tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Job - Day One

The Job - Day One


Chloe woke early on the Monday morning, feeling excited and a little nervous as today was her first day at Booths. She smiled as she recalled her "unusual" interview there – a quick typing test followed by being fucked over the boss' desk made it certainly one of the most enjoyable assessments she'd been through in her long quest to find a new job.

She thought of Hitchin, the most powerful man at Booths, who controlled every aspect of the company to ensure it remained one of the most successful English publishing houses in existence.

As she dressed, Chloe remembered his parting instructions to her, and so her outfit was similarly smart as before; this time a smart, tight fitting and well tailored grey dress with a deep v neck, which invited looks at her tanned cleavage.

The dress had enough stretch to shape around her pert ass, and she finished off with her trademark stilettos. As her new boss had requested, she was completely commando under her outfit, and as she left the flat she felt a delicious thrill to have her pussy exposed to the elements.

The Booths driver opened the car door for her and in no time at all, she had arrived. Again, the security measures felt more than excessive, but she supposed that publishing was a pretty competitive field after all.

Hitchin's' assistant John was there to greet her, and he immediately rang through to Hitchin. She heard him bark down the phone back at him "send her straight in to me" and John quickly buzzed her through the large security doors.

As she walked along the long corridor she noticed the offices that flanked the hallway, each with busy looking men working away in them. No time for personal phone calls or internet surfing with the kind of boss they had, but probably the salary to pay someone else to do that for them, Chloe thought. A few of the chaps looked up as she walked past their glass fronted offices, and she noticed that they were all typically well presented, suited types – Booths really did live up to its reputation as striving for perfection in all areas, including its staff.

She knocked lightly on the thick oak door of Hitchin's office. "Come in!" he said loudly. "Close the bloody door behind you." Hitchin barked. She did so and stood there, awkwardly. "Take a seat, Chloe. Relax. Would you like a cup of tea?"

Chloe nodded, and Hitchin carefully poured tea into an expensive looking porcelain cup for her. "Thank you." She smiled at him, and he smiled back, taking a long glance at her breasts. It excited her, this powerful man being so interested in her.

"So, it's your first day. Well, as my PA I'll need you to pretty much do anything I need. I'm a busy man, and frankly a workaholic, so you'll have to sort out my life for me. You'll get a mobile, a blackberry and a driver, and I need you to be on call 24-7. Your starting salary is pretty generous as you know, but if you work hard there are bonuses for you as well. Are you up for that?"

"Of course, Mr Hitchin. I'm really excited to be here and I can't wait to start work." Chloe said, warmly.

"Great. Your office is the one just next to mine, and if you need anything to make it more comfortable for you, just let me know – we'll have it covered. We expect a lot from Booths' staff, but we treat people well. Now, I need to check something."

Hitchin stood up, and as he did so Chloe felt her heart race a little – she couldn't help but be impressed by his muscular build, and those strong, masculine hands. He came round to where she was sitting and perched on the edge of the desk, immediately next to her.

"Could you stand up for me, Chloe?" She did as she was told, and observed him as his eyes looked her up and down from top to bottom. Hitchin reached out for her hand and pulled her towards him, so she was standing in front of him, between his legs. He placed one hand on her lower back, and slowly ran his hand down firmly across her bottom and down to her thigh.

"No underwear. Good girl." He said. "I like compliance."

"Of course, Mr Hitchin." Chloe said. He'd barely touched her, and already she was aware that her nipples had hardened and this was evident through her dress.

"How... adaptable are you, Chloe, would you say?" Hitchin asked, his eyes twinkling. "Very. I can turn myself to most situations actually."

"Good. Because your job will involve not just helping me, but also many of the people in my team. We're all busy and under pressure, and I'll need you to make sure that we keep everyone happy. So, you may as well start as you mean to go on. Mark Fitzgerald, who's my deputy, is pretty stressed at the moment and I know he has some typing and stuff for you to work on, so why don't you take yourself along to his office right now and assist? We'll catch up later to see how you're getting on."

Chloe felt a bit surprised. She'd thought that she was supposed to be just Hitchin's assistant, not the office filing skivvy. But Hitchin had already begun typing at his keyboard, as if to dismiss her.

Chloe found Mark's office, which was smaller than Hitchin's but just as expensively decorated. "You must be Chloe." he said, and as Chloe shook his hand, she noticed just how smart he was. Early thirties, with amazingly blue eyes.

"Mr Hitchin said you had some work for me, Mark?" she asked.

"Oh, erm, yes, of course," he said, and pulled out a huge ream of papers from the drawers under his desk. "These all need to be put into chronological order and filed in the drawers over there." He indicated to a large chest on the other side of his office.

Chloe took the papers and went over to the side, and as Mark took a call she spread them out across the top of the sideboard to get them into order.

Mark finished the phone call quickly, and she heard him rise from his chair and she glanced as he came over. As she continued to file, she was surprised to feel his hands on her waist. He was standing right behind her. She carried on moving the papers around and quickly felt his hands push up her skirt and delve into her pussy.

Mark was undeniably gorgeous, she thought. Suddenly she realised this was her job, and wondered if it was right.... until he began to rub her clit furiously and she realised she was completely wet for him.

He forcefully turned her around to face him and then pushed her to the floor where she sank into the plush deep set carpet. He smiled devilishly at her as he opened her legs with his hands so she was wide open for him, and he sank his face into her snatch and licked her rapidly for a few minutes. Chloe began to moan softly as his tongue darted across her hair free pussy – she could feel every touch and it felt amazing.

"Get up." Mark instructed and he led her to his desk. He lightly pushed her onto the desk. "Now lie back and stay there." Chloe lay back on the desk awkwardly, her legs hanging over the side, and she saw him come around to the side that her head was on, hanging over the edge upside down. She saw him quickly remove his trousers and his huge erection was there.

He guided his cock to her mouth and pushed it to her lips, and barked "Open."

Chloe did and he pushed his cock inside her mouth as he groaned. She loved the feeling of him filling her mouth. He moved himself so he was almost fully in her mouth and she took him gratefully. Slowly he began to pull out of her and then push back in, fucking her mouth. Chloe enjoyed it, being at his mercy, and enjoyed it even more so as he lent forwards to rub her clit as he did it.

She gave out a muffled moan of delight and he continued to feed her his cock. Suddenly the phone rang and Chloe was doubly surprised as Mark answered it, taking his hand off her clit but continuing to push himself in and out of his mouth as he took the call.

"Yes sir, I've done the report and it'll be on your desk at 11am. " He was clearly talking to Hitchin, Chloe thought. "No, the book reviews aren't out in the papers until tomorrow so we'll pick those up then. " A pause. "Yes, she's doing well. I'm impressed. " Another pause. "Yes, of course sir." Mark put down the phone.

"Now, where was I, Chloe?" he said, and suddenly she was aware of him undoing the buttons on the front of her dress. His hands roughly grabbed her breasts and he pushed his cock into the back of her throat very momentarily. Enough for Chloe to feel his full length but not enough to gag.

"Oh god." he said, twisting and pulling her nipples as he carried on. Chloe pursed her lips around his shaft and felt him shudder slightly as the tightness turned him on even more. Suddenly the door of Mark's office open and Chloe jumped, but Mark held her shoulders on the desk, so he was still in her mouth.

"Mark." She heard Hitchin's voice clearly. "I see you have Chloe gainfully employed. I won't ask her if she's enjoying herself, because it's pretty clear that she is." For some reason, Chloe knew he was looking at her nipples.

"Don't mind me, Mark." Hitchin said. Suddenly Chloe felt Hitchin's hands on her thighs, and he roughly pushed her legs apart and inserted one of his fingers into her pussy. She had never had a three way before but knew now that she desperately wanted him to continue.

Another finger, and then another, and he quickly had four fingers working her. She was wetter than ever.

Mark continued to push in and out of her mouth, and tweak her tight nipples. As soon as she noticed one sensation, another began as she heard Hitchin's flies unzipping and just as Mark pushed himself into her mouth again, Hitchin pushed his fat, long member into her slowly, filling her.

She moaned, and this spurned both of them on, with Hitchin beginning to ram himself up into her quickly, and Mark fucking her face. It felt good.

"Mark," said Hitchin "We'll play nicely today, so restrain yourself until I've finished up here and then you can finish off".

With this, Hitchin increased his pace and pushed her legs wide open as he fucked her, pushing her down onto the desk as he did so. She felt him push one last time and heard him utter an animal like groan before withdrawing and moving.

Mark quickly removed himself from her face and walked round to where Hitchin had been, and quickly entered her pussy with his cock. Chloe didn't even care that she had been filled by two men, she was so turned on she needed to cum, and as Mark carried on where Hitchin had left she felt herself cumming. Mark held onto her shoulders and entered her deeply and she began to buck against him, moaning loudly, too loudly "Ohhhhhhh!" as she came, and she felt him do the same as his body shuddered. She leaned up to see a wide grin on his face.

"Chloe, you are one good PA." he said. "You are definitely a good all-rounder."

He withdrew himself from her and pulled his trousers up, smartening himself up a bit. Chloe hadn't noticed Hitchin had even left the room after he had come.

"Okay, so, go take a shower, Chloe. Then you really do need to get that filing over there done."

Chloe smiled, and put her dress on, smoothing down her hair.

"Oh, and as for tomorrow," Mark said, as she was about to leave his office, "tomorrow is even more exciting. You've got a lot of potential. We have a lot planned for you here. Enjoy the rest of your day."

To be continued.....

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