tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Joke's on Me!

The Joke's on Me!


My eyes blinked open as the aching throughout my body registered. Unfortunately for me, everything in my mind was processing very slowly. It took me close to a minute to grasp that I was being pulled up by a wench on a chain devised to keep my body upright and immobilized for whatever the person who put me in this contraption wanted me to do.

I was struggling with processing the facts because nothing I sensed seemed frightening to me. I recall it striking me as odd because it's hardly normal being pulled up to a standing position by a wench. Unfortunately, it registered as simple facts unassociated with any frisson of fear that should have been sending off alarm bells with what was actually happening to me.

My memory slid in and out, running slowly through things I recalled tonight. It felt to me like I was looking through a kaleidoscope or a funhouse mirror because my thoughts wouldn't follow a straight line. My perception was askew as everything floated by like some very odd movie running before my eyes. The recollections arrived jumbled, void of details and swirling around in my head like a thick fog I couldn't fit together despite how desperately I was trying to focus.

Finally, I recalled the beginning of the night when all my troubles began. I remember my brother suggested I should try a new online dating service he'd heard good things about. The site promised a match guaranteed to result in a date you would enjoy or you got the services fee returned plus the next match free.

I'd looked the services over and the site had good reviews. Hoping for the best, I entered my information into the forms matching me with what appeared to be a perfectly handsome man so I paid my fee and gave it a shot. We'd had two nice conversations on-line and I had to admit his picture was hot. I was anxious to meet him.

Well they tell you not to judge a book by its cover and apparently the same should be said regarding a date based on one picture and a couple chats. He arrived and I thought he was even more amazingly attractive than his picture was. Well, I'll amend that with stating he was perfect right up until he spoke. That was the moment I thought, Holy crap! Nope, nope, nope, a definite no friggin' way on God's green earth would I be dating him again.

His voice was beyond what I'd describe as effeminate. Unfortunately, he mistook my smiling as a sign things were starting off swimmingly. The truth was, I couldn't quit grinning because his squeaky sounding voice was comical. It poured out his mouth like an active volcano spews lava. I was waiting for the moment he called me girlfriend and flipped his wrist like Vanna White.

I bit my lip listening to his voice. I had to stop myself from laughing in his face because he sounded like a cartoon character to my ears. I caught myself desperately trying to get the bartender's attention right now. Panic overtook my senses because I was certain I was going to crack up listening to him visit. I needed a triple shot of something incredibly strong to get me through the next two hours. Dear God help me was all I thought. How would I get through an entire date? This was a disaster.

I took a deep breath while he told me how lovely I looked tonight, I suddenly felt terrible judging him like this. This wasn't like me. I wouldn't like someone judging me so superficially. I didn't give him a chance. I was being so rude! He couldn't help it if he sounded like Mickey Mouse on steroids, right? I forced myself to listen to his words and ignore that hideous voice.

I decided then and there I would stay positive. He ordered drinks for us and I entertained myself with the comedy of life's little predicaments. I ignored the constant thought of nails running down a chalkboard. I shook it off. It would be fine.

I was determined to enjoy this night. It. Would. Be. Great! We'd have a drink then go into the restaurant and eat supper. I hadn't been on a date for nearly two years. I wanted to have fun! End. Of. Story. Maybe we'd set up another date. Anything's possible, Right? Unfortunately, that thought caused an outburst with fits of laughter causing the swallow of my drink to shoot through my nose! I snorted I was laughing so hard at the delusional load of crap I was selling to myself! A bit of my drink splashed the table and the front of my blouse during this fit of laughter.

I took a deep breath and swallowed down the last two sips of my shot. I excused myself to use the lady's facilities to clean up my blouse. I felt giddy. The strangest thing was I noticed feeling almost like I was intoxicated. I couldn't imagine why. I had only finished my first drink and it wasn't strong. I jokingly had considered ordering a freaking strong drink to ease the noises coming from that voice! Unfortunately, before I was able to put that idea in motion he'd already told the bartender my drink order which he'd asked for in case something came up and he had to wait for me for whatever reason. The bartender had promptly returned with the mild drink. I'd stuck with one simple shot of Bailey's Irish Cream on the rocks. There was no way I was drunk. I was just in shock or something.

Although being drunk made no sense at all, I was having way too much fun in the bathroom. I was making faces in the restroom mirror, laughing at nothing, feeling mindless and wobbly on my feet. I wasn't intoxicated so I chalked my behavior up to nerves and his goofy voice. That had to be what made me feel so funky, right?

I walked with a slightly staggering gait back to our table in the bar. He'd picked up my sweater and clutch then sat them back down. I guess he was having a battle in his head about if he should have picked up my purse for me. He looked stupid holding them the way he was so he sat them back on the table. He said he was waiting for one last drink and then we'd go into the restaurant.

I took the last couple steps to the table from my mindless adventure in the lady's room. Unfortunately, just as I approached the table I stumbled and almost completely slid across and over the table's top.

My date tried to stop me from a bad fall by grabbing me awkwardly. He accidentally cupped my shoulder with one hand and the other hand cupped my breast firmly, stopping my fall. His eyes dropped to the site before him. He had become glued to my cleavage. The top buttons of my blouse had already been unbuttoned to show off some of my cleavage, but the pressure of his hand placement popped another button undone and now my breasts were spilling nearly out of my shirt!

He didn't try to move his hand away from my breast, rather, he began rubbing, squeezing, and kneading my breast with his fingers pinching the tip of my nipple. I was looking up into his eyes and I let him. I didn't even try to move away from the hand molesting my breast because it felt fantastic having his fingers playing with my nipple. I was lying almost all the way across the table and my head was nearly in his lap!

With my head placement where it was, I couldn't help but notice his turgid member tenting his pants like that bad boy was going to make a break through the seams of the pants. My eyes almost popped out of my head. My face was mere inches from that tented area and I knew my butt was thrust up at an awkward angle looking very strange. The second we made eye contact we both began to laugh. We were shocked by our own behaviors. I halfheartedly pushed myself up, but I was still laying on the table as I apologized, explaining how strangely tipsy I felt after only one drink.

"Yeah, that's weird, so do I." he commented.

We both found that funny and chuckled out loud. He was still gaping at my breasts and he said in a throaty whisper while staring me in the eyes and lifting up one eyebrow suggestively, "Do you ... want to ... eat now?"

We both laughed at the double entendre. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have thought his sentence was remotely off color, but everything suddenly was highly sexually charged. For the first time in my life I had urges I'd never have even considered and certainly not with someone I'd met less than an hour ago and that now sounded a bit like he had Donald duck's voice.

Right this moment however, I wanted to lick this man from head to toe. I'd let him grab me and fuck me right up against this wall and it didn't matter how inappropriate it seemed or how totally out of character this was for me. I was beyond mildly excited. I was extremely stimulated to the point that my body throbbed with wanton desire. I was ready to get laid right now! I was already panting as he stared at my eyes.

I laughed nervously, completely out of my depth. He watched me as I righted myself slowly. I remained somewhat leaned over our table.

"I know this is something I shouldn't tell you. Oh, okay, I'm going to anyway. I feel so ... sexual and hot." I blushed adding, "Not like I'm too warm hot, but like, I think you ... want me ... hot. What's weird is, if you tried to, I'd let you have your way with me here and now ... I mean, if I didn't believe we would get into trouble. Thoughts like this are not like me, at all!" I whispered but it came out much louder than I intended it to be.

I leaned over the table getting even closer to his thick lips and that male chest of his. I slowly wiggled my backside smiling a seductive grin his direction. My date watched the not so subtle swaying of my hips and bottom. He was mesmerized by its rocking motion. His tented pants fascinated me. I couldn't stop my eyes from dropping down to stare at the bulge in the front of his pants.

He laughed excitedly, also trying to whisper yet failing, "I think the same thing. I'd toss you down here on this table if we wouldn't get arrested." He gestured to where my eyes were laser focused and said, "You see I mean that, right?" he patted his cock and made a thrusting motion with his hips.

I nodded. I turned my head toward a huge looming figure in my peripheral vision. A hulk of a man with monstrous arms and a massive muscled chest approached our table. He pressed himself firm against my swaying ass letting his eyes watch it brazenly. I nearly drooled. I took in his body looking up and down shamelessly, taking in his hulking presence. He had a firm eight-pack cut in his abs. They rippled under his shirt. He sidled into my bottom leaning over me, wrapping his thick arm around my waist. He pressed my soft curves against his firm angular body until we mashed together.

I looked to my date wondering if he would say something to stop the huge man from mauling his date, but he only watched the scene unfolding. It only appeared to make him more aroused if his pants tenting were any indication of his thoughts. When my date's eyes caught mine we both burst out laughing like lunatics again. I thought, "I don't know what was in that drink, but ... I like it.

The entire scene was like a wild, crazy joke, fun but surreal. The stranger laughed a deep throaty laugh that caused me to notice his thick arousal grinding against my backside. He leaned closer whispering, "You're a party girl, a real sexy prick tease, aren't you? I think we should go have one of our own! You want this and so much more, don't you?" he growled at me with a British accent as he ground his hard cock into my ass while holding me tightly to him.

I swallowed hard feeling a twinge deep in my belly shooting down into my sex. Even this man's voice turned me on, unlike my date's. I thought of the irony of him labeling me a tease. I was the last girl anyone would call a prick tease or a party girl. I had no hint of embarrassment now. No desire to stop this man from grinding against my bottom. The stranger patted my butt, cupping it with his huge hand while making an exaggerated glance at my prominent, round, heart shaped bottom. He wolf-whistled then gave it one last squeeze. The huge man told us he knew a quiet place my date and I could get together and let ourselves go. He added he would like to watch us go at it. I remember saying that sounds great before the huge man spread one hand across my stomach then slipped his other arm over my left arm, grasped my right arm at my shoulder with his huge hand and he effortlessly lifted me to a standing position.

He pulled me along holding me with his massive hand wrapped fully around my outer arm and his other hand pressed me against him as I stumbled along. He walked us out the doors of the lounge into the parking lot. Neither my date or I had any inhibitions. I walked with him leading me. My date seemed to be focused on thoughts of touching my ass. I believe he'd have followed me anywhere we wouldn't be arrested if he threw me down and fucked me. I also remember noticing the bartender nod to the muscled man pulling my arm. Then that bartender swiftly dumped the remains of our drinks down the drain, rinsed the glasses and looked at me with a smirk that almost seemed evil. I believe I understood on some level they had spiked our drinks, but there was no outrage on my part. I understood it as a fact, but it didn't matter to me even one little bit.

I saw myself walk through the door and all my cares once again flew away. The entire night seemed like an erotic dream. I wondered if this was really happening, but it looked and felt real. The muscled guy navigated me toward a van with his huge hands possessively clasping my waist. Three men walking toward us obviously eyeing me separated to walk around us. The man guiding me pulled me to a rough stop and then slid both hands sensuously up from my waist. He cupped both of my breasts twisting the thumb and index finger around my nipples and softly rolling and squeezing them through my shirt until they stood up pointed and grew hard under my blouse.

The indecent, lecherous, and lewd handling of my body caused me to inhale sharply and I became highly aroused. The men stopped and stared as his hands fondled my nipples right there in the parking lot. They seemed intrigued with my obvious carnal reaction which was not what anyone normally expected from a well-dressed woman with conservative clothing on. I inhaled deeply, panting. I rocked into his fingers gliding around my hardened nipples.

They're jealous!" I whispered conspiratorially, staring straight into one of the men's faces who watched the scene with desire written all over his face. I tapped my hand back hitting the massive guy's chest with a light slap. The huge man slapped my ass with a crack and gently pushed me toward a large van. It appeared to me that the door opened in a way that seemed to be almost magical through my chemically enhanced brain waves. Then I, a girl who would never do anything remotely wild, voluntarily climbed in a van filled with men I'd never seen before, including one with a ski mask on. No alarm bells went off. My date followed me and we got in like it was the most logical thing in the world to do. We laughed when the door closed behind us.

The huge man sat me between him and another large man on benches down the length of the van from just behind the front seat to the rear doors. The men immediately began stimulating me, touching my nipples and pulling up my dress. I was wearing thigh high black nylons. The man to my right ran his finger up the back of my leg from my ankle to my knee. I stretched out my leg so he could continue to my throbbing pussy. He cupped my mound over my skirt causing a deep guttural moan to tear from my throat. The warmth of his hand over my sex sent chills down my spine. He swiftly reached under my skirt ripping off my panties in one quick jerk.

The two men to each side of me undressed me. For one brief moment, I felt a frisson of shock course through my body but the only resistance I offered was when I said, "That's not very nice! You're being ... sooo .... naughty."

Salacious, vulgar and depraved thoughts flew through my mind. Eager and overstimulated weren't strong enough words for the sensations overcoming me in wave after wave of superheated desire. My blood pumped and throbbed between my legs. I was so aroused that even the air on my cheeks felt like fingers touching me. My nipples had tightened to such hard buds they likely could have cut through glass. My pussy was on display in front of a bunch of men I didn't know.

Initially, I didn't mind a bit, however, it may have been because of the fact that I was always committed to having sex after marriage that likely triggered the first and only anomaly regarding a test subjects behavior while on the drug they'd spiked our drinks with.

I suddenly became panicked. Apparently, something in my subconscious kicked in. I looked down at my naked sex and gasped. I tried to close my legs fast but the huge man beside me growled and hissed out, "No slut, you wanted this! You'll at least give your date something from a cock-tease like you've been tonight, right? That's what I think you've been acting like, don't you?"

I remember trying to consider his question. That was how far from rational I was. Intense desire I needed sated was winning out. The moral code which had prevented me from taking a man all the way was M.I.A. Before tonight, the closest I'd been to sex was when I was in my freshman year of college, right after I'd been given an engagement ring. My fiancé begged me to let him lick me, down ... there, but I didn't want him to.

Then he began pressuring me. He said I was selfish with regards to him. He begged me to give him a blow job. I tried to do it so he didn't feel like he was the only one giving in our relationship, but I was still reluctant to start.

I didn't know what to do. He got so angry with me so I finally relented thinking about the beautiful engagement ring he'd given me earlier that night made me feel terrible. He was furious that he still had to beg me and made that perfectly clear. He'd already decided to punish me for that indignity and so when he came, he pulled back then shot his cream all over my face. I tried to pull away from him but he held me there until white thick liquid dripped from my cheeks, nose, forehead, eyes and lips. He looked down at me with a clear arrogance and utter distain toward me. Hatred and disgust was written on his face. His cruelty was evident in his eyes but I hadn't been prepared for the venomous words he spewed at me. I felt broken and used.

Grabbing my hand he began jerking off my engagement ring. He shook his head and said, "I'm not ever going to marry a slut willing to suck my dick and then let yourself be debased by letting me shoot cum all over your face! Just look at yourself! You've been such a cock tease and now your just a cheap whore and anyone would be able to see that! Look at yourself! You're covered in cum. It's dripping from your hair, covering your face, cheeks, lips! You disgust me!" he sneered contemptuously at me.

My mouth hung open and I wanted to scream at him that he'd done this to me! I was only able to blink back the tears that bit the corners of my eyes and began to roll down my face. I trembled in utter humiliation. He leaned around me and lifted the door latch shoving the door behind me open. Then it didn't take much for me to topple backwards from the car to fall into the gutter where a wet puddle of dirty water laid. I landed hard directly on my tailbone. Semen dripped off my cheeks and nose and I could feel the thick cream in clumps all across my face. I felt so dirty and sickened by his complete change of tune. He picked up my shoe that had fallen off my foot and landed on the floorboard then he tossed it in the gutter next to me before he pulled the door shut and drove off leaving me shattered and ashamed.

I was devastated but didn't want anyone to know of my horrors. I walked home in my heels developing blisters on my feet from the long trudge back to our home. I snuck in and tried to tiptoe up the steps to my room in my soiled clothes with my tail between my legs and tears slowly dripping from my chin where white crust remained despite my efforts to remove all traces of this awful night from my memory.

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