn that her eyes flashed with a fire and passion unlike any woman he had ever known.

They talked some more and soon the party was winding down. He wanted to keep talking to her as he was so entranced with every part of her by now. He also knew that it was time to go home and sleep. As he was about to tell her that he needed to go home, she asked him if he could give her a ride.

"I know this is a bit...forward, but could you give a lady a ride home? I see that the people who brought me have left already and I have no way home now."

"That would be my pleasure. It's probably my fault anyway, capitalizing your time tonight like I have been. The least I could do is take you home."

"I'll get my things. Be back in a minute."

As Jim stood there waiting, Bob came over.

"Hey, glad you made the party. Have a good time?"

"Yeah, thanks for inviting me too Bob. I will say that I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I had a great time."

"Apprehensive? Hmmm...you seemed to be quite comfortable to me Jim. I see that you and Venus got along real well too. She is a great lady. Are you taking her home?"

"Yeah, her ride left her. Probably because I was with her so much. She is very interesting. Beautiful too."

"So, you like her a bit then do you?"

"Yeah. Quite a bit actually. I'd like to get to know her even more."

"I'm sure that after watching you two tonight, that will not be a problem. She seemed to like you quite a bit as well. Have fun and enjoy Jim. You are a lucky man. A very fortunate man indeed. "

As Bob left him standing there, Jim got a feeling that Bob had some kind of knowledge that Jim didn't about this whole night. He began to wonder why Bob was so standoffish at work while seeming to have so many friends at home. Venus walked up at that moment and Jim's mind went to her. God, she was so beautiful. He had lucked out tonight. He hardly had thought of his late wife at all for the first time in years. Maybe Venus was going to be the one for him to chase after seriously.

"Shall we?"

Taking his arm she leaned in close to him and her whispered question sent a chill down his spine. Her voice had a way of causing him to lose his thought process from time to time. That she wanted to talk and be with him made Jim feel like the king of the world.

As he helped her into the car, having opened her door, she turned and eyes flashing with that mysterious light, she thanked him.

"Oh, I just love gentlemen. Holding the door for me, and making me feel safe and sound. You are quickly winning me over you know Jim."

"You mean that I haven't won you over completely yet?"

He was shocked at his comeback. Never having been so confident before in his life, he wondered at this change in his manner. Why had he felt he had to say that like he had? He was surprised that she took it in stride as she did too. She just smiled at him, waiting for him to close the door.

As he got in his car she leaned over and lightly kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you for the lift home gallant Knight."

"I'm not sure that Knight is what I am. But, thank you."

His cheek felt like it was on fire where her lips had touched him. He could also feel his cock, throbbing hard and greedy. He wanted her, but he also knew that on the first date that was unlikely.

"I just realized that I don't know where you live. If you just tell me the way you need to go, we'll be off."

"I was thinking that you should show me where you live Jim. I'd really like to know. If you don't mind that is."

He looked at her eyes as she said that, surprised that she would want to know that and then be so forward about it too. He found his tongue working as his voice cut through the thickened air in the car.

"Sure, no problem. I'd be happy to show you my place."

"I knew you would. You are such a gentleman Jim. I knew you would show me what I need to see when I met you. That's why I chose to be with you tonight."

Unnerved by her words, his mind began to work, thinking about what she had said. For some reason though, he could not bring that mind into focus. Stranger still, he didn't seem to be too worried about that fact either.

During the drive to his place Venus slid over to the middle and put her arm around his shoulders. Her face just a scant few inches from his, her warm breath gently caressing his neck. Unconcerned, even though he had just met her this evening and knew nothing about her at all, he just drove, keeping his attention on the road.

Suddenly, without any warning, her lips touched his cheek, then moved down to his neck. He could also feel her tongue slipping out and lightly licking him between the little soft kisses. Liking the feeling of her kissing him as she was he just moved a bit to make it easier for her to access him.

Her fingers began to play with his hair on the opposite side of his head, as her lips became more and more forceful, showing a need behind her touch. Confused for a moment, and feeling a hint of an unsettled chill course through his body, Jim straightened up and focused harder on his driving.

He found that his pants had become quite uncomfortable. His hardness impeded by the position that it laid, bent to one side and down one pant leg. Squirming around to try to get into a more comfortable position, Venus noticed his discomfort.

"Hmmmm...poor baby, something has come up to make you squirm. You know, I can take care of that for you...very, very well."

Reaching down with her right hand, she placed her palm over the middle of his cock and began to rub gently, yet firmly. Jim just about drove into the ditch when she did that, unexpected as it was. Her saying it to her hand touching him...she had been moving to place her hand there before she said a word.

Instead of being shocked and possibly worried, a calm descended over him, and he just let her touch him however she wanted to. Any other time, he would have been shocked at the things going on in that seat at that moment. After all...they had just met that evening. For some reason, Jim didn't feel a need to stop her.

By the time they got to his place she had worked his cock out of his pants and was stroking it firmly yet gently in her hand. Very much a practiced hand at that too. Her lips touched his neck ever so often, kissing him softly.

Getting out of the car was difficult for him as his erection was sticking out and Venus was still holding it in her warm hand. As he pulled away from her grip he thought he saw a flash of red shooting out of her eyes.

'Must have been the street light.' he thought. Strange though...I am between her and that light. Venus had stood and was now busy getting her hand back into his pants. He led her into his house before the neighbors saw something he would have a hard time explaining.

Once the door closed behind them Venus took charge. Jim never even knew what happened. She turned to him, undid his belt and buttons, pushing his jeans down his legs. Kneeling in front of him she took his hardness into her mouth and began sucking. The heat of her mouth was too much and soon...too soon, he felt the beginnings of his orgasm.

Her teeth scraped the length of him as she started to work harder and faster on his hardness. He began to worry about his impending orgasm, not wanting to scare her off or get her mad at him since things had gone so very well up to this point.

He lightly touched Venus's head and clearing his throat started to tell her he was close. She looked up at him, her eyes flashing with that weird light, and took him fully down her throat. He moaned as his cock throbbed and began to shoot off.

His mind was trapped in that place of ecstacy and wonder, missing the look in her eyes as it changed from wanton to calculating. His orgasm filling her mouth, she just swallowed his load without so much as a blinking of her eyes.

As he came down he looked at her and saw that she was seriously staring at him. So much so it made him uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry. I never meant..."

"Oh, that's quite all right Jim. I liked your taste. Did I do everything well?"

"Well? Oh...yes...you were...perfect."

He felt stranger now than at any time during the night. He had just shot off a rather huge load into her mouth and she was calmly talking to him like they were having a business discussion. Almost cold and...stuffy.

She stood quickly and taking his hands in hers she moved him backwards until he fell into the couch that was right behind him. She then straddled his lap and looking into his eyes began to hum a simple little tune. Her eyes captured his and his mind began to get fuzzy.

He never even had a moment of fear as he went into a trance. She stood up and moved away from him. Frozen as he sat there, looking at empty space. Venus was busy with her purse, her back to him. She paid him no mind now at all. He was like a statue, just frozen in time.

Turning back to him she undid her dress and let it fall to the floor. Naked, she stood in front of his unseeing eyes and began to paint an oily substance onto her body. Then, she put some red powder on her nipples. As she did this they noticeably hardened, sticking way out from her aureolas. She then rubbed some powder of a light yellow color onto her hips, thighs and genital area. Her pussy was bald, shaven clean and the combination of oil and powder seemed to make that area glow.

Moving around the room she looked at his things as if studying the man that had placed them there. After a bit, the powder evidently having started to work as intended, she moved to straddle his lap again.

Humming that tune, she leaned in and began to kiss Jim's face. He came too, never realizing that time had gone by with him just being a mind blanked statue. Her lips found his and they began to kiss. Her hands were rubbing his cock, making it throb and harden. Once he was hard as steel she moved up and slowly lowered her pussy down over his hardness.

As she sunk down on his shaft, she moaned loudly, her body shaking slightly as his hardness slipped inside her. Once she was fully impaled, she held her body still and stared into Jim's eyes. He was letting her lead and guide him to her needs.

She began humming that tune again, with just the slightest change in tone and speed. Jim's hips began to move of their own volition, forcing his hard shaft to drive in and out of her tightness. Her hard nipples rubbed his chest lightly, teasing both of them in their touch.

Kissing him hard on the lips, her tongue slipped between his teeth and began to explore his mouth. Jim's hands were on her hips, pulling her into his body as his cock drove up and inside her again and again.

Venus was still humming that tune as Jim brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Just when she was about to cum, she moved her lips to his neck and kissed him hard there, sucking his skin into her mouth.

"I'm going to have a hickey" he thought. "A man my age with a hickey on his neck."

He was bemused not realizing that this was not an ordinary woman, nor was he 'safe' by any means. As Venus began to orgasm, her teeth bit down on his skin inside her mouth, poking through, going deeper and deeper. That fire in her eyes was glowing stronger and brighter.

Her sucking became more forceful and determined yet Jim didn't seem to mind at all. He was still rocking his hips driving his cock deeply inside of her. Her orgasm rolled over her, causing her body to shake, a trickle of blood slipping out of the corner of her mouth and slowly working it's way down his neck.

Jim's eyes were now closed, his hips still stroking into her. She let him move like that until he surprisingly came for the second time that night. Deep inside her pussy, his cum flooding her, surely seeking out her eggs to impregnate her.

She released him, standing up as she did. His neck had two perfect little holes a little bit apart from each other. The blood was almost unnoticeable. She slipped a finger on the line of blood running down his neck to his shoulder and wiped it up. Placing her finger into her mouth and sucking it clean she stared into his eyes.

"I think you and I will be close from now on Jim. Can I call you James though?"

"James...yes that will be fine. I like the way you say my name like that."

"Good. You know...Bob was right about you. You need someone. A female someone. I am going to love you so well James. I know you will come to love me too."

"Yes. I think I will. You are a very...I've never known a woman such as you before."

"Thank you for the lovely evening James. I'll let myself out. Perhaps tomorrow night we can have...dinner? Just you and I?"

"Yes, tomorrow night sounds...good."

The next morning Jim woke up. He felt great if not a bit tired. After stepping out of the shower he noticed the red marks on his neck. Moving in closer to the mirror, it seemed that the closer he got to seeing what those marks were, the farther away the look in his eyes got. Just as his fingers felt the two holes he opened the door to the cabinet with his other hand and took out his shaving kit.

'Funny, I thought I was thinking of looking at something...hmmm...oh well must not have been important.'

Jim went through his day with a calm detachment. Work was a breeze even though some people gave him strange looks time to time. He was thinking of his date tonight and how beautiful Venus was.

In her place, dark and quiet, Venus smiled into space. 'Oh yes. This one is special. Very special. I could taste it in him right away. Bob will get a very special treat for leading me to him. Yes indeed.

Her eyes lit up the darkness, a red fiery flickering dancing in the shadows. His 'taste' was one of power and glory for sure. Just the right type for her needs. She would keep him around for quite some time. At the very least for the next two hundred years. The last one had only given her enough for fifty years before petering out on her. James...this one was different for sure.

As he waited for her that night Jim thought back over the last twenty four hours. He knew that she was not exactly 'human'. He knew that she had drew him into her 'trap'. He also knew that she would take care of him too. He had noticed that he looked a bit...younger. He felt ten years younger too.

Deep inside Jim knew that he had been targeted and taken. In that respect he was a bit upset with Bob and Venus. However, in Venus he had found that something that had been missing from his life. He knew he was to be used for the pleasure of Venus and to help her survive, yet he could see nothing wrong in that. They needed each other, that had been the first thing Jim knew when awakening.

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