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The Invite


To say I was surprised at her invite was an understatement to be sure. I never even thought we were that close to spend anytime out of the classroom we shared at college. Sure there had been the common "How are you?" and the "Did you finish with that paper the professor assigned us?". Maybe even a few conversations on how our weekend went. I always thought it was sort of a politeness we shared because we sat next to each other in the class. Being a freshman in college doesn't really allow much time for making friends in my book. Also having a part-time job to keep up on book expenses and eating kept me from having a close friendship. There just wasn't time.

So her asking me if there was anyway I could come and stay with her this weekend at her parents cabin three and a half hours away shocked me. I was pretty sure I had a stupid look on my face but my brain was having a hard time downloading the actual invitation. It had programmed itself to only register fleeting conversations and anything to do with school work and my job. I was just staring at her.

I know she was wondering what the hell was wrong with me because I could see the wondering in her bright blue eyes. I almost had an urge to bust out laughing with nervousness. I knew when my throat closed and my breathing was coming in a bit shorter I had to get myself together before I looked like a total fool and she regretted the invitation. I really needed the little vacation away. My brain all of a sudden came together as I started to speak to her. Although not as quickly as I would have liked.

"Well...um...yea I would love to but I need to make sure that I am not on the schedule at work." I told her stuttering a bit.

"Oh... okay" she said. I could tell she had started to worry about the invite with my long hesitation. I didn't blame her really. I would had started thinking I was a raving lunatic staring at her with my mouth open and complete surprise on my face.

"Sorry it took so long to answer but I was going through my schedule of school and work in my head" I told her quickly with a little white lie.

She smiled at me and I could tell she was back to being comfortable.

"My parents have gone to Europe for the spring and there are seasonal maintance repairs that have to be done to the cabin for when we visit in the fall and winter. My father likes to have someone there when people come to check out things. The only problem is usually he and my mom do it but now I have to be there."

I shook my head as if I totally understood what she was going on about. Personally having a trip to Europe in the spring and having a cabin to worry about other then your regular home was a bit beyond me. I was raised by a single parent and was only in college with a scholarship. I was lucky to eat most days.

She kept going on with her story though moving around in her seat next to me and leaning closer as she talked, Her legs crossing in the meantime. She was wearing a skirt. Not to short one but definitely above the knee. I could see some part of her thigh and two definite knees.

"I really didn't know what to do when dad called me last week about going up there. I told him it would have to be done over the weekend because I didn't want to miss any classes. He told me not to worry he would pay the over-time needed to get the job done. He just wanted someone there." She said

I nodded again thinking it was probably best not to really comment. I didn't want to sound ignorant of her situation to where the invite might be taken back. I wasn't the type of girl that gets asked to many little weekend travels. I sure wasn't able to afford them.

"So after I got off the phone with dad and all his instructions..." She paused and then laughed a bit lightly. Some private joke going through her head "I realized that there was the problem of going alone."

She looked at me smiling and I smiled back at her.

"Oh?" I said. Wanting to say anything even it was one word.

"Yea...see I haven't really been able to make a lot of friends this year cause of all the studying and also I went home as much as I could to see my parents before their trip. We are all pretty close. So when I thought about taking someone the only person I could really think of was you because we do actually speak to each other and I can tell you're not some crazy person who will take my head off like all those teenage horror flicks. "She finished saying smiling. I started really smiling back at her and even giggled some.

"Well I really don't have time to plan out murders and then set them up. I always felt they were for the more ... eccentric type..." I told her as I moved my books around on my desk. I was subconsciously getting ready to store them in my book bag. Class had been over for about ten minutes and other then us in the room no one was in there. She had asked me when the professor said class was dismissed.

"I am way much to busy being a freshman in college and a waitress at work." I finished telling as I leaned over to pick up my book bag from the floor and start stuffing my books into it.

Although I had no more classes that day I was still in a bit of a hurry. My shift at work started in an hour and a half and I still needed to go to the dorm and change. I could tell she was starting to do the same.

We paused for a moment talking as we both got to work arranging our stuff to leave. When I did finish after a few seconds I looked over at her as I slug my book bag over my shoulder holding it by the strap. I was still sitting but I also was ready to go.

I watched her for a second and noticed that she was a brunette not a blonde as I first thought. She had that great look of pretty blonde streaks in her hair all the girls were getting these days. It was long too but only to the middle of her back.

She didn't wear a lot of makeup just enough to enhance her features and her cloths weren't extremely sexy but they did fit her to where you could tell she had a great body. Her shirt alone hugged her breast just enough to show she was a good size c-cup without it being to tight.

Just then she finished doing what she was doing and move to stand up. I followed suit and after a second or so we stood looking at each other smiling.

"If you want call me tonight and let me know for sure if you can go. I really do hope so." she told me "Do you still have my number from last week?" she asked.

I nodded my head yes and started walking toward the door. She followed behind me.

"I will just talk to my boss tonight and see what he says but I honestly don't think it will be any problem for me to get my shifts covered. I have covered for others all the time. "I told her over my shoulder as we reached the door. I paused and turned around to look at her.

She was nodding and smiling.

"Okay" she said "just call and I will give more information tonight."

I nodded and turned around heading out the door. She did the same and we parted there.

As I walked down the hall toward the exit of the school I started to get excited at the prospect of actually being able to go somewhere. I knew I needed the rest and I let the bit of worry I had creeping in my mind about missing out on money this weekend creep away. I knew I would just have to double up next week on shifts to cover it. I wasn't going to let anything spoil this for me.

I reached for the huge door and let myself out of the college as people rushed to get around me. For once I didn't care. I was smiling glad that I knew I wouldn't be rushing for two whole days.

Later that night I called her and told her that everything was okay with my boss. I had gotten my shifts covered quickly. Seems I wasn't the only student in dire need of extra money.

We talked about the time and the place to meet and what I would need to bring. I was excited to know I didn't need to bring any money because everything was covered. Her parents told her to use the credit cards as much as she wanted since she was doing them a favor. It had also been their idea for her to bring a friend along on them.

We talked some more about the trip and finally after a few more minutes we hung up. I walked into the bathroom and took my cloths off. I was feeling tired and excited too.

I stood in front of the full length mirror and looked at myself for a moment.

I wasn't exactly petite but I wasn't tall either being 5'4. I had large size B-cup and slim hips. Although I did like the fact my waist was pretty small. These days though I had little time to dress or enhance these features.

I looked at my face and noticed how tired I was. My dark brown hair looked tired too. I smirked to myself with that thought. It was hanging down a bit pass my shoulders all one length right now not bouncing around my face. My hazel eyes even looked tired.

With all this taken in though I knew that usually I was an attractive female. I have had my fair share of being noticed.

I shrugged and turn to jump in the shower. It was time to stop messing around and get into bed. I had a huge test in the morning and I needed my rest.

A while later snuggled in my bed, dozing off I smiled slightly as my last thoughts were of leaving for the weekend. A sigh of happiness escaped my lips as I fell asleep.

A few days went by and finally it was time to meet up with her for our trip. We had talked once more in those few days just to confirm a few things. I could tell she was also excited. She had told me yesterday that when she had called her dad to tell him I was going he had informed her to really enjoy ourselves and to use the credit cards as much as we wanted. He said not to worry about the expense.

I hadn't really understood what he meant by that but was later in full understanding.

As we left in her sporty black car off the campus I was informed that we would stop about an hour away to this place to eat and do some shopping for the weekend.

I had fleeting thoughts of having someone pay for my dinner that made me a bit embarrassed but they soon went away when she told me that her dad use to do this all the time for her and her friends from high school. Apparently they use to go off on the weekend to places and spend up to thousands of dollars. She informed me that when daddy got the bill he would laugh and say "That's all you spent?"

I was in amazement of being able to just throw away money like that but I decided that if that's how her family was and it was plain to see they could afford it then I wouldn't worry about it.

When we stopped later we first went into this really nice Italian restaurant and ate like crazy. I hadn't had food this good in I don't know how long. My mom and I on special occasions would save up and go out to eat to treat ourselves. It was always special to me when we did this. I wondered if she thought I was eating like a pig but noticed she didn't hold back on eating either. We ate everything we wanted.

As we ate we talked and laughed about all kinds of things. Our subjects ranged from school work to guys and other things that go on with daily campus life. I found out she had only had one serious boyfriend in her life. Apparently his parents hung in the same circles as her parents.

She told me that after awhile she could tell he wasn't really interested in anything but spending his parent's money and being lazy.

I was surprised to find out that she had kept a job during high school to save up money for college as much as she could. She informed me she had wanted her parents to know she wasn't looking for a free ride. She also worked part-time at a book store to pay for her books and other small things. I was quiet while she talked. I was really starting to like this girl who even though could sit back and let daddy pay for everything chose to add what she could for her own education.

She also talked about her parents and what made them so special to her. I could tell she really loved them and liked hanging around them.

I soon told her of my mom and how it was growing up. At first I was slightly uncomfortable with letting out what lack of money we had growing up but she didn't seem to care about it. After awhile I relaxed and she asked a lot of questions even commenting how she would one day like to visit my mom and my home. I was happily surprised and told her the same.

I could tell by the end of dinner that we would probably become good friends. Sometimes you just know.

After the bill was paid I was informed it was time for shopping. We got in the car and headed down the road toward an outlet mall.

As we pulled in the parking lot I noticed that all the shops were named brand cloths or other items. I had never shopped at a place like this. In my life I had bought what was needed but rarely owned anything really expensive.

We spent two hours shopping and I mean shopping. At first I just looked around looking through cloths racks practically drooling over the beautiful cloths while she pulled one thing after another from each rack. After about 20 minutes she came around and grabbed me and we headed toward the dressing rooms. I was informed that this was a shopping spree for us and was thrust an arm full of cloths to try on. She practically had to push me into the little room to get me to try them on.

She also grabbed a bunch of cloths and starting trying on things too in the stall beside me.

As we changed each outfit we would walk out to show the other to wait for comments. A lot of times laughing and getting really excited by how good something looked. We did this forever it seemed and when it was all done and cloths that we wanted carried to the sales lady she informed me that I needed to relax and take her father up on his gift. I smiled at her and mentally relaxed. That was until I saw the cost. I thought I would faint, thinking fast in my head how much all that money could pay for what I needed for college. I could tell she wasn't affect at all at the cost and smiled at the lady as she handed over the credit card.

We went from one store to the next getting cloths and getting other supplies. We even stopped and picked up tons of food for our weekend. The car was stuffed by the end of our trip and I was in a daze. I had never had a day like this.

As we drove away she was smiling and laughing and talking about the items we had bought. I couldn't help but thank her and her dad over and over again till finally she laid her hand on my thigh and told me to quit worrying. She told me that although it may seem she does this all the time she doesn't anymore. Life was different now in college and her father has really been pushing her to go out with a friend and enjoy herself some. He was very proud of her at all she is doing and wanted her have some fun. She looked over and smiled at me and I noticed that she really had a beautiful smile. I also noticed that her hand lay on my thigh for a long while. Finally she lifted it up to drive. For some reason it didn't bother me.

As we drove the rest of the way we seemed to not stop talking about everything. I learned a lot about her and about her past. We also laughed over past humiliations on both our parts in our childhood and I talked more about my life. The weather was warm and the sun was shinning bright. It was a beautiful day all around. I was smiling from ear to ear.

When we finally reached the driveway to her parent's cabin and turned I was surprised we had to drive a mile to get to the house. Trees were hanging all over the driveway almost like you were driving in a tunnel with the sun peeking through to push rays of sunshine here and there. It was beautiful.

Finally we came out to an open area where a huge two story log cabin sat with tall trees all around and high mountains off in the distance in the back. I could hardly breathe.

When we stopped the car, I got out and just stood in the open car door gawking at the house. I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was so big and pretty. The logs all around made me feel in a way thrown in the past. There was a wrap around porch with plants hanging in it. I could even see rocking chairs all along the porch. The warm sun shined on me and a great joy settled through me as I finally looked over to her and noticed she was also standing in the car door looking at the house. I stared at her for a moment and finally she looked at me and we both smiled at each other.

"I love it here" she told me lightly

"I think I do too" I told her just as lightly.

All of a sudden we both moved from the car and ran to the house. We laughed excited at being free and being away from school in this wonderful place.

As she unlocked the door I looked around her taking in the sites of the porch. It was indeed filled with rocking chairs, plants and small tables. It was so cozy and warm feeling.

Finally getting the door open we walked in and again I was struck by the beauty of this place. The ceilings were so high to where you could see the second floor. Hugh fireplaces stood on each end of the room that we walked into. Big comfy sofas and chairs were everywhere as were shelves of books and knick-knacks. You could tell this wasn't like a hunting lodge but a really classy country home meant to make you feel at home.

Warm color rugs covered the wooden floors and even some huge throw pillows were thrown around on the floor to sit on and relax. I have never been in such a big living room.

"Our rooms are upstairs and the kitchen is through there" she said as she pointed to a large hall leading off the living room.

"There is also a bathroom down there and a pool room. Upstairs is a bathroom for each bedroom and my father keeps a small study up there. We also have a pool in the back and Jacuzzi. "She went on

I stood silent and listened.

"Well what do you say we unload the car and get settled in and later we figure out what to make for dinner?" she asked as she turned to me

"Sounds good to me." I told her and we turned and headed toward the door to go back outside.

Later that evening after everything was unloaded and she showed me my wonderful room I had taken a long bath in my huge tub. I knew she had some calls to make to the maintained people so with her settling in and business calls I hadn't seen her in a while.

I had hung up my new cloths and my old ones. I also called my mom and talked to her for awhile. My excitement must have come over in the phone because she laughed a lot and got excited with me. She was also surprised and a bit nervous at all the good gestures but I assured her that it was okay.

After getting off the phone with her I realized it had been a good three hours since I had talked to my host. I headed downstairs and found her in the kitchen. It seems she had already put up the frozen and cold food so I hurried to help her finish up the rest. We talked and I talked about my hot bath. Seems she too had indulged.

After that was all done we picked out dinner for tonight and started working as a team to make it. I enjoyed cooking and it seems she did also so most of the conversation was based on food and recipes.

When we finally starting eating we dug in silently. I didn't realize how hungry I was. I think she felt the same as me. The food was excellent and somewhere she had dug up a bottle of wine of her dads to go with our dinner.

I could feel the effect of the wine after the second glass but I didn't care I was enjoying myself and after our hunger wasn't so bad we started talking again. This time the wine helping our conversation leak more into personal matters.

I really don't know how we got on the matter of sex but somewhere it came and next thing I know we talked about our limited experience we had both had. Each agreeing that it wasn't as mind blowing as everyone bragged about. Apparently her ex-boyfriend was just as selfish sexually as he was in life. She did explain that she enjoyed some aspects of it but knew he wasn't the one to make her earth spin.

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