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The Joke's on Him


What a strange, rather public, meeting place to be chosen to discuss what Marie had described over the phone as an 'urgently important, private, matter.' One would think a hotel to be private, but her choice had a multitude of shops along the first floor that were all open to the public though entrances in the hotel and on the street, and the hotel contained various enclosed walk-ways, subterranean pathways, and pedestrian bridges that connected the hotel to the surrounding shopping centers in the downtown area. One could walk from one building to the next--for a dozen blocks--and never be exposed to the elements, and at the center of this interlocking network of buildings, was the hotel Marie asked me to meet her for a coffee and some advice. Maybe I had over exaggerated the importance of her call, but she had sounded so heart-broken through the phone.

Being the first to have arrived, I ordered myself a black coffee, and ordered one of her sugary-sweet concoctions parading itself as a coffee-like beverage, paid for them, and then went out into the hotel corridor to wait for Marie; who I should have known would have been late. She was always late for everything unlike myself who took pride in being early for any appointment. For being my supposed doppelganger, Marie and I did not have much else in common other than our physical features.

It was easy for me to spot Marie in the crowd when she first entered into the hotel several shops from where I was waiting, and equally as easy a task for her, she waved to me while jumping up and down a few times when she saw me standing with our drinks. The light shimmered off of the bedazzled embellishments of her pink sweater and flowered headband, and her smile seemed to shine just as brightly. Ever cheerful Marie...I wondered what could possibly have happened to have caused her to sound so panicked on the phone while she walked toward me with a bit of a bounce in her light steps.

"You got the drinks already?" She called, still smiling while she made her way through the crowd, and I nodded.

"Yup, coffee for me, and sugar and syrup mud topped with whipped cream just for you." I teased her lightly while handing her the beverage after she caught up to me.

"Nat, you spoil me!" Marie beamed while opening the lid of her beverage to check its contents. She re-sealed the lid, but kept her eyes lowered to her cup. "I um...I have a huge favor to ask you...about Daniel...can we go sit somewhere?"

"Maybe we can find a quiet corner on the other side of the building." I offered, watching my almost mirror image blush and nod her head.

She hooked her free arm in mine, and we walked arm-in-arm together. I could not help but continue to side glance in her direction while she walked beside me. Marie was always so much more optimistic than I, usually, and she was usually so carefree, happy, and naïve that I found myself constantly feeling protective of my friend. She picked her head up and cleared her throat, but there remained a kind of sadness on her face that I could not place.

"Are you upset with Daniel?" I pressed, asking her about her husband.

"Not really." Marie sighed. "Well, I don't know."

When we found an unoccupied corner without any other people walking around us, we stopped and sat across from each other in two of the large, over-stuffed, and yet oddly uncomfortable hotel lounge chairs.

I studied my friend carefully once we were seated. "You're going to have to do better than that, Marie, I'm not a mind-reader."

"So direct, so to the point," Marie cracked a small smile that looked as though she were trying to hide a secret, "so...forceful, and dominating...aren't you, Nat?"

I sipped my coffee and waited for her to explain herself, but Marie only sighed and sat back in her chair. She stared at me for a moment, as if she were looking for the answer she sought to be written somewhere on my face. With another sigh, she relented.

"Could you teach me that?"

"What?" I laughed, caught off guard by her odd request.

"Don't play coy with me," Marie smirked, I've been through your dresser drawers, and I've seen all your toys, remember?" She constantly joked that we could share clothes like we were sisters, but she wore so many bright pastel colors, and my preferred pallet led me to darker, cooler shades, that we rarely ever saw a piece of clothing in the other's wardrobes that we would want to borrow from the other. That never stopped Marie from looking through my closet whenever she visited my apartment; just in case I had a new garment she would fancy for me to share.

"And?" I asked pleasantly, despite my patience wearing thin. "Are you asking me to take you toy shopping? Would you like me to help pick out something for you and Daniel?" I teased, and she blushed again.

"...Maybe." She finally answered after a long pause, but then shook her head as if that was not the correct answer. "I don't know, Natalie, I am so completely lost right now." She whined.

Her duress dug into my skin, and snapped me out of my impatient mind-set. Feeling more protective than combative, I softened my voice for her. "Marie...I can't help if you don't better explain yourself."

"The other night, after we had all met up for drinks at our bar, Dan told me that he liked you." Marie whispered sounding heartbroken by the admission.

"Well, no shit," I tried to joke to lighten the mood, "I look like you."

Marie was a few inches shorter than I, but we had the same body size and shape. Our faces were so similar, that in addition to our mirrored body types, people constantly confused us for twins, but we were not in fact related, and if one looked closely enough, they could spot the subtle differences between us. My eyes were green, while her eyes were actually hazel, my lips were a bit fuller than her lips, her nose was more rounded while mine was more angular, and while my hair was a natural auburn, Marie was a brunette who had bleached and dyed her hair to match my shade rather impressively. I met Marie when I was still in college during a reunion weekend, but she was several years older than me, and had already graduated. No onlooker would ever guess an age gap though, seeming how she usually acted more childish and playful in public than I did. We kept in touch, eventually moved to the same city, and became close enough that everyone around us suspected us to be sisters.

Marie forced a laugh, and I wondered if she had been reminiscing too, but she shook her head. "That's not what I mean. I mean he likes you; your personality, your wit, or whatever. He said that, when he first met you, while you were fresh out of school, which feels like so long ago now, that he thought you were a bitch, and that he was glad to be dating the 'good twin' as he calls me. He then said that the more he actually paid attention to what you said, and how you said it, that he started to catch on to the games that you would play with your dates, or with strangers, and he realized that you really weren't being bitchy, but that that was your kind of sadistic way of being playful. And he admitted to finding your games amusing once he caught on. He still thought you were the 'bad twin,' but he also thought you were more of a challenge than a bitch, and at some point, he started to find that kind of hot. The other night, when I had wandered off to dance with your date, because you jerks wouldn't come dance with us, when I came back to the bar, I leaned up against Danny, and felt he was rock hard."

"So?" I shrugged. "Maybe your husband was watching you dance...he kept looking over toward you."

"That's what I thought at first, and I teased him that my dancing isn't that good...at least not when you're not there to shimmy and grind against me." Marie laughed briefly. "He went total deer in the headlights, like he had been caught, and so I questioned him about it. He said that he thought he had figured out one of your games, he had provoked you, and you snapped at him in a way he didn't expect. Whatever you had said, and the way you said it, really turned him on. He made a joke about you being not just the 'bad twin,' but also being some kind of secret dominatrix, and I told him about the toys I found in your dresser--"

"Marie!" I laughed, and she winced.

"I know, stupid, but he was like, really into it, and then he started asking me what I thought about some of the toys, and if I would ever use them, and if I could ever feel comfortable enough to maybe experiment with the idea...of...taking the lead...in bed." She winced again, and after placing her coffee cup down on the little table between our chairs, she picked her legs up, and folded them against her body while she curled herself around her bent legs and crossed her arms in front of them.

Seeing my friend in such anguish, made my stomach sink, but that could not keep me from giggling at the idea. "You're the most naturally submissive person I have ever seen."

"And I love that!" Marie gasped. "I love when he goes into full hulk mode, tosses me into bed, ties me down, tears off all my clothes, and just fucks my brains out, and he knows that! He gets me off like no other person has ever been able to, and I cum the hardest when he's in full control. That's why I married him!" She croaked; her face beat red with embarrassment. Marie looked around, suddenly aware of her still rather public surroundings, and satisfied that no one had over-heard her, she settled back into her chair.

"Has he ever expressed this fantasy to you before?" I asked gently, and she shook her head.

"Nope, and it's your fault."

I laughed. "It is not my fault." She glared at me accusingly, and I silenced my laughter. "Maybe," I tried to sound innocent, "Daniel did have this fantasy before, but for whatever reason, he didn't feel comfortable enough to tell you. Maybe he thought you would think less of him, or I don't know, react the way you're freaking out now, and maybe, he thought you guys had reached a point in your relationship that he finally felt comfortable enough to share. Have you thought about a little role reversal? Maybe if you tried it, you might find you enjoy it, or he might find it's really not his thing."

Marie curled herself into a tighter ball on her chair, and sensing I had actually hit a sore spot with my suggestions, I stopped my gentle inquisition. "I did try," Marie whispered melancholy, "because I love my husband, and I want him to be just as happy as I am, I tried." Not daring to ask, I waited for Marie to tell me on her own time. "He showed me how to tie some knot that would be easy to escape from and wouldn't hurt him...the one he uses when he ties me down," she rolled her eyes and smiled a little, "and it took me awhile to get it, but I did. I tied him to the bed, and he just kept looking at me all expectantly, like he was desperate to know what was next, and I found myself sitting there like, 'shit, what is next?!'"

I pressed my lips together so hard they pressed between my teeth and curled around my teeth while I tried desperately not to smile. Marie shot me a disheartened glare, and I raised my free hand to cover my mouth, and nodded my head for her to continue with her story.

"You're going to laugh at me, but I had watched some porn videos beforehand...you know...looking for ideas because I should have just called you then, but I'm an idiot."

"You're not an idiot." I interrupted to defend her, but she shook her head.

"Oh no?" She breathed, eyes wide. "'So, you wanna be my bitch?' I asked him, and then tried to slap him across the face, but not being able to really hit him, I ended up, like, tapping his cheek...He looked so confused, so I choked while I stuttered though a 'yeah, that's my good little bitch,' and he laughed at me!"

I took a deep breath to keep from laughing. "And then?" I squeaked.

"I think I actually punched him in the chest, and he kept laughing. I got on top of him, and started grinding against him to get him hard, and he actually looked me in the eye and said, 'you know, I don't think that's what Nat would have done.' I don't even know what happened after that, but it ended up with me sitting there on top of him, bawling my eyes out. He untied himself, and held me, but nothing he said or did could make me feel better."

"Oh, Marie, I'm so sorry." I breathed, lowering my hand from my face, and feeling a small sense of defeat that Marie must have experienced on an infinite scale. "That bastard."

"He didn't mean it." Marie shook her head. "Or at least he tried to explain that guys are simple, and that they don't really think through what they say, and--"

"And he's a bastard." I cut her off, and after a moment of reflection, she sighed. "So...you called me because you feel obligated to punish him for being a bastard?"

"No," Marie frowned at me, "I called you thinking that you might teach me how to be more dominating so that I don't fuck up so bad next time."

I shook my head. "I can't teach you, you don't have a single domme bone in your adorable, subby body, and I would have thought that was obvious for Daniel to see."

Marie closed her eyes and grimaced as though she had been stabbed. "So then my other question...again, because I love him, and I want him to be happy...is...would...you..."

"Absolutely not." I interrupted before she could finish speaking the words that obviously brought her a tremendous amount of pain just to contemplate.

When Marie opened her eyes, I could see clear across the table that she was trying to blink back tears. "He's really into this little fantasy all of a sudden," she whimpered, "and I'm not good enough to fulfill it." We sat in silence for some time, me sipping from my coffee every so often, while Marie refused to move.

Suddenly, I had a rather wicked idea. "What are your thoughts on a three-way?"

"What?!" Marie gasped, wide-eyed, before she could even process my question.

"Think about it: two curvy red-head, twin-ish look-a-likes...any guy would lose his freakin' mind, right?"

"I know I tell you that I love you all the time, but that's not what I mean." Marie tried to joke, but she was obviously still in shock.

I giggled. "Oh, I know. You might not feel like your stupid bastard has earned himself a nasty punishment, but I think he needs to suffer as much as he's made you suffer over this cute idea of his. You won't be able to do that...not on your own, or at least not without a really unhealthy push in a wrong direction, so if we worked together, you two could play though your experiment, and I can make Daniel regret ever thinking about it in the first place."

"You, would use a three-some, as punishment." Marie stated in awe, and I nodded my head vigorously. "That is evil on a scale I just cannot comprehend."

"And that's why you called me." I laughed. "Think about it, and if you decide you still wanna go through with this, or something like it, then we'll get together...next time with alcohol...and we'll plan and scheme, and drink the night away."

I felt tension grow between us while an awkward silence lingered, but after a few minutes, Marie shrieked in a fit of giggles. "Daniel has no idea what he's asked for!"

"Like I said," I shrugged, relaxing as Marie unraveled herself and finally reached for her untouched drink, "you've married, and are in love with, a stupid bastard."

I did not need to wait for Marie to call me with her decision, she ended up taking the train with me back to my apartment. She spent the walk from the station to my apartment building constantly cracking jokes, and laughing at her own awful puns, but when we reached my apartment, she fell silent. I let her in, and went straight to my wine rack to select our first bottle, but Marie continued into my bedroom without a word. After I had poured two glasses of one of my favorites, I brought our glasses with me into the bedroom after her.

I found Marie standing in front of my dresser with the top drawer completely pulled open. Her arms were flat against her sides, and her head hung low while she stared into my drawer filled with various sex toys.

"Are you really sure that you want to do this?" I breathed while handing a glass of wine to her.

Marie did not move at first, but after a moment, she reached for the glass with a long sigh and a nod of her head. "What did you have in mind, Nat?"

"Well...first thing's first," I shrugged, and Marie turned to look at me, "you need to set boundaries, limits, and any ground rules that you want to see followed, and then I will scheme a scene that works within your perimeters."

"I don't plan such things," Marie huffed, "Daniel makes all of the decisions."

"But you do set boundaries, and limits for him based on your comfort level, don't you?" I asked, suddenly concerned.

Marie shrugged. "Yeah, I guess, sometimes."


"Well, more, usually he asks, and then I just say yes or no."

I rolled my eyes at her, and instead of taking a sip from my wine, I drained the glass. "Let me refill this then," I growled, annoyed, "and then we'll start a list. This is going to be one hell of a long night, isn't it?"

She shrugged again before she turned back toward the open drawer. Instead of bringing my glass back out into the kitchen to refill it, I put my glass down on the dresser, and then retrieved the wine bottle. After returning to my bedroom with my new cup, we started to slowly dissect various play scenarios to establish Marie's terms. The process promised to be painful with Marie's original reluctance, but once she felt comfortable speaking candidly--and by that I mean: once she was tipsy and happily braiding my cat o' nine tails while sitting on my bed--we had a great deal of fun while laughing and joking about different toys, and who to use them on.

Once we had all of the details ironed out, Marie and I decided to enact our cruel joke after our weekly Wednesday night get-together at our favorite bar. She had fallen asleep in my bed shortly after that; it had been a regular occurrence for Marie and I to share a bed if one of us crashed at the other's place after a night out before she was married, and so I thought nothing of it. Instead, I texted Daniel to let him know that Marie was staying over. Looking at the date on the text message, and quickly working out the math, I realized our Wednesday night prank was going to fall on the first of April. Amused by my revelation, I cuddled up next to my dear friend, and fell asleep beside her.


I did not bother to bring a date with me when I met Marie and Daniel for our weekly night out, and Daniel insisted on knowing what had happened to my date from the previous week.

"Don't tell me that you've kicked Jack to the curb already, Nat, I liked that guy!" Daniel laughed when he saw me enter the bar alone.

Ideas of how this evening would progress, had flooded my every thought for days. I had felt the deep twinge in my body when I had spotted the couple, and could not deny that I was extremely excited for the night to continue elsewhere. "You liked him, hmm?" I teased. "I thought you would prefer the company of two women better, but if you'd rather I call your boyfriend to come play with you, I can do that."

Daniel laughed, and then ordered a drink for me, already knowing my preference. "That's alright," he beamed, watching me sit in the empty chair to his right after I gave Marie to his left a quick wave, "we don't need him. I am perfectly capable of entertaining two ladies all on my own, thank you."

As I adjusted myself in my seat, I allowed for my hand closest to Daniel to land on his knee closest to me. I made it look like the contact was accidental at first, but when Daniel shot me quirky smile, I let my hand slowly travel up his thigh. He panicked.

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