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The Job Pt. 08


Author's Note: This story was edited by Tim413413. His work was embarrassingly difficult. I actually think he spent more time on this than I did. Thank you sir!


"Alejandro!" The voice was a strong female alto. It came from outside the boat and was followed by a string of Spanish words that sounded angry. The well-dressed man rattled off a command in Spanish and every gun quickly disappeared into a jacket. The sound of loud heels echoed off the deck and the female's Spanish words began to sound meaner as she approached the sliding glass doors.

In walked a buxom raven-haired Spanish beauty. Her curly hair flowed across her light brown shoulders. She was dressed to kill in a dark red dress that did little to hide her curvaceous figure. Her legs were made taut by a set of four-inch red pumps that looked like they were designed for the dress. Behind her followed a very contrite man trying not to look at the well-dressed leader.

"Alejandro...!" The woman in red went into a Spanish tirade as she moved, in a very threatening manner, closer to the well-dressed Alejandro. She was pointing everywhere and yelling about 'bebes' and 'familia.' Jayden recognized the 'no hay sexo' imbedded in the yelling. The contrite man was trying to avoid the daggers shooting from Alejandro's eyes.

Alejandro and the woman argued for a few minutes. It was obvious to Jayden who was winning. The woman never backed away and almost had Alejandro leaning backward. A few of the soldiers were desperately trying not to smile. It finally ended with the woman tapping her beautiful pump on the floor.

"It seems I was a bit hasty targeting the child and the mother," Alejandro said begrudgingly," it sets a precedent that puts my own family at risk." The woman kept tapping her foot and signaled him to continue. "You two are retired and free to go." Alejandro obviously had a very difficult time getting that out. The woman spilled more vicious Spanish, pointing at Beverly and Jayden. Alejandro's shoulders sagged.

"Thank you for saving the child." Alejandro looked at the woman with pleading eyes as he spoke. Her pump tapping continued, "Is there something I can do in return?" Alejandro's teeth were clenched as the last part leaked out. The woman smiled and grabbed Alejandro's face and kissed him deeply. It looked like there would be 'sexo' tonight.

"No, we're good," Beverly slurred and started to pull Jayden out of the room. Jayden pulled back. He smiled at Alejandro and staggered toward him. Beverly wasn't sure if she should be concerned. She was feeling no pain, but thought they should be leaving. She spotted the SUV keys on the floor and nearly toppled over picking them up. It took her three tries before she had a firm grasp on the ring. When she brought her head up the boat began to spin a bit.

"And that's what I want," Jayden said with just a bit of spittle and way too much emphasis. The woman gave Alejandro a severe look and he relented.

"Okay, but, I never want to see either of you two again," Alejandro stated ominously, "you don't work for anyone, understand?" Jayden staggered backward.

"Okay, it's a deal then." Jayden pointed at Beverly a couple of times. "We'll be leaving now." He had a little trouble turning around and had to readjust his aim at the door. "Come on Bev, we got to go."

"I thought I was Beverly," she said with a small frown while trying to grab his hand.

"That's right!" Jayden overstated, "cause you're so damned pretty. My pretty Beverly." Beverly smiled and they helped each other out the door. Getting down to the dock was a bit more difficult. Miraculously, they made it to the car without falling into the Gulf.

"You're going to have..to have...drive to," Jayden mumbled. It took Beverly four tries to find the right button to unlock the doors. She had to close the back hatch manually when she couldn't figure out what button would close it again. It was just too dark and the closest light seemed too far away.

"Sleep...then drive," Beverly slurred as she pulled open the back door. Jayden climbed into the middle and Beverly pushed until he was on the left side. She climbed in herself and lay down, using Jayden's thigh as a pillow.

"Love you," Jayden mumbled as he absently stroked her hair. The car was spinning a bit as he lay his head in the nook between the window and seat back. "Damn...gonna have...hangover," Jayden drooled out as blackness invaded his mind. Beverly was already snoring.


Jayden and Beverly partially regretted their survival. The early morning Sun was burning holes into their bloodshot eyes and the sound of traffic tore at their eardrums. Beverly was concentrating on not vomiting again. Jayden was cursing the world for the pain throbbing through his head. It felt better to close his eyes, but that made driving a bit risky. He settled for long blinks.

Jayden pulled into a Super Center. They hobbled to the restrooms and tried to rinse the night off. It didn't help much. Jayden purchased a case of bottled water and they headed back into the laser-like Sun. Jayden felt like he was wading through waist-deep water. It didn't help that the parking lot was radiating the tropical Sun. He threw the case into the back seat and brought four bottles up front. They climbed into the SUV and Jayden handed a bottle to Beverly. Beverly looked up with bloodshot eyes and a sickly, pale complexion as she took the bottle.

"No offense, but I'm not attracted to you right now," Jayden said sardonically.

"Puke does kind of ruin the romance," Beverly said with a weak grin. Jayden uncapped the water bottle and gulped down half. It was followed by a burp that tasted like scotch. Beverly waved her hand in front of her face. "Open a window when you do that."

"Sorry," Jayden apologized and started the SUV. He acquiesced and briefly let the window down for some hot, muggy air. The rest of the drive to the Fort Myers area was mostly silent. The water gradually dissipated the worst of the scotch-induced hangover.


"Oh thank God!" Sandra exclaimed when she opened the door and saw Beverly and Jayden standing there. "What happened? You two look terrible," she declared.

"Hangover," Beverly replied as she stepped inside.

"I worried all night and you two were out drinking," Sandra scolded like an ignored wife, "you could have called."

"Nope, we couldn't even walk," Beverly smirked.

"It was a last-minute reprieve," Jayden added, "your worry wasn't unfounded. Susan is safe, we are safe and all is well but our brains."

"Safe? Do you mean forever safe?" Sandra asked.

"Forever and ever," Beverly smiled, then added, "and we are now retired." She looked around the small apartment. "Where is Susan?"

"Asleep in my bed. She tried to wait up for you last night." Sandra smiled. "Poor girl made it to about four this morning before she passed out. I think she partially knew what was happening. She kept asking if you guys were alright."

"Can we leave her here 'til she wakes up?" Jayden queried. "We'd like to get cleaned up and maybe shut our eyes for a few hours."

"Of course, Jayden," Sandra answered flirtatiously, "you already paid me for the whole day. Babysitting or anything else." Sandra batted her eyes, trying to be humorous. Beverly felt that stab of jealousy again. She knew Jayden was hers, but skinny Sandra was just too close. Beverly forced a smile and tried to discern if Jayden thought it was funny, or cute, or real. Jayden just gave Sandra a quick grin.

"Thanks, Sandra," Jayden said as he leaned in and gave Sandra a kiss on the cheek, "we couldn't have done this without you." Beverly didn't like the kiss, not after the batted eyes. "If you could bring Susan to my condo when she wakes, that would be great," Jayden told Sandra. Beverly didn't like that Sandra even knew where the condo was. Beverly didn't know where the condo was. She tried to force the ugly, gray feelings away, but they just hung on with sharp hooks. "Maybe you could join us for dinner," Jayden said as he grabbed Beverly's hand and led her out the door.

"Sure, I will see you this afternoon," Sandra said as she closed the door. Beverly's face darkened at the thought of Sandra at the dinner table. She knew they owed her a bit of friendship because of the risks she took for Susan, but did it have to involve sitting next to Jayden at dinner?

Jayden smiled when the door closed and he looked at Beverly. He had watched her face change when Sandra flirted. He didn't know why he found Beverly's jealousy so alluring. He grabbed a handful of Beverly's ponytail and pulled her lips to his. The kiss was passionate and forceful. Jayden was claiming her and making sure she knew it. Beverly felt like a teenager and melted into him. No man had ever taken her before. Jayden was the first, the last and hers forever.

"Forget about her," Jayden said, nodding his head toward the door, "no one lights my fire like you." Beverly blushed when she realized she wore her jealousy on her face.

"She's so damn skinny," Beverly said in her own defense. Jayden pulled her closer.

"She's not my angel." Jayden smiled. Beverly liked the idea of being his angel. She felt lighter and maybe a bit skinnier. They kissed again.


It was late when Jayden finally turned onto the familiar streets of Fort Myers. He had spent the day in Tampa Bay acquiring fake papers for Susan. They had only found one relative who wanted anything to do with Susan. Her grandmother was in a nursing home and had no way of taking care of her. Jayden and Beverly decided on an adoption, their way. Legal adoption would have taken too long and left Susan in the hands of child services. Not to mention the difficulty of convincing anyone that ex-assassins would make good parents.

Jayden had acquired enough documentation to convince a school so Susan could start being a normal kid again. Jayden was pleased with himself. He saw himself as a father and couldn't imagine ever letting Susan go. He wondered how well he would handle the first boy who broke Susan's heart. He only knew he had to get to the boy before Beverly did.

Susan was talking up a storm. It was as if she had been saving it all during that first month. Beverly and Susan now had long conversations about trivial, meaningless stuff. Meaningless to Jayden, but so very important to them. Susan had accepted them fully. Jayden surmised that her previous years were not pleasant. The fake death of her father may have made her mother depressed. Vincent leaving in the first place spoke volumes for the state of the marriage to begin with. Whatever the reasons, they were all comfortable with each other. A wonderfully strange family.

Jayden opened the door to the condo quietly. It was well past eleven and he was sure Susan would be asleep. He hoped Beverly wasn't. There was only one lamp on for him. The rest of the condo was dark and he sighed. It didn't look like Beverly waited up. He couldn't blame her, but it was a small disappointment. He liked having a wife, even if the paperwork was fake. He was surprised to see his Cribbage board out on the table. It looked like it had been played. He flipped off the light and headed to the bedroom.

The darkness revealed a flickering light from the crack below the bedroom door. Candles made that type of light and Jayden smiled. She had waited for him. He had never seen "romantic" Beverly. Or maybe this was "kinky" Beverly. He felt himself getting stiff as his mind wandered through the possibilities. He quietly opened the door to a very kinky Beverly.

Jayden stared in disbelief. Beverly was on her back, naked on the bed, her eyes were closed and she had a lustful grin on her face. Her hands were wrapped in Sandra's hair, holding Sandra's head between her legs. Beverly's knees were raised and Sandra was caressing Beverly's thighs, while obviously hard at work with her tongue. Sandra had one knee off the bed and one knee on. She was naked, open and moist. The light from five surrounding candles flickered shadows across the scene.

Jayden felt a mixture of arousal and jealousy. He wasn't sure he wanted to share Beverly. He wasn't sure he didn't. He should be between her legs. He loved seeing what was between her legs now. Beverly looked so dreamy and Sandra looked so slutty. His prick loved the vision; his mind was still calculating. He quietly closed the door and a pair of dreamy eyes met his.

"Hello sweetheart," Beverly whispered through her grin, "I'm glad you're home." She reached out her hand to encourage him forward. Jayden stepped closer, still loving and hating what lay before him. He took Beverly's hand and she urged him down to her. He kneeled before her head. Sandra's eyes were closed and her tongue was working deep into Beverly. Beverly put her hand behind his head and pulled his lips to hers. Jayden felt her passion and the small tremors Sandra was causing.

"I couldn't get her out of my head," Beverly whispered as she broke the kiss, "I needed to even us up and it's working." She emitted a soft, involuntary moan. "I didn't like the jealousy. Please don't be angry." Jayden thought it made no sense, but it was obviously perfectly logical to Beverly. She had to control her emotions and put them back into balance. Being uneven was abhorrent to her. Jayden relented and let his resentment fade away.

"She really is quite good," Jayden whispered into Beverly's lips. He kissed her deeply while he caressed her neck. Beverly shuddered as her two lovers lifted her spirit higher. Jayden reached down and fondled her left breast, tenderly tugging her taut nipple. Beverly groaned into his mouth and arched her back.

Sandra knew Beverly was close. Muscles had tightened when Jayden entered and Beverly's responsiveness increased. Sandra had satisfied women before and knew the signs well. She brought her hand down from Beverly's thigh and slowly inserted the tips of her index and middle fingers into Beverly's opening. Sandra knew what would make this memorable, it was her job to know. She could read people and she knew what the couple needed. She lifted her mouth from Beverly's sex. "Ask her to cum for you, Jayden," she commanded seductively.

Jayden looked into Beverly's eyes. "Cum for me, my angel," he softly directed as he caressed her breast, his lips just a millimeter from hers. Sandra drove her fingers deep into Beverly. Beverly's eyes closed and her hips raised from the bed. Sandra sucked Beverly's clitoris into her mouth and her tongue tickled the tip. Beverly exploded with a scream muffled by Jayden's loving mouth. Sandra's fingers were searching relentlessly as Beverly tried to squeeze them to oblivion. Jayden could see the veins in Beverly's neck flicker in the candlelight as she rode out the sensual tsunami.

Sandra slowly released Beverly as the orgasm subsided. Jayden held Beverly close, enjoying the sated look glowing in her features. He kissed her lightly above the eyes and stroked her hair. Jayden had no idea why he felt closer to Beverly. Why was this experience so private, yet shared with another?

Sandra stood and then moved behind Jayden. She helped him to his feet and quietly began undressing him. She stood behind him as she worked, not wanting to get between the two lovers. Jayden kept staring at Beverly's loving eyes. Sandra removed his shirt, then reached around and began unbuttoning his pants. Beverly looked up at Jayden and saw the commitment in his eyes. She absently dropped her hand between her legs where things were tingling more than they should. Sandra pulled Jayden's pants and boxers down to his ankles and began untying his shoes. Jayden's erection was pointing proudly and directly at Beverly as he stepped out of his shoes and pants.

Sandra rose behind Jayden and wrapped one hand around his chest and one around his cock. Beverly winced, not with jealousy, but with desire. "I know both your secrets," Sandra purred across Jayden's ear while looking at Beverly. "You both hide them well." She began softly stroking Jayden and caressing his chest with her palm. She pressed her breasts into his back and smiled at the mesmerized Beverly. "Beverly told me what she wants, Jayden," Sandra cooed while nibbling on his ear. Beverly's expression turned a bit pale. Sandra was sharing too much. "I've always known what Jayden wants," Sandra taunted with a salacious grin at Beverly.

Jayden was both intrigued by and highly aroused at Sandra's words. He was trying to maintain his composure as she fondled him with his angel before him. "Jayden, do you want to know Beverly's greatest wish?" Sandra whispered in his ear as she nibbled. Beverly was beginning to rise to stop Sandra before she ruined everything. Jayden saw the panic in Beverly's eyes and was about to end this fantasy. Sandra let go of him and took a step back. "She wants to have your baby," Sandra said smoothly. Beverly's face went ashen. It was too soon to tell him that!

Jayden stared at Beverly with what looked like shock. It was anything but. Beverly didn't know if she should kill Sandra or go running from the room. Sandra smiled, she could read people well. She grabbed the robe she started the evening in and began to don it. Jayden dropped to his knee before Beverly and pushed her loose blond hair behind her ear. "You would be a wonderful mother," Jayden said in earnest, laced with love. Color returned to Beverly's face in a flood that made her dizzy. "Our children would be so beautiful," Jayden continued as he slowly returned her to her back. He climbed on the bed with her.

Sandra quietly exited the room. She heard Beverly exclaim, "Oh...Jayden!" before the door was fully closed. 'What a wonderfully strange couple,' Sandra mused as she walked to the hall bathroom to retrieve her clothes.


Marissa was proud of her shopping skills. She hit the grocery store armed with a purse full of coupons. She actually had fun matching the coupons to the products and challenging the inevitable errors at the register. Marissa was doing everything she could to make sure their dollars went as far as possible. Every once in a while she regretted returning Jayden's money, but she knew it had been the right thing to do.

Xavier gave a little shout from the playpen Doug had built. "Just a minute, Honey, let me get the groceries put away," Marissa consoled in the way only mothers can. She could hear her other boys running around upstairs. They were patient at the store so she let them pick the flavor of ice cream. She wondered how much longer she could bribe them for good behavior.

The kitchen door burst open. Doug floated in with a hand full of papers. "We are going out to eat tonight, family!" he said as he danced up to Marissa. He grabbed her around the waist and kissed her as he whirled her around. Marissa laughed at his exuberance.

"Doug, we can't afford it," Marissa scolded while smiling, "once every two weeks. We agreed, remember?"

"Damn the rules, woman!" Doug slapped the papers on the table. "If I want to take my rich wife out to dinner then that is what I am going to do!"

"What has gotten into you?" Marissa asked, trying to control the infectious happiness. The papers looked like contracts. "What do you mean rich?" She grabbed one of the stapled stacks. The logo for Caravan Coffee was in the upper left corner.

"We are now the home of the new mid-west Caravan Coffee depot," Doug said excitedly, "they are leasing twenty acres and I have the contract for all preventative maintenance including tires." He snapped open a check in front of Marissa, "This is the earnest money for the twenty-year lease."

Marissa counted the five zeros twice. She had never seen so many zeros on a check. "That's a hundred thousand dollars!" she shrieked. Doug just nodded with a huge grin on his face. "How... why... when?" she stammered, counting the zeros again.

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