tagMind ControlThe Jewel of Desire Ch. 03

The Jewel of Desire Ch. 03


Carl's control grows!

It was Sunday morning, something was different, something wasn't quite right. Carl greeted his wife of more than thirty-seven years with a kiss as he handed her a cup of coffee. She often needed the beverage to get going in the morning.

She took the mug in her dainty hands and took a sip, it was hot, but not too hot. "How does he do that," she thought. "Carl always makes my coffee perfectly, even the temperature." Suddenly she remembered, "Joy and Sarah, they were here yesterday and we all fucked like there was no tomorrow. I don't remember them leaving." She looked up at Carl who seemed to be waiting for the black drink to work its magic.

"They left hours ago, you were still asleep. They asked that I tell you that they had a marvelous time and look forward to doing it again." Carl stated as he sat on the bed and pulled his socks on. He was dressed for church, Mass began at nine thirty, Dee had ninety minutes to get ready. She got up, setting the mug on the end table and stretched, she wasn't surprised to find that she was naked. She never slept naked before, but this last week she'd begun to prefer it to her nightgowns.

Carl watched his sexy wife stretch, she now had the body of a woman half her age and even after all the sex he had last night, he was becoming aroused. Dee knew that look and said, "Oh no you don't, cowboy. Not unless you want to miss church." Carl backed off and asked if she wanted her usual toast, bacon, and eggs. She agreed and the Carl was off to prepare a light breakfast before Mass.

As Dee showered her memories of the previous day and night were vivid and she couldn't help but finger herself to a mild conclusion as she thought of her pussy being eating by Joy and Sarah and being thoroughly fucked by Carl.

At church, though she tried not to Dee had a hard time concentrating, each woman she saw she imagined as a sex partner. She blushed as she couldn't help but undressing some with her eyes. She was being wicked and sinful in of all places. With an effort, she was able to repress those thoughts and concentrate on the reason she was there, at least for the important moments.

After Mass had ended, they gathered in the large hall for the customary fellowship and once again Dee's mind scanned those present for potential sex partners. She knew this was wrong and finally pulled on Carl's arm and he knew she was ready to go.

"Let's go out for brunch," she suggested. "I heard the Americana Las Vegas had a great brunch, do you know where it is?"

Carl said he did and within minutes had diverted the car to head for the location.


Sarah awoke suddenly, she was panting, her pulse racing, she was wet and very aroused her nipples were hard. The only thing missing was her face covered in pussy juice, as she realized that she'd just cum in her sleep while reliving the previous evening with Carl, Dee, and Joy.

In her dream, she was eating Dee's pussy and loving every moment, while Carl was fucking her from behind using long slow strokes. Joy was playfully sucking on her tits as she fingered her lover's pussies.

She sat up in bed, her tits falling forward she was amazed to see she had gone to bed naked. That was something she never did. She rubbed her breasts and pulled on her nipples, they were as hard as they've ever been. She was still horny she could smell herself, she reached down and found herself very wet and easily coated her fingers. She pulled them into her mouth and tasted herself, another first. She smiled. It was Sunday and she had nothing planned, so she reached into the end table and pulled out her favorite toy, it was a large dildo she named Carl. She realized that she'd have to either rename it or buy a bigger one, as it was only about half the size of the real thing.

She began rubbing it alongside her wet pussy and when she touched her clit, she turned it on to the vibration mode, sighing loudly as she realized that this might take a while. She had plenty of time. As she began to enjoy the toy, she thought of visiting some of her girlfriends. Perhaps she'd see if they would be interested in a little girl on girl play. "Who knows, if any of them were any good, maybe she'd bring them over to meet Carl and Dee? I know that Carl would like to have another pussy to fuck. I know that he and Dee have been married forever, but a man needs variety. I think I'll make it my mission to find different and exotic pussies for us all to enjoy."

With that thought complete, Sarah came.


Getting ready for her morning run was usually a pretty easy task. But this morning wasn't like all the others, this morning Joy found that her normally small breasts had somehow grown overnight. She couldn't explain it, but she did feel a weight pulling on her chest the other day but didn't think much of it at the time.

Her once B cup breasts had more than doubled in size overnight, although she wasn't sure, they were easily a C cup or larger. She cupped them in her hands again. Much more than before. She squeezed and almost dropped to her knees, her nipples were sensitive, she learned as she continued to caress her new tits. Yes, they were no officially "tits" she thought. They did look much the same, no longer cone-shaped, twice the size, firm wider and rounder. Pulling in a nipple again, she sighed and felt her pussy moisten. Her run was going to wait, as she put her right hand in her shorts and quickly found her pussy dripping wet as she pulled on her nipples. "Mmmmm..." She cried aloud as the feeling just got better and better. She thought of her boss, Dee and how larger her breasts are, "These girls aren't nearly as big, but on my tiny frame they look huge." She squirmed as she continued to masturbate, "I'm going to have to go shopping for new tops and bras, or I can't go to work." Her hands were a blur as she jiggled her clit and fondled her breasts. She came hard and much faster than she thought possible and collapsed on her bed. "I need a shower," she realized as she smelled of sex. In the shower, she couldn't keep her hands focused on the task and played with herself until she'd had three more good orgasms and the hot water ran out.


After an uneventful brunch in which Carl and Dee "people watched" with the intent of finding a new playmate, they were disappointed that none of the women there appealed to either of them. Although a lovely restaurant, with very fine food, it seemed to cater to an older clientele and since Carl and Dee's rejuvenation, they were more interested in young playmates. They had a league tennis match later that afternoon and were certain that they'd agree on one or two of their tennis friends to seduce, so they returned home happy to relax and prepare both mentally and physically for the match.

As Carl pulled into the driveway he saw their neighbor working in the garden, both he and Dee waved, upon pulling into the garage Dee hurried into the house as if she had a remembered something she had to do. As Carl got out the car he had a thought, instead of closing the garage door, he strolled out to talk with his neighbor.

"Hey Sandy, getting a little early spring gardening in?" Carl said as soon as he got close enough to his young neighbor who was now on her knees tending to her plants.

Without looking up, moving the earth around with her bare hands, she replied, "Hey Carl. Yeah, trying to get a jump on things, we're supposed to get a little rain, wanted to take advantage." She moved quickly back and forth, wiggling from side to side as she tended to two plants, her large breasts jiggled delightfully.

Carl couldn't help but notice the amount of cleavage she was showing, her large breasts seemed to be unholstered. Sandy was a real honest to GOD showgirl, dancing at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in the "X Burlesque" topless revue. So, she was always home during the days although she did rise rather late.

Her task complete, she leaned back and sat on her heels regarding her neighbor. She was a little stunned to see a much younger version or Carl. He appeared to be much more muscular, looking rested and years younger. She didn't realize she'd been staring, so she quickly said the first thing that came into her head, "Damn Carl, have you been working out?"

"Oh, yeah," forgetting that his appearance had changed since finding the gem. "Just a little, mostly just playing a lot of tennis."

"Well, don't stop. You look awesome." Sandy blushed a little, she didn't want to appear to be coming on to her neighbor, but he looked really good and was her type. She had to admit years ago she had a bit of a daddy issue. She was smiling broadly as she got to her feet and made a big deal of shaking the dirt off her blouse and from her hands, without thinking she slid into "full pickup" mode.

Her attentiveness to Carl didn't go unnoticed. "Sandy, perhaps you'd be interested in seeing this unusual gem I found in one of the caves I explored."

"Really? You explore caves here in Las Vegas?" Sandy said, her interest peaked.

"Sure, you remember me telling you that I'm a geologist. I'm a professor at UNLV." Carl reminded his dizzy neighbor. Sandy was gorgeous, but not very bright, not quite a bimbo, Carl thought, but definitely in the neighborhood. He didn't know her very well. What he did know was that she was divorced. Her ex-husband was an attorney, one of those that advertised on the billboards around town, they used to call them "ambulance chasers". Sandy got the house in the settlement, and a significant amount of alimony but she decided to continue to work.

Both Carl and Dee were cordial towards Sandy, but they never socialized, they just didn't have much in common. They never met her ex-husband, although they'd seen him from a window on occasion. They'd gotten most of their information from the gossiping neighbors.

Pulling the gem from his pocket, he held his closed fist out to Sandy until she was close enough and opened it. Sandy stared at the gem and soon saw the dark blue clouds begin to move and bolts of lightning shooting from out of the clouds. She opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out. She stared into Carl's hand for several minutes until Carl decided that enough time had passed and closed his fist and put the jewel back into his pocket. Slowly Sandy began to come out of her gem induced trance.

"So, Sandy are you working tonight?" Carl asked as the twentysomething dancer.

"No, tonight is my night off, I need it too. It's been pretty busy with all the conventions in town this week. We had to add extra shows."

"That's great. Show me your tits."

Without so much as a blink, Sandy unbuttoned her blouse and exposed a set of beautiful twin breasts. They were as large as one would expect of a showgirl, round and pointy. Her areoles were puffy and her nipples hard.

"Looks like their glad to see me." Carl said, as he fought the urge to feel them and test their weight.

"Oh, whenever the girls are exposed my nipples are hard, it's part of the conditioning. It's either that or the ice cubes." She smiled and then said already knowing what he was thinking, "Yes, just like in the movie."

She left her blouse open, her large breasts forcing the blouse to hang open, her breasts on display for all to see, Sandy's magnificent rack.

"That's an unusual looking mole," Carl said referring to the beauty mark on her left tit.

Sandy smiled and giggled, "That's not a mole. Do you have a magnifying glass?"

"Yes, in the house." Sandy followed Carl into the house and into the kitchen where he retrieved a large magnifying glass.

"Take a closer look," she said.

Carl did as she suggested and swore, "Well I'll be damned!"

"Uh huh!" Sandy said.

"I would have never have guessed it was a signature. It's the plastic surgeon who did the work, a Dr. Greg Casey?" Carl said still shocked that Sandy would let him autograph her tit.

Anticipating his next question, Sandy said, "Many of the girls do it," she said. "Letting him sign his work like a master painter. He gives those who do twenty percent off and it is pretty discrete, don't you think."

Carl had to agree it was not only discrete, but the doctor did great work. With the exception of the size, the breasts looked completely natural although he wondered if they felt natural, too.

Again, as if reading his mind, Sandy encouraged him to feel them. Carl was beginning to wonder if he was controlling Sandy or was she just willing to do any and everything on all on her own. Trying to be nonchalant, Carl agreed and lifted his hands and began to manipulate the fleshy globes. They were a little firmer than he expected, and her nipples seemed to feel natural, she sighed when he pulled on them.

"Mmmm... what do you think professor?" She asked as he continued to fondle her assets.

"I think the doctor does good work. Your nipples seem to still be pretty sensitive, contradicts what I heard about implants." He said this while paying more attention to them.

"Ohhh...professor...I've been known to come from breasts manipulation alone. Mmm... you're making me so wet and horny. My nipples have always been very responsive to touch."

Without waiting for an invitation, Carl reached his left hand into Sandy's loose shorts and wasn't surprised to learn that she'd gone commando. He slipped his finger into her smooth nude pussy and found that she indeed was very wet. He wiggled his finger around inside before finding her clitoris and squeezed it between two fingers causing Sandy to moan loudly. She was very close to climaxing. Carl didn't know that she'd always had a quick trigger, but this was record time even for her.

It wasn't long before she was dancing on Carl's palm as he sucked on her nipples and she squealed as she came. It was a sound of surrender. She somehow knew that she'd do anything Carl asked of her. She'd had mind-altering orgasms before, like the time when she and a few of her girlfriends from work helped one of the visiting men's college teams here for the NCAA March tournament celebrate a big win. There was so much cock, she was fucked silly and couldn't walk straight for two weeks.

But this was different. It was if she was giving up her soul and would do anything for her neighbor whom she was only now getting to know. As she began to quiet herself, the orgasm lasting what seemed like five minutes, as she held on to Carl tightly she heard a female voice from behind her.

"I hope there's room for one more."

Carl smiled as he eyed his wife, naked and slightly damp from just stepping out of the shower.

Sandy was relieved to hear Dee's question, she was a little worried that she was too loud and that she would be caught. She was a little taken off guard learning her neighbors so open-minded and into sharing. After all, they were an older couple, she thought as Dee came into her view.

Sandy had seen Dee from time to time, she knew that the older woman was active and kept herself in shape, but she was again stunned to see what that really meant as the naked woman, supposed to be in her sixties approached. Not only did she appear to be in excellent shape, displaying tight slightly muscular abdominals, but her breasts appeared to be springy y sitting high on her chest.

Dee looked to be closer to her twenties than her sixties. Sandy could tell that her breasts were natural, having seen more than her share of both natural and enhanced tits.

Hoping not to be seen as staring, she gazed down to see Dee's shaved pussy, her lips slightly parted and damp, probably from the shower she'd just taken.

"Sandy, so good to see you. It's been a while. We don't see much of you. It could be our conflicting hours or the clothes." Dee joked as she closed in on the naked women, Carl's hand still in her pussy.

Sandy smiled brightly and cooed, "Uh...so nice to see you too, all of you, as Carl wiggled his fingers and rubbed her clit just right.

Before Sandy could invite her neighbor to join them, Dee had taken the showgirl's face in her hands and smothered her lips with her own.

Carl took that moment to replace his finger with his very hard cock and Sandy swooned as she has a small climax. Sandy fell forward as grabbing the kitchen counter for support breaking the sensuous kiss as Dee curled around her neighbor's long legs and began lapping at her naked pussy as her husband slowly slid in and out from behind. Dee licked the hard nubbin and occasionally Carl's cock as they began to get into a nice rhythm as Sandy's moans filled the kitchen.

It wasn't long before Sandy was swearing as she came hard from both Dee's tongue and Carl's cock. Gripping his cock hard, Carl decided he'd better finish as time was growing short. He let loose several ropes of cum deep into Sandy pussy, reluctantly he pulled out only to be captured by Dee's mouth. Dee savored the new combined taste. She quickly cleaned him up, all too aware of the time. She sucked Carl's cum from her neighbor's pussy regretting that she'd have to wait for her to return the favor.

Although the country club wasn't too far away, she needed to put her desire on hold until she'd returned from the match.

Sandy slumped to the floor exhausted and content. Dee stood giving her husband the familiar look, which he fully understood. She trotted out of the kitchen, her tight naked ass flexing beautifully as her tits bounced much to Carl and Sandy's delight.

Looking down he saw his spent neighbor on her hands and knees as she was attempting to get back to her feet. Carl leaned down, helping her to her feet admiring her naked form.

"That was something," she said as she saw Carl's amazing cock getting hard once again. "Where's Dee?"

"I'm afraid that we have a prior commitment, she's a tennis match against an old rival," Carl informed Sandy, then he got an idea. "It's ashamed too. She wanted to continue to play. We'll be gone for about three to four hours. Are you busy this evening?"

Sandy smiled. "I was planning to go shopping with one of my girlfriends, we work the same shifts."

"Is she a 'showgirl' too?" Carl asked hoping the answer would be yes.

Sandy smiled broadly, "Yes she is, and she loves to party."

"Why don't you two go on your shopping trip but return early so that we can pick up where we left off. Dee didn't get to cum, so she's going to be pretty horny when we return."

Sandy didn't have to think about it and eagerly agreed. Carl helped her find her clothes and once dressed she stood on her tiptoes to give him a kiss that said she'd be back for more real soon.


At the courts, Sandy and her team greeted their opponents. Both teams consisted of middle-aged ladies, but Dee's team had never beaten today's opponents. It was mostly because of their best player, Julie Betts. Julie was one of the youngest members, in her late forties and a very solid player. Like Dee, she was an attorney and whenever they'd meet, it was Julie that won. Few people liked Julie. She was a real bitch and took no mercy on her opponents even when the match was far out of her opponent's reach. In fact, she was known to taunt them. Furthermore, she had beaten Dee badly every time they met and loved throwing it back into Dee's face. Of course, all of that was before Dee's miraculous rejuvenation.

"Are you sure that you just don't want to withdraw and save yourself the humiliation?" she asked Dee as she walked up to her as she was stretching outside of the courts waiting for their match to be assigned a court.

"Do you always have to be such a bitch, Julie?" Dee said. It was so out of character for her to reply to one of Julie's taunts that it caught the woman off guard.

Dee was confident that she could now beat her nemesis. "Tennis is supposed to be fun, why do you always feel necessary to ruin the experience?"

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