tagRomanceThe Joke's on Them

The Joke's on Them


Travis Mason was in a very good mood as he walked down the street towards The Bella Bistro. Work had gone well with no mishaps and not a single person had dared to pull an April Fool's prank on him. As the boss, they would have been risking their jobs, but there might have been an "April Fool" bold or daring enough to try. He was happy that there hadn't been. Travis didn't have much patience for practical jokes. He tended to think that they were cruel and pointless.

He was a bit surprised that Mark hadn't pulled one of his stunts, although he supposed it was a bit too late for that now. His best friend since fourth grade loved practical jokes, even though Travis had told him consistently he had no stomach for them. He was always doing something that annoyed Travis, despite their friendship and the new relationship they now enjoyed since Mark had become family. Mark had insisted that Travis had pulled off the best practical joke of all, foisting him off on his sister, Casey. It was a running bit between them, because Casey had fallen in love with Mark from the time she was 11. The two-years older Mark hadn't noticed back then, few girls caught his eye. Sports were everything to Mark back then. It changed by the time he was in the 12th grade. Casey had turned into a certified blonde beauty and hadn't let moss grow under her feet. She made Mark come after her and once convinced of his sincerity, there was no separating them. She wouldn't have let anything come between her husband and brother either and often, she was the one playing peacemaker. Casey had some of her husband's sense of humor, but she was also the first one to tell him when he might be crossing a line.

As he passed one storefront window, Travis took stock of himself. He was wearing his best blue blazer, a very expensive shirt and tie and tailored slacks. He'd had his hair cut that morning and made sure shave himself as clean as a whistle. Unlike his buddy, no gray outlined Travis' hair, although the BS with Lise might well have added some. He still felt pangs of regret over the ending of their ten-year relationship and supposed that he always would. You don't love someone the way that he had her and not feel -- something. Still, his sister, who had never liked Lise, was right -- the woman was poison. The odd thing about all of that was Lise's best friend was also Casey's -- the two women just couldn't stand each other.

As he neared the restaurant, a normally confident Travis felt some butterflies. It had been over a decade since he had last been on a date. It felt strange to be nearly 36 and single, it also felt good. Lise had been a millstone around his neck for far too long. He had lost himself in her for several years and only therapy and some clarity had allowed him to see the truth. The entirety of their relationship had been about Lise -- her needs, her wants and even her sexual preferences. When Lise suggested that they have an "open" relationship, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Travis went ballistic and stayed at Mark & Casey's that night. He went back to the apartment he shared with Lise the next afternoon and cleared out, not looking back for an instant. He and Mark spent the night tying one on and he lost count of how many times he said that he was glad they had never legally married. Lise's family had money, so most everything went to her and Travis threw himself back into his architectural work to forget his agony.

Mark and Casey had pushed him to jump back into dating and when they told him they had the "perfect" woman for him, he balked at first. Part of him still believed that he'd had the perfect woman and let her fall through the cracks, although he knew that wasn't realistic. Lise was selfish and condescending. He shook the cobwebs from his head and entered the restaurant, ready to face the future. Once he set his mind to making the night work, he also realized that he was hungry as a bear.

Casey had insisted that she give him the once-over, being overly solicitous. He thought his sister was overdoing it, although being nurturing was in her nature. It bugged him a lot more that Mark was so gung-ho about this date. His buddy wasn't normally quite this involved in his personal life.

When he got to the table and his date stood up, he saw why. He frowned. She scowled and both of them looked at each other in anger and then shook their heads. They had been set up! The "date" was an April Fool's prank! He was pissed and the woman standing in front of him looked as mad as a hornet.



Juliette Wilde was his sister's best friend since the 2nd Grade and one of Lise's closest friends as well. She hadn't liked him ever since he could remember and the feeling was mutual. When he started dating Lise, Juliette didn't even disguise the fact that she did not approve. She complained to Casey, she complained to Lise and she complained to whoever would listen. Fortunately, both of the women in his life ignored her admonitions. It was a damned shame that Juliette was such a bitch, because she was a gorgeous redhead and damn, she looked hot in the slinky black dress and heels she had on!

"They got us," Juliette said through gritted teeth. "I'll kill her and fuck, I haven't eaten a thing all day," she complained as she sat back down.

"Me either," Travis said and sat down as well. If it had been anyone else besides Juliette, he would have already declared the date a success. Superficial or not, she looked amazing and a dose of "amazing" was just what the doctor ordered right about now. "Okay, how about this? We call a truce, have a meal, try to make some small talk and go our separate ways when we're done."

"Can you do that?"

"I can -- can you?" She smiled and he smiled back. Juliette nodded so he summoned the sommelier and ordered wine.

"I actually drink that all the time," Juliette said after the server left. "Good choice."

"My sister got me to try it," Travis told her.

"You realize she's dead the next time I see her?" Juliette said with a deadpan expression.

"So is Mark."

"What were they thinking?"

"No idea, although in the spirit of our truce, you look great. That is some dress and you look like a million dollars," Travis complimented her.

"You're not so bad yourself," Juliette added. Clearing her throat, she then looked at the menu and tried not to smile. It had always bothered her that this chestnut-haired Adonis was such a shit, because he sure could fill out a suit.

The two dinner companions ordered and as they waited for their food, they talked. To Travis' surprise, conversation came easily. When their food arrived, Juliette eyed his and he looked at hers. "Want to share?" Travis suggested. She nodded and they split their meals in half. With some of their hunger being assuaged by the wonderful meal, they continued talking and something odd began to happen. Travis and Juliette found out they had things in common -- a lot of things. Films, TV shows, books and favorite restaurants -- it was almost as if they had been leading parallel lives.

"Am I imagining this?" Juliette asked with a nervous giggle. "Or do we actually seem to like each other?"

"It's not just you," Travis told her. "I haven't been this fascinated by a woman -- ever. Who'da thunk?"

"Not I," Juliette laughed as she touched his hand. Both of them felt it -- a charge. Their hearts were beating and silly as it seemed, they made a connection.

"Lise ..."

"... is in my past, I'm sorry if I hurt your best friend. I just couldn't be her plaything any longer," Travis explained.

"Don't be sorry, I get it," Juliette smiled softly. "I haven't spoken to her in months. Casey was right, Lise is only friends with someone if they do what she wants. Her perspective is skewed and perhaps it also affected my perception of you," she admitted.

"I've known you for years before Lise," Travis added. "Why didn't you like me then?"

"Easy, you were an icky boy," Juliette laughed.

"And you were a brat."


"How about now?"

"Mmm -- let me think about it. Okay, you're not so bad," Juliette smiled warmly.

"You're still a brat," he laughed. "Only difference, now you're a gorgeous brat."

"Guilty again," Juliette grinned. "I have to say, I'm glad you noticed. I spent hours getting ready for this date, thinking it was a real date. I want to shoot your sister, although I suppose I should let her off the hook. Now I suppose, I'll have to thank her."

"Why should we?" Travis teased. "Let's not let them off the hook, let's just keep mum. Make 'em sweat. The fact that this turned out great is our secret -- agreed?"

"You betcha!" Juliette clapped. "Just for that, dessert is on me."

The date continued until the time the restaurant closed and still, neither of the unlikely couple wanted it to end. They walked together in a beautiful moonlit sky, holding hands like they had been together for years. Anyone coming upon them would have thought they were longtime lovers and not just a couple discovering mutual interests. "Should I take you home?" Travis asked, hoping that she would say no.

"I suppose you should," Juliette sighed, looking up at him with emerald eyes that dazzled. "It's getting chilly and I don't live far." She knew he was dejected, so she added "Come in for a cup of coffee."

"I don't really need a cup of coffee," Travis said as they began walking towards Juliette's place.

"Good, because I make terrible coffee," she smiled as she picked up the pace. He noticed that even in heels, she ran quite well and with a naughty little stride.

"Then what ...?"

"Silly man, don't you recognize a pretext when you hear one?" Juliette smiled as her apartment complex came into view. "A girl can't very well say `let's go to my place and fuck', now can she?"

Travis wasn't sure that he had heard her correctly, but he played along. "Why the hell not?"

Juliette decided to keep the play going and moved close, thrusting herself against him and whispering in his ear. "Okay handsome, let's go up to my place and fuck," she said and nibbled on his ear lobe. He nodded and the two of them practically raced up the stairs to the loft apartment. He knew that she managed the building and the loft was a perk. It was beautiful, large and spacious and tastefully decorated. Travis assumed he'd get the nickel tour sooner or later. Right now, he assumed -- correctly -- that both of them only had one room in mind. Laughing with the gaiety of a schoolgirl, his "blind date" ran for the bedroom, leaving her paramour behind in the dust.

When he reached the bedroom, Travis couldn't quite believe his eyes. How had she managed to move that fast? She stood there in a slinky black teddy and stockings, her high heels adding to the overall effect. The tall redhead almost sashayed towards him and threw her arms around his neck. "I'm like the Boy Scouts," she kidded. "I know to be prepared."

"I'll say," Travis added, just before the sensual redhead practically jammed her tongue down his throat. The passion between them was indescribable and he wondered if a bit of that was caused by the dissolution of the long animosity between them. Deciding he really didn't care what fueled her fire, he kissed back and the two of them took things all the way up to Defcon One before breaking apart.

"If I'd known you could kiss like that, I'd have taken you with me to Prom," Juliette said, trying not to pass out from the passion. "Although we might not have gotten there," she winked, edging towards the spacious bed.

"We wouldn't have," Travis grinned and followed her. She stretched out on the bed and red tresses spilled out behind her. "I've always thought you were hot -- but DAMN, woman!" She laughed a rich, hearty laugh as he joined her on the bed. Her hand traced the contours of his face as they kissed again. The two of then rolled around on the bed, kissing and teasing each other. Travis found Juliette's aggressive attitude very sexy. It wasn't at all like Lise, a way of controlling him. It was that of a confident, sexy, vibrant woman engaged in play. Her nimble, slim fingers were flying about, making him naked. Her eyes appraised every square inch of Travis and he could tell that she liked what she saw. He didn't have much to complain about either and when she sat up and removed her lingerie, his eyes almost bugged out. There were glamour models and film stars that weren't as sexy as Juliette. He cussed himself for all of the wasted time and decided that was to be the end of that. Tonight he would give her an amazing fuck to make up for all the pent-up sexual frustration that had obviously been under the surface.

"You do realize that you're about to get hooked?" Juliette purred with the most sensual tones she could summon. "Once a man gets a taste of me, he's ruined for other women. I'm the best fuck you'll ever have!"

"Promises, promises," Travis teased before she pushed him on his back. There was an almost-mad look in her eyes as her hands slid over his supine form. Then before he could say a further word, her mouth surrounded his cock and he knew immediately she had not been boasting. Juliette sucked cock like she was born to do nothing else. Travis threw back his head and let out a low moan. It wasn't going to be easy with her, although he surmised that few things worth having were easy. He just had to make sure not to cum until she gave him some kind of clue that she was ready for that to occur.

Juliette looked at the man she had despised for so long and wondered how she had been so clueless? She had incorrectly assumed from all the pertinent evidence that he simply wasn't "her type" -- and she had been wayyyy off of the mark. He was a very masculine male, true, although you had to add charming, sexy and virile to that. He had managed to engage her mentally throughout dinner and now, she wanted to consume him physically. His cock was the biggest she had ever had and yet, he hadn't bragged about his attributes like some men might have done. It was just part and parcel of the package. Her mouth worked its wiles on his shaft and when she felt the pulsing shaft jerk, she gave him a nod and wink. He moved to pull away and she frowned. This first time, she wanted to experience it all and did as she swallowed his load.

Some men might have rested at this point, not this man -- not her man. Now he was leading the sex play and when she splayed her legs, he moved in between them. Her legs clamped about his ears and he made no attempt to move as he feasted on her pussy. "Oh yeah baby, eat my fucking cunt!" Juliette cried out. She knew he wouldn't be offended by the crude language and when he ate her with even more gusto, Juliette knew that she had been right about that. Tit for tat, Travis made her cum with his very talented mouth.

"Want to rest?" Juliette asked him.

"Do you need one?" Travis replied. She shook her head "no" and practically jumped him. Her pussy splayed apart as she lowered herself on him and felt him inch deep inside of her. Juliette was packed with cock and shuddered at the delight of his manhood inside of her. A lot of men didn't like their women to be aggressive like this and she could see that Travis had no problems with the Cowgirl position. She wanted to ride and he let her, his hands playing with her tits and the rest of her body as she gave herself over to lust. The frenetic motions she made as she fucked him seemed to spur him on. The wonderful blowjob she had presented him made it unlikely that he would cum soon and his virility insured that she could fuck him for a good, long time. Her four poster bed creaked under their weight, but held steady as she gave Travis the fucking of a lifetime. Until this night, she had never fucked a man on the first date - never. During their meal, Juliette knew that she was going to break that rule. The more that they fucked, the surer she was that this night was their destiny.

Juliette called the shots for a while with nary a word of complaint from her lover. Travis wanted to make sure she got the kind of fucking a hot, redheaded bitch deserved -- wild and unrestrained. When he fucked her from behind, he tugged at her hair and was a bit rough. It seemed to spur her on. He didn't cum, not just yet. Juliette was going to get it all, everything he could give. When he finally did allow himself the ultimate release, they were screwing in the spoon position. His lover was only moments behind him in her own climatic explosion.

They spent the night fucking like animals and went well into the next day. When he asked her for a second date, she kissed him and nodded. "Although this might be our third date," she teased. "It's a new day."

"We never stopped the third one," Travis joked back as he made them both coffee. She insisted that she had been telling the truth and couldn't make a decent cup of coffee to save her life.

Each date proved better than the last and always ended the same way, with sex that ran them both ragged. They were able to keep their relationship secret, not wanting to tip off anyone and jinx their newfound good fortune. In fact, they were so successful at that, the following April 1st, Mark and Casey were stunned to receive a dinner invitation from the couple. Casey was stupefied into silence when she saw the huge diamond on Juliette's finger, certain this was a revenge prank for their April Fool's joke a year earlier. It wasn't.

No, that came a few hours later, when Juliette and her man skipped out just before dessert, sticking Casey and Mark with the bill for their sumptuous dinner.

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