The Jog


My name is Victoria, and earlier this year I found my freedom. I married right out of high school to my high school sweetheart Jim. He and I had been lovers all through high school and I knew we were destined to be together. He went on to college and became a mortgage banker and I went to community college and studied to be an accountant. Our life together was so perfect, it was like a fairy tale come true.

Everyday was like a new beginning and we nurtured our relationship and I thought it would never end. In Jim's quest to be number one, our relationship suffered terribly. He frequently worked late at night and weekends too. "You have to work at it if you want to be successful honey," he would always tell me when I complained. I sat home night after night alone, remembering how it used to be.

I decided to rekindle the flame and one night as he was working late, I decided to pay him a visit. This was a night he would remember for a long time. I showered and gently stroked my swollen vulva as I did, longing for Jim's big cock. It had been soooo long. I got my shaver and shaved my legs and my armpits and then, on a lark, I shaved my cunt. After I was done, I gently rubbed my hands over it, ummmm it felt so smooth. I teased my slit with my finger and I could see my nipples getting hard. My 32c tits stood out so proudly as I looked down , with their nipples extended. My finger found my clit and I began rubbing it ever so lightly. A moan escaped my lips as my clit grew harder and harder. I looked around for some help and on the commode I saw a scented candle.

I reached for the candle and raised it to my lips, imagining it was Jim's cock. I teased the end of it with my tongue and swirled my tongue around the shaft. I pressed it in between my lips and inhaled the scent. After I was sufficiently wet, I moved it to my burning pussy. I teased my clit with it first and then slid it the length of my vulva. With my other hand, I spread my cunt lips and began the long journey. It had been quite awhile since anything other than my fingers had entered my cunt, so I had to go slow. The candle eased into my vagina and it felt so good. I began moving it in and out and heard myself moaning for Jim to fuck me, "Fuck me Jim, fuck me hard, ohhh baby I need it so bad." I stood there with the warm water running over me pistoning that candle in and out of myself and with my eyes closed I could see Jim's face. Before I knew it, I was quivering all over and a violent orgasm rocked me to my very soul.

I opened my eyes and the reality struck me, there I was in the shower with a candle hanging from my wet pussy and I was alone. That was going to change I told myself. I pulled the candle out and sucked my juices off of it and put it back on the commode. I dried off and went to my bedroom to get dressed. The more I thought about it, the more I decided that I wouldn't waste time with clothes and pulled my knee length coat around me, grabbed my car keys and headed out. The air was cool on hot cunt as I walked to the car. All I could think of all the way to Jim's office was how good it was going to feel to have Jim's big cock in me, my nipples were getting hard and my box was getting wet just thinking about it.

I reached Jim's office in record time and parked in the back, just in case his boss happened to drive by. I let myself in through the back door with the spare key Jim had at home. The office was pretty dark except for a night light in the hall and the light coming from under Jim's office door. I walked up to his door and removed my coat and flung the door open. My eyes could not believe the sight before me. There was Jim, naked, sitting in his chair with his secretary deep-throating him. They never even heard me come in they were so involved. He had a hold of her head and was driving down on his shaft at a furious pace. I could see he had her hands bound behind her back and her ass had red marks of handprints on it.

"Come on you slut, suck my cock," he blurted out as he jammed her head onto his staff. "I'd hate to have to fuck your ass again to make you obey me," he shouted. Then I saw his eyes roll back into his head as he loaded her mouth with cum. She was gagging and struggling to swallow it all, but it escaped from the corners of her mouth and dribbled down onto her tits. He then smacked her face and said, "I told you not to waste it bitch!!"

By the time his cock had fallen out of her mouth, he looked up and saw me standing there. He threw her back on the floor and jumped up, "Victoria!! What are you doing here?" The poor little slut couldn't even get up with her hands bound behind her and she just lay there whimpering.

"I guess this is why you haven't had time for me, Jim," I said as he tried to make excuses. "I want a divorce!!!" I screamed as I grabbed my coat and left for the back door. I drove home while tears welled up in my eyes wondering where I had gone wrong. In the back of my mind, I was grateful we hadn't fucked in such a long time, lord know what kind of disease I would have to worry about. I got home and packed a bag and got dressed and left. I drove to the city and got a room at the Holiday Inn.

I cried for a couple of hours and then said, "That's enough!!" I thought a jog might help, so I put on my bodysuit and pulled some shorts over it. I never wear a bra or panties when I jog, they retain too much perspiration. I saw a sign as I jogged that pointed to a park, so I headed in that direction.

About half way through the park, it began to pour down rain and I headed for a tunnel I saw in the distance. It was very dark in the tunnel, but at least it was dry. I stood just inside the entrance to the tunnel and watched the rain come down. I heard a noise behind me and I jumped. Just then a cat ran past me and out into the rain. "Whew, that was something," I said out loud. I heard a male voice behind me say, "yes it was" and a hand clamped over my mouth and pulled me back into the shadows. About half way through the tunnel, there was a doorway which led to a room. There was an awful stench in the room and after the heavy metal door clanged shut, a flashlight came on shining right into my face.

"Listen close cunt," a husky voice said, "You will do as I say and if you don't, you will die." My heart raced wildly and I nodded my head yes. "If you scream, I will gag you and punish you as well." It was hard for me to find words as my heart was beating in my throat. "Please don't hurt me," I pleaded. "I won't promise you won't get hurt, but if you cooperate it will hurt less, do you understand?" My heart sank, "Yes" was all I could muster.

He moved away from me and I heard some clanging behind me. I bolted for the door and he quickly subdued me. "I told you cunt, COOPERATE." He lifted me up off the dank floor and took me over to the wall where I could make out metal chains hanging there. He tied my wrists to the chains and they were spaced about 5 feet apart and it really pulled on my arms hanging like that. He went over across the room and lit one of those camping lanterns and the room came to light, it was a dank, nasty place. I could see him for the first time, he was about 6 feet tall and had ratty looking clothes on.

I guess he was a homeless person who had taken up residence under the bridge. His face was unshaven and as he smiled at me, I could see his nasty teeth. He picked up a bottle of cheap wine and took a swig and then asked if I wanted one, "No thank you." He reached up on the shelf and brought down a piece of metal that had been sharpened. He came over to me and said, "Well, Miss Priss bitch, how horny are you? Cause I'm about to bust out of my pants," and he laughed. Oh my God, this pervert was actually going to fuck me and I couldn't help it and vomited on the floor at that thought. He reached over and got an old plastic milk jug filled with water and washed the vomit away and then poured some in a pan and threw it on my face to clean it off.

"Let's see our prize," he said as he picked up the sharp metal piece and came towards me. I let out a scream and he slapped me hard across the face. Tears began to flow as the stinging welled up in my cheek. "Look cunt, I own you. All the screaming in the world won't help you out here, so shut the fuck up and do as you're told!" He surveyed my clothes and unbuckled my shorts and let them drop to the floor. He lifted my legs one by one and took them off and pitched them behind him. He reached down and rubbed his hand over my pubic mound, the fear in me grew.

He massaged my vulva through my bodysuit and then his hand moved down towards my crotch and he unsnapped the snaps that held the bodysuit together. The cold, damp air rushed over my cunt as the suit was rolled up my stomach. He stopped for a moment and opened my vulva with his fingers to survey his prize. A wicked smile came over his face and then he continued rolling the suit up over my stomach and stopped just below my tits. He brought the crude knife up and cut at the armpits of the suit. The knife was not very sharp and he had a lot of difficulty cutting with it.

The constant movement of the material caused my nipples to be massaged and they began hardening. He finally got the suit cut and threw it behind him with my shorts. Goosebumps began to accumulate over my body as the cold air hit my hot sweaty body. This seemed to turn him on and he stood back and took it all in. "Nice shaved pussy baby, do that for your rich husband?" He reached down to touch my cunt and I clamped my legs shut, again I got slapped. "Don't fuck with me cunt, you will regret it." He took his knee and spread my legs and began rubbing my vulva and alternately stroked my clit with his thumb.

The fear was tremendous, but deep inside of me things were happening that I couldn't believe. My pussy started getting hot and wet and my mind was on fire. How can being violated excite me, I asked myself. But, the feelings were there and were growing fast. "My little rich cunt is getting excited," he laughed. He was right, it had been so long since Jim or anybody else had fucked me, I needed it bad! He ran his index finger up and down my pussy as his thumb caressed my clit, my body was betraying me!!

He looked up and saw my eyes closed and my head limp and knew that I was his. In my mind, I could see Jim's secretary bound on her knees blowing him and the red on her ass from the slaps. I imagined it was me as this man inserted a finger in my twat. He began pumping in and out and my hips began to join his rhythm. He moved his head up and took one of my tits in his mouth, he bit it pretty hard, but it felt good. He sucked on my tit and bit on my nipple and I responded involuntarily. I need this so very bad.

Before I knew it, an orgasm was building deep in my loins I exploded with a scream. My pussy juice ran over his hand as he continued finger fucking me. After he was satisfied with my performance, he withdrew his finger and I almost begged him not to. He moved back and began taking his clothes off and stood back before me naked. He had a nice cock, even though it and him were filthy. My mind blocked out the stench, all I could think of was getting shamelessly fucked.

He pulled a chair over and climbed up on it. He grabbed my face in his hands and said, "You're gonna suck on it cunt and it better be good." With that he guided it towards my mouth. It was large, 8 or 9 inches and about 2 inches thick. He rubbed it on my lips at first and then my mouth opened all by itself and he inserted it. I couldn't smell the stench anymore and I sucked him greedily. He pistoned in and out of my mouth and each time I tried to accept more of his cock. The chair made it awkward because the angle was all wrong, but I imagined myself as Jim's secretary as he fucked my mouth and grabbed my hair.

Before long, he was reaching the back of my throat and I relaxed my throat and took all of him. "Suck me you cunt, take it all!!" he screamed at me as I tried to swallow all of this wonderful cock. He took one hand out of my hair and lowered it to my erect tits and manhandled and squeezed it, twisting my nipple,, the pain was exquisite. I felt his cock begin to swell in my mouth and he unleashed a torrent of hot salty cum in my mouth. Like Jim's secretary, some of it oozed out of the corner's of my mouth and dripped on my tits. He continued pumping my mouth until his cock softened and then he got down off of the chair. "You give a mean blow job bitch." he said as he smiled. " But, we're not done yet." A small smile came over me, relishing the though of sexual fulfillment, it had been so long.

He sat down and had a cigarette and watched me the whole time. My arms were beginning to really hurt at this point and I asked him if he could untie me. He got up and wedged a piece of iron pipe in the door so it couldn't be opened and untied me. As disgusting as he was, he had no way of knowing that I wasn't going anywhere until he fucked me!

As he smoked his cigarette, I massaged my arms to get the blood back to normal. After a minute or so, I got down on my knees and moved closer to him. I reached out and took hold of his now flaccid cock and began to stroke it. "My little cunt wants some more, huh?" I just smiled and stroked his cock as it grew again. I leaned over and ran my tongue around the head of this magnificent cock and then took him in my mouth. I sucked him slowly and deliberately, not wanting him to get too excited. After all, my pussy hadn't been filled yet. After he finished his cigarette, he got up and pulled me up and locked his mouth on mine. At first I fought his probing tongue, but then I let him in and our tongues did battle.

I reached down and stroked his semi hard cock as we kissed. He inserted a finger into my pussy and the heat began anew. My loins were on fire as he finger fucked me again. He gently eased a second finger in me, but when he tried a third, my vagina resisted. It had been a long time since I had been fucked and my cunt had become very tight. It brought back memories of the candle in the shower and I began to ooze. He roughly kneaded my tits and finger fucked me and kissed me, the heat was building up. When he stopped, I asked him to fuck me.

He laid me on my back on a table and eased between my legs. I spread my legs wide to give him easy access, but he grabbed my ankles and pushed them over my stomach and up even with my head. I could feel my cum dribbling down the crack of my ass as I anticipated his cock in me. He grabbed both my ankles with one hand and with the other hand he massaged my clit with the head of that wonderful cock. I could feel the rubbery head of his cock against my clit.

As my juices poured out of my pussy, over my ass and onto the table my mind was a million miles away. Back to a time in high school when Jim had fucked me this way on a picnic table at the lake. My body jumped as he entered me, it had been so long since a cock had been in me. He struggled at first to feed it all in, even with the juices it was tight. He finally got it all in and withdrew it half way and I felt so empty. Then he pushed it back in and began a rhythm of it. Each time he would pump me harder and each time he hit bottom, my mind moved to another dimension. It felt like his cock got larger with each forward thrust, it felt like he was entering my womb.

My mind was in ecstasy, I was getting the cock I had dreamed of in the shower, only it wasn't Jim's. My body was wracked with another orgasm, this one more intense than the one before. "Fuck me, fuck me, I'm cummmmmiiinnngg!!" I screamed and a torrent was unleashed from my loins. As my orgasm subsided, his began and I fucked him as hard as he fucked me. I wanted him to fill me with cum and he did in just a few strokes more. He yelled, "Take it you cunt!!! Take it all!!!" After the last of his jism spurted into me, he collapsed on my chest and as my mind came back to where I was the stench I had blocked out of my mind returned.

He rolled off of me and sat down and lit another cigarette and I dropped down and cleaned his cock with my mouth, savoring the salty taste. I couldn't believe what a slut I'd become, but I didn't want to waste it. After I cleaned him off, I sat back and rested. My mind went back to Jim and his secretary, how he had told her that if she didn't obey him he'd fuck her in the ass again. I wondered if he spanked her as he fucked her ass and that was where the red handprints on her ass came from. Suddenly, I had a thought. I looked at this disgusting looking man and my eyes drifted to that wonderful instrument between his legs and I asked him if he would come back with me. "Yeah right cunt, so you can give me to the cops."

"No, I said," and I told him what had happened with Jim and that I needed his cock tonight. It took a lot of convincing, but he finally agreed. I put my clothes back on and did my best to hide the rips where he had cut it off and he got dressed and we went out. The rain had slowed and we headed towards the Holiday Inn. I made him wait around the corner until I saw that the coast was clear and rushed him into my room. Then I went to the vending machine and got a razor and shaving cream and a toothbrush and toothpaste and returned to my room.

I took him by the hand and we both undressed and got into the shower. The warm water felt good on my body as I washed his grime off of me. The spent cum ran down my leg and I noticed a little blood mixed with it. "Wash yourself," I told him and he began bathing. I finished bathing and turned my attention to him, making sure that no part was unwashed. As I bathed his cock, it began to harden again and I coated it with soap and stroked it as I washed it.

That wonderful tool, I thought. When I was certain it was clean, I rinsed it off and dropped to my knees right there in the shower and began to suck him. I nibbled on the head and stroked the shaft and he rolled his head back and moaned. Poor guy, it had probably been as long for him as it had for me. I slowly enveloped the head and began taking the shaft in my mouth. It was so much better clean, and with the warm water running over me it took me back to my own shower earlier tonight. I cupped his balls and rolled them around in my one hand and stroked him with the other. His cock was fully erect by now and I had to adjust my position to take it all in.

Soon, he was at the back of my throat again and I could feel his cock swelling. His orgasm was so intense, he almost blew a hole in the back of my throat. There it was, that salty sweet jism again, but it still leaked from the corners of my mouth. After the last little bit dribbled into my mouth, he withdrew and with my finger I gathered what had leaked out and channeled it back into my mouth.

We finished our shower and dried off and I gave him the toiletries and he set about his work. I went out and laid on the bed. I couldn't get the site of Jim and his secretary out of my head, I lay back and closed my eyes and could see the two of them. My hand moved to my bare pussy and began teasing my clit as my mind saw Jim getting his blow job. I thrust my finger inside and stopped momentarily as my finger hit my sore vagina. Soon, the pain was gone and I was finger fucking myself. I thrashed wildly on the bed as I brought myself to yet another orgasm.

When I was done, I looked up to see him standing in the bathroom doorway watching. My God, he wasn't half bad after he cleaned up! He came over and took my hand and licked my fingers clean. Then he bent down and lapped my juices running out of my bald cunt. His warm tongue felt good against my hot clit and he was very gentle, not the beast he had been. In a way, I missed his roughness. He put my legs up over his back and began eating my bald pussy with conviction, pausing occasionally to suck on my clit. His arms went around the outside of my legs and began tweaking my nipples which got even harder than they were.

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