The Journey


I know that in many ways I was born an exhibitionist. My parents have told me that when I was very young, they would often find that I had slipped out of my clothes and was cruising around completely bare. It didn't matter if I was inside or outside – I was equally like to strip down to my skin. As I grew older, I would go without clothes as much as possible. By the time I was a teenager, I would be nude whenever I was in my room. I took advantage of the chance to be naked as I roamed through the house whenever everyone else was gone. The most fun was going outdoors without anything on. There is something so incredible about the feel of the sun and the air on my skin – especially on my dick and my ass. There is also something that just felt perfectly natural to be walking around undressed – something that seemed normal to me. I became hooked on it!

At first I was worried that a neighbor might spot me, but it wasn't long before I no longer cared if they did see me. I would be outside whenever I could – especially to go swimming in our pool. The feel of the water in the pool was also a special pleasure in itself. I would go swimming in the pool and then lie out in the sun. Unfortunately, I had to give up this freedom when I went away to college in San Diego. Although there were nude beaches close to the campus, and they afforded the opportunity to indulge in some sunbathing, it just wasn't the same for me. I was used to being completely nude most of the time, living in the dorms, and getting in a few hours at the beach didn't quite measure up.

The one thing that was most unusual, at least from my perspective, was that even with how comfortable I was with my own body, my level of sexual experience was practically zero. For as bold as I might be with my nudity, when it came to females I was really pretty shy. I had hoped that this might change while I attended the university, but I came home for the summer with no more experience that I had when I left home last Fall. While being back at home was a drag in many ways, it had the very nice feature of providing lots of time alone at home. Both my parents worked, and so I quickly got back into my routine of being nude for most of the day. Feeling somewhat restricted during the school year, I made sure I didn't waste a single opportunity to indulge.

Just after I came home for the summer, some new neighbors moved into the house next door. We lived on a hill, and they were the next house just up the slope from ours. There was a chain link fence between the two yards that had a few plants growing along its length. But even with the plants it was still mostly open and easy to look through. It turned out that the family moving in included a single mom, and two girls around my age. I was nineteen at the time. Sandy was about a year older than me, and her sister Suzy was about a year younger. I met them when they first moved in, and I would see them every now and then at the local mall as well.

The first time I was outside in the nude after the two girls had moved in, I was very much aware of the possibility that they might be at home. While I was used to being nude around other people, my experience was with strangers at the beach. The concept of being nude in front of someone I knew had a completely different feel to it. So I was a little bit nervous at first, but the more I thought about the chance that they might see me, the more I wanted it to actually happen. Not just the fact that I was naked, but to actually see my dick and ass. The more that I wanted them to see me, the more things I would do to increase the chances of it actually happening. I made sure to use the diving board to be as noticeable as I could, and to make as much noise as possible as I dove and swam. I also would arrange my lounge chair with my legs pointed in the direction of their house. This meant that as I lay in the sun, either my ass or my dick would be pointed in their direction. I wanted to be sure they would have a good view if they were looking. I only had a small amount of hair above my dick and around the base. It was naturally light in color, but with the effect of the sun it had become almost transparent, so there was nothing that would block them from getting a clear view.

There finally came a day when my hopes came true. It was an early summer day when it was warm but not too hot. I had the windows open because of the warm air, and since I had the house to myself I was enjoying being completely bare in the house. Our kitchen was on the side of the house that faced Sandy and Suzy's house. There was a big window over the sink looking that direction and a sliding door that opened onto a patio. I was in the kitchen when I heard some voices next door. I looked out the window and I saw the girls in their suits heading to the backyard to their pool. As they walked along the fence between our two houses, I saw Sandy look in my direction. She slowed her walk and stared right at our kitchen window for a few moments. I was sure that she had seen me as I stood by the sink! Suzy asked her "What are you looking at?" and then turned and looked for herself. I could see a little look of shock cross her face. She turned to look at her sister, looked in my direction again, and then looked at her sister again.

Sandy gave a slight nod and in a louder than needed voice said to Suzy, "Let's get out to the pool."

My heart was pounding in my chest. They had seen me! All of me! I was sure of it. My dick was getting hard just thinking about it. I watched them walk away as the excitement of what had happened washed over me. I wondered what they were thinking and if they were talking about what they had seen. I loved the sensation! I wanted them to see even more, and for them to be able to see all of me without any obstructions in the way. I made my way through to the opposite side of the house, grabbing a beach towel and some tanning oil on my way. I quietly slipped through the door and headed out to the backyard. I looked up to our neighbor's pool, and although I couldn't see either of the sisters, I could hear them laughing and splashing in the pool.

I headed out to the deck around the pool and grabbed a lounger to lie on after I got out of the pool. Instead of picking it up and carrying to where I wanted, I decided to drag it into place. As I moved it, I made sure that I was making plenty of noise. I lined it up so that Sandy and Suzy would have a perfect view, set the tanning oil and my towel down next to it. When I had finished, I slowly walked over to the diving board and stepped onto the back end. As I stood in plain view, I noticed that I no longer heard any sound coming from next door. From the corner of my eye, I thought I saw some movement through the chain link fence. I wanted to be sure if it was them, but I didn't want to look in their direction. I faced the pool, stepped down the length of the diving board, and bounced high into the air. I turned my head toward where I thought I had seen the girls, and this time I could tell that they were there looking through the fence. I hit the water, and as I went under the surface I was in heaven. I quickly swam to the side of the pool, climbed out, and headed back to the diving board. As I stepped up on the end, I could see that the girls were still watching me. Between knowing they were watching, and the feel of the air on my wet skin, my dick was starting to get a little hard. I really hadn't thought about this aspect of showing myself to Sandy and Suzy. But as I stood there, I made a decision that I wanted them to see more that just my dick – I wanted them to see it when it was completely hard. As I headed down the board and jumped into the water, I tried to put as much bounce in my step as I could since it made my dick bounce at the same time. When I was in the water, I reached down and stroked my dick a few times to make it get a little harder. I was very aware of how my dick was sticking out as I got out of the water, and how it bounced when I walked. I kept repeating this routine – bouncing my dick as I walked and jumped into the water, and stroking it a little before I got out again – until my dick was sticking up hard as a rock. I decided it was time to move to the next part of the show.

The next time I got out of the water, I headed over to where I had arranged the lounger. I turned away from where the girls were watching, and slowly bent over to pick up my towel. I wanted them to get a good view of my ass, so I spread my legs a little and bent over mostly at the waist, so they would see my ass cheeks. I lifted my towel up to my head, and began to dry my hair. As I was doing this, I casually walked around in a small circle so the girls could see my hard dick and ass from all different angles. With my hair fairly dry, I pushed it back and began to dry the rest of my body. I kept up the same routine of moving around so I could continue to show off my dick and ass. While I was drying myself, I could slyly glance up to our neighbor's yard, and could see that both of the girls were still watching. I saved my dick for last, and this time I turned so that it was pointing directly at Sandy and Suzy. I took just the corner of the towel, and gently wrapped it around my dick, and then slid it off of the end. I made sure to push downward a little so when my dick slid free of the towel, it would bounce back up to face directly toward the girls. I did this several times, shook out my towel, and spread it across the lounger.

I took the bottle of tanning oil and squirted some into my hand. I rubbed my hands together and then began to apply it to my skin. I started down at my ankles and worked my way up each leg until I reached my upper thigh. I did both legs and then started to cover the rest of me. I rubbed oil over my face, neck and shoulders and then over each arm. I reached behind me as far as I could to get it over my back and then began to cover my chest. I could feel my nipples were hard and I spent a little extra time rubbing them before continuing down across my stomach to my waist. I was still facing directly at the girls during this time, but I turned to the side as I oiled myself across my hip and around to my ass. I wanted to be sure they could see me clearly as the oil covered my cheeks. With both cheeks coated, I turned away again and bent forward a little to be sure they could see my ass. It had been hard for me to wait, but I wanted to be sure and save the best for last.

I turned to point my dick right at Sandy and Suzy. This time, instead of putting the oil on my hands and then rubbing it on my skin, I did it a little differently. With the back of my wrist, I gently pushed my dick to the side and took my balls in my hand. Holding them up, I dripped the oil over them and began to massage it into the skin. When they were fully covered, I grabbed my dick at the base and pointed it straight out in front of me. Holding the oil above it, I dripped a line of oil starting at the base and ending at the tip. I massaged the oil over the length of my dick with my fingertips, paying extra attention to the enlarged head. When my dick was completely coated, I wrapped my fingers around it and stroked up and down along its length several times. I set the oil back on the ground, swung one leg over the lounger, and carefully sat down. I shifted as far back as I could and then stretched my body out on the lounger. I was almost flat on my back, with the section for my head slightly raised. I made sure to place my feet out to the very edge, so that my legs would be spread open as much as seemed natural. In this position the two girls could see right up to my balls and hard dick.

My eyes were closed, but I could open my eyelids just enough to peek out. Suzy was still trying to hide herself behind the sparse bushes along the fence, but Sandy had shifted to the side and her face was clearly visible. She must have wanted an unobstructed view. As I lay there, my dick would slowly lose its hardness. Each time this began to happen, I would reach down and slowly run my fingertips along the length of my dick until it hardened again. This went on for fifteen or twenty minutes, until I heard the sound of the girl's mother calling out to them.

"Be there in a second Mom!" Sandy called out in response.

I knew that the fun for the day was ended, so I jumped in the pool and rinsed as much oil off my skin as I could manage. Getting out of the water, I grabbed my towel and oil, put the lounger back in its place, and headed inside to take a shower. I was so worked up by this time that I had just started to soap up my dick when it started twitching. As I wrapped my hand around it, I felt my balls tighten up, and my dick started squirting wildly as I massaged the shaft.

This general routine repeated itself each day for almost two weeks. Since it was summertime, and I was alone at home every day, I was able to be nude most of the time during the day. Each time I was outside, the girls were outside watching me as well, so I would do things a little differently each day. Sometimes I turned the lounger sideways to Sandy and Suzy so they could see my dick in profile. I even lay down facing away from them so they would be looking over my shoulder at my hard dick. I spent some time sitting on the end of the diving board, or wading in the shallow end of the pool, just so I could show them my body in different situations. The one part that changed the most was that I became bolder and bolder about stroking my dick for the girls. It had started with rubbing on the tanning oil, and when I was laying on my towel, but it had progressed beyond just those times. I would fondle my dick when I was sitting on the diving board, or caress it when I was standing in the water. It was quickly becoming more than just showing off my body, and turning into something more about exhibiting my sexuality as well. Every day after I had shown off to the girls, I would hop into the shower. Each time I would be so excited that it would never take long before I was spurting once again. I was having the time of my life and I couldn't imagine how it could possibly get any better. But I soon found out how wrong I was about that.

copyright Lanthir Silverleaf 2005

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