tagNovels and NovellasThe Janitor's Wife Ch. 02

The Janitor's Wife Ch. 02


Melissa got into work early that Monday. It was the start of her third week at the club. She got off the elevator and started to walk, toward Judy's office when someone gabbed her arm and pulled her into a room as she walked past an open door.

It was Pete and he laid a big wet kiss across her mouth. Melissa giggled and tried to get away from him before they got caught.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love you!"

Melissa smiled. "I love you too, Honey!"

"You've been looking sexy lately! I like what you've done with your eye brows. It makes you hot!"

Melissa gave him another kiss. "Honey. I have to get going. Judy wanted to see me this afternoon before I start work."

Pete was rubbing her butt as she kissed him again. "OK. Maybe I'll stay awake tonight when you come home."

Melissa smiled at her husband and pinched his nipple as she walked back into the hallway and made her way down to Judy's office. Judy was waiting for her as she walked in and sat in front of her desk.

"Honey. I just wanted to let you know how well we think your doing. Are you having a good time so far meeting our clients?"

"Yes. I have to admit that I'm not use to running around half naked in front of a bunch of men but they've been really nice to me."

"Well. That's why I wanted to speak to you this afternoon. I've had a lot of compliments from our clients about you and I have someone interested in spending a little quality time with you."

"Oh. That might be interesting. What do I need to do?"

"Well. Melissa. I know your married and our clients like to have companionship when they are in the club. I'm sure you've talked to a few of the other girls about our special services we like to offer our clients."

"Yes. They told me a little about it. I know they're married too."

"We would expect you to do anything you really didn't want to do but I wanted to let you know that if you decide to advance to another pay level then I can arrange for you to wear the special symbol you asked me about."

"Judy. What would I have to do and how much extra would I make a week?"

"Your base salary would increase from one thousand to twenty-five hundred plus your bonuses."

Melissa's mind started to wander as she thought about that sum of money coming every week. She sat starring at Judy's desk hoping she wasn't going to be forced to do anything she didn't want to do and finally smiled and looked at Judy.

"I guess I'm willing to give it a try."

"Oh. Good! I'll make certain to have your salary increased immediately. Um. You do know that you will be wearing the symbol now which allows our clients to take you into a private room. I want you to know that this client who asked about you is a very nice man and he is aware that you're new and won't ask anything more then you agree. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I think I do."

Melissa was shaking now and Judy saw that she was nervous.

"Judy? Do the other girls have sex with their clients?"

"Um. Yeah. But. I don't want you to feel that you have an obligation to follow in their footsteps. It's all up to you on how far you want to take this."

Melissa stomach was churning at that point. Her mind drifted in every direction with the thought of the extra money on her mind.

Judy noticed the worried expression on Melissa's face. "Um. If it will make you feel better, this client that requested private time with you isn't really interested in sex. He just likes to talk with the girls."

Melissa felt much better when she heard that statement and smiled. She was down in the dressing room and the short Spanish woman was helping her get dressed for the evening. Melissa was ready to pull up her tiny thing when the Spanish woman rushed over to her shaking her finger.

"No Panties. You can't wear that thing!"

Melissa had a confused expression on her face. One of the other girls came over laughing and said. "Congratulations. Welcome to the club! You see. She's trying to tell you that you don't wear a thong under your dress once you become one of the girls."

Melissa nervously laughed. "Oh. Nobody told me."

The woman went on her way as the Spanish women finished helping Melissa get ready and just before she climbed out of the chair, the woman put the neckless around her neck only this time the symbol was attached.

Melissa walked the club as usual until a tall older man walked up behind her. "Excuse me! Miss?"

Melissa turned around and smiled at the man. He might have been in his late fifties and still handsome.

"Uh. Your name is, Candy? I'm I, correct?"

"Yes. That's right. Your name is?"

"I'm Phil. Young Lady. I've been wanting to spend a little time with you in a private room if you don't mind."

"Oh. Yes. Sure. Let me see. I think they're over this way if I'm not mistaken."

Melissa nervously walked in front of the man on the way toward the private rooms. Her heart was beating so hard that she could feel it against her dress. God! What was she going to do if this man wanted to have sex? She'd already made up her mind. She wasn't going to go that far. She just hoped she wouldn't get into any trouble with Judy if she didn't give into this man's demands.

She opened the door to the room and turned on the light and before she had a chance to do anything else, the man was taking his shirt off and walked toward a little table for two that was in the room and waived for Candy to come and sit down.

Candy sat down while the man opened a little case and brought out a little bag and a couple plastic bags. She wasn't sure what he was doing but kept an eye on him as he opened one of the bags.

"I just wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful body, young Lady. Oh. Those boobs are to die for!"

"Thank you very much. Phil. What do you have there?"

He was playing around with a bunch of white powder on the table and put a little on a mirror. Melissa had never seen any drugs but she thought this man had cocaine.

"Young Lady. Give this a try!"

Phil walked around behind Melissa and put the white powder under her nose and waited until she sniffed. He had her repeat this several times until her nose felt like it was on fire.

"That's a good girl, now let me try a little of it."

Phil got into the cocaine like a pro as Melissa watched. She was getting a buzz from the drug that was offered to her.

Phil moved his head near Melissa's face and kissed her cheek and hugged her from over her shoulders. He slowly moved his hand over her huge breasts until his fingers began to gently squeeze them around her nipples.

She was terrified as Phil massaged her boobs and kissed the top of her head. He was the first man other then her husband that ever touched her breasts. Phil grabbed more of the cocaine from over her shoulders and brought it up to her nose again.

"That's my girl!"

Phil put his hands back on Melissa's boobs and kept squeezing and massaging them as he blew in her ear.

"You're a very beautiful woman and very sweet. I'm going to let them know how much I like you and request that we get together every week."

Phil's hands kept massaging her boobs and suddenly he dipped his fingers under her dress and felt her naked nipples which were hard. Melissa closed her eyes as Phil played with her tits.

He took one hand out from under her dress and reached for the cocaine on the table and gave her another hit as his fingers flicked her nipple. Phil started to kiss the side of her face until she moved slowly around until their lips met. She was kissing another man for the first time. Phil's tongue began parting her lips and probing around inside her mouth as their lips remained locked together.

Melissa moved her hand up and covered her breast over his hand as Phil got the message and began to squeeze her flesh. Phil slid the dress straps down off her shoulders until most of her boobs were exposed. He began kissing his way down her neck and to her chest as he stood on her side and finally kneeled onto the floor so he could pull the dress the rest of the way down the front.

Melissa was stroking his hair as he kissed her boobs and gently licked the nipple and moved his head to give the other nipple attention. Maybe it was the effect of the cocaine but whatever it was, Melissa felt stimulated and saw a picture of her husband in her mind holding his broom in the hallway in that same building.

"Sweetie! You have the most lovely breasts I've ever seen on a woman!"

That made Melissa feel special as her body tingled feeling his tongue circling around her nipple. She tilted her head down and watched how his mouth engulfed each tit and watched as he slurped and sucked on them like a little baby.

Pete loved to suck on them and would pretend he was a child and mimicked a little boy when they were in bed. She always felt like the mother in her relationship. Pete was still a child inside in many ways including the way they made love together.

What was this man going to want next? Would he want to carry her onto the bed and make love to her? Her mind felt at ease and a little confused from the cocaine. Phil raised his head and planted his lips to hers and gave her a wet open mouth kiss. Melissa responded this time by poking her tongue back at him.

Phil broke the kiss long enough to whisper to Melissa. "Oh. Candy. You're as sweet as your name. Let me take a peek under that tiny dress."

Phil was leaning over her shoulder and slowly reached down and pulled the material of her dress back until her pussy mound was visible below.

"Oh. Yeah. You have a nice pussy, Candy!"

Phil kissed her again as his hand stretched out and rubbed her mound. She instinctively spread her legs slightly as his hand kept stroking her mound. Her body began to react to his hand as he stroked her pussy and slipped a finger between her slit. She was undoubtably wet from his foreplay. She kept thinking about Pete holding that broom.

Phil kissed her again and raised his hand and took hold of Melissa's and escorted her onto the bed where he had her lay back while he kneeled down on the floor and pulled her legs back until her butt sat on the edge of the bed.

He pushed her legs back and spread them, giving himself a nice view of her neatly trimmed blonde pussy slit. Phil leaned forward and slipped his tongue between her slit leaving a wet trail across her mound and making her body quiver.

Melissa was starring up at the ceiling as she felt his tongue take another swipe across her mound and held her legs up against her chest for him and kept thinking of Pete. Phil licked her a few more times until he pushed his mouth into her slit and skillfully began to use his tongue on her. He was licking and flickering his tongue against her clit making her squirm and rotate her ass into the mattress.

Phil was much more experienced then her husband. She could sense that he'd been around and knew exactly where to touch a woman and how to use his tongue. Melissa began to grind her hips and pushed her pussy up into his face as he worked the tip of his tongue on her clitoris.

Phil was holding her legs back with his hands and she slowly placed her own above his and rubbed his fingers as she squirmed around on the bed. She was starring at the ceiling but started to moan and groan as Phil worked his tongue in her pussy. She was bucking her legs now and breathing much heavier as Phil worked to make her cum.

"Oh. Go. Yeah . . . Phil . . . It feels so good!"

Phil furiously worked his tongue on her clit as he starred up between her legs to look at her face. He saw that she was on the verge of cuming and kept working his tongue like an expert until her body began to shake and quiver.

Phil knew she was going to poop at any moment. He could tell that she was a ticking time bomb ready to explode and wanted to make it as pleasurable for her as possible. The moment he laid eyes on her, he thought she was a really sweet doll and wanted to give her as much pleasure as he knew how.

"Ah . . . My God! .....Uh . . . Yeah . . . Phil . . . Uh . . . Oh. God . . .!"

Melissa's body began to shake violently as she reached her orgasm and screamed out so loud that it scared Phil at first but he was determined to see her cum and that's exactly what she did as she stretched her legs straight out and screamed.

"Uh . . . My God! ......Uh . . .!"

Melissa's breathing was laboring as she gasped for air and swallowed hard as she tried to catch her breath. Her body went limp as she rested her head back onto the blanket and gasped for air as Phil gently kissed her inner thighs. Phil stood up and climbed onto the bed above her.

He'd gotten naked at some point and his cock was poking between her legs and rubbed against her mound. Phil kissed her chin as her mouth gaped open for air. His hands were rubbing her body and felt her dress bunched up around her tiny waist.

Phil reached down between their legs and held his cock in his hand and guided it toward the entrance of her wet pussy and slapped the head against her clit making her body squirm and grind into the mattress.

Melissa opened her eyes and looked at Phil as he leaned down and kissed her lips. She just laid there and starred into his eyes as his cock head popped inside her pussy. Phil was leaning on one of her legs and she instinctively raised the free leg as Phil lifted his body up off her other leg and she lifted it up as well.

Phil positioned himself between her legs above her as she wrapped her ankles around his legs and arms circled his shoulders. Phil pulled out until only the head remained inside then pushed forward, sending the entire length of his shaft inside her tight wet pussy.

Melissa forgot about Pete and concentrated on the cock that was inside her pussy. She could feel it inside her body as he slowly worked it back and forth against her clit. She dug her nails into his back as he began fucking her in a steady pace now.

God. This felt good! Melissa was trying to compare the size of his cock with Pete's. Phil was larger and thicker and she could feel the difference. Phil raised himself and held her legs out and started to fuck her hard. Melissa leaned her head up and starred between her legs and saw his shaft as it pushed deep inside her with each thrust Phil made and saw how thick and wet it was from her pussy.

Melissa had never experienced an orgasm with a man inside her. She'd only had a couple orgasms in her life and they were always when Pete was finished and in the bathroom cleaning off. She wanted to experience one now but Phil was too aroused and was soon shooting his seed deep inside her belly.

Phil grunted several times as his seed shot into her pussy and practically collapsed on top of her and slowly rolled off onto the bed and lay next to her trying to catch his breath. For the first time in her life, Melissa felt that she wanted to cum again but Phil ejaculated too soon and it was over.

Phil caught his breath and turned to look at Melissa and knew she was disappointed and wanted to make it up to her and got up and climbed down between her legs and lifted her legs over his shoulders and dug his tongue between her wet pussy.

Melissa put her hands on the back of his head and closed her eyes as Phil worked his tongue on her clit. She began to buck her hips into his face as he licked and sucked on her pussy. She wasn't even thinking about Pete any longer. Her mind was focused on Phil's tongue on her pussy as she stretched her fingers out against his shoulders and felt her body shake.

It only took a couple minutes until Melissa was cuming again and moaned loud as her legs stretched out straight again when she came. Her belly was heaving as her breath labored and tried to catch her breath.

She lay their starring at the ceiling as Phil laid down next to her on the bed. He starred at her but waited until she started to relax before saying anything to her.

"Candy. You're a gorgeous woman! Your going to go along way here at this club! You watch and see. I have a friend of mine that I'd like to bring next time, if you don't mind."

Melissa wasn't really taking in what Phil was saying but just kept starring at the ceiling wondering about Pete at that moment. Her breathing had finally settled down as she leaned up and saw her dress bunched up around her waist.

She stood and looked back at Phil for a moment before walking into the bathroom to clean herself. She sat on the toilet and cleaned herself off with a wet cloth. She took a pee but Phil's cum was still dripping out of her pussy. She kept wiping it off with the cloth and fixed her dress. Her makeup was smeared and she needed lipstick but she looked about as fresh as she could before heading back out into the bedroom.

Phil was already dressed and was holding his little bag and smiled at her when she walked out of the bathroom.

"Listen. Candy. You were great and I really enjoyed our visit. I hope I made you relax a little bit today! I'll be back in town in a couple weeks and want you to meet my friend. His name is Jim and I'd like to watch you party with him if that's all right with you."

Melissa cracked a smile for him. "Uh. Yeah . . . Sure!"

Phil gave her a little kiss on her cheek and shook her hand and was gone in a second, leaving Melissa standing next to the bed as she fluffed out her hair and tried to look presentable. Her body felt so relaxed and she felt like she had a buzz from the cocaine. She was a little dizzy as she walked out into the club but she was all right.

Another girl walked up to Melissa and put her hand on her arm and whispered. "Candy. You should go back to the dressing room after each fuck so you look fresh and crisp for the next client."

Melissa didn't verbally reply but just shook her head as the woman walked away. Melissa walked back into the dressing room and saw Judy standing in a corner talking with Hank. She smiled at Melissa and motioned for her to come there.

"Melissa. Phil told me how wonderful your session went today. I just want to let you know that one of those sessions will earn you a twenty-five hundred-dollar bonus on your next pay check. Keep up the good work and you'll have many repeat clients asking for you soon!"

Melissa smiled nervously and tried not to stare at Hank. She was too embarrassed to stare in the eyes after what she did. She'd wonder what he was thinking, or what Judy thought of her for that matter. Then she thought about why they had girls working here just like her and remembered what Pete told her about all of them being married.

Melissa showered and was helped with a new dress this time and went through the makeup process all over again. She sat in the chair thinking about Pete. Yes. She cheated on him. She was a whore! She prostituted herself to another man. Maybe she didn't stand out on a street corner and beg men to fuck her but it wasn't any better.

She was thinking about the money she was making. She wanted to surprise Pete with it in the future. If she kept working here, maybe they could pay off their mortgage and even more. What would she tell him? How would she explain making such a large sum of money? A few minutes later and she was dressed again and ready to go out and talk with the clients.

The remainder of the evening went smooth without a hitch. Melissa walked around the club with her palms sweating all night wondering if another client was going to ask to take her to a private room again.

She changed and drove home and saw Pete's car in the driveway. He was asleep when she entered the bedroom and decided to take another shower before going to bed. She still felt dirty from being with Phil and could still feel the wetness between her legs from his seed still dripping out between her slit.

She scrubbed herself as hard as she could until she was satisfied that she was clean enough and crawled into bed next to Pete and put her arm around him and fell asleep.

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