tagMatureThe Jake Chronicles Ch. 01

The Jake Chronicles Ch. 01


This is a spin-off of the "Her awakening" series. To get the background on the main character, Jake, you might want to go read those. At least read chapter 11. Please feel free to comment on any of the stories, feedback is my way of knowing if the readers are enjoying my work. Thanks for all the comments in the past.



Jake entered Trisha's office and stopped in front of her desk. Trisha looked up and froze. She had seen him in her office many times before, but not since he had turned her in to the cock hungry whore she was last night. He looked down and smiled. He leaned over and placed both his hands on her desk. His face was right in from of Trisha's.

"Hello slut." He said with a wink.

A chill shot down her spine, and her pussy began to tingle. Realizing where she was, she immediately stood and hustled to the door to close it. Turning around she looked at him and said with a stern voice, "Not here. I am an executive here and you are a subordinate. When we are here, we must keep a professional relationship."

Jake approached her. Now standing in front of her, he reached out and grabbed one of her tits roughly. Then he grabbed the other. Her nipples spontaneously hardened and became visible. He began to tweak them through the sheer blouse she had on.

Trisha's body betrayed her good judgment and she let out a low moan of pleasure. Jake noticed it and pinched harder. Trisha just closed her eyes as her head fell back and she soaked up the pleasure.

"That's what I thought." He said to her. "You nasty old slut, you talk a big game, but what you really want is to be a cum loving whore."

Trisha's pussy was betraying her too. It was becoming increasingly wet by the second. Jake's words and his manipulation of her hard nipples were too much for her. Her body was tingling and she loved it.

"You like it when I play rough with your tits huh?" He teased, as he continued abusing her knobs.

Trisha could only moan an approval.

"Are you wearing panties?" he asked.

Trisha nodded her head.

"Take them off." He ordered her. Taking a step back, he let go of her tits.

Trisha sprung back to reality and slowly raised her skirt high enough to reach the waste band of her underwear. She bent over and removed them. Jake grabbed them from her and noticed the wet spot on the smooth silky material.

"Look how wet you are you nasty old broad." He scolded her. "Lick them clean for me."

Trisha took them from Jake and licked the crotch clean of her deposit. She had tasted her own fluids many times before, but usually from some guys cock, not her own panties. The naughtiness of the act spurred her arousal further. Her pussy began to drip.

"I'll be back when your secretary goes to lunch, be ready to swallow my cum." He told her. Then he grabbed the panties and headed for the door. Just before he reached it, he turned and said, "You will not wear panties to work anymore. If I check and you have them on, you will be punished, understand?"

"Yes." She replied.

Looking at her chest, he could see her nipples clearly poking through her blouse.

"And, unbutton another button on that blouse; I want to see your nice cleavage." He told her.

Trisha did as she was told. Looking down, the sight of her own tit flesh and the though of people staring made her pussy tingle again.

Jake stuffed the panties in his pocket. "See you at lunch slut." He quipped as he opened the door and exited.

Trisha returned to her desk and tried to get back to work. It was useless. She was too aroused. Once again all those exciting, yet horrifying feelings from her past ran through her. She tried to reason them away, but she knew it was hopeless. She knew what she was deep down inside, and apparently so did Jake. She was just a cum loving, cock wanting whore. All she could think about was sliding Jake's big, fat, hard cock into her mouth and sucking it until his cum shot down her throat. Her pussy was so wet now, she was sure she was leaving a wet spot on the back of her nice skirt. Not wanting to have that happen, she stood up and pulled her skirt all the way up to her hips and sat back down. The cool leather of her chair hit her ass and pussy making it even hotter. She couldn't take it anymore. She reached down and parted her lips with her finger. Leaning back, she slid a finger inside her hot hole. She slid it in and out a few times. She moaned and the sound of her own pleasure startled her back to the present and made her remember she was at work. She stood and dropped her skirt into place. Reaching in her top drawer, she grabbed the key to the executive washroom and hustled out of her office passed her secretary.

When she reached the door to the restroom, she fumbled with the key. She was shaking with excitement. She opened it and rushed in. She didn't even go to a stall. There were only two other women with a key to this room, and Trisha took her chances that no one would come in. Standing in the middle of the tile floor she faced the mirror and lifted her skirt. She pushed two fingers into her dripping gash and found her clit with her other hand. While pumping her digits into her sloppy cunt, she fiddled vigorously with her swollen clit. She watched herself in the mirror. She opened her blouse and pulled her full, round tits out of her bra. She squeezed them hard with both hands and watched in the mirror at the sight. She pinched one nipple hard and plunged her fingers back into her sloppy cunt. The look on her face and the desire in her own eyes, brought her orgasm slowly to the surface. She bit her lip hard and quietly squealed as she felt the monster take over. As the beast consumed her, she still fingered her clit and pinched her nipples. The orgasm rocked her and she rode it to its conclusion, and then it slowly subsided. She almost collapsed on the floor.

Breathing deeply as though she had just run a race, she stopped pinching her nipple and rubbing her clit. She stared at herself in the mirror, as she caught her breath. Her skirt was all wrinkled and still had not dropped all the way down into place. She could see most of her thighs still. Her blouse was unbuttoned to her stomach, and her tits were spilling out of the cups of her bra. "What a total slut I am." She thought to herself. Then she rebuffed her own thought by saying out loud, "Yes you are, but oh how I have missed these feelings."

She collected herself and returned to her desk. As she walked past Debbie, her secretary, Debbie noticed she was a bit disheveled. Trisha sat down at her desk and again tried to work.

A few moments later, Debbie walked in.

"Are you OK?" she asked.

"Yes, Why?" Trisha replied.

"Well, you have been really quiet since Jake left your office, then you rushed by me, and when you returned, you looked like maybe you were upset. Did he say something to upset you?"

"Oh no, just have a few things on my mind." Trisha assured her.

Debbie was nearly the same age as Trisha, and they had become close friends as well as business associates. They confided in each other about many things. Debbie was divorced, and the two of them had helped each other through many hard times.

Debbie was not as attractive as Trisha and her tall thin frame and lack of curves did not afford her many male companions. Since her divorce, she had been pretty lonely. She had gotten more satisfaction from her own hand and her stock pile of dildos than any man since her husband left. Trisha had told her of her relationships and Debbie had yearned to be touched by a man the way Trisha described to her many times in the past

Debbie knew something was bothering her, but since Trisha had not confided that anything was wrong, Debbie surmised that it had to be man related. However, that didn't make sense. "Did it have to do with Jake?" She thought to herself. "Was he her man problem? Is she seeing Jake? He is so young"

Trisha looked at Debbie in her deep thoughts. Petrified that she had figured it out, Trisha asked her what she was thinking so hard about.

"Nothing." Debbie replied. "I just remembered I have an e-mail I need to send out right now." With that, she left the office.

Trisha was confident that Debbie had not read her actions too closely. She followed her to the door and closed it. Leaning against it, she remembered the feeling of Jake touching her and her trip to the ladies room. She let out a sigh and returned to her desk as the tingle in her loins sparked up again, and persisted until lunch.

Debbie returned to her desk and many thoughts raced through her mind. Jake was a good looking young man. She couldn't believe Trisha was having relations with him. She imagined the two of them doing it and she shivered with excitement. She imagined he was strong and powerful. She could imagine him sweeping Trisha off her feet and making good love to her. The moisture in her panties got her attention and she came back to reality. She shook the thoughts from her mind and got back to work.

When it was time for lunch, Debbie asked Trisha if she would like to go get something together. She hoped to grill Trisha about her suspicions. Trisha politely declined and said she had some work to do, but asked if Debbie would bring her something back. Debbie agreed, and left.

No more than two minutes after Debbie left, Trisha heard the door to her office close. She looked up and saw Jake standing in the middle of her office.

"You ready to suck my cock slut?" He asked her.

Without a word, she rose and walked to him. Dropping down to her knees, she opened his pants and swallowed his still limp manhood.

"That's what I thought." He told her. "You have been waiting all day to have my cock in your mouth haven't you?"

Trisha moaned a yes and just sucked harder. His cock grew rapidly in her mouth and soon it was sliding down her throat. She massaged it with her hand and sucked it hard and fast. Jake grabbed her hair and encouraged her.

"Oh yea, suck my pole you slutty old broad. Make it hard so I can fuck you like the whore you are."

Trisha's already wet pussy began to drip its juices down her leg as she listened to him talk dirty to her. She reached down with both hands and lifted her skirt so she could access her pussy. Jake was now holding her head and fucking her face deep. She slid two fingers into her drenched cunt and stroked her clit with her other hand.

"You know the door isn't locked." He told her. "Aren't you worried someone might come in?"

She was enjoying her pleasure and humiliation too much to care. She just ignored him and finger fucked her pussy harder.

"I didn't think you would care. You only care about having my cock down your throat. Suck it hard you nasty whore." He teased her.

Trisha let out a muffled scream as her second orgasm of the day hit. Jake just buried his cock all the way down her throat.

"You better keep it down, or someone might hear you and find out what a nasty cock loving slut you are." He said as she squealed onto his crotch.

When it she had calmed a bit, he instructed her to get up. She did as she was told and he ordered her to the desk. "Bend over!" he snapped.

She leaned over the front of her desk and placed both hands on the edge of it. Jake lifted her skirt back up, grabbed his cock and impaled her sloppy cunt with it.

"Ahhhhhhhh" She gasped.

Grabbing her round hips, he immediately began to fuck her hard, fast and deep. He pounded her like a dog in heat. She moaned and groaned and pushed her ass back with each stroke.

"You like that bitch?" he asked.

"Yes, fuck me harder." She grunted. She could feel his balls slamming against her clit and she loved it.

Jake watched as her ass jiggled with each pump. He liked the sight of a round ass jiggling from his punishment.

"Tell me how you want it slut." He barked at her.

"I want it deep, I want your big fat cock deep in my wet cunt. Make me cum. Tell me what a slut I am. I want it bad." She begged.

Jake just continued to give her a rough fucking.

Debbie returned to her desk after retrieving her food. She was a bit behind from daydreaming about Trish and Jake, so she decided to eat at her desk as she worked. As she set the food down on her desk, she heard voices from Trisha's office. Figuring she was just on the phone, she put her purse down and grabbed Trisha's food and headed to her door. When she neared the door, she was struck by the sounds coming from the office. They definitely weren't phone conversation. She stopped at the door and placed her ear close to it.

"Oh Jake, fuck me harder." She barely heard Trisha say. "Oh give me that big cock of yours."

Debbie was amazed. She couldn't imagine Trisha talking like that. It turned her on and she listened some more.

"You are just a nasty old slut aren't you?" she heard Jake say. You love my cock deep in your cunt."

Debbie couldn't believe Trisha would let Jake talk to her that way. She was getting very turned on. She set the food back down on her desk and returned to the door. She wanted to see this. She slowly and quietly turned the knob. Entering the office she heard Jake again.

"You are just an old naughty slut aren't you?" He asked.

"Yes! I am a dirty slut." Trisha replied.

"Whose slut are you? Jake asked.

"Yours, I'm your slut Jake, I love being your dirty slut." She cried.

As Debbie peeked her head around the door, she saw quite a sight. There was her boss and friend bent over her desk fully clothed except for her skirt, being bunched up around her waist, getting fucked hard by the young office boy, and telling him what a slut she was. Trisha was wearing sexy thigh high nylons and tall spiked heels. Debbie closed the door almost all the way, but didn't latch it, so she could leave quickly. She just stared and watched for probably five minutes as this continued. By that time, Trisha had cum again, and Debbie was so hot she couldn't stand it. She found herself grabbing at her tiny tits and finding her hard nipples. Her pussy was wet and she knew her panties were too. She reached down and ran her palm under her skirt and over her panties, feeling the heat emanating from her crotch. Her touch brought a small gasp from her mouth and she tried to catch herself. She covered her mouth, but it was too late.

Trisha was so caught up in the throws of ecstasy, that Debbie could have screamed, and she would not have heard her. However, her gasp did not escape Jake's attention. He turned his head and caught Debbie staring. Getting a big grin on his face, he winked at her. Debbie melted. She wanted to leave, but this young man's charisma and his sexiness, plus the scene, just froze her in her tracks. He raised a finger to his mouth and silently gave her the "Shhhhhh" sign.

Jake turned back around and told Trisha to close her eyes. Then he pulled his cock out of her pussy and ordered her to her knees. Debbie stared hungrily at his large hard cock. It was not huge, but quite large and she imagined how it might feel in her pussy. Turning Trisha's back to Debbie, Jake placed his cock in her face and ordered her to open her eyes. Trisha opened her eyes, and seeing his glistening cock in her face she opened her mouth and swallowed it all the way.

Debbie was amazed. She had never sucked a cock before. She couldn't even imagine putting one in her mouth, let alone after it had been buried in a pussy. She watched as Trisha devoured it and slurped it for a few minutes, and then she was flabbergasted when she watched Jake pull it from Trisha's mouth and speak.

"You want my cum?" He asked.

"Yes, Please!" Trisha begged.

"Open your mouth." He told her.

Trisha opened her mouth and Jake pulled back on the front of her hair, causing her head to tilt back,

"Beg me." He demanded.

"Please give me your cum, I want it. I want it, I neeeeeeed it." Trisha begged.

She wasn't lying. In her present state, she did need it. It was what made her feel wanted. It validated her nastiness. She wanted him to cum all over her.

He began to stroke his cock until he felt his cum rush up his shaft and spurt from his pee hole. The first jet hit her in the face below her right eye, then the next landed on her chin, and the next, her other cheek. Soon her entire face was covered. Some of it dripped from her face and landed on her blouse. Trisha wiped her face and licked her fingers clean. She loved the taste of cum and oh how she had missed being like this. She was so satisfied; she didn't know what to do next.

Debbie couldn't believe the amount of cum she saw on her bosses face, but what she really couldn't believe was how she was licking it up. The sight of this should have disgusted her, but astonishingly, it didn't. She was so turned on, she could hardly breathe.

She just stared, frozen as she watched it all unfold.

When he was done, Jake ordered Trisha to clean his cock. As she did, he looked at Debbie and motioned for her to leave. She did and when Trisha was done, he left without a word. He just flashed a knowing smile at Debbie as he passed.

Debbie waited about ten minutes and walked back into Trisha's office with her food. Trisha looked a bit frazzled, and Debbie noticed she now had her blazer on, no doubt in an attempt to hide the cum stains.

"Here is your lunch. Did you get caught up with your work?" Debbie asked.

Stuttering a bit, Trisha replied, "Uh, oh yea, I did, thanks."

Debbie returned to her desk. She tried to work, but it was useless, she spent the rest of the day dreaming of Jake's cock.

Trisha ate her now cold lunch and she too tried to get some work accomplished before she finally left the office around 6.

Debbie drove home in a daze. She was having a hard time understanding how turned on she was. The sight of Jake pounding Trisha and cumming all over her face was burned into her mind. Her pussy had been literally dripping the rest of the day. The nasty, raw, carnal scene had really gotten to her. She had always thought the loving, caring, touching, holding kind of sex was best, but after seeing that, she had to change her mind. As she drove and daydreamed about the scene she had witnessed, she found herself rubbing her pussy over her panties. She gently teased her clit and imagined Jake was fucking her. Her body heated up and she felt it tingle. She quickened her pace and moaned a bit. The sound of her own voice startled her and she snapped back to reality. Pushing her skirt back down, she gathered herself and drove home without further incidence.

Trisha arrived home and went to her room to undress. As she took off her jacket, she noticed the cum stains on her blouse. She took off the blouse, and placing the stain to her nose, she breathed in deeply enjoying the smell of Jakes seed. Instantly she became aroused again. She licked the spot on her blouse, trying to taste it. When it didn't satisfy her, she put the material in her mouth and tried to suck the taste off. Desperately she licked and sucked trying to satisfy her hunger. Then she noticed herself in the mirror, half naked, with her blouse hanging out of her mouth, she was a disgrace. Look how quickly Jake had reversed all of those years of repressing these dirty wanton feelings. She pulled the shirt from her mouth and finished undressing. She resolved herself to return to the respectable woman she was just a few days ago. She threw her blouse in the trash and went to the shower to clean off all the filth she was feeling. She spent the rest of the night rehearsing what she would say to Jake tomorrow. It was over. She would let him know under no circumstances would they be doing anything sexual again.

Debbie arrived home to her quiet empty home, and immediately rushed to her room. She was so hot; she needed to get some relief. She undressed and opened her nightstand drawer. Shuffling through the 5-10 dildos and vibrators she owned, she found the one she wanted. It was long and thick. Shaped like a real cock, it had many bumps and ridges. She flopped on her back on the bed and spread her legs. She knew no lube would be needed, she had provided enough all on her own. She slid the large bumpy phallus deep inside her. Pulling it out, she squeezed it with her pussy muscles. This allowed her to feel all the stimulating ridges and bumps. She was so turned on she let out a loud moan. Normally, she didn't make noise when pleasuring herself, but this time was different. She slowly picked up her pace. Faster and faster she pumped, stimulating here pussy. She closed her eyes and remembered this afternoon. She imagined it was her instead of Trisha being fucked like an animal from behind. Reaching up, Debbie found the rock hard nipples on her flat chest. Pinching each one roughly, she squealed with excitement. She was now abusing her sloppy pussy with her fake cock. She savored every feeling.

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