tagRomanceThe Island Pt. 03

The Island Pt. 03


His eyes were already open when his vision returned. He blinked to try to moisten them and blood filled them blinding him again. With a shaky hand he wiped them and tried to look around. Complete darkness surrounded him. He lay on a cold wooden table, splinters digging into his back. Breathing came hard as he gulped for every breath. Memories came back slowly and he fought against the fog in his mind. When realization hit him he screamed. A long piercing scream that echoed in the chamber he was in. A torch lit and blinded him again, figures stepping from the shadows all around him.

"You weren't supposed to come back," one of them hissed. "You were supposed to stay gone forever. Now you die for real."

A knife plunged into his chest and his fresh screams echoed throughout the chamber as the rest of the robed figures surrounding him, hacked him to pieces. Blood dripped from the table as his body was slowly taken from him piece by piece. Eventually darkness came again but this time there was light calling to him. He stepped towards it and was gone.

Ashley and I rode out to where the gate used to stand to try to figure out what was going on. Men worked to take down the walls and remove the posts. The wood was being piled in carts and taken to a clearing set up just for this purpose. Eventually we'd get around to building an additional barn but for now, we had bigger things to deal with. Their small camp was visible to the islanders now that a major portion had been dismantled and people were frightened.

"Where's Steven?" I called out as Ashley and I reigned in our horses.

"He's back at our camp, Lord Richard," one of the workers called back.

They had taken to calling me "lord" and Ashley "lady". Nothing we said could make them change so we just ignored it. We dismounted and tied off the horses and immediately a ring of our guards were around us. They didn't trust these new people either and would make sure nothing got close enough to even smell Ashley's perfume. Approaching their camp I called out for Steven again. He came out of their main tent and bowed to us.

"Lord Richard, Lady Ashley, what brings you to our lonely little camp?" he asked.

"You know damn well why, Steven. Your men were wandering the market again this morning. You've been told. It's off limits for now. You stay on this side of where the fence was until we can figure things out," I said with much more attitude than I had intended.

"Truly my lord, this is the first I've heard of it. I was off east removing the wall from near the water line and didn't get back until a few moments ago. I'll find out who they were and deal with them personally, your highness," Steven said with another deep bow.

He seemed genuinely sincere. He was one of the few who understood completely what had happened and seemed remorseful for what he and his people had done to the island so long ago. Others in his group I would never trust but I felt with enough time, I could even get to like Steven.

"Your men are being held at the palace. You can collect them there later. The King will need an explanation and some sort of promise that it won't happen again. Consequences will be forth coming if it does," I said.

Ashley had been quiet up until now and stepped towards Steven.

"Are you and your people getting enough to eat? How are the children doing?" she asked.

I kept my face calm but inside I sighed. Way to ruin my performance. I knew it was her nature though and I couldn't hold it against her. Ever since she had been made princess of the island she had seemed a little more grounded, calmer. And she thought of everything in regards to the island.

"I'll see about getting you some more open fields for crops. I'm sure the island won't mind and I think I can talk her into making sure the bounty comes fast and is plentiful," she continued.

Bounty? Plentiful? My wife never used those words.

"Thank you Lady Ashley. We are getting by but extra space to grow more crops would be appreciated," he replied and bowed to her again.

"Lord Richard, I will come straight away to your palace to collect my men. Rest assured that they will be dealt with swiftly and forcefully. We are all at your service and you have our deepest gratitude for saving us from a fate that although deserved, was complete madness," Steven said.

As we turned to leave their camp, Ashley called back to Steven. "Your fields are ready." Surprise on his face he sent a handful of his men to set about planting right away. He knew she was the island princess but the magic of this place always caught him off guard.

Getting back in the saddle I looked at my wife questioningly. She giggled at me then laughed.

"Oh shut up," she said. "You did it too. All their weird high speech seems to be rubbing off on me."

"Wait till we get back to our rooms, my lady. Then we'll be rubbing something else on you, and in you. Heck, maybe I'll just wave it around for a bit," I replied.

She half laughed, half snorted at the thought, and the sound she made just got us both laughing even harder.

Erica lay there with Henry. Sunlight streamed in through the open doorway and spilled across the bed, her blond hair made golden by the rays. She was covered today and Henry was in the process of delicately undoing the buttons on her shirt. It was see-through as usual and they didn't want the delicate blouse ruined. Her nipples were hard and poking at the fabric and there were wet spots from where he had licked her through it. Her shorts were off and lay discarded on the floor beside his pants and shirt. The tight little gstring she had on was soaked already in anticipation of him finally taking her and was riding well into her pussy. Her full, pink lips had swallowed it.

When the last button popped open he slowly moved the shirt aside. Erica's huge eighteen year old breasts sat there waiting for him to devour them. Kissing her he moved down her neck until he reached her chest. Taking them in his hands he pushed them together and sucked on her nipples, alternating but taking the time to explore each one fully. Her hands in his hair pulled him to her and he took as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. Holding her nipple tight he flicked his tongue over it. His hand slid down her body and between her legs rubbing her pussy while pulling out her gstring. With a quick tug the string slipped free and she moaned. He could feel her wetness against his hand as he rubbed her gently but with enough pressure to get her clit going. With her laying there panting he moved without warning and slipped his fingers inside her, they were soaked instantly. As he slid he would tease his thumb against her clit then keep sliding up inside her to find her gspot. Moaning loudly she arched her back a little. Henry knew it was time and pressed his thumb down hard against her clit. He rubbed her with little circles while he was exploring inside her. She was so tight and the pressure was so great that his cock started to throb wanting its turn inside her. Without taking his hand away he managed to slide his head down towards her pussy while sliding his legs up the bed to bring his cock to her face. The heat from her dripping pussy felt amazing as he pushed his tongue in to replace his thumb. Erica cried out as his mouth surrounded her puffy little clit and sucked it hard.

She took his cock in her hand and moved her head over. Stroking him hard she got the tip of him in her mouth then slowly took his length. His hips started moving involuntarily and she moved with him. Fucking her mouth and sucking her clit was getting him close so he slowed down a little. Erica refused to let him. She moved her head faster and stroked him harder until without warning he cried out and filled her mouth.

His hand never slowed and as she lay there swallowing his cum, and she came as well. With a scream she let loose weeks of built up tension. Fresh wetness spread over his hand and he sent his tongue down to get as much as he could. She tasted heavenly. Licking his fingers he slipped his face back up to hers. She kissed him and then sucked on his fingers as well.

"You'd better be ready for round two, my love," she said.

He responded by sliding around and climbing on top of her, letting his already stiffening cock slap against her thighs. Lust filled eyes looked at him as he lowered the tip of his cock to meet her. Kneeling in front of her he pushed until just his head was inside her. Erica gasped as she was spread her open.

"Oh my god you're big," she panted.

"It gets bigger," Henry said and shoved his cock into her.

Half screaming, half moaning Erica gripped the sheets as he shoved himself into her over and over again. Her tight little pussy surrounded his cock and she could feel every huge inch of him moving inside her.

"Fuck you're tight," he panted.

"Henry, I'm going to cum again. Keep going. Oh my god. Henry!" she screamed.

Her pussy tightened around his shaft as cum dripped down her ass to soak the sheets. She didn't squirt but she flooded. Cum glistening on his cock Henry slowed to let her orgasm finish before taking her legs and draping them over his arms. Slowly he leaned down and kissed her before starting his hips moving again. This time he got in deeper and she panted hard trying to take it all. Putting her hands to the side of his face she begged him to cum for her. The feel of her tight pussy and her cum making everything so wet he couldn't hold back. With a cry he shoved as hard as he could and pumped his second load deep inside her. Erica threw her head back and moaned. He had pushed so hard that she thought she would break. The feeling of his cock throbbing inside her made her legs weak and she just lay there shaking.

"Thank you my love," she said. "I've wanted to do that for a while now. I'm glad we finally got time to love each other."

"I love you Erica," he replied.

They lay there in the sunlight holding each other and soon they were both asleep.

With the horses taken care of Ashley decided it was time for a quick shower. She wanted to go see the king but didn't want to smell like a horse when she did. I didn't really care but I followed my wife's lead. As we made our way to our rooms Ashley stopped. Looking around at nothing she just smiled and started off again.

"Something I need to know?" I asked.

"You'll find out soon enough," she said cryptically.

"Arianna will need to be fed soon. Rob only had the one bottle," she said changing the topic.

Back in our room all was nice and quiet for a change. Arianna with Rob gave us a break, and Erica was nowhere to be found. Typically she was barging in with some sort of issue. "Undo me, babe?" Ashley asked and I hurriedly complied. As her shirt slipped off her shoulders I leaned down and sucked on her nipples. Grabbing her ass I pulled her up into my arms as I bit playfully and listened to her moaning.

"We don't have time," she panted, but her legs wrapped around me just the same. I put her down, stripped her out of her pants and dropped my clothes to the floor beside hers. Carrying her into the bathroom I warned her that she was going to get soaked and not just with water.

Steam was fogging the windows as the spray from the shower cascaded over us. I kissed my wife passionately as my fingers dove deep inside her pussy. Her back was against the wall and she thrust her hips out to let me get deep inside her. Gently stroking my shaft she moaned as I rubbed her gspot. I leaned down to kiss her neck and she suddenly exploded. No warning, just a cry of pleasure and she came against my hand. Once her breathing evened out I took my hand away and slid both around her to her ass. Lifting her a little against the wall I kissed her long and hard as I slipped in beneath her. The tip of my cock spread her wide as I shoved into her. She leaned down and bit my shoulder as she took me all the way in. I could feel her pussy still throbbing as I slid inside her. Her fingers were scratching my back as my cock pushed farther and farther into her. There was no way to massage her clit so I settled for good hard fucking.

Holding her ass and spreading her pussy open I slammed into her from underneath. With her back against the wall she thrust out her hips to allow me to go as deep as I could. She wanted it just as bad as I wanted to give it to her. Legs locked around me and her arms around my neck, she pulled her face away from my shoulder and looked at me.

"Oh my god, Richard, I'm cumming. Don't fucking stop!" she cried.

I pumped my cock into her as hard as I could trying make sure this was the best she would have; until next time, of course. Her eyes rolled in her head as her pussy exploded around my cock. Arms barely hanging on to me she screamed in pleasure. With a last thrust I let her settle on my cock, shoving it as deep as it would go and exploded inside her. My fingers holding her pussy open were soaked with cum from both of us.

Her head rested against my shoulder while mine rested against the wall as I held her until she could move again. She may have island magic, but I had a magic cock, and it was all for her.

We washed up a bit but when she turned and asked me to wash her back I was rock hard again in an instant. Rubbing soap across her back I bent her forward.

"Again?" she panted as I guided my throbbing member down to find her pussy and drive deep inside her.

"I don't ever want to stop loving you babe," I said and smashed my hips against her ass.

Hands against the wall she lowered herself to let me get all the way inside her. I gripped her hips and punished her pussy until she came again. Pulling out I watched as jet after jet of hot cum sprayed from my wife. When she had settled down I drove my cock back inside her over and over again until I sent my second load inside her. I collapsed to the floor of the shower and my wife sat down in my lap.

"I love you Richard. Don't ever stop doing that to me," she said then kissed me.

It was such a long and passionate kiss that I started to get hard again. From the way she was sitting all it would have taken was me straightening my legs to let her fall on my cock. Instead she reached down and took hold of me.

"Mine," she said and stood up.

We managed to finish our shower and get dressed. We needed to go find Arianna so she could be fed. Watching my wife dress I longed to be back in the shower loving her and tasting her. I sighed as the last button found its hole on her shirt.

"Tonight babe. I promise. And I'm going to suck you so hard you won't even be able to fuck me," she said.

"Never going to happen. I'll always be able to fuck you, my princess," I replied.

Erica came in just as I finished buttoning my jeans.

"Ash! You're never going. . ." she trailed off when she saw me.

"Henry! Just come in," I yelled.

He had always taken his duty seriously and never intruded without being asked. Unless of course safety was an issue; then he was there before you could even blink.

"You were saying, Erica?" I said. "Did you and the beast finally get it on?"

Erica paled at my guess and I just laughed. When Henry entered the room I quickly turned him around and pulled him with me as I exited. This was going to get loud and embarrassing and he didn't need to be there for it.

"Congrats," I muttered.

"Thanks," was all the reply he was willing to give.

Guys didn't need or want details. We were happy that the other was getting laid and it ended there. In this case it was my sister-in-law. I definitely didn't want those details. The fact that I already knew how tight her little pussy was came to mind every time I looked at her. It may have been an accident, but it was a memorable one.

Giggling and the odd scream came from my room. They were definitely comparing notes. Eventually the door opened and both ladies exited. Erica took Henry's hand and they started towards the front hall. Ashley held me back a moment.

"She's pregnant," she whispered to me.

"Seems to happen a lot around here. Does she know?" I asked.

"No. I didn't tell her," she replied.

"Your mom is going to hit the roof when she finds out," I whispered.

"I'll deal with her when she gets here," my little wife replied.

We walked behind them watching as they alternated hugging and holding hands. It seemed they couldn't get close enough as they went. Ashley took my arm and put her head against me as we followed. Watching them I supposed this was what Ashley and I had looked like when we first got together.

"Was it worth it my love?" I asked.

She knew what I was referring to and didn't hesitate to reply.

"I'd do it all again in a heartbeat, the exact same way," she replied. "Life may have taken a weird turn two years ago, but this is why we did what we did. And you've given me Arianna and this coming little bundle. I can't see my life differently. I don't want to."

"I was afraid I was going to lose you forever. That is the only part I would change," I said.

"Without that part none of this would be happening, my love," she said gently and hugged me tight as we walked.

As we neared the throne room something odd hit our ears. Music; and not just any music - the Rolling Stones!

'You've got to rooooll me and call me the tumbling diiiice,' roared out of the small speakers.

It was nice to hear Mick again. I hadn't realized I was actually missing him. Rob was singing along loudly and Arianna was giggling away in his lap. She held out her arms for her mother as we approached.

"Figured I'd give her a little culture," Rob said. "We've had fun singing and dancing all morning."

Ashley had borrowed Rob's throne and was feeding Arianna, Erica was trying to convince Henry to dance and Rob was searching for a new song on the iPod. I looked around at my family and realized I was probably the luckiest man on earth.

"Oh yeah, got one!" Rob said and the distinct beginning of 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking' blasted to life from the speakers.

Arianna gave a little jump but closed her eyes again and Ashley's hand guided her back to keep nursing.

"Turn it down a bit please, Rob," Ashley said.

With a sigh Rob did as asked but let it play just the same. Erica was spinning and dancing and her shirt barely contained her chest as she moved. As the buttons popped open her nipples began to flash into view as she moved. Henry was watching closely and kept trying to do the buttons back up. I quietly laughed to myself and corrected my previous thought. It wasn't probably. I was the luckiest man on earth.

As if on cue the universe interrupted and brought us back to what it wanted as a reality. Two guards entered the throne room and announced that Steven had arrived to collect his men. Rob turned off the music and hid the speakers. Ashley remained seated on Rob's throne and Erica stood beside her, buttoning up her shirt properly. Rob, Henry and I stood in the center of the room and waited. The guards returned a moment later with Steven between them. As he started to approach both guards put their hands on his shoulders to keep him back.

"Your highness, my lord, I've come to apologize. My men had no right to be in the market today and as their leader I accept full responsibility. Whatever consequence you feel is necessary I will gladly accept," he said in a clear voice.

I was mildly impressed. He was leader even though he hadn't chosen it. And here he was doing his part to keep the delicate peace we had established.

"What do you think? Left or right? Or both?" Rob looked at me as he asked.

"Definitely left. But we should leave him one in case he wants kids," I replied.

Steven started shaking visibly at this point. He understood exactly what we had meant. Ashley sighed and stood handing Arianna to Erica.

"You two are hopeless," she said. "Steven, it's not your fault. Your men chose to disobey and should be the ones to receive punishment. Nobody is cutting anything off of anyone for this. These two just think they're funny. Guards, go fetch his men from the stockade please, and bring them here."

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