tagRomanceThe Island Pt. 02

The Island Pt. 02


I had to duck and keep moving to avoid the shrapnel. Dishes were shattering against the wall behind me. She was furious and had every right to be. My now ex-girlfriend couldn't understand why I would run off and marry a kid. I tried to explain that their lives had depended on it but she refused to see it that way. All she saw was the end of eighteen years together and having to go off and make a new start. Her life had been torn apart by my decision and she correctly blamed me. Explaining did nothing to slow down the destruction of plates and glasses but I needed to try to get her to at least listen. Nothing had worked to get through to her. My girls hid in my younger daughter's room and I could hear their muffled crying from behind the closed door. When the pots and pans came out I gave up and left. I moved my stuff out rather quickly after I had found a place for Ashley and me to start our two years together.

Since school was almost finished and my oldest was graduating, the ex let them finish off the year. As soon as it was over though she packed up the kids and moved away. No address, no phone number, just gone. My girls kept in touch phone and video calls but I could tell they were hurt as well. Eventually contact between us was down to once a month and my heart had broken. That was almost two years ago but the feelings were still raw whenever the memories would interfere with whatever I was doing.

Today was a big day for Ashley and me. We were setting sail for the island. It had taken a while for her to get pregnant. I had had to have my vasectomy reversed and then after the waiting period we tried over and over again. Once in a while we had thought maybe, but it had turned out to be a false alarm. Then sometime around the fifteenth month of being together it had happened. Excitement and fear as she came out of the bathroom with that little stick that would mark the coming end of the arrangement we had made to save her life. Once the baby was born and the two year mark had passed we were allowed to file for divorce. I knew she was still on the fence about staying married and quite frankly, I had no right to ask her to stay with me. This was a tradition from an island she was only a part of because of our marriage. Once divorced she was free to live her life again. That she had agreed to go to the island to give birth scared me. Either she was coming around to the idea of staying with me, or she was really going to give up the baby and leave once we were divorced. We still had just over a month before our daughter was due and I planned to make sure I did everything in my power to let her know I wanted her with me for the rest of my days. Being eighteen years older than her meant she would still have time afterwards, but she'd miss out on her 'prime years' stuck with an old man. I loved her with every fiber of my being and my head understood, but my heart wouldn't budge on the issue.

Ashley's little sister Erica had decided to join us. She wanted to see the island again. Only this time without being locked in her room with the threat that her death was right around the corner.

"Ashley's settled on the bed. She's going to rest until lunch," she said as she popped up from below deck. "She's asked that you keep the rolling and pitching to a minimum."

"As my princess demands, so shall it be," I replied smiling.

Erica was eighteen now. Same age as Ashley was when we were forced to marry. She had filled out quite a bit in the two years since Ashley and I had married. She had a slim waist and decent hips now as well as huge tits. Ashley and I were going to have to keep an eye on her while we were there.

"Spoke with my brother yesterday. He's looking forward to our visit. I did as you asked and had you put in the room next to mine," I said as she came over and helped pull the ropes in so we could be off.

"Thanks. I have too many memories of the other room. Our lives took a turn there and I'd like to start new memories without having the old all around me," she replied.

"I understand completely. Besides, once the baby is here I expect you'll be hovering over her and your sister. Better to have you close," I smiled warmly when she raised an eyebrow.

She knew that a baby was the plan and she had only voiced her objection once, before Ashley had gotten pregnant. The two of them had talked and after that either she had changed her opinion, or was told not to put voice to it again. I knew she never wanted her sister to agree to marry me. But the choices we all had back then were marriage or death for the girls and their parents. I was glad Ashley had agreed. This eighteen year old in front of me now was the reason we had done what we needed to do.

"We had to Erica. You know that as well as I do. Be mad at me and the island but please don't blame your sister or the baby. They are innocent in this."

"I know that, and I'm not mad. I'm scared. She's going to be giving birth on an island of natives. No hospital, no epidural, no drugs of any kind. What if something goes wrong?" she replied.

"There have been hundreds of births on the island since I grew up there. Nothing has ever happened. She'll be fine," I said calmly, "now please go let Ashley know we're about to be on our way."

She nodded and disappeared below deck. I started the engine and took us out into the open water of the channel that lead to the ocean.

"She's asleep. You ok over there?" Erica asked.

"Yup. Just getting ready to set the coordinates and let her steer herself," I called back as she moved towards the front deck of the boat, beach towel in hand. "Keep the suit on until we're out a bit further please. Don't need boys coming by and creating a wake just to get a look at you."

We had discovered that Erica had an aversion to clothes when it came to the sun. The first time she had stripped was a day outing where Ashley and I had taken Erica and her parents out around Vancouver Island. Without warning she had spread out her towel and tossed aside her shorts and shirt. Her father had choked on his bottle of water and her mother had hurriedly put a towel over her. 'You seem to have forgotten your bathing suit, Erica,' her mother said trying to remain calm. 'Geez. We're all family and most of us have the same parts. I don't want tan lines,' she had replied and calmly took the towel off of her and rolled it up to use as a pillow. I had moved to the rear of the boat with her father and we just decided not to talk for a while. It was safer. Ashley was in tears from laughing so hard and had to sit down to catch her breath. Since that day we've come to expect that if sun bathing is involved and there are not too many people around, Erica will be naked. Like the sun rising in the east, it's just the way it is, and you can't prevent it.

"Got it," she yelled back and spread out her towel. She had a bathing suit on this time and I breathed a sigh of relief. A small sigh. The bathing suit was a tiny bikini and did little to cover her curves. She looked back and made a point of pulling the string along her ass tight between her cheeks. As she bent down it was obvious that the string had slipped between something else as well.

With the autopilot leading us I went down to look in on Ashley. She was asleep on our bed lying on her side with a pillow between her legs. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a few bottles of water. Placing one beside the bed I leaned down and kissed her forehead before making my way back topside. "Thanks" was all I got out of Erica as I set one down beside her head and moved quickly back to the middle deck. She was on her back now and had untied her top pulling the strings away to avoid tan lines. Every rise and fall of her chest moved the small little triangles and her nipples had already started to slip free. This is going to be one long trip I thought to myself.

Around lunch Ashley came up and sat down beside me. Her long brown wavy hair loose and flowing with the breeze she leaned over and kissed me long and passionately.

"I love you Richard. Please don't ever forget that."

I was scared and thrilled at the same time. Why shouldn't I forget? If she was to be with me then she'd remind me daily. Or was it my fears showing and she just wanted me to keep it at the front of my mind to stop me from worrying. Or was she gearing up to be free of me? My mind raced.

"I love you too, my princess," I replied. I wasn't going to let fear ruin however many days I had left with her.

I leaned over and kissed her stomach. "I love you too little one," I whispered.

"I'm hungry. Shall I go make us some lunch?" she asked.

"No babe. Erica and I have this. You just relax," I replied.

"Erica! Come help with lunch please!" I yelled.

Now on her stomach she propped up on her elbows and looked at us. Her bikini top fell away to reveal her huge breasts hanging, nipples gently brushing against the towel. 'Damn they are huge,' I thought and looked away.

"Sis, you're going to give him a heart attack. Do it up and go help out with lunch," Ashley laughed.

"Christ, they're just boobs. Everyone has them," she muttered but covered herself and walked over to her sister.

"You're getting bigger and bigger, chickie," she said rubbing Ashley's belly. "Better not pop while we're on the water. I'm not cleaning that mess."

Erica kissed her sister and went below deck to start lunch.

"Going to be a long trip indeed," I said and kissed my wife again. Below deck Erica had started water for the tea Ashley had taken a liking to when she was told to stop the coffee for the pregnancy. Sandwiches made and some fruit in a bowl we headed back up. Ashley was at the front of the boat looking ahead. There was a dark storm front dead ahead but by my judgment; it wouldn't hit us for about another five hours.

"We're going to get wet tonight," she said as she waddled back to us.

"We'll be fine my love. This thing is a floating tank. A little rain won't stop us," I smiled as I said it but I didn't feel it.

Those clouds had moved in fast and were still racing towards us. That kind of speed typically held lightening. I couldn't afford to have the electrical system fried. If I had to get us to the island by wind and sail only it would add precious weeks to the trip. Weeks we didn't have lest the baby be born on the open water.

Lunch over I had the ladies go below to start securing things. When the storm hit it would be rough waters. I didn't want them hurt by falling objects. I pulled in all the sails and started the engine. Steering us into the direction of the wind I set the controls and went below deck. Rain hit my face as I went. Securing the hatch I called out to the girls.

"Sorry ladies. We're going to bounce a bit. Make sure you have something secure close by that you can hold on to in case we rock and roll," I said.

It turned out we all had the same idea. The three of us were in the bed with Ashley in the middle. Erica and I wanted to make sure she and the baby were safe. We had stuffed pillows between all our bodies to lessen the impact for Ashley. I was against the wall and took the major portion of the beating as the storm swept in. Smashed into the wall and then bracing myself as I was thrown against my wife. I held her as she was being rolled away while stiffening my arm to prevent my body from pushing into her. My arms were tired after the first twenty minutes and I silently prayed the storm would pass quickly. With a sudden squeal Erica was thrown out of the bed. She hit the floor hard and stood up groggily. As she stretched her back I yelled for her to at least bend a little but didn't have time. With the next wave she slammed into the opposite wall and crumpled. Ashley screamed "Richard!" but I was already moving. I staggered over and lifted Erica to the bed. Her bikini bottom had slid over revealing her pussy and the top had come off completely but I didn't have time to really look. Ashley slid over to the wall. I climbed in on the edge and we held Erica between us. I threw every pillow I could find at the wall behind my wife so she would rock against them with each crashing wave, and then locked my arm with hers over her sister. With each of us holding the rail at the head of the bed with one arm, and our free arms holding each others across Erica's stomach, we managed to ride out the rest of the storm keeping her safe between us. When the storm finally passed an hour later exhaustion took us and we fell asleep, still holding each other.

"You're a lucky girl!" Erica whispered to Ashley. "Huge!"

Ashley ignored the comment for the second time and ran her fingers lightly through Erica's hair inspecting the bump.

"Nothing serious. You'll live," she whispered to her sister.

I was just waking so didn't quite understand what was going on between them. Memories of the storm came back and I looked over at my wife.

"She ok?" I asked.

"Yes my love. Her head will be fine. But you might want to take that cannon away from her backside before she gets any ideas," Ashley said.

I realized I had morning wood and that it was pressing hard against Erica's tight little ass. My linen pants did little to hide it and her tiny bikini bottoms didn't help at all. I quickly rolled away.

"Damn. Sorry Erica. That wasn't intentional." I said as I made my way to the bathroom.

Erica just giggled and sat up. Helping Ashley to a sitting position they both stretched and got ready to start another day on the open water.

"Dreaming about anything in particular?" my wife asked me after breakfast. "It seems you were massaging her tit before you woke. I think you turned her on."

"Shit. Sorry babe. I honestly don't remember, but I'm sure it was all about you," I replied putting my arm around her.

We had just sat down mid-deck and I was adamantly not looking towards the front of the boat. Erica was stark naked again this time on her back. She had changed position and had her feet facing us. Legs spread there was nothing to block my view of her clean shaven little pussy. If I followed the view I was treated to her huge, firm, eighteen year old breasts that rose high and stayed there.

"I really wish she'd wear something while she did that." I said softly.

"She hates tan lines. So do I. If I wasn't the size of a beached whale I'd probably be with her, and just as naked," my wife replied. "Remember our trip home? I think you and I forgot what clothes were for most of the voyage."

"That was different. We're married. And I seem to recall a certain little lady who was really into exploring her new found sexuality at that point."

"I still am my love. It's just difficult when you have to roll me around and look for the wet spot," she muttered.

"Stop my love. You're not that big. And I enjoy our love making, even if it has to be different right now. I wouldn't change a thing," I replied.

She stood and took my hand.

"Come show me again. I don't know if it's the hormones or I just love you more for saying that, but I suddenly have a powerful urge to taste that cock of yours."

She had a look of pure desire in her eyes as she said it and there was no way I was going to deny my wife anything.

Back below deck we stood in front of the bed. Locked in an embrace we kissed long and passionately. Sitting on the bed she undid my pants letting them drop around my feet. I had long ago stopped wearing underwear around my wife and she took my cock into her hand. Stroking me she kissed the tip and wrapped me in her warm mouth. She had long ago mastered sucking my cock and made me cum fast. I moaned as I pumped my load down her throat.

"Ashley," I whispered, "you are amazing. Now lay back, it's my turn to take care of you."

Ashley had other ideas though. She rolled over with her back to me and had me lay down with my head at her feet. With a bit of maneuvering she sat up on my chest facing me. I kissed her thighs and gently played with her breasts. They were sore so I didn't stay long there. Leaning her back to lie on top of me I leaned my face up so I could taste my wife's pussy. We had tried a few ways of doing this and this one had worked the best. I wrapped my arms around her legs and brought my fingers to her pussy. Gently pulling her open I licked her from bottom to top. She moaned and reached down to play in my hair at the sides of my head. With my tongue nice and pointy I dove into her hole over and over again.

"I love that Richard. Don't stop," she whispered.

Bringing my fingers in I played with her clit as I shoved my tongue as deep as I could go. She was wiggling hard but I held her tight. With a cry she came and flooded my face with her sticky sweetness. I licked her as fast as I could so I could get it all, and to keep her orgasm going for as long as I could.

"Babe, fuck me. Now!" she said rather loudly.

It was a command I happily complied with.

Standing beside the bed with a pillow under her ass I shoved my cock deep inside her. Using the gentle swaying of the boat I pumped into her in rhythm.

"Never stop fucking me babe. I never want to be without this closeness. I love your cock," She was panted just before she came again.

Flooding my cock and belly with cum she wrapped her legs tight around me and pulled me into her. She gasped as I went deeper than before but didn't let go. I could feel her orgasm pumping around my cock as I kept pushing. Slowly she relaxed and loosened her grip and I went straight back to fucking her. When I was close I whispered to her that I loved her and then came hard inside her. She scratched my arms with her nails as she watched my face.

"I love you too Richard," she said softly.

We curled up together under the sheet for a while. Talking about what life would be like after the baby was born. She was terrified of giving birth but after that didn't scare her. She wanted to meet this little creature growing inside her. As if knowing we were talking about her the baby started kicking. I put my hand on her belly to feel it.

"You think she knows I was just in the area?" I asked teasingly.

"You're big, but not that big babe," she replied.

"Eh, a guy can wish," I said.

We dozed off for a while and both awoke to a topless Erica standing there giggling.

"What's so funny?" I asked trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes while ignoring her perfect breasts.

Then I realized. Ashley had stolen the sheet and I was laying there stark naked.

"You're a brat," I scolded Erica as I got dressed quickly to hide my stiffening cock.

She just shrugged and I had to look away quickly as her chest bounced with the movement.

"Weird," she said, "it felt bigger this morning."

"Erica, go start lunch please," Ashley half asked, half commanded.

With another louder giggle Erica turned around and went to the kitchen.

"She's going to drive me nuts," I said.

"She's teasing babe. Just let it roll off of you. Once we're on the island she'll have other things to do," she replied.

Ashley dressed and made her way to the kitchen to try and help with lunch. Her belly kept getting in the way so she decided to just sit at the table and wait to be served. I finished making our sandwiches while Erica served us our drinks. She may be a pain in the ass about nakedness but she took care of her sister. They loved each other like no other sisters I had ever seen. Long ago I had chalked it up to their previous experience on the island. Being close to your death made people look at things differently.

I tidied up from lunch while the girls went above to enjoy the sun. Both were at the front now and both were laying there stark naked. Looking at my wife I stated to get hard again. When my eyes moved over to Erica I started to feel uncomfortable that I was still erect but didn't look away. Both sets of feet facing me I had a perfect view of both of them. I couldn't help but notice how almost perfectly they matched each other is size. Both had the same perfect ass and both had spectacular chests. Erica's was noticeably larger but Ashley wasn't small. Both were the same height even with Erica being two years younger. If Ashley hadn't been pregnant I probably would have had a hard time telling them apart in the dark. Another long look at the two beautiful pussies staring at me and I got up to find somewhere else for my hard cock and me to be. This is going to be one fucking long trip I thought again.

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