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The Italian Job


My name is Stefan Scaloni and my wife is called Beth and we met in our last year at UCLA. Beth was not barbie-doll pretty, but with her black hair, green eyes and porcelain white skin, she had an unusual beauty. I'd had my eye on her for several weeks and was trying to pluck up the courage to ask her out when I heard her talking about me to a friend, but although I was standing next to her, she did not intend that I knew what she was saying as she spoke fluent Italian to her friend. It seemed that she fancied me as well and was wondering aloud whether to make the first move. The thing she wasn't to know was that my father was from Italy and I spoke it as well as I spoke English!

I suppose I was somewhat emboldened by having foiled her attempt at secrecy and turned around, looked straight at her and said, "So why don't we go for a drink tonight then?"

She colored up in embarrassment as I then suggested, in Italian, a couple of places we could try. Her friend laughed and then so did she at how I had caught her out.

That was the start of what turned out to be a perfect relationship. We married a year later and our daughter was born a year after that, when we were both 23.

Beth's father was a foreign diplomat and having spent time in Italy in her teens, she'd decided to major in Italian Studies, hence the language skills, but had worked only for a short time before staying at home until our daughter went to high school. I had gotten a degree in architectural restoration and had built a good reputation with work I had done both in the States and Europe. So, at the age of 43, with our girl at university, when I was asked to take on a special restoration project in Sicily we both jumped at the chance to travel to a country we loved and use our language skills.

Now, the life of an 'ex-pat' can be wonderful and we soon integrated ourselves into both the local and 'ex-pat' community, but as I was the one with the work visa and as she was not permitted to work, Beth found she had a lot of spare time on her hands. There is only so much in the way of shopping, coffees and lunches you can do to keep occupied and after 6 months Beth was beginning to get bored and started to talk about returning home, leaving me out here until my contract was completed. This was the last thing I wanted and enjoyed the two of us having time together so suggested that she tried to find some unpaid work which she could do.

Nothing more was said for a week or two until one day Beth came home from wandering around the old town of Palermo, which housed the artist's quarter and told me with some excitement that as she sat having a coffee, she had been approached by one of the artists who resided there and asked if she would sit for him.

It seems that he had been commissioned by a Sicilian businessman to do a modern interpretation of a renaissance painting, but had been struggling to find a model with the pale skin quality he wanted. He had explained that most women wanted a dark suntan and this was not what he needed in his model. He had raved over Beth's green eyes and had flattered her ego immensely when he referred to her as a woman 'in her young thirties'.

Beth was so pleased that she now had something to do with her time that she insisted I go with her to meet the artist at the weekend. I got a surprise when I first met Teodoro because, for some reason, I had expected him to be a lot older. He was around thirty, dressed in a rather eccentric long coat and had a shock of long, curly black hair and gypsy good looks as he greeted us effusively at his studio in an old disused church on the Via La Corte.

We spoke in Italian and he told me why Beth was perfect for the subject of his work; the man who had commissioned the painting had been quite specific with regard to how he wanted the subject to look.

As he described it,

"Beth, with her white skin has a subtle beauty, which I could not have dreamed from in my head. My patron wanted such a woman who was not like off the fashion show. He wanted slim, but shapely."

I smiled at this as Beth had always complained that she needed to lose weight, but to me, her 35C 27 36 figure suited her height of 5'6" and she had a wiggle to her hips when she walked, which was incredibly sexy. Teodoro wanted her to begin sitting for him the Monday following and explained,

"We will start with a simple painting on the theme of Vecchio's 'Portrait of a Woman' and if my patron likes it, there will be more. The days may be long if the light is good, but my patron is a man of some means and has promised to be generous and will pay you in cash for your time."

Beth who had been taking it all in until now asked,

"What should I bring to wear?"

"I will supply your garments, though you might find them a little uncomfortable at first as they are of the Renaissance period."

Teodoro wanted an early start on Monday morning to make the most of the daylight and my wife agreed to be there by 7.30 and with that we said our 'goodbyes' and headed home. Beth was as animated as I had seen her in years and I teased her that she was going to be a famous model whose portraits would grace the walls of the rich and famous. I could tell that she was excited by the passion and energy with which we made love that night and as we lay there she asked sleepily,

"You don't mind me doing this, do you?"

"Of course not. Why should I?"

"Well, Teodoro is rather......er.... sexy you know and I wondered if you might get jealous of me being with him all the time."

To be honest, it hadn't crossed my mind until then, but the thought of what had gone through Beth's mind before asking that question set my pulse racing. I had always loved the way other men looked at her, especially on a beach, and I had fantasised from time to time that she might fancy being fucked by a really well endowed man. Although Beth liked to flirt a bit, she had never done any more than that and had never mentioned before that she was attracted to someone. I wanted to know more.

"I hadn't realised you found him sexy."

Beth was almost asleep and all she could manage was,

"Mmm! Rather!"

Then her breathing settled into a steady rhythm and I was left awake thinking.

The next day we both got up early, which seemed strange as I usually left Beth in bed as I showered and grabbed a coffee. But this day, she was up before me and had washed and dried her hair as I was still trying to come round. We kissed each other and I wished her good luck as we set off in opposite directions for our respective work. I spent most of the day thinking about Beth and the atmosphere in the studio between her and Teodoro, so that evening, I couldn't wait to hear what had happened.

I had a long day and Beth was already home when I got in.

"How was your day? Tell me all about it. I've been thinking how you've been getting on. What did you have to wear?"

"Whoa! Hang on a minute. Too many questions."

"Sorry, I've just been thinking about you."

"That's better. Well, I had to put on the most uncomfortable old style dress and corset, which really squeezed my waist in and pushed my boobs up - you know, like in those old paintings – and I had to sit still for ages, but I didn't mind as Teo chatted a lot and the time soon passed."

"How do you mean – 'pushed your boobs up'?"

"Well, the dress is quite scooped at the front and that means I've got a bit of cleavage on show. In fact, I look very 16th century." She laughed.

We soon settled into a routine of early mornings and me asking about her day and then, on the second Friday, Beth came home and announced the painting was completed and that she was 'ready for a rest from all that sitting!'

At 9 on the Sunday morning, we were woken by the sound of someone knocking on our door and when we peered out of the window there was Teodoro looking up and grinning.

"Great news Beth and Stefano, my patron loves the picture and wants more. Let me in, I am so excited!"

Beth was excited too and threw on her gown as she dashed down stairs. Over coffee Teodoro explained that he had been commissioned to do another nine pictures, with one proviso; that the same model was used because

"He says you have a rare beauty," he continued "but now the subject matter is down to me. The title must be that of a renaissance or baroque work, but I can use my imagination to bring out the best of my model."

As she leaned forward to listen, I noticed that Beth's gown had slid to the side revealing her leg, right up to her thigh and it gaped at the front giving Teodoro a clear view of her breasts as they hung forwards. His gaze remained on her as he got up to leave and he announced

"Tomorrow we will start on 'Lady seated at her desk' so please come at 7.30. I want an early start."

We went upstairs to get showered and as Beth slipped the gown of her shoulders I said,

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

"Did what?"

"You showed him your leg and tits on purpose."

Beth stood naked in front of me and grinned devilishly.

"Maybe I did. Shall I tell you why?" I nodded. "Two reasons really; the first is because I like to tease him. He wants me - he can't have me, but I like to see the lust in his eyes as he looks at me."

"and the second reason?"

"Is because I like to tease you. You've been jealous ever since I said that I thought he was sexy and I wanted you to get a little more jealous by showing him my body. And before you ask, no, I haven't let him touch me, but the thought had crossed my mind- you know- just him and me, all alone in that old studio..."

Beth let her hands run down her body and looked at my rapidly hardening cock and said,

"My, my – that's turned you on hasn't it? You like the idea that your little wife might fancy a fuck with somebody different, don't you?"

I admitted that the idea of her being seen naked turned me on as it had when she had gone topless on beach holidays and I liked the idea of her being a sex object for other men to look at. Beth pushed me back onto the bed and positioned herself over my now hard cock and for an hour we had some of the hottest sex we'd had in years.

Afterwards Beth spoke.

"That was fantastic! You were so hard. I think I might let Teo see a little more if that's the effect it has on you."

"and the effect on you." I replied. "I've never seen you so turned on."

"Oh, I loved the thought that he was getting horny seeing so much of me and I'm going to let him see more. After all, I am a model." she laughed.

So it began that my wife began to lose any inhibitions she'd had about nudity. Teodoro had obviously been inspired by Beth's appearance that Sunday and in 'Lady seated at her desk' he had her leaning back in a chair, looking out over her desk, through a window. She wore a fine silk dressing gown with a pair of nude colored panties underneath. The gown had slipped sideways to expose her leg from toes to upper thigh and was loosely fastened at the waist leaving the front gaping and her left breast clearly visible in profile. The sheer material clung to her shape and her nipples were hard lumps in the smooth fabric.

Beth described how Teo had kept 'accidentally' stroking her tits as he positioned her each time and following no objection from her it became more frequent.

The next sitting was 'Woman wearing a veil' and as he tentatively suggested that Beth might pose topless with a thin veil across her breasts she readily agreed and even suggested that she wear the same nude panties that she had worn before. She described to me how during rest periods she would let the veil drop and get up and walk around topless as Teo watched and occasionally adjusted the swelling cock in his pants.

Teo realised that Beth was prepared to go further and in the fourth painting, 'Girl combing her hair', he told Beth that she had to go completely nude to achieve the picture he had in mind, which was for her to stand naked in front of a mirror as she combed her long, black hair as it fell forward across her shoulder. He painted from behind to capture not only the rear view of Beth, but also her full frontal reflection in the mirror.

He took a long time to position my wife, which involved a lot of touching her legs, arms and breasts before appearing to be happy with the image, but still he seemed agitated.

"Something is still not right Beth............you are........too much hair. It is not sensuous enough – you must trim it." And going into the bathroom, he returned with a razor and shaving foam and handed them to Beth.

"How much?" was all she said

"Leave a thin strip above and that will do."

For the first time in her life my wife trimmed her pussy and the eroticism of this resulted in incredible sex as she related the events of her day to me each evening.

As painting number four was finished I got a call requiring me at an urgent restoration job in Florence, which was going to keep me there for five weeks. Needless to say, I didn't want to go, but this was my job and I had no choice. I asked Beth if she wanted to join me, but she said that Teo's patron had already said that he wanted the next paintings to have a biblical theme and that he would advise them the next week of what he had in mind and that he wanted some of the scenes to be painted at his Palazzo in the hills outside Palermo.

I was as jealous as hell that Teodoro would try and seduce Beth with me absent, but she assured me that their relationship had, certainly from her standpoint, turned into a purely artist and model one; albeit that she was naked much of the time!

"I'm not going to tell you what our paintings are about until you come home," said Beth, "I want you full of testosterone as I describe the different scenes I have been in and I sure will need a good fucking by that time as well."

Those weeks passed awfully slowly and although we spoke regularly, we never touched on Beth's work and when I had tried to bring it up she quickly changed the subject.

I finally got home a day early and was surprised to find that Beth wasn't there, even though it was nearly 9pm. I tried her mobile, it was turned off and then I wandered down to Teodoro's studio to see if she was still there, but all was quiet. Where was she?

The night was hot and airless. I got back to our apartment and without putting the main lights on, went through to the bathroom and was about to step into the shower when I heard a car pull up outside. I quickly pulled a towel around my waist and peeking out from behind the curtains in the darkened front room I watched as Beth climbed out of the passenger side, closed the door and rooted though her bag for her keys as the car left. I heard her climb the stairs and as she let herself in, I turned on the light. Beth shrieked before seeing it was me.

"Oh my god! You scared me half to death," she panted and then, realising the situation and time, "You're home a day early?"

"I could ask you what are you doing home late...............?" I looked her up and down. She was wearing a very short black skirt, high heels and tight white top, under which she was obviously braless. "..............dressed like a hooker."

Her eyes dropped to the floor.

"I think we need to talk." was all she said.

"I think Teodoro is in a lot of trouble!" I said in a low voice.

Beth raised her eyes and looked at me. She was made up with heavy, black eye shadow, bright red lipstick and flecks of something in her hair and quietly whispered,

"It wasn't ....isn't Teo. He hasn't touched me."

"Then who? What's going on?"

Beth reached over to the table and picked up a large A3 size book and passed it to me. On the front was printed 'Portfolio of Beth Scaloni. Art work by Teodoro Galleo'

As I opened the cover Beth said, "I think this is the best way I can explain things to you."

As I looked at the first page I recognised the initial painting Teodoro had done of my wife, 'Portrait of a Woman' and as I turned each leaf, the paintings whose titles I already knew were printed in fine detail. Beth watched me as each turn of the page revealed more of her body in the way she had described before I had gone to Florence.

I turned to picture five and let out a gasp. It was titled 'The Temptation of Eve' and showed a secret garden; a clearing set in a background landscape of bushes and greenery, across which a large tree had fallen which was covered in moss. Beth lay on the trunk, propped up on an elbow, holding a half-eaten apple in her other hand. Her right foot was on the tree and her knee was drawn up towards her body, whilst the other leg hung down the side with her pointed toes just touching the floor, leaving her legs wide open and her now completely bare pussy, gaping. As if this wasn't enough, she was looking, with lust across her face, at an athletic, handsome man standing in front of her. His large cock hung down between his legs and pointed in her direction.

Beth chose this moment to speak.

"That is Piccolo – a nickname as you can guess, as he is anything but little!" she paused, "The patron selected the title and insisted that the painting was done in the grounds of his Palazzo. Piccolo works for him and the patron said that he wanted him to model with me. I was excited to be modelling with someone else as I had been solo for too long and as you can imagine, I was not disappointed when we were introduced as he is as perfect as he looks in the painting. Shaving my pussy together with the subject and setting just seemed a natural progression from the ones before when I had gradually become more naked and I couldn't wait to tell you about it.

We worked on the painting for seven days and as each went by, I began to realise just how pornographic this whole thing was and I know Piccolo felt the same as there were many times that he saw the moisture glistening on my pussy lips and he got hard, so we had to take a break so he could cool down."

I interrupted,

"I take it that the painting has exaggerated his size. I mean, that can't be real."

"Oh, believe me Stefan – that is a truly incredible penis. Even soft it hangs halfway to his knees and when he gets hard it gets immensely thick, perhaps two and a half inches across, and it swings from side to side as he walks. As we posed he kept telling me how he would love to fuck me and the thought of it was making my pussy so wet. Anyway, I was coming home so hot that I was having to masturbate every night as I imagined Picco's huge cock pointing towards my cunt. I kept thinking about how I would tell you about it and the great sex we would have. You would have like that, wouldn't you?"

I took time to study the picture and admitted,

"Yes, that would've been....I mean....is a real turn-on to have known you were posing like that, so slutty."

"Look at the next picture. "

It was called 'The Seduction of Eve'. My eyes widened to take in what I saw. Piccolo was now sitting with his legs hanging down either side of the same tree trunk as before. He was leaning back with his hands holding Beth's waist as she sat astride him. Her upper body and head were thrown back and her hair fell down behind her. Teodoro's painting perfectly captured the look of total ecstasy on her face as she thrust her hips forward.

"I didn't plan for any of this to happen, but Teo said his patron wanted this painting to look totally natural and realistic. He posed Picco and me in such a way that his cock rested on the tree trunk, invisible to the onlooker and I was straddling his hips with it underneath me. I had never got so close to another man in my life and the very thought of what I was doing had me dripping wet, literally and as Picco felt my juices fall onto him I felt him get hard beneath me.

Teo kept saying 'not good enough, more real, make it more real' and Picco pushed me away from him until I felt his cock rise between us and then he let the tip of it rest between the lips of my pussy. The swollen tip of that huge end was making my clit throb as I let him probe my entrance and then I wanted him - I wanted him more than anything else I had ever wanted in my life before."

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