The Italian Job


My jealousy had risen to a level I had never known before, but the picture on my lap and Beth's description was making my own cock rise uncontrollably and it strained to escape from the towel.

"Go on." was all I could muster.

"I felt Picco's cock swell even more as the head rested between my cunt lips and it penetrated me an inch more without either of us moving our bodies and then I couldn't help myself. I'm so sorry Stefan, but I let Picco pull me towards him and felt my cunt stretch wider than I've ever known it. I pushed my hips forward to get as much in me as possible and felt powerless as it impaled me. It was so big that I thought he was going to split me in two as he pushed inch after inch in until it reached the top. Even then there was four inches not in me and as he pulled me hard onto him, I felt my cervix give as the head of his cock forced its way even in there, straight into my womb."

By now I was so turned on that I was stroking my own cock through the towel.

"Did you come?" I asked

"Oh god, yes. I'm so sorry Stefan. I never meant for it to happen. I always thought that I would never have any man other than you and I didn't want to. But I came with the biggest orgasm I've ever experienced – it just went on and on, and all the time Picco was burying that gorgeous thick meat inside my womb. He laid me back on the tree and fucked me so hard that I later had bruises on the inside of my thighs and for every thrust he made, I raised my hips to take him.

There was no more painting that day, just lots of fucking. Picco was like a bull and fucked me another six times, until I couldn't get my legs together and my pussy was stretched wide open. The next day there was no painting again, just fucking in Picco's bedroom at the Palazzo. He fucked me another eight times that day and still I wanted more even though I was weak with the number of orgasms I'd had."

"When did all this happen, Beth?"

She stared at me and said,

"About 3 weeks ago."

"So what have you been doing since then and where have you been tonight?"

"Well the painting took a week to finish. Then I, I have made a big mistake and I don't just mean by fucking someone else. You see, after that first picture, Teo told me I had to sign a document prepared by his patron detailing the amounts I would get paid, and in return agreeing to, what I thought was, another nine paintings. The trouble is, I didn't read it properly."

"How so?" I asked.

"Well, there were a few pages and I only read the first bit and I didn't read the small print because it was all in Italian in which I agreed to appear in ten productions sponsored and titled by the patron."

"OK. So you do the remaining four paintings, you fulfil the agreement and then that's it. You must have done two of them already."

I paused and then continued,

"Listen Beth, I can understand what happened and have to accept that I encouraged you to get more naked as the paintings were done. I was away and with the temptation of that huge cock you got carried away, but.................well....we're OK aren't and me?"

Her voice was low and she looked down as she continued,

"Let me finish. You might not want that. The patron didn't want more paintings – he wanted films – pornographic movies with me as the star. Picco works for him as a porn star – that's why he wanted him as the model, because he knew that once I'd seen him, I would want him – and that I would go as far as fucking someone other than my husband. I refused at first, but he told me he would go to the authorities and show them that I had been working when I don't have a permit and that I have been evading tax, which always carries a prison sentence. So, the thing is, I've had little choice but to perform in films done in his Palazzo"

The atmosphere in the room was tense and I had a million and one things going around my head. Beth couldn't look me in the eye as I got up and fixed us both a drink. I needed to fully understand the situation, which meant more questions, even though I might not like the answers. I was surprised at my own reaction to what I had heard so far – not only had I not been shocked at Beth's infidelity, but it had turned me on to visualise what she had described and especially her coming on such a huge cock as Picco's.

Finally I broke the silence.

"So how many films have you completed in the last three weeks? You must be almost done by now."

Beth hesitated before replying, "Just one. I've just done one film. I finished it tonight – that's why I'm late home and dressed like this."

"So that means that you're.........................."

My voice trailed off. My wife knew what I was thinking and finished my words off for me,

"Yes. I'm just back from being fucked and I have fresh spunk in me. The film has taken three days to make because I have needed time to recover between sessions.

"How do you mean recover? They haven't hurt you have they." I was alarmed.

"No, of course I'm not hurt. I'm stretched and I'm sore!"

I must have looked blank as Beth looked at me and said,

"I suppose I'd better show you."

And with that she stood up and removed the tight white top she was wearing. As her breasts sprang free I could immediately see that the usually porcelain white skin was blotchy and her nipples were slightly puffy and very red.

As I sat and watched she reached to the waistband of the mini skirt, undid it and let it drop to the floor. My breathing quickened and my stomach turn somersaults as I took in how sexy she looked, standing before me in her high heels and a pink silk g-string. I could feel myself getting hard as she hooked her thumbs in the top of the string, pushed it down over her pubic mound let it fall to the floor.

Stepping out of her panties, she moved in front of me and stood with her feet eighteen inches apart. This close, her cunt was directly in front of my eyes and I gasped as I saw how red and swollen her shaven labia were. Directly between her legs, the inner lips of her once tight, smooth cunt hung in folds two inches below the outer ones and as I watched, a glob of thick, white spunk slid out of her and landed on the floor.

"Fucking hell .....turn around!!."

As she did I could see that Beth's inner thighs, buttocks and all around her ass were red and blotchy. "Tell me everything."

"After I realised I was locked into the contract I was told that I would be called when they were ready to begin. The next day I was here, which was the first time in many weeks that I had been at home on my own and there was a knock on the door. When I went to answer it, Picco was there and without speaking, he just walked in past me, stripped, undid my gown and fucked me on our bed. I knew it was wrong, but I just had to have his huge cock inside of me.

Afterwards, I made coffee and asked Picco why he was here and he told me that he was going to help me prepare for the film shoot. Of course, I told him that I didn't think there was much I needed to know and he laughed at me in a kind of mocking way. Picco pulled me to my feet and led me to the couch before turning me around and pushing me forwards over the back. I asked him what the fuck he was doing and then felt his cock slide into me from behind. After a while I started to come and as I did, I felt him pull out and before I could do anything to stop him, he was forcing himself into my anus. I tried to move, but he kept me held over the couch and I could feel the head of his cock stretch my ass open and then he was in me.

At first, he just held it there, but then he began to push more and more of it into me. I can't describe how it felt – it was a mixture of pleasure and pain. In one way it was like I was being split in two, but at the same time the feeling of being filled in that part of my body was incredible. He kept one hand on the back of my neck, keeping me bent over and used his other hand to rub my clit until I came again and as I did, he forced the whole of his cock into me, and when he came I almost passed as I came again, feeling his hot spunk pump deep inside me.

When it was done, Picco explained that he had been told to make sure that I would be ready for the film and that I must be used to anal fucking. I was sent a script which told me the outline of the story to be filmed and a few lines I had to learn.

Then, three days ago a car was sent to take me to the Palazzo. I was told to dress as you saw me tonight and I was taken to a room on the second floor and when I went in the Patron was there together with a group of men. The story was that I worked for the Patron and had been accused of stealing money from him. I had to tell him that I hadn't taken anything, but he didn't believe me and ordered his men to search me. They stripped off my top, then my skirt and finally my panties where they found the money I had taken.

I was standing nude in front of a group of men and my natural reaction was to try and cover myself up, but the Patron told them to take hold of me by my arms and keep my hands away from my body. As I struggled the Patron told me that I was to be punished for stealing from him and had his men push me onto my knees on the floor. He disappeared for a minute and when he returned he was naked. He told me to open my mouth and he pushed his cock in and told me to suck him. All the while, the men were squeezing my tits and I was so engrossed with the face-fucking I was getting that I wasn't aware that the men had taken their clothes off. As the Patron came over my face and tits, he told me that his men were going to teach me a lesson and that I had better put on a good performance.

As I had a good look around I noticed Picco and took in the others. As well as Picco and the Patron, there were three white and three black men. Then I saw their cocks! The white guys were as big as Picco, but the blacks each had over twelve inches of thick, veined cocks. I felt so hot and my cunt was soaking wet. Oh god, you have no idea what it was like for me. I realised that I had become addicted to big cocks and I reached out and pulled one towards me and took him in my mouth. It was so massive that I could barely get the head in as I worked my lips over it.

The men gathered round and I took turns in sucking them and stroking the thick shafts. As I did, I cupped their balls in my hands – they were massive and I knew I was going to be flooded with their cum.

Then the Patron spoke,

"You are guilty of stealing from me and you have made a good start in paying for your crime, but your punishment is giving pleasure, not receiving it."

Then he told the men to use me as they wished.

Two men lifted me onto my feet and I was led across the room to a big window overlooking the grounds of the Palazzo. There, I was told to spread my legs and bend over and take hold my ankles. I look backwards between my legs as Picco's enormous cock moved towards my pouting cunt lips. He took hold of my hips and slowly began to feed the head into me. Because of the position I was in, I felt every inch as he penetrated and stretched me, burying himself fully into my wet vulva. Then he began to thrust in and out and I tried to grip him with my cunt muscles to make him cum – it didn't take long and soon I felt him harden and as his balls contracted, I was filled with his hot cum juice.

I was still holding my ankles as the next one pushed his cock into me. After a few minutes, he took a handful of my hair and pulled me upright before putting a hand under each thigh and lifting my legs off the floor. His thick cock speared me as he walked around the room, displaying my stretched cunt lips to the others. He let my legs down in front of the bed and pushed me onto my knees on the floor and pushed my body onto the bed. Two of the others went the other side of the bed and took hold of my wrists so that I couldn't move and then the guy fucking me drove himself hard into my cunt with thrust after thrust until finally I felt his spunk pump against my cervix.

They let go of my wrists and one of the black men lay on the bed and pushed his big dick towards my mouth. I held it as I guided it to my mouth, but couldn't get my fingers around it because of it's girth. The others were fucking my cunt and cumming in me and then it changed – I couldn't see who was behind me, but he came up and I felt my labia stretch as never before and I realised it could only be one of the blacks. He only put a few inches in me and I didn't understand why, until he pulled it out and rested the end against my ass – and then I realised what was to happen.

I began to struggle and squirm, but I was held with the cock in my mouth as he spread the cum lubricant from my cunt to my ass with his cock. I know I shouted out 'OH FUCK!' as he began to push and my anus began to stretch. He was so much bigger than Picco and as I struggled he took hold of my ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart as the helmet of his cock penetrated me. Once it was in he started to thrust – slowly at first – and I felt inch after inch of his thick meat work its way up into me until finally, I had twelve inches of hard black cock in my belly.

I must have been hyperventilating because the next thing I knew, I was off the floor with this goliath's cock impaling me and he was lying beneath me on the bed. They had hold of my ankles and my legs were pulled wide open exposing my sex to the group and then one of the black guys, who had a cock like a horse, knelt in front of me and began to feed his foot long meat into my gaping cunt. I gasped at the size of it, stretching my pussy and slipping in next to its twin which speared my anus.

The two of them worked me to a mind blowing climax as the cameras captured every thrust that they delivered. As one, the three of us rolled over on the bed, with me still sandwiched in the middle and the man in my cunt was beneath me. All the time my tits were being squeezed and my nipples pulled by the others as I writhed and came between them. The third black guy put his dick in my mouth and told me to make him wet and slippery. He pumped my mouth for a minute and then pulled away and disappeared behind me. The man in my ass altered his position and then I felt a pressing next to the cock that was already in my cunt and my already ragged labia began to stretch even further.

Looking back I realised that the third twelve inch cock was forcing an entry into my cunt alongside his friend and I screamed as he pushed it in. My labia were so tight that they got pulled in and out of my cunt as the men moved together, dragging my clit with them. I had three, twelve inch cocks in me and I screamed as I came over and over again.

They fucked me on and on and on like this, using me as their fuck-toy and grunting with every thrust until, as I felt my cunt muscles contract in orgasm for a final time, they thrust hard together and totally flooded me with their cum. When they pulled out, I couldn't bring my legs together and I collapsed on my back on the bed with my cunt gaping wide open as their jism ran from it. The whole group took it in turns to cum in my mouth or over my face, hair and tits until I was covered in their hot, sticky white spunk.

Eventually they were done with me and I was helped to my feet and given a towel to wipe myself down before I put on my clothes and was brought home. Yesterday, my cunt was still puffy and sore so there was no sex, but today I did another shoot where I was fucked in the ass and cunt by fifteen different men, all with massive cocks."

My own cock was like rock, having heard how Beth had been taken and used and without a word, she got down her knees in front of me and took me in her mouth. It took less than a minute for me to cum and she swallowed the whole lot before looking at me and saying.

"I am so glad that this turned you on. I don't want our marriage to end, but I can't live without big cock fucking like I've had. I want to work it around our relationship and bring pleasure to us both."

As Beth slowly stroked my cock and it started to harden again, she licked the end and said

"I'll take that reaction as a 'yes', which is good, because I start filming again in two days!"

Maybe I'll be motivated to write about what happens next.......................!!

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