tagInterracial LoveThe Ivory Club Ch. 02

The Ivory Club Ch. 02


When Jane arrived home that night having been fucked by Charles and Smith, she was surprised to find her husband, Peter, not at home. He must have gone out with friends, she supposed. What she did not know was that having dropped her off at her apartment, Smith had then dropped Peter off a few blocks away and advised him to have a drink, calm himself down and go home after an hour or so. And that is what he did. When he returned home he found Jane soaking in a hot bath, obviously cleaning herself up after being viciously fucked by two large black men.

Peter, still not sure yet whether he should disclose to his wife that he had witnesses her being fucked by another man, merely asked her how the evening had gone. As suspected, Jane lied to save her marriage, and went on about how the shoot was actually fine, yes she had to strip to her lingerie but that was all quite usual for a model shot, Charles behaved like a gentleman for the whole evening...blah blah blah.

Peter listened but decided he loved Jane too much to tell her he knew what a slut she really was. And as a result, no more was said on the matter for the whole weekend when Peter did all he could to avoid her.

On Monday morning at around 9.30am Charles was in his office on the phone to Jake and Randy. And as was usual for most mornings, he was having his cock serviced by his young gorgeous secretary, Sally.

Sally Jones was 19 years old and 6 months married to Frank, a paralegal employed in Charles's law firm. Sally was a teen bride having married her childhood sweetheart. They had met while both at school in New Jersey. Frank was 2 years her senior and it was one of those classic school marriages where both parties married the first person they slept with. They came from a fiercely white religious community and felt it only right that they got married after they had had sex, it was also what their parents would have demanded. However, invariably in such a marriage, one, if not both parties eventually find out that choosing your life partner at such a young age is a mistake. In Frank and Sally's case, Sally very quickly realised that perhaps their marriage could have been an error. After all, she soon discovered that she was a slut for black cock.

Charles first met Sally at one of those godforsaken work parties that all the attorneys, staff and their partners were forced to attend. Frank, whom he had always chatted to now and again, mainly about sports, had introduced Charles to his then drop dead gorgeous fiancé. She was blonde, 5ft 6, curvaceous figure which supported a pair of lovely large 38 D breasts. She was the image Kim Bauer, the daughter of Jack Bauer from the TV show, "24".

He quickly found out that they were to get married in a month's time, they were planning on buying a small house outside the city and crucially she was looking for work as a legal secretary. Well as luck would have it, Charles told her, he had a vacancy. Would she like to interview?

She started work the day after their honeymoon in Florida. It all went well until late on Friday evening of the first week, after she had been forced to work late by Charles, Sally was summoned into his office. She was told that they were going to have to let Frank go, for some undisclosed irregularities. There was nothing they could do, could they?

In tears Sally pleaded for her darling man. Well Charles thought, may be his wife could take the punishment instead? Sally was told that to save her husband's job, she would need to be spanked on her bare arse. The alternative was that both would lose their jobs. And before Sally knew what was happening, the poor naive teenage wife was over Charles's lap, delicious bottom raised up the air in surrender and his hand coming down on it, spanking her cruelly. And after a few minutes of this, Charles ordered her to strip naked, and told to just leave her 3 inch high heels on. Charles loved to see how her arse would look in heels. Once stripped, she was on her knees, sucking the great man's cock.

Since that fateful night, she had been regularly fucked by Charles and his friends, being one of The Ivory Club's favourite victims. And Charles had insisted she always dressed the part. After that first night when she had blown him, she was the following week sent to one of Charles's favourite women's clothes stores and dressed appropriately, everything of course paid for by Charles. She now was only allowed to wear 4 inch high heels, short skirts which never came to more than 3 inches above the knee, tight tops of various description, always stockings and perhaps suspenders (her choice), tights were strictly forbidden as were bras. She could wear a g-string but no other type of knickers.

And today she was kneeling between Charles's legs, sucking on his giant 12 inch black cock, just like a girl would lovingly suck on a lollipop. She had been ordered to strip to her heels and underwear. Her enormous tits were bobbing up and down as she tried to suck all of his giant black cock.

One of the many great things about Sally was her apparent reluctance to be fucked by Charles and his friends. Although she always came when fucked, unlike when she now made love to her husband, it was obvious how much she enjoyed it, especially when fucked up the arse. However, she was still desperately in love with Frank and so very much wanted to be faithful.

Each time she would come into Charles's office, she would nervously stand in front of him, hands sweetly clasped in front of her, dressed sexily – today it was a short blue mini skirt, 4 inch spiky brown boots, light brown stockings and white suspenders, g-string and a tight brown polo neck jumper which showed off her braless tits splendidly. As she came in to the room, Charles was always impressed with the way in which her tits bounced and the way her nipples seemed to be always erect obviously excited at the though of the violent fucking she was about to submit to.

Having ordered her to strip and suck his big black cock, she as always feigned reluctance and pleaded her ever dying love to her husband. Charles would follow the now regular routine and point out to her that they were one phone call from both being fired, thus losing all their money and having their new marital home repossessed. It was a tiresome act for Charles, but one he performed since he knew it added to the sexual pleasure for both Sally and himself, the idea that each time she was being forced was something that appealed to them both.

And so that was how it came to be that young Sally was on her knees, just in knee high boots, light brown stockings and white suspenders and g-string, pretending to not enjoy sucking on Charles's giant cock.

Charles meanwhile was on the phone to both Jake and Randy, producers of a new film on black sex in a white neighbourhood and they were discussing the audition of very attractive actress, Jane Redman.

"Yes, yes, it went about as well as it could" Charles said

"I take it you initialled her in to the Club? Randy replied.

"Oh yes. That's it bitch, suck my cock all the way down, oh yes..."

"You cheeky fucker, are you having your cock sucked by your secretary, Sally, whilst we discuss business?" enquired Randy, laughing down the phone. He knew what a horny bastard Charles was, and to be honest, could not blame him. He had fucked Sally on a few occasions when he was in New York and was she a fine piece of ass. He had double fucked her with one of his basketball buddies and on another occasion, Charles and he had picked her up, taken her down town to some seedy part of Manhattan, and watched her get gang raped by 3 violent thugs Smith knew. She came so much they thought she'd faint.

"That's right. God damm she's good. Almost as good as Jane."

Sally redoubled her efforts to please him.

"Fuck me with your tits, I need to talk for a few minutes and don't want to cum too quickly. That's it, bitch..."

Sally leaned up and slid his wet 12 inch black cock into the valley of her big white teenage breasts, marvelling at its size and the way his black cock contrasted with her married white tits. She began to move her breasts up and down, proud of the way her body so pleased her black boss. And deep down she loved being forced to serve black men. The size of their cocks had made her into such a slut. Frank could never please her or treat her the way she now craved to be treated. Nothing now pleased her more than being forced to fuck a black dick.

Charles proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes telling Jake and Randy what had happened the Friday before.

"So, it sounds as if she is perfect for the part." Randy said, "Not only is she gorgeous but she loves black dick. I need a bitch who can entertain me and some of the crew. The A list actresses no longer need to, although it's clear some of them would like to if there was no risk of disclosure. Jane would have no choice and is not famous enough to give a shit.

I am flying in on Thursday, why don't I meet her then? Jake, you gonna be in town?"

"For a piece of married white pussy as good as Charles says, you damm right I will be".

And with that the meeting was confirmed and they all hung up.

Sally continued to fuck Charles with her tits. He was now very close. She looked up at him with her innocent blue eyes.

"That's it, my loving whore, fuck me with those big tits of yours. That's it. Ahhh...." Charles could hold back no longer and came all over them. A lot of his spunk hit her face. Sally knew the routine, she spread his cum all over her breasts, licking what she could off her face, using her fingers to clean up the rest and licking them too.

Charles then ordered her to go and stand at his desk, place her hands on it, spread her legs and push her arse out. He still had 30 minutes or so before he actually had to do any work, enough time to spank her lovely bottom and then fuck her arse.

He walked over and, acting out her fantasy of a reluctant slut, asked her how naughty she was for some minor misdemeanour last week – a typo in one of his docs.

"Do you think you should be punished?"

"N-no please don't. I am a good girl, I am married, this must stop."

"But naughty girls need to be punished. And how do we punish naughty girls, Sally?"

"P-please no. No more, I am a good faithful wife..."

"How do they get punished, Sally" Charles asked once more, in a much harsher tone this time.

"They have their bottoms spanked, Sir" She whispered, groaning at the fate that awaited her. She loved to be arse spanked and then arse fucked. But in honour to her husband, who worked just a few floors below this very office, she needed to appear to me a reluctant victim. It was the only way she could justify the way she felt, the way she enjoyed being abused and "forced" into acts of degrading sex with big black men.

Her fondest memory of being "forced" fucked was that night when she was taken to a deserted warehouse by Smith, Charles and Randy. She thought the three of them were going to fuck her. Instead, in walked in three of the biggest, roughest blackest men she had ever seen. She screamed and started to run away. She was grabbed by one of them and thrown on to a dirty mattress on the floor.

She had dressed up nicely for the evening, wearing a lovely blue wrap around dress which was tied together at the front, black hold ups and 4 inch black heels. She wore her hair up and a set of diamond earrings given to her by her husband on her wedding night. She was suppose to be going out with her husband that night and looked every bit the respectful middle class white wife out on a romantic evening with the man she loved. Instead, Charles had arranged for Frank to be busy and he had forced Sally to accompany Randy, Smith and himself out for a little entertainment that they had arranged earlier.

She was soon on the floor and with no finesse or ceremony, her stocking clad legs were spread wide, g-string ripped off, her hands pinned behind her head and she was fucked without mercy. Her flimsy dress was soon open with her bra less tits bouncing vigorously as a result of the violence of the assault.

When the first black dick entered her, she was already soaking wet. A few seconds later she had her first of what would be many orgasms that night. Her dress had been ripped off so she was just in her heels and black hold ups and she was subject to a vicious fucking that she would always remember. She was fucked in every hole, sometimes two at a time, others three. All the time she pleaded with her captors, claimed she was being raped and at the same time took pleasure over and over again. It was a wonderful spectacle that Charles and Randy thoroughly appreciated. After which the pair of them went over to her and jacked off in her beautiful face.

Back in Charles's office, Charles was gently spanking Sally's delicious teenage arse.

"Please don't spank my poor bottom", she pleaded. She still kept it thrust out despite her lame protests.

"Naughty girls need to be disciplined and have their bottoms spanked. How else will they learn? And you want to be a good girl, don't you Sally?"

"Oh yes" She said, moaning now at his treatment.

"Well, just a few more spanks and then I think a little bottom sex, don't you?"

"Oh please, not my poor b-bottom. Don't fuck me there, Sir".

"Shut up, bitch".

After a few minutes of aggressive spanking, Charles was ready. Taking out some lubrication from his desk, he greased up his dick and pushed slowly in to her married teenage arse. Even after six months of being fucked there, her arse was still as tight as a virgin's pussy. That was another thing Charles liked about Sally, she was durable and elastic. Just one week after her honeymoon her arse had been taken for the first time by Charles and he reflected how much tighter she had been when she was an anal virgin and he had fucked her their for the first time. At first she had screamed so much but after a while she had grown to love it. After that he had forbidden her from ever giving her bottom to her husband, much to the frustration of Frank who had desperately tried, after they were married, to breach that final frontier. Her arse was the preserve of black cock

"Oh p-please, you are raping my poor bottom. Stop, I am married...", but all the time Sally thrust her young married arse back up to meet Charles's thrusts.

"You love it bitch. Take it all the way in your married white arse. How do you think your pathetic husband would feel of he walked into my office and saw me now as your bitch?"

"Oh p-please don't. Stop, I am a good wife..."

"Good wife who loves black dick up her arse."

And with that he fucked her vigorously for 10 minutes. He leaned over grabbed her swaying tits, and whispered into her ear what a naughty wife she was, how bad she was letting a big black man fuck her young married arse. Despite her denials she came time and time again, little mewing noises coming from her lovely lips.

Charles eventually leant came back and came, flooding her bowels with his copious cum. He withdrew from her arse and then made Sally lick his cock clean, which she did, without protest. He then sat back ordered her to bring him a coffee and started the days work...

Sometime in the afternoon, Charles decided to confront the Peter situation. He had not spoken to him since he had fucked his wife the previous Friday. He had watched everything from an anonymous distance and as far as Charles was aware, had not confronted his wife.

He decided the best way was not to humiliate the poor chap any further, after all, he still had a lot of use for Jane. So he dropped him an email, letting him know politely that he was grateful for the audition, so far there was no news on whether there would be a second – he would tell Peter directly – and that he was going to be working a new high profile matter with another senior lawyer in the firm. Now that Charles had his wife, he had no real interest with working with Peter any more. He had served his purpose.

After sending the email to Peter, he decided to call Jane. He may have told Peter that he would be dealing with him directly but that was an obvious lie. Luckily for Charles, she happened to be in.

"Mrs Redman?"


"You don't recognise me?"

Jane froze. She was at home reading a book, trying to put the events of last Friday out of her mind. She had decided that, despite having the best sex of her life and spending pretty much all of the weekend fantasising about black dick, she was determined, henceforth, to remain Peter's loyal, loving wife. It was a one off. She still thought Peter did not know and that was the way it was going to remain.

However, when she heard Charles's domineering voice – he had not raised it but it was one of quiet authority – the speech she had prepared, the one where she told Charles she no longer wanted to see him, just seemed to evaporate.

"Jane my dear, are you there?"

"Err, yes, Charles I am here?"

"Good, good, and how are you?"

"I am fine. Look, I am a little busy..."

"Well I promise not to keep you for too long"

"Look I don't think I can speak to you or see you any more. I am married and..."

Charles ignored this and carried on.

"Jane, Randy and Jake are going to be over this Thursday, the film director and producer we spoke about last week, and they want to meet you for another audition..."

"Charles I can't, I am married and last Friday was just a one off. I can't see you again. I love my husband and I won't be unfaithful again. Please don't call me again..."

Charles was now finding this all a bit tiresome.

"Well, maybe you should have thought about your "darling husband" when you allowed me to spank and fuck your bottom. Were you thinking of him then when I inserted my dick in to your mouth after it had been in your bum?

Perhaps we should ask him what he thinks. I could always call him and show him the delightful video Smith shot..."

"N-no please, no." Jane realised that she was in a corner. When she was being fucked the other night she knew that Smith, Charles's brute of a butler, had been taping everything. The cock sucking and the anal fucking was all on film. At the time she could have refused and left. Why didn't she? The only answer was that she was a slut for black cock. Jane now had no choice but to whatever Charles ordered her to do.

"What do you want?"

"Good girl. Now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, Jake and Randy, are in town on Sunday and I would very muck like it if you could meet with them. As I said, you will be auditioning for the part of a frustrated married housewife. You are married to some nice rich white guy and seem to be happy living in the suburbs. That is until of course you get a taste of some black dick.

I think you will be a natural, don't you?"

"Please, I don't want to do this."

"Quiet, my dear, now how should you dress for the part? Well, since you are playing yourself, you should not have too much to worry about. However, I have a strict dress code and I will require you always to dress appropriately. You will at all times, in my presence, wear only the shortest of skirts or dresses. Never trousers. Skirts should be as short as possible but in any event no lower then 4 inches above the knee. No tights. You will wear stockings, hold ups or suspenders, I leave you to decide. And no knickers, other than g-string and at no time will you be allowed to wear a bra. I always want those big white married tits accessible.

Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes", Jane whispered. The thought of being made to dress like a slut for this man was already making her feel wet with desire.

"The audition will be on Thursday, 2pm at my apartment, dress appropriately and I think you could win this part. Do not bring your husband this time nor should you tell him about this, his presence will only be a distraction".

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