tagNovels and NovellasThe Island Ch. 01

The Island Ch. 01


A Cessna Citation CJ4 travels over the open water with twelve passengers, a pilot, co-pilot and stewardess. Kate, the twenty-five year old stewardess, has cream colored, smooth skin like a goddess with a busty hourglass figure. She has been working for the private airline for six years after finishing flight school because she couldn't get anyone to take her seriously due to her physical attributes. In the first row are Jeff, Susan and Katrina. The next row has Mandy and Dana, then Taylor and Darren and then Patricia and Debra and finally, Jonathan, Monica and Jennifer.

Jeff is the heir to a fortune as his father owns a conglomerate of businesses all ran under a single company brand. Jeff is tall and well muscled, wearing only the best fashionable and name brand clothing. He was star quarter back with a degree in business from Harvard. He graduated the top of his class and always makes sure that everyone knows it. He, at his father's prodding, had hired Susan as his secretary for his father's company and he has been dating Katrina for about six months. In this time has cheated on her at every opportunity and loves nothing more than humiliating women and does so whenever he can. The only reason he hasn't with Katrina is because it was much better to use her than dump her. Susan is his personal assistant stepping and fetching for him whatever he likes or wants. Susan is a twenty-three year old, lightly tanned with brown eyes and auburn hair. She is slim and busty with a very nice ass. She is attractive and Jeff doesn't hesitate to ponder and lets it be known he is looking. Her boyfriend had left her with a huge pile of debt and she was jobless with no real skills. She had answered Jeff's ad in the paper for twenty thousand dollar a year plus room and board job and it had sounded too good to be true. It was then she discovered Jeff's dark side, but by then it was too late and she had signed a five year contract and non-disclosure agreement.

Katrina is his girlfriend and the daughter of a wealthy diamond trader. Katrina is for the most part not street smart, but she is sweet and tends to be a bit of an exhibitionist because she likes the attention. She has blonde hair and green eyes, is busty with a tight body and really rather pretty with golden skin.

Mandy and Dana are twins. Their father owns a major chain of hotels. Mandy is the charismatic of the two twins. She is short with athletic legs that go all the way up. She tends to dress in tight clothes and designer jeans, but also has affections for tube tops and skirts. Like Katrina, she has blonde hair and green eyes, but is a little more imaginative though she tends to obsess on things, especially animals. She gets her copper complexion probably from Indian heritage. Dana the mirror image of her sister tends to be the risk taker in flaunting the rules. She usually drapes herself in designer clothes, but is better grounded than her sister. The two are very close.

Taylor and Darren both come from old money. Brother and sister, Taylor is thick and busty. Her hair is blonde with brown eyes and porcelain skin. She enjoys nothing more than manipulating people. She dresses nicely but not too fashionable, but middle of the line quality. She tends to dress in provocatively short skirts and belly shirts, plunging necklines and half-cup bras and thong underwear. Darren is about average build like an offensive lineman with brown hair, but just as pale as his sister. His favorite things to do are terrorizing the neighborhood kids, playing video games and eating. He whines when he is at a disadvantage, but typically takes whatever advantages he can get from anyone else. Taylor and Darren have the same father but different mothers. Their father had apparently impregnated two sisters a few days apart.

Patricia is Katrina's best friend and has been since they started school together way back in kindergarten. Patricia plays down her intelligence to match her friend's. She is great to look at with a body very closely comparable to Katrina's and has often been a body double for Katrina when her friend has gotten into compromising situations much to her own delight. Her skin is a nice shade of tanned, golden brown.

Debra, Monica and Jennifer are best friends and Jonathan is a friend of Jennifer's family. Jennifer's father has mentored Jonathan for many years and Jennifer's family has paid his way for this end of school vacation. Jonathan's father and uncle have raised him. Jennifer's father is a tenured professor and Monica is the daughter of an advertising executive. Jennifer is pale skinned with a farmers tan. She is tall and generously busty, spoiled and overall not the nicest person in the world. She always wears the nicest and latest fashions, sometimes working on new looks. She is cordial at least to Jonathan and that is only because Jonathan acknowledges her, but ignores her for the most part. She finds him quite infuriating. Jennifer also thinks that Jonathan is very cute, though she will never admit it. Her fashion sense tends toward the conservative highlighting, but never revealing much of her bountiful figure. She has fiery red hair and cool green eyes. Debra is Jennifer's best friend she has a lithe athletic body. She is short with a generously curvy body and she tends to be over protective of her friend whom she secretly lusts after. She usually follows Jennifer's sense of style albeit a little less expensively. She has medium length brown hair and an olive complexion with blue eyes. Monica is Debra's other good friend and is completely uninhibited when it comes to sex and has relieved Debra's desires on more than one occasion. She is outrageously flirtatious, but very self-conscious about her body or lack thereof. She is very close to Jennifer who looks at her as comic relief. She has alabaster skin and reddish, brown hair.

Now ten of these eleven passengers are spoiled brats, always insisting they get what they want, which is why they are on a special graduation trip into the South Pacific. The only reason Jonathan is here is that Jennifer's father, Malcolm, has insisted and paid for him to go. Jonathan's family certainly can't afford it. Jonathan is only going to the exclusive private school because he got a scholarship and he had actually graduated third in his class. Jonathan is also tall with brown hair with gray, green eyes. He is well toned and built, dresses very practically and is very quiet about himself. He has a special relationship with both of Jennifer's parents and has golden, brown skin from being outside a lot.

The Cessna Citation CJ4 reaches a cruising altitude as it travels west toward a stormy horizon. Soon, the plane is buffeted by strong winds. The captain announces that every one buckle up because it is going to get rough. The craft is rocked by a downdraft as hail hammers the fuselage. Lighting lights the sky as another microburst drops the plane few thousand feet. The crew fights at the controls, but a bolt of lightning explodes through the craft and is quickly followed by a second and a third. The light blinds the crew and the plane lurches another several thousand feet again. Winds whip at the craft sending it further and further off course. The captain fighting the wind tries to bring the nose up. The master alarm wails as the plane stalls. He gives it more power but the plane plummets out of the sky. The engines scream against the wind as the nose dips below the horizon. Three thousand feet, two thousand feet, one thousand feet, the plane reads. The co-pilot calls out a distress on the radio, "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday."

Then the world explodes as the port wing shears off as the plane and tumbles. The pilot does his best to right the plane with the remaining control surfaces. The plane twists against him eighty feet above the ground and he brings the nose up and it falls again to fifty feet. He struggles but the nose hits the water, breaking the cockpit off from the passenger compartment. The remainder of the plane skips across the surface of the water at two hundred miles per hour, jolting against the water once, twice, three times and then slowly glides to a stop with a sucking noise. The lights are out inside the passenger cabin and the craft rolls on its axis. Jonathan shakes himself he moves as quickly as he can to the emergency locker.

He picks up two inflatable rafts and some rope and runs to the front of the plane as it sinks quickly. He inflated the first raft and after tying it off to his waist he scans the plane. Everyone is unconscious, so he loads Jeff, Susan, the stewardess Kate, Katrina, Mandy and Dana. He then loads the rest into the second raft and paddles away from the doomed aircraft.

The morning dawn comes in clear and only a few miles away is an island. Jonathan paddles toward it and it does not take long for the current to pull the two rafts onto the reef. The reef capsizes both rafts with the beach only forty feet away. Many of the survivors are deposited by the tide on the beach while Jonathan rushes to pull the rest of them up on shore. He pulls them up on dry sand and checks them to find that everyone is still breathing. The stewardess, who's nametag reads Kate, has a bump on her head.

Katrina had been happy the day before Jeff had fucked Patricia to his heart's content and hadn't said anything nasty to her afterwards about anything. Of course, Patricia and she did have a nice little sixty-nine later after Jeff had fallen asleep to celebrate. There had been occasions when she did have to put out and Jeff had bitched about why she couldn't always get it right. That was of course because Patricia had been doing the putting out, but she had always said that it was because she wasn't comfortable.

Later that day, the two of them had gone to the mall and she bought Patricia some new clothes as a thank you. The sales girl, whose name she couldn't remember, had been very nice and had spent a lot of extra time in the dressing room with Patricia. The girl even offered to use her discount on the clothes. But strange things happened when she was with her best friend. Later, some boys were harassing her at the park, and Patricia went and talked to them. There were four of them and Patricia walked away with them and then disappeared. She came back with a big smile on her face. It was funny how Patricia was always happy when she was around her, but who knew.

The night before the flight they had spent the night together. Katrina had put some special clothes in Patricia's bag so that she would look extra nice on their vacation. A few thongs and some bikini tops that would make the boys drool. Katrina loved to make boys drool. It worked on everyone except Jonathan. Darren had almost pushed her in a corner once at a house party, but again Patricia had saved her. Darren ended up going into a dark bedroom later with someone who she didn't know but she did have the hardest time finding Patricia.

She often wondered why Jonathan didn't drool for her. He was always busy with schoolwork. He even tutored her the last few years and she always wore her most revealing outfits for him; too short skirts and tank tops with no bra, but he never gave her a second look even when she tried to give him a look. It wasn't like she was cheating, she just wanted to know that she was desirable and well, Jonathan apparently didn't desire her. Maybe he liked boys, she decided or at least that is what she hoped because she couldn't bear to think that she wasn't the hottest thing in school. Oh sure, there were other hot girls, Jennifer for one, but she never said a word to any boy, ever. Dana and Mandy are hot too, but one of them, she could never tell which, would always flirt but they never had a real boyfriend, at least not that she noticed. Debra is cute too, not super hot or anything, but she is always with Jennifer. And Monica on the other hand would date boys, not a lot, but sometime she would go out. Katrina didn't understand. Wasn't it supposed to be a girl's job to drive boys crazy? But then, not everyone has a friend like Patricia, she guesses. Maybe that is the problem.

Katrina had only given Jeff a blowjob or two in her time with him. Having never had sex, she was a little afraid of what a big cock like Jeff's would do to her. At least it looked big to her though Patricia said it is barely sufficient.


Katrina opens her eyes and coughs "Where are we?" she asks, looking at Jonathan.

"Not sure," Jonathan says, "but I don't think its Australia or even Borneo."

"Why? Australia is an island right with a beach and hotels and everything."

"Yes it is," Jonathan says patiently. "We can talk about where we are later. Right now let's move everyone to those trees over there."

"Uh no poor boy, you move them. I have to go to the bathroom. Do you know where it is?"

"I haven't found them yet," Jonathan says shaking his head and trying not to laugh. "Wait here. I'll go look after I'm done with moving everyone to the shade."

It takes a good half hour to finish and Katrina by this time is doing what can only be described as the pee pee dance. Jonathan looks around and there is a mangrove swamp in the middle of the island and a cliff on the west side and only a few trees to the east. "Katrina, over there in those trees is as good a place as I can think of."

"There is no toilet over there!" she screams. "How am I supposed to pee with no toilet?"

"Katrina," Jonathan says patiently. "There are probably no toilets for one thousand miles. Just go over to those trees, squat down and pee."

"I can't," she cries

"Why not?"

"Not in these shoes." Jonathan sees her point. She can barely stand in the loose sand in five inch stilettos. He shakes his head. "Could you help me take them off? I think if I bend down you know...please?" Jonathan looks at Katrina. She is wearing a simple cotton blouse and a micro mini skirt. He kneels down at her feet "Just please don't look up." He unfastens the first shoe and as quickly as she can, she kicks it off as he starts on the second. "Oh god, oh god, oh god," Katrina cries as a stream of yellow liquid starts down one leg and then the other.

He finishes with the second shoe and she kicks it off and runs down the beach to the trees. Jonathan decides that most of the women can probably do without their impractical shoes. He takes them all and puts them in a pile. Katrina returns a few minutes after he finishes. "Um, Jonathan, what should I do? My clothes smell like piss and no one is here to wash them for me?"

"Uh, why don't you go and rinse them off in the ocean?" Katrina heads down toward the water. "Katrina, don't go in too deep there might be urchins or stone fish out there."


"Sharks, there might be sharks out there."

"Oh, um, I should probably take this off. Promise you won't be naughty and look?"

"Sure, I promise." Jonathan doesn't really care. Right now he is exhausted, but he still has things to take care off.

He checks everyone. It appears that Darren has a broken arm. He will deal with that later. What concerns him is the goose egg on the head of the flight attendant.

"You didn't peek did you?" Katrina asks as she returns.


"Not even a little?"

"No, I was busy."

Katrina pouts a little. She seems disappointed, but Jonathan just shrugs and looks at Katrina. "Wait here. I'll be back in a little bit."

He walks over to the mangrove and finds a few limbs that he can break off and heads back to Darren. He peels off his shirt and looks at Katrina and shakes his head.

Someone moans. "Oh, I think Taylor is waking up. That's good right?" Katrina asks.

"Yes," Jonathan says tying the four green braches to Darren's elbow. He rips two more strips from the bottom of his shirt. "Katrina can you tie these to Darren's arm right here at the wrist."

"Uh, yeah, I'm not stupid you know."

Rather than arguing, Jonathan says, "Good. Real tight when I tell you okay?" Katrina nods. "Okay!" Jonathan puts his foot against Darren's upper arm and grabs his wrist and pulls. Darren screams and there is a pop as the bone slips into place. "Tie now Katrina," he says looking at the girl who looks like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck. "Katrina now!" he yells and it breaks her out enough of her state that she ties the two strips of cotton onto the splint.

"You didn't just kill him did you?" Katrina asks alarmed.

"No, he had a broken arm. I set it. Trust me, it is better this way."

He puts his shirt back on as Taylor hurries over and asks, "Is everything okay? I heard a scream."

"So did I," says Jennifer, who sits up a few yards away. "Where are we?"

"It's an island, but it's not Australia. Though at least that's what Jonathan says," Katrina supplies.

"What island it is, I have no idea," Jonathan says. "Look, you girls stay here. It looks like everyone is waking up and I need to look around some more."


Jennifer had come home early one day and heard voices in her parent's bedroom. It was too early for her dad to get home, so when she called out her mother answered and quickly exited her room. Jennifer asked who was there with her and her mother said that Jonathan was fixing a leaking pipe in their bathroom. Jonathan came out a few minutes later, but something was odd and she just couldn't put her finger on it. Jonathan of course went home shortly after that with her mother handing him some money for the work that he did. Jennifer was a little worried about her mom. She had been sick a lot lately in the morning, but she usually got better by the evening. She called Debra to talk and it was a pretty good conversation even if not much was said. Debra kept on about how good she had looked that day in volleyball practice and wanted to know if they were going to go to the mall or the movies or something that night. It was decided that the movies would be best and she picked up Debra and Monica at Debra's house.

After the movie they went and ate burgers and continued back to Debra's house. Jennifer called her mom and told her that the three of them would be staying there that night. Debra's parents were hardly ever around and it wasn't unusual for her to sneak some of the box wine from the fridge. This night was no exception. She had a small refrigerator in her bedroom that she had stocked with a box before she left and the girls drank wine and talked until Monica suggest that they play a game.

Jennifer asked what game they should play and Monica suggested truth or dare? Jennifer remembered asking if they were twelve again and in middle school. Monica then said, "Okay, how about this then, we play truth or dare but we can't leave the room."

Again Jennifer admonished her friend. "We could always take pics of our dares for posterity," Debra suggested holding up a camera.

"Oh hell no." Jennifer remembered saying, but somehow they talked her into it. She had started with truths, mostly with things like 'Was there anyone she liked?'


'Had she ever thought of doing it with a girl?'


Then the dare's came. Pictures of her and Monica half clothed, her and Debra half clothed. She must have blacked out at some point. It was pretty fun. In the morning while they were nursing their mutual hangovers, she asked Debra about the pictures. Debra had replied that the camera hadn't worked for some time. The flash worked, so it looked like it, but it was all for show, for Monica really and to add some risky excitement to the game.

She arrived home that after noon to find Jonathan working in the yard and her mother in bed under the covers. She inquired if she was all right and her mother said that she was fine and that it was just a bit of something and it would soon pass. Jennifer watched Jonathan working in the yard through her window for a while. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his tight shorts made him look 'Oh so good,' she thought. She sat down in a chair away from the window and watched him through the blinds, her hands lightly touching herself where she wanted him to touch her. She didn't know why. There really isn't anything special about Jonathan. His dad is weird and his uncle is even weirder with his all night parties some nights and it is those nights that she didn't see Jonathan. She slipped her hand inside her shirt and caressed her breast as she watched his strong muscled back work in the sun, the sweat beading on his skin.

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