tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Jenny Show

The Jenny Show


This is a story written for a very special lady to help her explore her special fantasy. It is submitted for publication by her request and with her approval.

It's a dark story containing kidnapping and forceable confinement, forced sexual activities of all sorts, moderately degrading language and a bit of serious spanking. If you might find any of that offensive or if you cannot accept what follows as the fantasy it is, please look elsewhere; there are so many other good choices.

The lady would appreciate your comments, so please post them here as opposed to sending feedback directly to the author.

We hope you enjoy yourself!


The pert girl fumbled at her purse for her keys as she left the bar, the chain rattling surprisingly loudly in the dimly-lit street as she did so. She thought of going back in and calling for a cab from there, but decided she didn't want to leave her car in the parking lot overnight. It was dark and just a bit isolated and God only knew what would be there the next day.

The bar had not been her first choice of watering holes, by any standard, but Sammy and Jerry had insisted the group try it out after class ended at 10. Two drinks an hour apart had left her happy but tired and it was time to get some sleep. Even the $25 she'd won at the pool table couldn't make up for that.

Rather than going drinking, Jenny reflected, she would much rather have spent the time with Kay, her recently-acquired lover. The sex had always been good and the chance to get out of the old brownstone apartment normally crowded with her parents and family was not to be sneezed at. And Kay was proving to be a fine catch. A couple of years older than her, he was an odd mix of amazingly romantic and spookily sophisticated, able to find almost anything he or she wanted in the big city. He was, to be sure, just a touch kinkier than she was, a hair more adventurous, but that wasn't all bad, either.

Actually, she reconsidered, the sex had been more than just 'good'. It had been damned good and seemed likely to get even better. She had, in a dreamy post-coital moment in his bachelor flat a few weeks ago, asked him about his fantasies. Typically, she thought, a threesome was his top-of-the-list. Men are so predictable! But it had been enlightening and fun for them both, even though Kay had had to coax her to discuss her own fantasies. She felt her nipples stiffen at the memory, smiled.

But that was then and a dark alley behind the bar was now. She was just a little bit chilly, too, dressed as she was in pink cut-offs and a t-shirt saying Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! in large neon letters. Even in the dark, they stood out. In the bar, they practically vibrated.

She looked hot, she knew. The cut-offs were tight over a firm, delectable ass and the shirt practically looked sprayed on over a pair utterly out-of-proportion to her slight frame. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it, she told herself. And this outfit certainly does.

She strode boldly down the alley, fearless as always. The silver YSL catch on her purse snapped open under her fingers and she was able to find her keys. Rounding a laneway in the lot however, she was dismayed to see two men by her car. One was actually sitting on the hood of the Mercedes.

Dammit! That's my car! Jenny's naturally aggressive nature kicked in and she charged in towards them.

"Get the fuck off my car!" she shouted. "You scratch that paint and I'll kick your ass!"

The one man slid off her car. Both turned towards her. It was dark enough that she couldn't make out their features, but one was considerably larger than the other.

"Well, lookee here!" the little one said; Jenny paused at the open menace in his voice, wondering what she had got herself into. She slipped out of her sandals to make it easier to run.

Before she could turn to flee however, there was a rasp of shoes on the gravel behind her. Jenny realized to her shock that there were now two more people there. Her head snapped around, looking for a way out. Shit! This can't be happening! she told herself as she found herself boxed in.

The young woman tried to dodge out of the center to escape, but one or another of the other four always shifted to block her. The one who had spoken before giggled each time it happened, madness in his voice. With each shift, the circle around her tightened, grew closer, until they dark figures were almost touching her.

"Girls just want to have fun?" one smirked. "I like the shirt!"

"No, it's a badchoice of shirts - for her at least!" came a basso voice from over her shoulder. She tried to spin around to see who had spoken, but a powerful hand had seized her hair and held her head immobile. It pulled her head back and down so she was forced to look up at the night sky, unable to see the other four. It also pulled her breasts up and forward, leaving her feel even more vulnerable and exposed. She could feel a breeze on her stomach bared by the shirt riding up her torso.

"'Cause, y'see, boys like to have fun, too," the deep voice rumbled. A hand pawed roughly at her breasts, another groped between her thighs.

Jenny was about to scream, but a hand covered her mouth and nose. It held a soft cloth pad and a sweet chemical smell filled her nostrils. She tried to struggle, tried not to breath, but found herself slipping, falling down, down a formless and increasingly dark tunnel until nothing remained but fear and then ultimate blackness.

When she awoke, she was dizzy and disoriented. Her head ached. She was in... what? a hotel room? It looked like one. She closed her eyes and tried to remember. Nothing came to her.

After a few minutes, she shakily sat up on the edge of what turned out to be a fairly normal king-size bed covered with a plain quilt. Oddly, it was not against a wall, but sat in the middle of thee room. There were half a dozen pillows, one of which her head had been resting on.

Warily looking around the room, she noted two doors, but no window. Or telephone! The one door, on examination, proved to be locked, no matter how hard she shook it or twisted the knob. The other turned out to be a bathroom, complete with a large free-standing shower, a toilet, two sinks, a bidet and a tall shelf of towels.

She was suddenly glad to see the toilet and, closing the door behind her, made use of it, trying to remember as she did. Nothing came to her.

She patted herself dry, flushed and stood up, pulling up underwear and cutoffs as she did. Washing her hands, she suddenly noticed in the mirror in front of her the reflection of a closed-circuit TV camera dome mounted up high in one corner.

Jenny gasped and spun around. Not just the one camera dome - each corner had one, staring impassively at her.

The girl felt sick. She charged out of the room into the larger one beyond. Another dome filled each corner near the ceiling. Every move Jenny made could be - no doubt would be - recorded. Now she was just furious. Fucking pervs! I'll kill you!

She again tried the door, banging on it, kicking it. It was as solid as a bank vault and Jenny realized that the normal background noise of any normal hotel was missing. It was dead quiet, unnaturally so. Giving up, she simply turned to the nearest camera and gave it the finger before turning to re-examine the room.

While windowless, the room seemed to have an unusual number of large mirrors and flat-screen TVs, several of each on each of the four walls. None of the TVs were on and a quick search failed to find a control. The rug was no different than that in any one of a dozen hotels she had stayed in. The ceiling was just white plaster. Lighting came from very average recessed fixtures. There were a couple of heavy stuffed chairs and a sofa but no dresser. Although she'd been left her wristwatch and necklace, her purse and phone were nowhere to be seen.

Jenny flopped down on the bed in frustration and found herself reflected in a large mirror over the bed. This is just sick! she thought to herself. She screwed her eyes shut, hoping to make it all go away.

Shaking, Jenny opened her eyes and examined herself in the mirror. She saw a not-quite-crying 21-year-old Asian with long dark hair worn straight and large, black, expressive eyes. She privately considered them to be her best feature.

Kay definitely did not consider her eyes to be her best feature, being captivated instead by her firm, rounded butt and generous boobs. Short at five-two, she failed the 'petite' test on account of her figure. Some would call her figure 'lush', others 'stacked'. Vivacious and sparky, Jenny knew she was an attractive package and took pride in her ability to relate to others. (OK, her ability to 'flirt', if you must call it that. She was very, very cute and knew how to use it. Sorry for breathing...)

Jenny gasped as the locked door suddenly burst open. It was dark beyond and Jenny couldn't see what was there. In any case, her attention was taken up by the people entering.

Jenny held her breath as the they advanced on the bed, surrounded it. She heard a dull thunk as the door closed behind them. She retreated to the center of the bed, her head swivelling around to look at the four one after another.

All four wore black balaclava-style masks.

All four had their sex exposed.

The first man was small, wiry. He was dressed in a skin-tight coverall or body suit, all black. It covered him completely, even his feet, but the crotch of the garment had however been cut away in a broad circle. His manhood was huge, purple as it pointed at the ceiling; it wobbled as he walked towards the bed. Jenny stared at it, both fascinated and terrified. None of her boyfriends had been anywhere near as large and she couldn't imagine how something that size could possibly fit inside a woman without causing serious damage.

The second man was massive, easily 16 inches taller than she. He had the ripped build of a dedicated body-builder and had to weigh over 250 pounds. Jenny thought either one of his thighs would be bigger than her tiny waist. Other than the mask, he wore nothing but a tool belt and black trainers. His lemon-size balls hung very low below and behind his organ, itself half-erect and growing with every step as he approached.

The third was of medium height and wore only a worn but clean wife-beater, which contrasted sharply against his dark skin. He had a slight paunch, but she could easily see the working muscles of a man who had spent a lifetime at hard physical labour. His cock was of normal size, erect, circumcised. His eyes, seen through the eyes of his mask, were emotionless, cold.

The fourth figure was a surprise. The tall woman was dressed in a black leather bondage harness, with thumb-wide straps encircling her shapely breasts, criss-crossing over her stomach and passing between her thighs, leaving her clean-shaven labia exposed. She wore black leather gauntlets and knee-high black boots. A blonde pony-tail hung from a hole in the back of her balaclava. In her left hand she carried a multi-strand black whip. Her eyes were green and her figure lean, athletic, clearly strong. Her thin smile was wicked.

Jenny's eyes flipped in every direction, looking for pity, mercy or hope.

She found none.

"Cute!" the big man said flatly.

It was the woman who spoke next, her voice harsh and demanding: "Get your ass off the bed, slut!"

Terrified, the Jenny tried to shield herself with a pillow, which brought only smirks. The woman reached out and grabbed an ankle, effortlessly pulling her towards the edge of the bed. Jenny screamed, tried to fight back, to no avail.

The three men joined the woman and Jenny was hauled upright, shaking in fear. From his tool belt, the big man produced a knife, handed it to the third in his wife-beater. Taking it, the latter smiled, flicked it with a snap of his wrist. It gave a slight click as the blade locked open and Jenny's stomach churned.

In the movies, it would be a very special knife, one decorated with inlays and having jewelled grips. It would have been produced by mountain elves or a revered 87-year-old Japanese swordsmith and would have a special name, a name spoken in awe.

This knife was nothing like that. It was just a knife, a utilitarian, purposeful, intimidating knife with a slim, worn blade as long as her hand. Her eyes opened wide as the man moved towards her. Its point wove back and forth like a snake's tongue testing the air.

"Tell her the rules, Ames." the female leader smiled. The first man, his massive cock swaying in front of Jenny's horrified gaze, leaned in very close. "We very literally own your ass right now. You call us guys 'Sir' and Dawn here 'Mistress'."

"Like hell, you sick bastard!" she retorted, amazed at her angry courage.

Unsmiling, the woman backhanded her, not hard, just enough to get her attention.

"Care to reconsider?" she said.

"Fuck you! Let me go!"

She slapped Jenny again, a bit harder this time. It hurt and the girl raised her hand to her cheek.

"Again?" the taller woman said, smiling this time.

Jenny reconsidered. The odds were utterly against her.

"Yes," she mumbled sulkily.

This time it was Ames who slapped her. "Yes, what, bitch?"

"Yes, sir. Yes, ma'am."

"Better," the woman said. She turned to the man with the knife. "Charlie, get on with it."

"Yes, Dawn." While the other three held Jenny motionless, he quickly, methodically stripped her. Sliding the blade inside the neck of her t-shirt (how cold! Jenny thought as its blunt back eased over her flawless skin), he slid it slowly down towards the floor.

Jenny had never thought a knife could be that sharp; the two halves of the shirt simply folded - almost wilted - at the blade's passage. Two more flicks and the sleeves were open. The ruins of the shirt fell away, leaving her in a lacy black bra. Her cleavage, of which she had always been so proud, now seemed something she wished she could hide.

The woman smiled. "She's got good taste, at least." As the two men held Jenny motionless, her hand weighed, lifted and caressed each of Jenny's boobs, fingered the fabric. The girl fidgeted under her touch. The woman pulled at and examined the label. "And 32D, too! Who'd have guessed?"

"Sweet, but it wouldn't fit you," the big man laughed.

"Don't be silly, Ben," the blonde mused. "It is nice lingerie, though. I do wish I had a nice daddy to help me pay for something that pretty."

Meanwhile, bypassing buttons and zipper, Charlie repeated the disrobing process; Jenny's shredded cut-offs fell to the floor around her ankles. Beneath them, the young woman wore only a lacy black thong matching the bra. Her smooth, firm buttocks were exposed to view; the woman in particular seemed to take pleasure in fondling them. Jenny writhed at the feeling of her pale, perfect skin beneath the feel of alien fingers.

"Don't spoil them when you take them off," the woman directed. Without acknowledging the order, Charlie thumbed the bra catch open and, a moment later, Ben inserted a cucumber-sized finger under the thing strap of the thong and pulled it down to Jenny's knees, where it too fell to the floor without further ceremony.

Jenny suddenly realized that not only was her helpless nakedness - tits, ass and shaven pussy - being reflected in every mirror in the room, but every television screen had now come to life. Views of her from all four cameras were being displayed at the same time. She had no doubt her humiliation was being recorded and just prayed it wasn't being broadcast.

"You fucks!" she whimpered.

"'Fucks', are we?" Dawn asked softly. She nodded at the big man. "Ben - over your knee."

The massive form shifted to the edge of the bed, making it groan a little at his weight. Handling Jenny like a toddler's stuffed doll, he lifted her over his lap, face down, pinning both her legs his one knee. A hand the size of a baseball mitt held her wrists together over her head. Much as she tried, Jenny couldn't budge. She stopped squirming when she felt Ben's erection growing at the stimulation her movements were providing.

"Ben - ten of your best." said Dawn. "Don't damage her." The woman's voice was a curious mix of harshness and tenderness, but Jenny quaked at the clinical order.

A huge hand, solid as if carved from aged oak, smacked into her bottom. She squealed, tried to wiggle loose. A second landed, followed by a third. Punch-like in their force, the impacts rocked the small woman, leaving the her dazed and shaking.

"Stop." Dawn's voice was low but clear. "You're too strong, Ben. You're hitting too hard. I've told you that before. All you'll do is bruise her. Now, just hold her for me."

Jenny's head was turned away but she heard the woman shift. A second later, a whiplash-fast hand smacked into her left cheek, close to where it joined her smooth thigh. The blow was not nearly as hard as the man's, but it had a lot more sting to it. Jenny yelped.

And yelped again as another blow land, this time one her right.

And again. Then Dawn's fingers slid slowly, softly over the reddening flesh.

"Jennifer," Dawn whispered in her ear, the low tones seeming to the girl infinitely more threatening than any shout or scream, "You're being taught a lesson. What do you say to teacher?"

The girl was silent, unsure, her buttocks flaming.

There was another slap and Jenny yelped again.

"I'm sorry. I don't know. I mean, I don't know, Mistress! I don't know!"

"Why, dear, we say, 'Thank you', don't we?"

Jenny seethed. To thank her for spanking her? Fuck that!

Then she felt the woman's hand raised from her butt and quickly stammered, "Oh. Thank you, Mistress!"

"Rather lacking in sincerity, but it's a start." Dawn's voice was dry, but less angry. "Now, my little slut, we're going to try this all again. And this time, you'll count each one out loud and thank me for each one." Slim fingers slid under Jenny to grip and twist a dangling nipple. "Do you understand?"

Jenny gasped at the pain, but this time wasted no time in replying. "Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Ames, put something in her mouth to keep her from talking back. Charlie, make sure she doesn't get frisky with Ames."

As Ames moved towards her, the dark man leaned in to take the girl's ear in his knife hand. Jenny felt the coldness of the blade against her earlobe. He whispered into her ear, icy cruelty dripping from his voice. "Bite him and you lose the ear, bitch."

She believed him.

The smaller man slapped her face gently with his enormous cock. Jenny turned her head to look up at him and saw him grinning.

"That's right, girly. Open up. Suck it like you love it!" The engorged head poked at her lips. Jenny thought of keeping them shut, but the blade against her ear left her no choice.

No sooner had her mouth opened than the enormous organ forced its way in.

"Lick it, bitch! Lick it and suck it! And cover your teeth with your lips!"

Jenny tried her best to comply, but the man's cock filled her mouth and left her almost no way to comply. She was trying to waggle her tongue on the underside when Dawn's hand slapped into her ass. In desperation, the girl tried to mumble a count and her thanks.

The woman laughed. "What's that? I couldn't hear you."

Frantically, Jenny tried again. Again, she was almost choking on the massive meat invading her mouth and the words failed to come out.

She gasped in relief as she felt Ames pull back. "Thank you, Mistress! One!"

"That's better. Don't mumble next time!"

Again her hand slapped into Jenny's cheek as Ames probed between her lips. Tears started in the girl's eyes and she began to cry.

"I didn't hear you," Dawn hissed. "Speak up. Ames, let her speak."

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