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The Islander


I saw him today as I walked along the shore enjoying a steady breeze of warm tropical air on my face, his face in shadow from the glaring sun. The sun was not kind to me... I felt as if I was baking. I had reached the half way point of my destination. He walked along the shore shoeless, shirtless in his swim trunks. I could not take my eyes off his beautiful brown body and he smelled incredible. He flashed me a smile as he turned around to ask if I was the author of a book titled "Lola the Nymph?"

What a lousy pick up line I thought as I turned around to answer his question? I told him I was not her and had no idea who she was. He gave me this look as if he was sure I was the author of the book. I assured him I was not her and wished him a good day. I was pleased at knowing I had stumped the curious gentleman as to whom I was, for I was indeed the author of the best seller book he mentioned.

A new day has begun. I dressed for the outing to the local market it would be a full day of strolling through town as I had many times before for this occasion, I decided on a free flowing dress, of flowered print and a nice pair of sandals for comfort. The island is a nice place to visit but it's best to walk in flats or tennis shoes if you want to save your feet.

As I walked along the different stands at the marketplace I saw him again. The shirtless, shoeless one I had previously saw at the shore. He was chatting with people at the market. The islanders treated him as if he was someone important; several of them reached for his hand and kissed it. The children with their hand outreached walked behind him as he reached into his pocket and gave each child a gold coin. I'd never seen him around before and I've been on the island as far back as my teen years. My family has always vacationed on the island and knew everyone that lived in the community. My parents made it their business to invite important people of power to their home for gatherings and of course political favors. I wanted to know more about this man and why his presence is so noticeable on the island. A few of the islanders got him to sign an autograph.

I watched the mysterious man dazzle the islanders with his charm a few minutes more before paying for my items and finding a café for something to eat. I casually strolled along the boardwalk until I reached a popular restaurant a few blocks away from the marketplace. I watched the islanders come and go for an hour before I finally received my meal. I didn't mind the wait though. The small bistro is well known for its great seafood dishes, pastries, and wine. The services were spectacular, and while you wait for your food to be prepared you are served a wine of your choice at no charge. After I finished my meal, I walked through the village doing a little window shopping before returning home for a nap. It had been an interesting day and I could only imagine what the night life might bring.

What a lazy day to lounge around the room as the rain flowed softly against the hotel window. I heard the sound of the wind whispering through the air as if it wants to tell the secrets of the island. I poured a glass of wine, sipped slowly and sighed as the storm held us hostage inside of our homes. I begin to day dream of the mysterious stranger who has captivated the people of the island. I was beginning to feel the effects of the wine by now and found myself wanting him to make love to me. I would have to improvise with my fingers, so I closed my eyes as I allowed my fingers to take me on a sensual voyage of pleasure. I imagined him kissing my lips as my finger tips tease my mouth. My fingers slowly touch my neck as I played out the fantasy in my mind. My fingers stroll along my chest as I imagined his tongue gently kissing my nipples. I envision him giving me a tongue bath until he reached my hot swollen lips below kissing them as my pink pearl flowed with my honey cum. I imagined his tongue plunging deep inside of me as I sway my hips from side to side, up and down and finally holding his head as he pleasured my sweet hotness until I squeeze more of my honey fluid onto his tongue and the tip of his nose. I was near the end of my enjoyable experience when the phone rang and bought me back to reality.

Damn it what now I said reaching for the phone and ready to give the person on the other end of the line a piece of my mind. Shit can't catch a break even in a storm. It was Nicole; she wanted to catch the next ferry to the island and spend a day with me. I told her I was on a business conference and I would return in three days. The island was under a twenty four hour watch, all transportation to and from the island was canceled. I knew if Nicole came to the island and got a glance of the anonymous guest, she would be more direct with him than I would, and it would leave me no choice but to kick her ass straight up for trying to seduce the man I was determined to invite between my sheets for a night of adult play.

I was tired by now the Island was still under weather advisory. I talked a few minutes with Nicole before I ended the call and decided to call it a night. The storm never let up. I poured a glass of wine and placed it on the night stand next to the bed to enjoy after soaking in the Jacuzzi. After the soak I allow the cool breeze from the shore dry my nude body as I lay on the chaise to enjoy the glass of wine for it would be another restless night as I crawl into bed and think of ways to seduce the nameless island guest.

I am so bummed about the weather on the island. It has rained three days without any sign of sunshine in the forecast. The only positive outlook is my boss has extended the business trip for another week. Maybe it would not be so depressing if I had the mystery guest of the island here with me. It would be worth a stay on the ominous island. There is nothing more for me to do except soak my horny body in the Jacuzzi and call it another win for the sheets as I sleep alone tonight.

The forecast promised sunshine by afternoon. My plans for today are to shop for a few souvenirs for my girlfriends at work, take a nap and maybe step out into the night life for a change and keep a look out for the island visitor. I promise to check in with you for an update. Ciao

My plot last evening to seduce the island guest did not go as planned, yet I wore a black mini dress, thigh high stockings, a garter belt with crotch less panties and a pair of kitten heels and it did nothing to persuade him to take me into his arms and make passionate love to me. I left the hotel foyer and made my way to the restaurant which is located on the main floor of the inn overlooking the Caribbean Sea; the eating place specializes in Italian food, fresh local seafood and live music to entertain your spirit. As I entered the restaurant I saw him... he was dancing with a beautiful sista from the island. I was crushed beyond belief as the two danced close and stared into one another eyes as they took over the floor with their seductive moves. Could she be his wife I thought? I have never seen her on the island before. I had to know the history between the two dancers on the floor. After the show offs took a break from dancing. I seized the moment to introduce myself to the island guest. I walked over to him and introduced myself and offered to buy him a drink just as I was about to converse more in dept with him. The woman he had danced with walked up to him... positioned her body between us and said she was ready to leave. I excused myself from the two and placed an order for room service. I walked back to the hotel room and lay across the bed waiting for my dinner to arrive. My mind drift to a familiar thought as I wondered if he would spend hours making love to her between his sheets.

I think I might have made a little progress with the nameless visitor on the island. This morning I stood in front of my living room window, watching the rolling waves dance in the ocean when he appeared at the bottom of the steps leading to the balcony of my room at the hotel. He looked up and wave with a gesture to come up for coffee, as much as I wanted to spend an entire day of alone time with him. I had to turn down the offer to attend a conference for the company who made it possible for me to be there. When I arrived back at the hotel there was a message for me at the front desk. It was an envelope and inside of it were a contact number and an invitation for an evening at the mystery guest villa. My time had come and I was determined to make good use of my womanly skills for it would be a night to remember. Wish me luck!!

I arrived a few minutes earlier than the time on the invitation; the valet boy took the keys and parked the car. I walked to the front door and press the doorbell button. The door was answered by an older woman in an apron. I was greeted by the woman and led into the study to wait for the host. The woman walked into the foyer to summon the host, he had a guest waiting for him in the study and returned to her duties.

The server walked into the study and asked if he could fix me a drink. I said yes to a glass of red wine as he did his best to amuse me while his master finalized his grooming for the evening. The wine waiter excused himself from the study when his master called him. Finally I was going to meet the unknown man of the island at least nameless to me.

When he spoke to the waiter his tone of voice was strong and clear. It had me quivering as I went into a thirty second fantasy. I tortured my mind and body as I imagine him walking into the study where his hands raised my skirt around my waist to expose the red lace crotch less panties I was wearing, his tongue teasing my swollen lips below as my pearl flowed honey juice onto his tongue.

I did not realize he was standing in front of me until he coughed clearing his throat as a smile appeared upon his lips. I'm Charles he said as he reached out his hand to formally introduce himself. He apologized for the half hour wait, and asked if the wine waiter were attentive to my needs. I said yes he was. I'm Lola as I'm sure you know by now...indeed I do, he said. We made small talk about the island and the author of the book "Lola the Nymph." as the waiter fixed him a shot of brandy with no ice.

I did my best to avoid the book talk and was pleased to see the butler appear to inform us dinner was ready. I wasn't hungry for food hell the wine and Hor'dourves hit the spot for me but I had to wait because tonight time was on my side.

During dinner Charles talked about his success on the island. He was a man of great power, he persuaded politicians and business men to put their differences aside and work jointly to keep the businesses and funds on the island and free from outside influence. The island has always been independent and resourceful well before the tourists vacationed on the island.

After dinner, Charles invited me to a tour of his villa. I would take full advantage of my womanly charm if I am invited into his bedroom. The paintings on the wall and statues in the villa were beautiful and expensive; several of the art pieces were from the Rococo collection. Charles face lit up when he talked about the Rococo art. He claimed the art paintings and figures are sensuous styles of art and architecture, characterized by lightness, and grace. He went on to explain how the Rococo style brought together erotic tones with the sensibility of the Baroque style. He had beautiful paintings in the room he had set up as his own private art gallery.

Now we're talking I said to myself, finally the conversation was right up my ally for intimate talk from a man who spoke of art as if he was about to have an orgasm. I wanted to hear more about the Rococo art and the erotic paintings. There is a painting titled "Madame de Pompadour" by Francois Boucher it is a perfect example of Rococo art, He said. He showed me another piece of art as an example of Rococo titled "The Bathers" by Jean-Honore Fragonard. He grabbed my hand and asked if he was boring me. I told him not yet as he smiled at my response.

We continued down a hallway with a light leading us to more art. I walked into this room full of wonderful pieces of the Rococo style which is characterized by pastel colors, gracefully delicate curving forms, fanciful figures, and a lighthearted mood (visually and physically). The essence of Rococo art is truly something to be admired. Charles continued to talk about the pieces of art as extreme highlights are placed on the subject matter and the overall work is light in color, effect, and emotion. Form is characterized by delicacy of color, dynamic compositions, and atmospheric effects. Charles was like a kid in the candy store as we viewed more of his paintings and sculptures.

Charles was a big fan of Adolphe William Bouguereau. He claimed Bouguereau painted eight hundred and twenty-six paintings in his lifetime. Bouguereau was considered to be one of the greatest painters in the world. Charles went on to explain Bouguereau caught the very souls and spirits of his subjects much like Rembrandt who is said to have captured the soul of age. Today, over one hundred museums throughout the world exhibit his works. That's it he said as he turned to me and asked if I had anything to share with him. I said no because I was certain he wanted me to confess I was the author of the book titled "Lola the Nymph." We stood there for what seem like eternity until I broke the silence and asked to use the powder room. He pointed in the direction at the other end of the hall and to the left he said. I stood in the powder room staring into the mirror with a blank stare on my face as I tried to think of a way to distract him from talking about that damn book I wrote.

I would never get the chance to think about the great escape. Charles knocked softly on the door and asked if I was okay. I said yes, flushed the toilet and washed my hands to assure him I had to use the lavatory. It was getting late by now and as much as I wanted to hear more about his art collection. I was feeling the affect of the alcohol and knew it was now or never to make my own erotic art with the gentleman of the island name Charles Babington. Hell, I had enough of his babbling and made my move to seduce him.

Charles reached for my hand and pulled me into his body. I closed my eyes, puckered my lips and waited for the kiss that never came. I had a look of confusion on my face as I opened my eyes to see him smiling as my body trembled for more of his touch. I knew he wanted me; I could feel the bulge in his slacks press against my stomach. Is something wrong I asked? He shook his head no and lifted me into his arms and carried me to a room full of beautiful exotic art. The bed had four tall poles with curtains draped around the bed for seclusion. A beautiful piece of art by Pablo Picasso titled "Two Naked Figures" hang in a soft lit glow above the bed. I have yet to find the naked figures, even with a magnifying glass, I could not find the nude figures in the painting but Charles spoke with such passion when he showed his art collection to me. He said he worked hard for the things he have. I hoped he had just as much passion when he made love to me between his sheets.

Finally the awkward moment of silence caught up to us as we stood searching each other eyes for the cue to take it to the next level of pleasure. Oh please Charles take me now, I give you permission to make love to me tonight I thought to myself. Oh what the hell either step forward and kiss him or take a taxicab home and spend another restless night alone.

My mind was blurry from the several glasses of wine I had earlier in the evening, and lowered inhibitions took charged of my actions as I grab his hands and pull them around my waist. He was firm beneath his trousers. I knew his body wanted me just as much I wanted his. He moaned with passion as he laid me onto his majestic bed as he calls it. His breathing technique was enough to make my honey juice flow. I was in need of a good session of lovemaking, and what better soul to share it with.

Charles started at the bottom of my feet with small pecks of kisses and moved his way to my breast, neck, lips and finally the forehead before heading down south to tease me. I was so ready for penetration but his tongue had me oozing my honey cum on his lips and the tip of his nose. I trembled when he blew softly onto my clit, I held onto his head as he took charge of my body.

The foreplay seem endless, the trembles and orgasms kept my hips moving in sync with his mouth and fingers. I tried to distract him with my plea to give him the same satisfaction but he said no and softly whispered "let me make love to you." I have never felt so at ease with a man than I had with Charles. His hands held onto my hips as his tongued worked my moist overheated jewel.

His hands held onto my thighs as his tongued plunged deep inside of me. As I lay helpless from the pleasure he gave to my body, he looked into my eyes and asked if I was ready. I was beyond ready for every bone and nerve in my body was at his command. I could not move. I tried to move my legs but they were weak. He had me at his mercy and it was nothing I could do but allow him to please my body and soul.

I was more than ready to get it on with Charles but I knew there was something of significance we had to discuss before we made love. I reached into my purse next to the night stand and pulled out a condom. Charles was hesitant because he never used protection before he claimed. There would be no debate about the condom as I pulled his hand to me and placed it below to feel the wetness from his tongue and told him how much I wanted to feel his firmness inside of me. It was uncomfortable for him at first but once he got his rhythm again it was back to pleasure as usual.

I saw stars that night white twinkling stars as the blood rush to my brain. The lovemaking was out of this world. The room seemed to be spinning; my body had felt numb afterward, from every touch, every peck, and every kiss he bestowed upon me. I knew the moment he was satisfied as well. I could feel his firmness soften inside of my walls. We lay next to each other breathless in the glow of his magnificent paintings.

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