tagInterracial LoveThe Ivory Club Ch. 04

The Ivory Club Ch. 04


It was 5.40 pm on Friday and, as agreed, Peter Redman arrived at church to meet Father Ambrose. Peter believed it was to receive marriage guidance from Father Ambrose, but the evil Father had other ideas. Degenerate ideas which involved Peter helplessly watching his wife get fucked by the Holy man's giant cock.

When Peter arrived, the church was empty. He had, as instructed, come alone. Father Ambrose suggesting that the first session should be without Jane as they devised a "strategy" on how they should confront Jane.

Peter spent a few minutes looking for Father Ambrose but the only people he came across were two cleaners. They were male, black and enormous and Smith like in their thuggish appearance. Couldn't Peter escape these people? Or was it since his wife had been fucked by Charles and Smith, he had just become more aware of blacks, and their size? Either way, he was tired of these people, Father Ambrose, was different, he was a man of God, a good man, but these men were mostly criminals. Anyway, cleaning jobs was the best thing for them.

"Where is Father Ambrose?" Peter enquired, to one of them in a condescending manner. It would have been like how a slave master would have spoken to one of his slaves centuries before.

The men stopped mopping the floor, stood up and looked up at him. They towered over him, one of them, who was unshaven and had a couple of gold teeth at the front of his mouth, merely grunted and pointed him towards a door in the far corner of the church.

Peter headed off in that direction. The two black thugs just watched him leave, smiling, and thinking to themselves that the little prick will hopefully soon be suffering at the hands of Father Ambrose.

Peter knocked on the door. A few seconds later Father Ambrose opened it and ushered Peter in to what was his private quarters.

He led him to a plush lounge and offered him a seat in a plush red leather armchair. Father Ambrose sat opposite him and started to speak:

"Peter, my son, I am so glad you could make it. I am hoping that together we will be able to offer you a way out of to the awful predicament you have found yourself in. Finding out that your wife has committed adultery is an awful thing. But to have been witnessed it, and to have found it so arousing, well..."

Father Ambrose left this last bit to hang in the air, to remind Peter of the humiliation that he had suffered when he enjoyed seeing his wife get fucked by another man. And a black man at that.

Father Ambrose continued. "This is no normal marriage guidance that I find myself in. It is just not that your wife has been unfaithful, that is one thing, and, in many circumstances, quite resolvable. However, it appears to me that your wife is addicted to black men and that is something that clearly you yourself can't do anything about."

Peter nodded in agreement. He knew what Father Ambrose was getting it, it is not that he can't be "black" it is just that he did not have a cock big enough to satisfy his wife.

"Well, what are we going to do, Father? I don't want to lose my wife, but I don't think I can stay with her if I know that she needs to be satisfied by other black men. With the greatest respect Father, I don't mean to offend but..."

"No need to apologise, my son. I understand completely."

What Father Ambrose understood was that this poor white boy was having great difficulty in accepting that his wife had become a whore for black cock. This was understandable, even the depraved Father Ambrose could recognise this. But was this Father Ambrose's problem? He thought not. In his depraved mind, he would not be doing God's work if he allowed this gorgeous bitch to be deprived the joys of black dick, and in particular his black dick, and spend the rest of her life on a diet of limp white dick.

"My son, I now have a confession to make to you."

"What is it, Father?"

"I have led you here on a small false pretence. I just hope the Lord can forgive me..." And Father Ambrose, looked up towards the sky, in mock concern. "You see, my son, I have also asked Jane if she could join us."

"Jane!" exclaimed Peter, genuinely horrified that is wife would be joining them. He had thought it would have been just the two of them having a preliminary chat on what was the best way forward. Now he was going to have to confront his wife! And more to the point, how had Father Ambrose got to meet his wife?

"Yes my son, Jane. You see after your confession, a day later, Jane came to church to confess she confessed her terrible sins to me." This was another lie, Jane had been into confession but it had been before Peter.

"Jane confessed? Does this mean she wants forgiveness, does this mean she wants to change? Is she sorry for what she has, done, the bitch..."

Father Ambrose put his hand to stop the stream of questions being fired at him.

"My son, I believe she is truly sorry for what she has done. She came to me for forgiveness and for guidance because she wants to save her marriage. She loves you Peter. She has only ever loved you. But..."

Again Father Ambrose stopped, allowing this "but.." to hang in the air a little, so Peter would know this would not all be plain sailing, that there was still some work to do.

"But what Father?"

"But I think she is still craves the kind of illicit and forbidden acts she has recently experienced; but it is our job to show her that there is an alternative way, that perhaps she and your marriage can be saved."

"And how are we supposed to do that, Father?"

"With my help, and with my strict guidance. It would appear that her, how should we call it, fetish for black men seems to be at the route of her problem and, as a black priest, I sense that she feels that I am best placed to help her, to help lead her down the righteous path of forgiveness and saviour.

"As such she has agreed to come here tonight, and to follow my strict instructions. I warned her that only complete obedience to the word of God can save her now. I have been in a similar situation before and only after the couple in question followed my orders to the letter was the young girl saved.

"As I said she is coming here tonight and will be here shortly. She does not know you are here and I will not let her know either. I have arranged for you to hide in a room off here. You will be able to see and hear everything. It is a little cruder than the arrangement Charles had for you, but this time I hope you will see different results."

Peter said nothing. He was amazed at what was transpiring. He looked to Father Ambrose for some help, sensing Peter's confusion, the good Father continued.

"You see, it is my intention that she confesses to me again, and I will ask her some more questions about her feelings for you and the sinful acts she has committed. I will also, depending on her mood, maybe ask her to carry out some religious acts, such as to pray and to worship."

"Yes, Father, this would I suppose be the best way forward..." Peter replied, genuinely confused and a little concerned. The last time he was forced to secretly watch his wife, she ended up taking a giant black cock down her throat and ass. He was not sure he wanted to go thought that again. But Father Ambrose was a priest...

Sensing that Peter was not too convinced, Father Ambrose spent the next few minutes explaining how his non-conventional methods had been a success, both in the spheres of marriage guidance and in some more public arenas such as drug rehabilitation. Father Ambrose correctly sensed that with regards to the drug rehabilitation work, since it had been widely publicised in the media this should provide a degree of comfort for Peter.

"And of course, if you are ever feeling uncomfortable with my methods, you can just walk in and confront us. Unlike in Charles's apartment, you will not be locked in.

Peter agreed, he was in a church, with a good and famous priest who was famous for his methods of rehabilitation. What could go wrong?

With that Father Ambrose showed him to his room. It was more of closet than a room, big enough only for a chair. On the door there was a grilled window which allowed Peter to see everything. Father Ambrose explained that it would be almost impossible for Jane to know someone was in there since he had placed a bright lamp nearby. This would have the effect of making it harder for Jane to see beyond the light but at the same time not impair Peter's vision. The priest had thought of everything.

And with that, Father Ambrose left Peter seated in the closet and went to collect Jane.

Jane had been waiting a couple of minutes for Father Ambrose in the church. As instructed, she was dressed as instructed. She wore a little pink dress, which barely covered her bottom and showed off her tits magnificently, along with white stockings, garters and g-string. Of course she did not wear a bra, she never did now. It was the same outfit she had worn the day she was gangbanged by Charles and his friends. Over the outfit she wore a small tight grey coat which was closed with a belt. It did nothing to hide her gorgeous figure since her massive tits were still proudly thrusting out they were so big, and most of her stocking clad legs were on display. She was holding a large purse in which contained the items she had been ordered to purchase.

As she waited, she felt uncomfortable since she was constantly being starred at by the two thuggish black men who were still in the main body of the church. They blatantly eyed up her slutty body, making no attempt to disguise their animalistic looks.

Jane had that familiar feeling of arousal whenever she was around such thugs. She could not help it. However, her own wicked thoughts were interrupted by the emergence of Father Ambrose. He was as good looking, and as big as his numerous appearances on TV had suggested.

Confidently he walked over to her.

"Jane, I am so glad you could make it", he said, towering over her. Jane felt that he was undressing her, just like the two cleaners had done earlier. Indeed, Father Ambrose unashamedly eyed up the delicious bitch. He of course had some doubts as to whether she would turn up or not, he could not be 100% sure; but thankfully, here she was and as lovely as he had remembered.

"This way, my child, we will take this into my private quarters."

And with that they headed towards Father Ambrose's apartment, walking past the two thugs who had stopped cleaning and were just eyeing up the beautiful Jane. Protectively, Father Ambrose placed his had on the small of her back to guide her along, although Jane thought it need not rest as close to her arse as it did.

Once inside Father Ambrose's plush apartment, he locked the door and guided Jane towards a large two seater leather couch.

Jane nervously sat down, conscience that her coat and dress offered the priest a wonderful view of her stocking clad legs.

"Jane, have you dressed as I instructed?"

"Yes, Father, I have."

"Good, my child. Good. Show me." Father Ambrose ordered, in the commanding tone Jane had heard Charles use many times before. It was a tone that white bitches such as Jane rarely disobeyed.

Charles sat down in the chair closes to the closet. It meant that when Jane sat down, she would be starring right at Peter who would have an unobstructed view of her, although she would be unable to see him.

Jane unbuttoned her coat and placed it on the chair behind her. Since she had not been ordered to sit, she remained standing, hands shyly clasped in front of her, awaiting the good Father's next command.

Father Ambrose said nothing and merely started at Jane. It was no wonder that Charles and his friends and fucked this bitch, she was stunning. She was one of those girls's who did not need to dress up like a slut to attract men, she was that beautiful; but when she did, the effect was nothing short of amazing.

With her 4 inch high heels on, her little pink dress barely covered her ass and you could see where her stockings ended and flesh began and her legs were beautiful, they were perfectly shaped; Father Ambrose could clearly tell that she was not wearing a bra since her nipples were visible through her light dress;.

"Did you bring the items I asked?" Father Ambrose enquired.

"Y-yes Father , I did." Jane was very embarrassed by this. Father Ambrose had asked her to bring a tawse, which was an old fashioned leather spanking instrument, and a dildo. Jane knew exactly what type of evening this was going to be.

"Good, please sit and we will proceed."

Father Ambrose pointed Jane towards a luxurious armchair which was positioned not only in front of Father Ambrose, but was also directly in line with Peter. He now had an uninterrupted view of his young wife.

They both sat down. Father Ambrose noticed how Jane's delightful dress rose right up her legs, leaving most of her legs and on display. As a result he got an excellent view of her garters and flesh. It was a beautiful sight.

Jane tried to pull her skirt down to cover herself up but to no avail. It simply was not long enough. It was a dress that should only really be worn in the privacy of your own home, with your husband. Not in public in front of a lecherous black priest who was making no attempt to disguise the fact that he was mentally undressing her. She crossed her legs and placed her hands demurely on her lap, conscience that much of her body was on display to this holy man.

"Now, my child, you are, as you know, here because you have been a naughty girl and been unfaithful to your husband..."

"Father there is something you need to know..." Jane's unexpected interruption surprised Father Ambrose. The bitch needed to know that he was never to be interrupted and she should only speak when asked to. He was about to admonish her when she said:

"I am sorry Father but I need to confess to you again. I think I should before we go on any further. I need to"

This was an interesting development. Father Ambrose would allow her interruption to pass, for now.

"My child, you say you want to confess again, is it really necessary? Is there something specific you need to confess? Is this something which could have a bearing on today's proceedings?"

"Yes, Father, I believe it will". Jane whispered.

"What is it, my child, what is it you need to confess?"

"Father, I have been unfaithful again."

"Unfaithful again? You mean you have unfaithful since we last spoke?"

"Yes, Father, I have."

Both Father Ambrose and Peter were very interested by this. Father Ambrose was truly in awe by this slut's ability to find new cock to fuck. Peter was just horrified that his wife had once more been unfaithful. However, both were turned on.

Father Ambrose, leant back in his chair, ready to hear this delightful slut's new confession, eager to know what new sexual depravity she had been subjected to. After all, Jane no longer just did vanilla sex.

"Go on, my child. Do not leave out any detail. I need you to be as explicit as you were the other day."

"Well Father, it all started when I went out to purchase those items you asked me to buy. I had a look on the internet to see where would be the best place to buy such things and where would be the most discreet. You see, I did not want anyone to see me entering such an establishment."

Father Ambrose nodded his head in agreement. Even though Jane was a whore, she had to keep up appearances. Good middle class white women did not, as a rule, visit seedy sex shops. And if they did, they were very discreet about it.

"Well Father I finally found a shop which stocked the kind of goods I was looking for and it was also in a neighbourhood where I knew no one I knew visited – it was located in one of the meat packing districts back streets.

"So, a couple of days ago, I took a cab there to make the necessary purchases..."

"And tell me child, what were you wearing when you went to this sex shop? Did you dress in a way that would have pleased your black Masters? Did you dress in a way that said to men, "Here I am, please fuck me?""

This last question made poor Jane squirm in her chair. It was of course true. Jane now always dressed like a slut. Yet even she recognised that there must be something fundamentally at issue if she was willing to dress in such a way when forced to visit a seedy sex shop. And, furthermore, she was now getting a little embarrassed by this line of questioning and the nature of this supposed "confession". Confessing one's sins in the confines of a confessional booth was one thing, but to confess them face to face, in front of this intimidating black priest, dressed the way she was when she knew that a lot of her body was on display, was quite another. And she swore she could see the outlines of a massive hard on emerging in Father Ambrose's crotch...

"Yes Father, I dressed like a slut. I dressed the way I have been told to dress. I dressed like I was ready to be fucked by some big black cock." Jane replied, once again her eyes avoided Father Ambrose's. She resolutely refused to look up at him, if she had, she would have seen him smile.

"Describe what you were wearing?"

"Well, Father, I had on a small, tight, pink flowery dress. It was tight at the top bit then flared out at the bottom. It was very short, it came to a good few inches above my knee. It had buttons at the front which stopped mid way down. I think it was a size too small since my breast seemed to want to burst out. It was very low cut which also meant I showed off an awful lot of cleavage.

"With it, I wore flesh coloured stockings with white garters and garter belt. I had on a white g-string and of course, no bra. I also had on a pair of 4 inch pink high heels. I was aware that with the high heels, every time I walked, my skirt would rise up and the flesh above my stockings was visible. And my big tits would also wobble. They really do need to be in a bra but I know that my Masters like to have them free and available"

"Jane, did you not think about the effect this would have on the patrons of a seedy sex shop? I mean, you are quite stunning and here you are, dressed up all proactively, in one of the cities most seedy parts. What was your thinking behind your outfit? It is one thing, dressing as you have today, for me, which I must say I greatly appreciate, but it is quite another thing to dress up in a way to draw attention to yourself in a sex shop?"

Jane closed her eyes at this question. It was true. When she had decided to go out and buy the items that Father Ambrose had ordered her to buy, she had initially dressed low key, she did not want to draw attention to herself. However, it did not take long before the new slut in her came out. Going to a sex shop meant that invariably there would be plenty of men present. Plenty of perverted old men who would like nothing better than to ogle her gorgeous young body. Her gorgeous young married body. Jane now took great pleasure in wearing outfits for the sole purpose of flaunting her body off, preferably to black men. Her husband, Peter, of course knew nothing about these outfits. They were not for his viewing pleasure.

As Jane closed her eyes, she leant back into the deep leather chair. Her dress rose even higher up her lovely tender thighs, revealing more of her delicate white flesh to the evil black priest.

"Yes, Father, it is true. I did realise the effect I would have; but it turned me on knowing that I would be flaunting my body off to bunch of old perverted men in a seedy shop.

"Father I have to confess, it seems the dirtier the situation, the more it turns me on. Father, please help me."

"Don't worry, my child, I will thoroughly deal with you later, but first I need to hear the remainder of your confession. I sense once more that you have behaved like a wicked slut. That you have been unfaithful to your poor husband".

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